Limerick Newspaper Records

File Description Size Date Contributor
Rent Roll County Limerick - 17501KJul 2010Mary Heaphy
Clonmel Gazette - Limerick, May 26 - 17851KAug 2016Christina Hunt
Clonmel Gazette - Country News - 17861KAug 2016Christina Hunt
Clonmel Gazette - Stolen - 17861KAug 2016Christina Hunt
London Times - Various Limerick Abstracts26KAug 2007C. Labath
Freeman's Journal April 2, 1817 1K Jun 2007 Mary Heaphy
Freeman's Journal Apr 5, 1817, CLOGAN & SHENDY 1K Jun 2007 Mary Heaphy
Freeman's Journal County - Limerick Assizes 1817 2K Jul 2007 Mary Heaphy
Limerick Chronicle, March 1822 - Special Sessions under the Insurrection Act7KAug 2007Frank Murray
Limerick Chronicle, 6 Mar 1822 - Special Sessions under the Insurrection Act pt2 4KJul 2008Frank Murray
Dublin Gazette - Limerick Insolvents 18362KJul 2010Mary Heaphy
London Times - Various Limerick Abstracts, 183215KNov 2007C. Labath
Freeman's Journal 7-11-1840, Repeal Association3KJul 2008Mary Heaphy
Freeman's Journal 28-Aug-1840, Repeal Movement1KJul 2008Mary Heaphy
Breach of Promise. London Times. 1859 (DWYER/DILLON)2KNov 2007Mary Heaphy
London Times - Licenses Revoked to Carry Arms - 18682KNov 2007Mary Heaphy
London Times May 2, 1883 (Compensation Awards) 1K Jun 2007 Mary Heaphy
London Times - Compensation Awards 1882-84 1K Jul 2007 Mary Heaphy
Unknown Newspaper - Evictions from O'Grady Estate, 18871KFeb 2008Mary Heaphy
Freeman's Journal 20-Apr-1882 Evicted Tenants.2KJul 2008Mary Heaphy
Freeman's Journal County - Evicted Tenants Fund - 1894 3K Apr 2008 Mary Heaphy
The Limerick Leader - Garryowen V. Rockwell College 1895 1k Sep 2011 Sharon Slater

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