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Text Filename Photos Date Contributor
  Ballygunner, St. Mary's Cemetery 2017
Butlerstown, Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2018  
  Ferrybank Graveyard (R.C.), near Waterford City 2017  
  Johns Hill, Waterford City 2017
  St. Otteran's Cemetery, Waterford City 2017  
Text Filename Photos Date Contributor
ardmore.htm Ardmore Graveyard abt 2012 Nicholas Blackhurst
st- declans.htm Ardmore, St. Declan's Monastery Feb 2018 Private Contributor & Nick Blackhurst
ballinakill-coi.html Ballinakill, St. Thomas (CoI) Mar 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
ballyduff.html Ballyduff, St. Nicholas Graveyard Mar 2015 Sarah Griffin Fleming
ballygunner-temple.html Ballygunner Temple Mar 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
carbally- rc.htm Carbally, Our Lady's Church Graveyard - Pt 1 Mar 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
carbally- rc-2.htm Carbally, Our Lady's Church Graveyard - Pt 2 Mar 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
carbally- new.htm Carbally New R.C. Cemetery (Opened in 1990) Mar 2018 Steve Rogers
churchtown.htm Churchtown Cemetery - partial May 2017 Joanne Jacobsen Davin
comeragh.html Comeragh Graves Kilrossanty (C of I) Sep 2007 Peter Langley
crooke.htm Crooke Cemetery, Passage East May 2017* Sarah Griffin Fleming & Valerie Ackroyd
clonegam.htm Curraghmore, Clonegam Church (CoI) Graveyard May 2018 Phillappa Kidd
drumcannon.html Drumcannon Cemetery Mar 2015 Ivan Fitzgerald
dungarvan.html Dungarvan, St. Mary's (partial) 2007 Peter Langley
dunhill.html Dunhill, Church of the Sacred Heard (partial) abt 2012 Bill Belleville
st- andrews.htm Dumore East, St. Andrew's (CoI) Graveyard Jan 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
st- andrews-plaques.htm Dunmore East, St. Andrew's (CoI) Plaques & Stained Glass Aug 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
dunmore-east-lost-at- sea.htm Dunmore East, Lost at Sea Plaques Jan 2018 Valerie Ackroyd
faithlegg.html Faithlegg Cemetery, Cheekpoint Jan 2010 Yvonne Russell
abbey-ferrybank-1.htm Ferrybank, Abbey Graveyard (CoI), Part 1 (A-H) May 2018 Steve Rogers
abbey-ferrybank-2.htm Ferrybank, Abbey Graveyard (CoI), Part 2 (J-W) May 2018 Steve Rogers
garrabane.htm Garrabaune; St. Vincent de Paul (BERESFORD) abt 2012 Nicholas Blackhurst
----- Killea, Holy Cross (R.C.) Church (Interior plaques) Jun 2012 Kev Murray
killea-holy-cross.html Killea, Holy Cross (R.C.) Church Graveyard - Pt 1 Feb 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
killea-holy-cross2.html Killea, Holy Cross (R.C.) Church Graveyard - Pt 2 Feb 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
lismore.htm Lismore, St. Carthage's Cathedral Mar 2017* Peter Langley & Val Ackroyd
st- carthages.htm Lismore, St. Cathage's Parish Church Graveyard May 2017 Val Ackroyd
Newtown Lower, Friends Burial Ground (partial)
Jul 2020*
Andrew Bernos
portlaw-guilcagh.html Portlaw, (Guilcagh) Cemetery (C of I) Sep 2017* Eaodin Breslin, Ger Murphy & Valerie Daniels
stradbally.html Stradbally Church Plaques - UNIACKE abt 2012 Nick Blackhurst
tramore- coi.htm Tramore, Christ Church, Church of Ireland Graveyard Jun 2017 Ivan Fitzgerald & Valerie Ackroyd
tramore- rc.html Tramore Roman Catholic Graveyard- (partial) Mar 2015 Ivan Fitzgerald
tramore-holy-cross1.htm Tramore, Holy Cross (R.C.) Part 1 Aug 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
tramore-holy-cross2.htm Tramore, Holy Cross (R.C.) Part 2 Aug 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
ballybricken1.htm Waterford City, Ballybricken, Holy Trinity Without (Pt. 1) Jul 2017* Frank Murphy, Win & Valerie Ackroyd
ballybricken2.htm Waterford City, Ballybricken, Holy Trinity Without (Pt. 2) Jul 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
ballybricken3.htm Waterford City, Ballybricken, Holy Trinity Without (Pt. 3) Jul 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
Waterford City, Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity (R.C.)
Mar 2020
Steve Rogers
st-john- rc.htm Waterford City, St. John's Catholic Church Mar 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
st- patricks.htm Waterford City, Patrick Street Graveyard Jul 2017 Liz Haren
Single Headstones
Cliffe, Jacob -Lismore (CoI) Lismore (CoI Graveyard Aug 2015 Kay Mackeogh
Due to time constraints - we are no longer adding foreign headstones
O'Connor, David
Shortland Cemetery. Thames Cemetery, N. Z. Oct 2018 Briteyes Gee
Aylward, John & Margaret Old St. Patrick's (R.C.) Cem., Burin, Newfoundland Feb 2020 Lem Mayo

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