Newspaper: Items from the Freeman's Journal April 2, 1817

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy


Wednesday last, William Flood, a constable searching at 
O'Brien's Bridge, under a Magistrate's warrant, 
unfortunately received a mortal wound by a shot from a 
musquet belonging to a soldier engaged with him in the 
search-the deceased was Clerk of Castle Connell Church, and 
has left 7 children to regret the melancholy event. An 
inquest was on Thursday held by A.H. D'Esterre, Esq. 

Friday, Mr. Walplate proceeded from hence, by order of P.C. 
Lovett, Esq. Inspector General, accompanied by Mr. Meagher, 
and a detachment to the 20th Dragoons, to the mountains of 
Billboa, in this County where they detected an unlicensed 
distillery, which had been at work for some time. The above 
concern and vessels were burned on the premises, and a vast 
quantity of pot ale and singlings destroyed, a large copper 
still, and a quantity of illicit ground malt found there, 
were on the same evening, lodged in the King's stores, in 
this City.

Thursday, a respite was received for Thomas Reedy, who was 
on Saturday sentenced to be hanged the 1st June.