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Christina Hunt Fermanagh Christina Hunt Meath Gary Caldwell
Antrim Gary Caldwell Galway Christina Hunt Monaghan Christina Hunt
Armagh Gary Caldwell Kerry Gary Caldwell
Offaly (Kings) Christina Hunt
Carlow Gary Caldwell Kildare Gary Caldwell Roscommon Christina Hunt
Cavan Christina Hunt Kilkenny Gary Caldwell Sligo Christina Hunt
Clare Aileen Wynne Laois (Queens) Bob Tipperary Christina Hunt
Cork Christina Hunt Leitrim Gary Caldwell Tyrone Gary Caldwell
Derry Gary Caldwell Limerick Sharon Slater
Waterford Gary Caldwell
Donegal Bob Longford Christina Hunt Westmeath Aileen Wynne
Down Gary Caldwell Louth Gary Caldwell Wexford Christina Hunt
Dublin Christina Hunt Mayo Christina Hunt Wicklow Christina Hunt
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