Newspaper: Evicted Tenants. Murroe 20-Apr-1882

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy

Evicted Tenants. Murroe - 20-APR-1882

The evictions were continued today. The Sub-Sheriff, Mr. F. 
Dobson, with his deputy, Mr. C. Fitt, City Sub-Sheriff, 
arrived early in the village. They got through their work 
rapidly, and it is expected that by tomorrow all the tenants 
against whom writs have been obtained will be evicted.

Mr. Henry Goodriche, Bart was the stipendiary in charge of 
the force today, consisting of 30 police, 30 men of the 57th 
Regiment, and a few emergency bailiffs, under Mr. Henry 

The Clergymen present were the Rev. F. Dundon, Prior of the 
Trappist Abbey at Roscrea, whose father was evicted 
yesterday; Rev. Mr. Power, C.C. and Rev. Mr. Godfrey, C.C. 
Miss Moloney, Cappanouke, and Miss Hunphreys, Glenstal, were 
present on behalf of the local Ladies Land League.

Timothy Leddane was the first tenant visited, but he was not 
disturbed for the present, his sister being insane. He holds 
26 acres at a rent of £34.

Terence Frawley came next in order, the tenant, his father, 
and sister, were evicted. The holding consists of 21 acres 
at a yearly rent of £17.8.0.

During the day, which shortly after noon turned out very 
inclement, rain falling heavily, the other tenants of Lord 
Cloncurry were evicted;--

Michael Hickey, 22 acres at a rent of £46. This tenant has 
three in family.

Anne Hickey, widow, with 8 children, 38 acres, at a rent of 

Bridget Hickey, widow, with 3 children, 33 acres at a rent 
of £35.10.0.

Joseph Fitzgerald, wife and 9 children. This tenant held a 
dairy on the holding of Mr. Matthew Duhy, who was evicted on 

M. O'Shaughnessy, another sub-tenant of Duhy, had it 
transpired not been served with a process of ejectment, and 
so he had to be allowed to continue in possession.

Robert Holmes, wife and 10 children, 44 acres, rent £44.0.0.

John Mally, wife and 6 children, 28 acres with a rent of 

Mrs Devane, widow, with 6 children, 14 ½ acres with a rent 
of £15.18.0.

Land League Huts are expected down from Dublin tomorrow for 
the use of the evicted tenants.

Freeman's Journal 20-Apr-1882