Newspaper: Convictions at the County Assizes, March 29, 1817

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


Michael Keefe and John Neville for the murder of Thomas 
Dillon and wife, hanged on Friday the 21st March, and their 
bodies given to the Surgeons of the County Infirmary.

Patrick Collins for the murder of John Collins, hanged on 
Monday 24th March, and his body given to the Surgeons for 

Thomas Riedy for assaulting the dwelling house of Michael 
Meehan, of Monanouge, to be hanged on Saturday the 1st of 
June next.

James Clanchy for pig stealing, to be transported for 7 

James Clogan for sheep stealing, to be imprisoned for 6 

Simon Hayes for assaulting Richard Tracy, to be imprisoned 
for 12 months.

Darby Sheehan, for sheep stealing, to be transported for 7 

Thomas Sweeney, John M'Inerny, Patrick Keaty, and Patrick 
Fox, for rescuing goods distrained for rent, to be 
imprisoned one month each, and given security to keep the 

Francis Buckly, for assisting James Buckly to escape from 
the Bridewell of Bruff, to be imprisoned 3 months.

John Crowe, for forging a Sheriff's warrant to a decree, to 
be imprisoned 6 months.

Patrick Sheehan for unlawful assembly, to be imprisoned 3 
months and pay a fine of 5/. (imprisoned until fine is paid) 
and to be whipped through Ballingarry, on the 16th April.

Cornlious Brusnahan, for the murder of Thomas Slattery, 
guilty man-slaughter, to be burned on the hand and 
imprisoned 12 months.

Michael Sheahan, for cow stealing to be transported for 7 

James Cronican, jnr. for unlawful distillation, to be 
imprisoned 2 months and fined 10/. and six months imprisoned 
if fine is not paid.