Waterford Cemetery Records

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File Description Size Date Contributor
Dunhill Churchyard Memorials 5K Jan 2007 C. Hunt
The French Church - (HURLEY/NAISH) 3K Feb 2013 C. Hunt
Holy Cross Church, Tramore, Waterford, Ireland - Complete Survey 2K Jun 2011 Gail Luke
Kilbarrymeaden Churchyard Memorials 2K Mar 2007 Anne Phelan
Kinsalebeg Churchyard Memorials 4K Jan 2014 C. Hunt
Lismore, St. Carthagh's Cathedral Memorials 2K Jan 2007 C. Hunt
St. Mary's Churyard Memorials 3K Feb 2007 Jacquie Liddiard
Stradbally Parish Memorials [Lismore Diocese]  8K May 2007 C. Hunt & M. Taylor
Stradbally Parish - Monastery Ruins - POWER family 3K Feb 2008 C.H. & M. Taylor
Memorials of Tallow, Whitechurch and Drumcannon Churchyards 2K Jun 2011 C. Hunt
Tramore-Honoring 2nd Battalion, 59th Regiment in wreck of Sea-Horse, 1816, Tramore Bay 6K Dec 2008 C. Hunt & M. Taylor

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