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Clonagoose Cemetery
Headstone Inscriptions

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Clonagoose Church and graveyard
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Clonagoose is situated approximately one mile from Borris. The name maybe derived from "Cluain-na-cuas", "the meadow of the caves".

Not far inside the main entrance to the cemetery are the ruins of a church. The main structure of the church still remains. The following is a description of how Ryan found it when he wrote his history of Carlow in 1833, "the length of the building was 72 feet, the breadth 24. The remains of five windows yet appear, the breadth of each on the exterior is but six inches, while from there gradually opening to the Interior they are perhaps five feet accross, Part of the walls had been recently thrown down, obviously for the stone. A stone reservoir lay within the ruins?

A Holy Well, called Lady Well, lies about 120 yards to the south-east of the church, access to same is difficult due to overgrowth. The Patron is celebrated still on the last Sunday of June.

This is how Samuel Lewis found Clonagoose Parish in 1837:- "It comprises of 5,392 statute acres, 325 acres of Woodlands and 460 acres waste. The living is a vicarage, in the diocese of Leighlin episcopally united in 1714, to that of Kiltennel, and recently separated from it. The parish is partly attached to the district of Borris, and partly to that of Dunleckney?

The oldest monumental inscription readable is that of Danlell Egan, Tombstone No. 144, and it dates back to 1717.

The original book was presented to me by Michael Purcell c.2009.

BOLGER      81.

Sacred to the memory of Mary Bolger, who departed this life the 12th of March 1832 Aged 43 yrs. Also her husband Martin Bolger who depr this life the 8th of September 1865 Aged 84 yrs. Also their son Thomas Bolger who died May the 25th, 1901 aged 81 yrs. Also his son James died 25th Aug. 1916, aged 41 yrs. His wife Margaret died 8th Oct. 1922 aged 89 yrs. And his sons William died llth Dec. 1935 aged 75 yrs. And Matthew died 8th Oct. 1939. This stone is erected by their son, Thomas Bolger of Ballytiglea. Requiescant in pace, Amen.

BOLGER      186.
In Loving Memory of John Bolger Who Died February 3rd 1969 aged 70 years. R.I.P.
James Bolger see King No. 185.
Dora Bolger see King No. 185.
John Bolger see King No. 185.

BREEN 182.

In Loving Memory of Timothy Breen, Ballytiglea who died 5th Septr. 1912 aged 77 years. Also his sister, Anne Murphy died 23rd Feb. 1913 aged 75 years. And his wife Anne died 25th Sept. 1932 aged 75 years. Also his grand-daughter Patricia who died young. Also James Breen, St. Joseph's Rd, Carlow. died 6th Feb. 1958, aged 63 yrs. and his infant granddaughter died 1st Feb. 1958. Also his brother, Patrick Main St. Borris died 28th Nov. 1958. Hannah Breen wife of Patrick Died Dec. 1970 Aged 80 Yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Walshe Carlow

BRENNAN     12.

Erected by the children in memory of their father Michael Brennan of Craan, who died Feby 5th 1879 aged 84 yrs. also their mother Mary Brennan who died May 29th 1868, aged 66 yrs. also their son Thomas Brennan died Jan.6th 1918 aged 84 yrs. and his wife Alice, died 10th March 1927 aged 92 yrs. His grandchildren Mary died 19th Nov. 1936 aged 70 yrs. Elizabeth died 11th Nov. 1938 aged 69 yrs. Michael died 2nd Nov. 1940 aged 71 yrs. Patrick Doyle, Craan died 10th Nov. 1943 aged 48 yrs.  Requiescant in pace, Amen.  There is a large cross on the back of this headstone. S/C: Michl Brennan Bagnalstown.

BRENNAN     143.

In Loving Memory of Patrick Brennan, Kilcoltrim who died Feby 2nd 1925, aged 70 yrs. Also his daughter Sarah died April 24th 1924 aged 24 years. And this Wife Anne Brennan died April 18th 1943, aged 78 yrs. Their sons Denis died In New York Sept. 1974 aged 73. And James died Nov. 14th 1982 aged 85. Erected By His Loving Children. R.I. P. S/C: Brennan Royal Oak.

BRESNAN     122.

In memory of his wife Mary Bresnan, who died 5th April 1934 aged 68 years, also his daughter Elizabeth who died 14th June 1946 aged 56 years, also his grandson Edward 0' Connor who died 12th March 1954 aged 19 years.

The above Edward Bresnan who died 9th January 1959 aged 95 years. His son James Bresnan died 5th June 1964.

R.I. P. S/C: Hughes Carlow.


Lord have Mercy on the Soul of William Brown who Dep this Life June 24th 1784 Aged 64 Yrs. Alfo his Son John Browne Who depd March 2nd 1798 Age 33 yrs. May his Soul Rest in Pace.

BROWNE      65.

