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Erected by John and Michael Joyce of Milltown in memory of their Father Thomas Joyce who deptr this life Decbr 4th 1794 aged 6l years, their Mother Anne Joyce alias Bulger deptr this life Decbr 18th 1794 aged 64 years, their Brother Patrick Joyce deptr this life April 1788 aged 21. Also Thomas Joyce son to John deptr this life March 18th 1845 aged 25 years. Also Mr Michael Joyce who died Jany 6th 1853 aged 53 years. Also Michael Joyce who died May 22nd 1882 aged 94 y'rs. Also their three grandchildren who died young. May they rest in peace Amen.

JOYCE 127.

Here Lyeth ye Body of John Joyce who Departed this Life April yc 3d. 1769 Aged 20 yr,s Lord have Mercy on his Soul Amen. Alfo the body of his Father Robert Joyce who depd April ye 15th 1795 Aged 80 yr,s, R.I.P.


This Stone was erected by Patrick Kavanagh in Memory of their father Owen Kavanagh who depd this Life Febry the 12th 1808 Aged 55 Yrs. May he rest in pace. Amen.


In loving memory of Bryan Kavanagh, Ballinasillogue. Also his wife Catherine. And their daughter Mary-Ann. Their five sons. John, Martin, Bernard, Andrew & Michael. Also his grandson Thomas Kavanagh died 27th May 1935 R.I.P. S/C: Walshe Carlow.


Erected by Denis Kavanagh Ballinagree in loving memory of his father and mother James & Eliza Kavanagh. Also his aunt Johanna Deegan.  R.I.P. S/C: Brennan Royal Oak.


In Loving Memory of Edward Kavanagh Ballytiglea died 10th May 1951 aged 80 yrs. Also his wife Catherine died 15th Nov. 1945 aged 62 yrs. Also their son John died 6th Oct. 1938 aged 15 yrs. May they rest in peace. S/C: P. Nolan, Carlow.


Erected to the memory of Mrs Catherine Kavanagh, Clonagoose who died May 6th 1904, aged 68 yrs. Also her daughter Kate Kavanagh who died Decr 23rd 1879, aged 18 yrs. Also her daughter Mary Kavanagh who died March 29th 1899, aged 39 yrs. Requlescant in pace. S/C: Brennan Royal Oak.


Erected to the memory of John Kavanagh late of Clonagoose who died July 24^ 1862, aged 77 yrs. also his wife Mary Kavanagh als Doyle who died Febf 13th 1856, aged 66 yrs. also his son Andrew who died at Clondalkin March 28th 1864, aged 35 yrs. also his son John who died April 3rd 1865, Aged 38 yrs. also his daughter in law Mary Anne Kavanagh died 29th April 1917 aged 35 yrs. And her husband John Kavanagh died 29th Oct. 1917 aged 55 yrs. Their son John died Dec. 12th 1957 aged 44 yrs. Requiescant in Pace S/C: Brennan Royal Oak.


Erected by James Kavanagh of Ballynasyllogue, in memory of his beloved father Martin Kavanagh who died April 7m 1844 aged 62 yr's. also his virtuous mother Mary Kavanagh who died August 10th 1838 ag'd 50 y'rs. R.I. P.

KAVANAGH    124.

Erected by Andrew & Martin Kavanagh of Ballynasilogue, in memory of their Father Bryan Kavanagh late of Kilcloney who depd this life Decf 23rd 1810 ag'd 59 Y'rs. Alfo his wife Mary Kavanagh al's Byrne who depd May 25th 1791 ag'd 40 y'rs. Alfo Bridget Kavanagh Daughter to Martin who depd Decr 26th 1825 ag'd 16 y'rs. Alfo his Son Bryan Kavanagh who depd May 25th 1827 ag'd 19 y'rs. Also wife to Martin Kavang'h Mary Kavanagh al's Byrne who depd August 10th ----.

KAVANAGH    125.

Erected by Bryan Kavanagh of Ballynasilogue in memory of his father Andrew Kavanagh who deprd this life August 13th 1861. also his mother Catherine Kavanagh who depr this life 3rd March 1866. also his sister Lucy Kavanagh alias Ryan who depr, this life 8th May 1846 and his brother Luke Kavanagh who depr, this life 1st May 1847. also his sister Mary Kavanagh who depr, this life 10th May 1850. also his beloved wife Anastatia Kavanagh alias Kearney who depf, this life 3rd November 1872. also his son William who depr, this life 11th November 1872. also his daughter Kate and his son Andrew Kavanagh who depr, this life 1st March 1872. John who died young. Requiescant in pace.

