Newspaper: Repeal Association, County Limerick 1840

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


The following list of regular employers and the men 
connected with their shops, belonging to the saddle and 
harness business, carried on in the High Street, in the city 
of Limerick, has been transmitted by J.F. Raleigh, Esq.

Mr. Mann-Collector.

Mrs Margaret Mann.

Michael O'Connell.

Edward O'Sullivan.Jnr

Patrick Keogh,

John Murphy,

John Mann.

William Harrington.

Simon O'Donnell, Snr.

Patrick Downes.

William Callaghan.

Michael Ryan,

John Harrington.

Thomas Walsh.

Daniel Hannan.

John Hartigan.

Anne Ryan.

Denis O'Sullivan.

Timothy O'Donnell.

John Singleton.

Mr. John Raleigh also send this list enclosing the sum of 
£4.13.0. And the names of the following subscribers;-

Edward Geary,

John F. Raleigh.

John Molony, of Spring Lodge, a veteran in the glorious 
cause of Liberty, aged 88 years.

John Malone,

Mary Malone,

Margaret Malone.

Michael O'Connell.

Thomas Griffin.

Timothy Healy.

P. Lynch.

S. Braham.

M. Byrne.

Wm. Canter.

Patrick Lynch.

Charles O'Neill.

J.W. Haynes.

James H. Barry.

Edward O'Connell.

T. Clinchy.

Russell O'Shaughnessy.

T. O'Donnell

James Gubbing.

James Ryan.

Henry Oxley.

John F. Haynes.

Daniel Duggan.

John O'Dell

Grattan Geary.

M. O'Donnell.

John C. Drysdale.

Thomas Quinn.

Wm. Purcell.

P. Kilbride.

John Allen.

Tobias Potter.

Maria Potter.

P. Spillane.

T. O'Halloran.

M. Griffin.

P. O'Shea.

W. O'Donnell.

N. Roche.

John Barry.

James Quin,

James Darcy.

John Hands.


St. Michael's Parish. Limerick.

We, the undersigned, request a meeting of the parishioners 
of St. Michael, at the vestry room, to make arrangements for 
the effective collection of our annual debt to our beloved 
Liberator and Martyr. (Daniel O'Connell). Never was there a 
time when it was more necessary to prove our unalterable 
attachment to the Great Leader than the present:-we 
therefore are certain that every lover of his native land 
will be prompt in his exertions on this

William Roche,

Thomas Roche,

Stephen Roche,

P. D'Arcy, P.P. St. Michael's.

James Raleigh. RCC

James Synan, RCC

Mortimer Murrane, RCC

B. Bodkin.

Nicholas Kelly.

Rev. R. Dore, OSA

Rev. James Dundon, OSA

Rev. Patrick A. Lyons. OSA

John Thomas Devitt.

John F. Raleigh.

Thomas Steele, President of the Congregated Trades.

Thomas Carrick

Edward Walsh.

John Hanrahan.

John Corbett.

J. Kennedy.

Timothy Clanchy.

John Barry.

John C. Drysdale.

James Gubbins.

William G. Geary. M.D. Mayor.

James Kelly. M.P.

Francis J. O'Neill.

M. Dawson.


Michael Quinn.

Patrick O'Gorman.

John Spillane.

John Corbett.

John F. O'Gorman.

Robert M'Mahon.

Gilbert Dowling.

Edward Frost.

Patrick Wallis

Patrick Lennon.

Charles M'Mahon.

Charles Corbett.

John Quin.

Robert Fitzgerald.

John Hogan.

Mathew Barry Ryan

John Unthank.

William O'Donnell,

Tobias Porter.

John Duhigg.

Michael R. Cleary.

Freeman'S Journal, 11 November 1840