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Headstone Inscriptions

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Charles Doyle see Proctor No. 5.
Martin Doyle see Proctor No. 5.
Patrick Doyle see Brennan No. 12.
Mary Doyle nee Kehoe See Gillon No. 18,
Margaret Doyle see Murphy No. 47.
Mary Doyle see Kavanagh No. 38.
Elibth Doyle see Neale No. 133.
Elizabeth Dunn see Murphy No. 22.
John Dunne see Sonera No. 63.
Anne Dunne See Somers No. 83.

Here lyes ye Body of Daniell Egan who deputed this life the 11th of March 1717 aged 67 years. The Lord have marcey upon his Soule. R.I.P.


Mary Fenlon See Gorman No. 102.

FINELAN     109.

Here lieth the body of Owen Finelan, who dep this life Sept 6th 1804 aged 75 years, alfo his wife Bridget Finelan depd this life May 14th 1805. aged 73 years. Rest In Peace Amen.


In Loving Memory Of Margaret Fitzpatrick, Kilcloney died 26th April 1964 aged 78 yrs. her husband Martin died 22nd May 1938 aged 65 yrs. Their son Eamon died 12th Oct. 1936 aged 14 yrs. Also her parents Edward and Bridget Wade and her Brother James Wade all interred here. R.I.P. Sweet Jesus Have Mercy. Ever Remembered By Their Children and Grand-children. S/C: Nolan, Ballon.

FLEMING     33.

Erected by Mrs Bridget Clarke in fond memory of her father John Fleming, Borris, who died Sept 23rd 1912 aged 80 yrs. also her Bother Bridget Fleming who died March 3rd 1913 aged 64 years, also her brother William Toole who died March 25th 1901 aged 50 yrs. and her sisters Kate & Winifred who died young. R.I.P. The letters I.H.S. are inscribed on the bottom of the headstone.


Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Mark Flood of Borris who died the 5th February 1854 aged 62 years.  Also her son Peter Flood who died February 20 1858 aged 27 years. Mark Flood husband to the above died February 25th 1869. Also his daughter Bridget Flood who died December 1st 1869. Also John Flood who died the 5th of April 1871. Also his Son Michael Flood who died April the 9th 1874. R.I.P.

FOLEY 107.

Here lieth the Body of Margaret Foley Alias Murpy Who depd this life March 22 1795 Aged 56 yrs. May She Rest in peace, Amen.

FOLEY 108.

Errected by Laurence Foley in memory of his Wife Catherine Foley alias More, who depd this life May the 28th1806 aged 44 Yrs. Lord have mercy on her Soul.

FOULEY      106.

Here lieth the Body of Jams Fouley, of Barmona who died April 17th 1772 Aged 62 yrs. The Lord have Mercy on his Soul Amen. Also his Son Thomas Foley who depd this Life June 13th 1798 aged 33 yrs May he rest in peace, Amen.

GAHAN 159.

Here Lise the Body of Pat Gahan, 1866 Died ---6.


Catherine Gahan see Rice No. 3


In Loving Memory of William Gallagher Who Died 4th Nov. 1955. R.I.P.


Mary Gardiner see Toole No. 34.

GAUL  11.

Erected by Patrick Gaul in memory of his Sister Catherine Gaul alias Rigney who dep this life October 20th 1827 aged 35 years. May she rest in Peace. Amen. R.I.P.

GILLON      18.

Beneath are deposited the remains of John Gillon of Borris who departed this life 7th January the 1861 aged 63 yeaes. also his Son William Gillon Late of Cincinnati O.U.S. who departed this life May the 27th 1861 aged 20 years, also his brother John Gillon Junior who Departed this life June the 10th 1859 aged 17 years, also Michael Gillon died 1901 aged 80 years. Also his sister Margaret Gillon died April 1915 aged 77 years. Requiescant in pace. Erected by Michael and Janes F.Gillon Cincinnati Ohio in memory of their father and brothers John Gillon Senior, John Gillon Junior and William Gillon. Right Side: Also M'rs Anne Kehoe nee Gillon who died Oct 15th 1905 aged 74 years, also her daughter M'rs Mary Doyle died Jan 1st 1911 aged 40 yrs.

GITTENS     16.

Erected by John Glttens of Kilcoltrim in memory of his daughter Bridget Gittena who depd this life March 10th 1832 aged 29 yra. Alfo his Daughter Margret Gittens wh dpd March 17th 1836 aged 24 yrs. Alfo his Son William Gittens who depd August 4th 1836 aged 21 yrs. May they reft in peace. Amen.

GITTONS     15.

In loving memory of Michael Gittons. Kilcoltrim died 23. April 1945 aged 45 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Nolan Ballon.

GORMAN      101

Here Lieth the body of Laurence Gorman, who died October the 31st, 1780, aged 66 yrs, may he reft in peace.

GORMAN      102.

Erected by Daniel Gorman in memory of his Wife Mary Gorman who dept this life Oct 2nd 1821, aged 62 years. His Daughter Anne depd this life Oct 12th 1815, age 21 years, also his Son Laurence dept this life May 25th 1828 aged 31 years. Clare Gorman died 5th Sept. 1951 aged 11 yrs. Mary Fenlon (nee Gorman) died 20th Sept. 1959 aged 69 yrs. May they rest in peace Amen. S/C: M.D. Doyle Carlow.

GORMAN      183.

This is a small white marble headstone with a cross on top. In Loving Memory of Patrick Gorman Balllnagree died 20th Feb. 1957 aged 57. and his children, mother and brothers. R.I.P. S/C: Hughes Carlow.

HALPIN      140.

Erected in loving memory of John Halpin Borris who died August 19th 1902 Aged 66 years. Also his four children who died young. Also his wife Mary Halpin died May 29 1929 aged 77 yrs. R.I.P.

HAYES 141.

In Loving Memory of Hannah Hayes Ballyine who died 12 October 1932. Also her husband William who died 30th June 1944. 1939. Also Their Son Tommy who died 8th January. R.I.P.


Bridget Anne Headon see Kelly No. 52.

HEFFERIN    169.

Erected by Denis Hefferin in memory of his daughter who dep March the 11 1812 Age l4yr May Lord have Mercy on her Soul Amen.


Catherine Higgins see Rice No. 3.

HOLDEN      23.

Erected by Brian Kavanagh Ballinesillogue in rememberance of James Holden Upper Borris, his wife Ellen nee Kavanagh. Their sons Timothy, Brian & Willie. Their daughters Anne & Mary wife of Michael Byrne. On their Souls Sweet Jesus have mercy. Requiscant in pace.

William Holden Senr see Doyle No. 119.
Judith Holden nee Coalman see Doyle No. 119*
Doretta Holden see Doyle No. 119.
William Holden see Doyle No. 119.
Catherine Hore see Foley No. 108.

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