Ellen Kavanagh see Holden No. 23.
Bridget Kavanagh See Ryan No. 62.
Peter Kavanagh See Ryan No. 62,
Mary Kavanagh see Doyle 151*
Nonie Kavanagh see Kelly No, 171.
Thomas Kavanagh see Kelly No. 171.
William Kavanagh see Kelly No. 171.
James Kavanagh see Kelly No. 171.


Erected by John Kealy Scorthreen in loving memory of his wife Mary Kealy who died March 13nr 1893, aged 72 years. Also his son Martin who died June 6th 1894, aged 28 years. Also the above named John Kealy who died January 12th 1900 aged 80 years. Also his son Patk Kealy who died April 9th 1911 aged 57 yrs. Also Kate wife of Patrick Kealy died April 20th 1928, aged 63 yrs. R.I. P. S/C: Brennan Royal Oak. Right Side; And his grandson John Kealy died July 10th 1950 aged 51 yrs. And his son Edward Kealy died Feb. 21st 1951 aged 84.


Erected by John Kealy of Scorthreen in memory of his father John Kealy who died 9th Janry 1836 aged 51 years. Also his mother Anne alias Sharkey died 25th April I860 aged 60 years. His brother Edward died 29th May 1856 aged 26 years. Also his brother Patrick who died 1st June 1858 aged 21 years. His daughter Eliza who died 5th Novbr 1869 aged 11 years, his daughter Anne died 8th March 1872 aged 18 years. And his sister Mary Caulfield who died Jan 18th 1895 aged 68 years. Requiescant in pace. S/C: B. Deegan. B-Town.

KEALY 112.

In Loving Memory of Joseph Kealy Ballymartln. Died 7-7-1930 aged 54. His son James died 9-2-1932. And his wife Isabels died 26-4-l936 Aged 61. His son Patrick died 23-7-1979 aged 79. His daughter-in-law Mary died 31-12-1982 aged 83. R,I.P. Erected by their children. S/C: Walshe, Carlow.

KEALY 113.

Erected by James Kealy Currane in memory of his Father John Kealy who died March 26th 1902 aged 78 yrs.  His mother Anne died Octr 26th 1918. aged 84 yrs. His brother Andrew died in America March 7th 1900, aged 34 yrs. Also his sister Kate died in America Jany 20th 1915, aged 55 years. Also the above James Kealy died May 27th 1948 aged 87.  R.I.P. S/C: Brennan Royal Oak.

John Kealy see Dallon No. 68.
John Kealy see Dallon No. 68.
Kate Kealy see Dallon No. 68.

KEAIEY      111.

Erected to the memory of Thomas Kealey late of Kilcloney who depd this life Octf 18th 1865 aged 63 years. R.I.P.


Anastatia Kearney see Kavanagh No. 125.

KEATING     21.

In loving memory of Edward Keating Borrls and his wife Eliza. Also their sons Michael, James & Edward, Also his brother Michael And His wife Margaret And their daughter Mary died Oct. 28th 1933, also Her sister Hannah died Jan. 11th 1951. R.I.P. S/C: Brennan Royal Oak.

Anne Kehoe nee- Gillon see Gillon No. 18.
Rofanna Kehoe see Doyle No. 151.


Pray for tile Soul of Maurice Kelly born at Borris August 5th 1827 died at New Ross August 5Th 1866. R.I.P. S/C: Power Ross.


Erected to the Memory of Michael Kelly of Borris who this life April 5th 1845 aged 48 years. And also to the memory of his daughter Jane Kelly who depd this life Oct 4th 1847 aged 15 Y'rs.  And also to the Memory of his beloved wife Mary Kelly alias Cullen who departed tji life October the 27th 1856 aged 56 years. And also his son Peter Kelly who departed this life on the 14th of June I860 aged 30 years. Also his second eldest daughter Anastatia McEvoy who died February 3rd 1863 aged 28 years. Requiescant in pace.  Amen.


Erected by Mrs Kelly of Ballytiglea in memory of her husband Terence Kelly, who depd this life May 1ft 1846  aged 46 years. Also her granddaughter Bridget Anne Headon who died August 26th 1863 aged 4 years and six months. Also the above named Mrs Kelly who depd this life Decbr 17th 1886  aged 84 years. Requiescant in pace Amen.

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