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Headstone Inscriptions

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In Loving Memory of rd Patrick Quinn, Railway Terrace, Borris, died 5th Jan. 1963, aged 76 years. Also his beloved wife Anastasia died 9th June 1981 aged 79 yrs. R.I.P. Erected by his wife and family. S/C. E.F. Byrne B Town.


In loving memory of Mary Randle Graiguenamanagh died Nov. 10th 1957 aged 62. Her son John died Feb. 25th 1951 aged 29. R.I.P. S/C: Walsh Carlow, S/C: M.D. Doyle Carlow.


Elenor Regan see Carty No, 162.


Erected by Edward Rice, Clonagoose in memory of his father Martin Rice who died Jany 25th 1905, aged 74 yrs. Also his mother Catherine Rice, als Higgins, who died Octr 25th 1898 aged 67 years. Also his wife Johanna Rice Als Doyle who died 20th July 1916 aged 60 yrs. And his son Martin Rice died 5th Nov. 1918 aged 29 yrs. Also the above Edward Rice died 10th Nov. 1918 aged 58 yrs. and his daughter-in-law Catherine Rice (Gahan) died 30th April 1969 aged 64 yrs. Also her husband James who died 12th March 1981. R.I.P. S/C: Brennan Royal Oak.


In loving memory of John Rice Main St. Borris. Died July 20th 1982, aged 53 yrs. R.I.P.


Ellen Rice see Ownes No. 135.


Johanna Rice see Ownes No. 135.


Catherine Rigney see Gaul No. 11.


Here lieth the Body of Mr Thoms Rothe late of Borris depd this life April 7th 1793 aged 48 Years. May his Soul reft in peace. Amen.

RYAN 62.

Erected by John Ryan of Ballytiglea in memory of his father James Ryan who died Novf 18th 1856, aged 80 yrs. Also his mother Julia Ryan who died Novr 20th 1874, aged 76 yrs. Also his brother William who died March 14th 1889, aged 52 yrs. Also his brother Patrick who died June 29th 1899, aged 74 yrs. Also their brothers John & Thomas. Their sister Bridget Kavanagh nee Ryan and her husband Peter. R.I.P. S/C: Brennan, Royal Oak.

RYAN 69.

Here lieth ye body of David Ryan who depd January ye 17th 1773 Agd 26 years. Lord have mercy on his Soul.


Lucy Ryan see Kavanagh No. 125.

SHARK 152.

Here Lieth the Body of James Shark Who died Novr the 3d 1768, Aged 80 yrs. May he Rest in peace.

SHARK 153.

Here Lieth ye Body of Dinnes Shark Who Died March the 17th 1762 Aged 27 years. May he Reft in Peace. Also his nephew Rich'd Sharkey who died July 8th 1845 ag'd 73 yrs. R.I.P.

SHARK 158.

Here Lieth the Body of Patrick Shark Who died January the 29th 1775 aged 45 years. The Lord have Mercy on his Soul.


Erected by Bridget Sharkey in memory of her beloved husband Dennis Sharkey of Borris who depd this life January 23rd 1842 aged 73 years. Also her fon Richard Sharkey who departed this life August the 28th 1842 aged 10 years. R.I.P.


Anne Sharkey see Kealy no. 96.


Anne Shortall see Byrne No. 36.


Jane Silk see Kelly No. 128.


Erected by Honora Somers in memory of her sister Mary Somers who died in 1841 aged 28 yrs. also her mother Mary Somers who died in 1845, aged 65 yrs. also her father Patrick Somers who died in 1854 aged 85 yrs, also her brotherinlaw John Dunne & his wife Anne Dunne, and their children who died later. Also the above named Honora Somers who died Jany 5th 1888 aged 79 yrs. Requiescant in pace. S/C: Murphy Wells.


Honor Stapleton see Nowlan No. 99.


Erected to the Memory of Michael Toole (Borris) who died 10th Aug. 1949 aged 65 yrs. also his wife Ellen Toole who died 2nd Nov. I960 aged 74 yrs. also their daughter Mary Gardiner who died 25th Nov. 1972 aged 54 yrs. R.I.P, S/C: Nolan, Ballon.


William Toole see Fleming No. 33.


Annie Tuite see Kelly No. 163.

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