Headstones: Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity (R.C.), Waterford
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Transcribed by Valerie Ackroyd


Photo No.1
Pray for the soul of | Very Rev. Fr. TOM AHEARNE P.P. | Dunmore
East, Co. Waterford. | Who spent the greater part of his priestly
life | as a curate of this Cathedral parish | Died 23rd December
1973, aged 70 years. | Erected by his friends. | May he rest in

Photo No.2
This monument is erected to the | memory of the Right Revd. |
Doctor BARRON BISHOP of Liberria | In him religion bewails the
loss of | an ardent friend and charity | has lost a devoted
advocate. | He dedicated his fortune and life | to the good of
mankind without | distinction of race or sect or | country. He
originated a mission | to Africa to convert the heathen | Out of
twenty one zealous men | who accompanied him he and | another
alone survived the | effects of a pestilential climate. | He then
with shattered frame | directed his steps to the wilds | of
America and finally | fell a sacrifice to fever at Savannah | in
the discharge of his duty | on 12th September 1854. | Beati
mortui qui in Domino moriuntur.

Photo No.3
Close up of Number 2, BISHOP

Photo No.4
In memory | of the | Reverend EDWARD J. BROWNE | Late of the
Cathedral | Who died 1st July 1872 aged 38 years | R.I.P.

Photo No.5
Another view of Number 4, BROWNE

Photo No.6
Pray for the repose of the soul of | The Most Reverend DANIEL
COHALAN J.U.D. | Bishop of Waterford and Lismore | Born at
Kilmichael Co. Cork 28th January 1884 | Ordained priest in Rome
9th June 1906. | Consecrated Bishop in Waterford Cathedral | 4th
April 1943. | Died 27th January 1965. | Jesus, Good Shepherd,
have mercy on him.

Photo No.7
Pray for the soul of | The Revd. GEORGE COMMINS, C.C. St.
Patrick's Parish | Who died 23rd November 1877, the anniversary
of his ordination as priest | Aged 46 years | During the twenty
one years of his sacred ministry devoted to | earnest, unceasing,
and fruitful labour for the spiritual and temporal | well being
of his fellow citizens of all classes, the young, the poor, and |
the suffering were the special objects of his care and love. | A
true hearted man, a sincere friend, a zealous, enlightened, self-
sacrificing priest | he was called to his reward in the midst of
his days and his works. | This monument is dedicated to his
memory by his many friends | priests and people, who loved him in
life, who mourned him in death, | and who hope to meet him in a
happy eternity. | May he rest in peace, Amen.

Photo No.8
Of your charity pray for the soul of the | Rev. JAMES PATRICK
COOKE D.D. | President of St. Johns College Waterford | Who
departed this life | February 11th 1854. | His zeal for the glory
of God | his love of the Blessed Virgin | his efforts to extend
her devotion | his affectionate tenderness to the | poor, the
practice of every virtue | made him the model of a | holy and
exemplary Priest. | May he rest in peace Amen.

Photo No.9
[This is a monument, written in Latin to two brothers, priests in
Waterford and Lismore, THOMAS HEARN and FRANCIS HEARN and their
nephew Revd. THOMAS FLYNN]

Photo No.10
Pray for the soul of | Very Rev. WILLIAM HALLINAN, Adm. | Who
served this parish from | 1944 - 1971. | Died 13th January 1971.
| May he rest in peace.

Photo No.11
D.O.M. | Hic jacent sepultae exuviae mortales | Reverendis. &
Illustris: Dom. | THOMAS HUSSEY L.L.D. | Qui per septem annos |
Ecclesiam Waterfordiens et Lismorens rexit | Obiit anno 1803 Die
Julii 11 mo. | Aetatis 62. | Requiescat in Pace.

Photo No.12
THOMAS HUSSEY | Bishop of | Waterford & Lismore | 1794 - 1803 |
Diplomat and first | President of Maynooth | is buried in these |
Cathedral | Grounds

Photo No.13
Pray for the Soul of | Very Rev JOHN O'CONNOR | Parish Priest of
Cappoquin | Who spent the greater part | of his priestly life |
as Curate 1919 - 1936 | And as administrator 1936 - 1946 | of
this Cathedral parish | And to whose revered memory this tablet |
has been erected by his Waterford friends | R.I.P.

Photo No.14
Beneath this Slab are deposited the | mortal Remains of the Right
Revd. JOHN POWER | D.D. He was consecreated R.C. Bishop of the |
United Diocesses of Waterford and Lismore | on the 25th of April
1804 and died on the 27th | of January 1816, being 51 Years of
Age. | He was a man of varied and profound literary |
acquirements. His piety was sincere and | unaffected, and the
numerous Institutions | established by him to effect the moral |
improvement of his People afford undoubted | evidence of the Zeal
and fidelity with | which he discharged the dutied of his | High
Office. | During his Life he possessed the respect of All: and
for his death there was an | universal manifestation of regret by
his | fellow Citizens of every class | and denomination. | May He
Rest in Peace, Amen.

Photo No.15
Sacred to the memory of | CHRISTIAN MARGRET QUAN | In whom
Religion overcame this worlds adversity | And holy perseverance
in the laudable but laborious | Instruction of Youth | as well as
by untiring mercy Spiritual and corporal | To those who needed it
| Won for herself deep affection and wider admiration | Than her
ancient and honoured Parentage | Could command | Strong in Faith
and full of good works | Of holy suffering and of peace | She
died on the 9th of April 1845 | Do thou likewise, and of thy
charity | Pray for her soul.

Photo No.16
Pray for | Most Rev. MICHAEL RUSSELL D.D. | Bishop of Waterford
and Lismore | Died 12th January 2009 | Ar dheis de go raibh a

Photo No.17
Continued from Number 16, MICHAEL RUSSELL, Born 10th Decemebr
1920 | Ordained priest 17th June 1945 | Ordained Bishop 19th
December 1965 | Retired 25th May 1993 | "As one who serves"

Photo No.18
To the | revered memory of the | Very Reverend PATRICK RYAN D.D.
| Who departed this life | August 8th 1884 in the 62nd year | of
his age and the 36th of his | sacred ministry | R.I.P.

Photo No.19
Mementote praepositorum vestrorum | qui vobis locuti sunt verbum
dei | Hoc monumentum posuerunt episcopus clerusque | In piam
memoriam | Rmi et Illustriss. RICARDI ALPHONSI SHEEHAN Std | Qui
per viginit quatuour fere annos | ecclesiam Waterfordien et
Lismoren feliciter rexit | Obiit die 14 Octobris 1915 | Annos
natus septuaginta | R.I.P.