Here Lieth the Bodies of Thomas Browne. And his wife Sarah. His Father Edmond Browne. And his Mother Honora. Likewise Several of their Children. With Edmond Browne Their Son who Ordered This Stone to be Erected. And Dep this Life 2nd decr 1784 Aged 69 Yrs. Alfo Two of His Children. R.I.P.


Anne Bulger see Joyce No. 74.

BURK  27.

Here lies the remains of Mr. James Burk late of Ballynattin who depd this life February 12th 1847 aged 60 yrs. He was remarkable for his charitable and humane disposition. Requiescant in pace. Anen.

BUTLER      139.

This Stone was Erected by Michael Butler in Memory of his Father Thomas Butler Departed this life May 27th 1787 Aged 60 years. Lord have Mercy on his Soul Amen. Alfo his Son Thomas departed this life October 25th 1795 aged 23 years. R.I.P. 


Here lie the Remains of Mr James Byrne of Borris who departed this life July 25 1824 Aged 24 years. May he rest in Peace Amen.


Catherine Byrne departed this life March 8th 1814 aged 18 years.  Also her Brother Patrick who died young, also their mother Mrs Patrick Byrne of Borris who departed this life March 22nd 1845 aged 75 years. And also their Father Mr Patrick Byrne who depd this life on the 16th of November 1845 aged 77 years. May they rest in peace Amen. 


Erected to the memory of William Byrne of Borris who departed this life April 1st 1852 aged 42 years, also his son Patrick who died April 23rd 1850 Aged 8 years, also his son John who died in Chicago U.S. Novr 7th 1875 aged 51 years. Also his daughter-in-law Mrs James Byrne Swan hotel, Carlow who died March 21st 1887 aged 28 years. May they rest in peace Amen.


In loving Memory of Matthew Byrne Ballymartin, died 6th Feb, 1965 aged 79 yrs. Erected By His Loving Wife & Family. R.I. P. S/C: E.F. Byrne B-Town.


Here lies the Body of Mrs Anne Byrne als Shortall who departed this life Augt 2nd 1817 aged 39 Years. Requiescant In Pace Amen.


In loving memory of Sean Byrne Bog Lane, Borris died 28th Jan. 1977 aged 51 yrs. also his parents. R.I. P. "May Jesus Mercy" S/C: P. Nolan, Carlow.


Underneath lie the remains of Mrs Edward Byrne of Borris who died in the hope of Blessed Immortality on the 4th March 1854 Aged 72 years. Also her Sons Michael who died 1st October 1832 Aged 16. James who died 14th Sept 1834 Aged 21. John who died 29th March 1835 Aged 29. R.I.P.

BYRNE 121.

In Loving Memory Of Peter Byrne Currane died ?7th May 1923. also his wife Bridget died 23rd May 1928. Their son Patrick died 31st May 1929.  Their grand-daughter Bridget Frances (Peggy) Byrne died 27th July 1934 aged 4 yrs. and their daughter Kate died 20th Feb. 1974. also James Byrne died 24th Sept 1977 aged 74 yrs. also his wife Ellen Byrne died 27th Dec 1977 aged 82 yrs.  R.I.P. Sweet Jesus have mercy. S/C: P. Nolan, Carlow.

Mary Byrne see Holden No. 23.
Anne Byrne see Cloney No. 7.
Mary Byrne see Kavanagh No. 124,

byrne’s      161.

Erected by Patrick J. Byrne's, Ballynattin in memory of his mother Helen Byrne's died 1st April 1911 aged 56 yrs. His father Patrick Byrne's, died 21st Sept. 1929, aged 88 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Walshe, Carlow.

CARTY 162.

This Stone was Errected by James Carty in memory of his Father Edmund Carty who Departed this life the 4th day of May 1789 Aged 82 Years. And Daughter Judith Carty who departed this life the 18th day of Auguft 1791. Aged 16 yrs. Alfo in memory of his Mother Elenor Regan who depd Febry the l6th 1789 aged 80 years. R.I.P.


Erected by Mary Caulfield of Scorthreen in memory of her husband James Caulfield, who died July 28th 1884 Aged 76 years. Also his son Patrick Caulfield who died dec 12th 1916, aged 60 yrs. And his son Wm Caulfield died Oct.31st 1927, aged 77 yrs. Also his son Thos Caulfield died Nov. 14th 1930, aged 81 yrs. And his son Edward died Sep. 9th 1836, aged 73 yrs. His daughter Maria, died April 18th 1945 aged 75 yrs, Requiescant in Pace. S/C: Brennan Royal Oak.


Mary Caulfield see Kealy No. 96.

CLONEY      7.

Erected by Patt Cloney in memory of his Wife Anne Cloney alias Byrne who dep this life Feby 16th 1832 aged 50 years. Like you in this world I had my day, Remember death and for me pray. S/C: Wm. Cullen --- sculpture.

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