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Erected to the memory William Kelly of Ballinagree, who died July 7th 1868 aged 81 years, also his Grandson Michael P. Nolan who died April 13th 1867, aged 8 years. also his wife Mary Kelly who died December 14th 1880 aged 71 years. Also his son Thomas J. Kelly of Borris who departed this life January 23rd 1889 aged 48 years. Also his daughter Mrs Jane Nolan who died at Borris May 26th 1889 aged 60 years. Michael J. Nolan died March 13th 1894 aged 19 years. Also his daughter Anastatla Kelly who died Oct 31St 1899 aged 60 years.  Also his son Maurice Kelly died Nov. 17th 1901. Also his son James Kelly died Nov 29th 1903. Requiescanl in pace, Amen.

KELLY 128.

Erected by Maurice Kelly in mem'ry of his wife Jane Kelly al's Silk who Dep'd this life Novr Yc, 1ft 1807 Ag'f 36 Years.  Alfo the above named Maurice Kelly who dep? 22nd 1830 ag'd 80 yrs. Requiefcat in Pace.


The Loard have mercy on the soul of Terrence Kelly who depd this life nov, 1*(1786) aged *76 year,s. Also his wife winny Kelly dep'd this life Movr 1 1797 ag'd 70 Years. R.I.P.

*Note: The above 1786 and 86 are the actual way these figures appear on the stone.  The year of Death is (1786 or 1776) and the age is (56 or 76). There are no records available to verify which figures are correct.

KELLY 130.

Erected by Mary Kelly of Ballenagee. in memory of her husband Terence Kelly who departed this life July 21st 1854 aged 68 years. Also the above named Mary Kelly who died February 7th Requiescant in Pace.

1863 aged 70 years.

KELLY 131.

Erected by Martin Kelly Ballyine, in memory of his Daughter Mary, who died 19th May 1874 aged 22 years, also his Son Laurence who died 1st August 1874, aged 6 years. Also his Daughter Kate, who died 15th Oct. 1875 aged 21 years. Also his son Morris who died 3rd March 1876 aged 24 years. Also his son Michael who died 10th May 1871 aged 16 years. Also his wife Anne who died Oct. 2nd 1891 aged 66 years. Also the above Martin who died 10th June 1909 aged 87 years. Also his grandson Martin who died 5th March 1913 aged 19 years. R.I.P. S/C: T.H.Dennany Glasnevin. Back of headstone: Also his son Terence, died 19th Octr 1924, aged 74 yrs. And his son James Kelly who died 22nd Feb. 1947 aged 86 yrs.  Also Dan Kelly died 1938 aged 4 yrs. his sister Kathleen died 1939 aged 3 yrs. Also Maurice brother of Dan and Kathleen died 1941 aged 2 yrs. All Grandchildren of the above Terence Kelly.

KELLY 163.

Pray Lord Have Mercy on the Soul of John Kelly Born 1807 Died 1889 and his Wife Anne Kelly alias Tuite Born 1803 Died 1883. R.I.P.

KELLY 171.

Erected By Willim Kelly of Ballinagree. in memory of his Brother James Kelly late of Ballinagrane who died 2nd June 1884 Aged 64 years.  Also his wife Anne Kelly Alias Darcy Who died 1st November 1884 Aged 52 years. Also the above named William Kelly who died June 30th 1895 Aged 71 years. R.I.P. S/C: R. Colles, Kilkenny.  Left Side. Also his son James Kelly Who died May 23rd 1903 Aged 36 years. Also his Daughter Mrs Nonie Kavanagh Who died May 8th 1908 aged 33 years. Also her Husband Thomas Kavanagh died 17th Feb. 1929 aged 64 years.  His son William Kavanagh died 9th Jan. 1931 Aged 27 years. And his son James Kavanagh died 12th April 1941 aged 34 years.

KELLY 170.

Here Lieth ye Body of John Kelly who Departed this Life Febry ye 15th 1772 aged 84 yers Lord have Mercy on his Soul An.

KELLY 172.

Here lieth the Body of Denis Kelly late of Borris who depd this Life October 6th 1835 aged 25 years.

Also his father Edward Kelly of Ballenagree who departed this life July the 10th 1854 aged 81 years. Also his wife Mary Kelly Alias Mulligan Who departed this life April the 20th 1869 Aged 87 years. Also the Remains of Dennis J. Kelly Son of John Kelly who dep. this life 29th of August 1853 aged 17 years. Fear God, & Keep His Commandments. For this is the whole duty of Man.  The remainder of this prayer is on the very bottom of this headstone and it is cemented into the ground.

KELLY 173.

Here are deposited the Remains of Mr. James Kelly of the Borris Hotel who was respected and died regreted by the lovers of freedom died 22nd of March 1839 Aged 67 years. Also his brother Michael Kelly of Ballynagree who depd, this life March 27th 1847 aged 89 years. R.I.P.

KELLY 174.

Erected By Martin Kelly of Ballyine June 1872. Nora Coady daughter of Edward Kelly who died Dec. 16th 1929 Aged 63 yrs.  Also her Daughter Breda died April 36th 1946 Aged 39 yrs. R.I.P. Front of headstone: To the memory of his daughter Mary who died 20th. February 1871 Aged 27 years. Also two children who died young. And his son Edward who died the 14th of July 1876 aged 35 years. Martin son to Edward Born 1864 died 1894 Martin Kelly erecter of this monument Born 1815 died 1898, his Wife Hanoria Kelly died June 26th 190? aged 84 years. Right side; Pray For The Soul of Lizzie Kelly daughter of Edward Kelly who died July 5th 1899 Aged 24 years. Also his wife Bridget who died Decbr 20th 1913 Aged 71 years. R.I. P.

KELLY 181.

In loving memory of Kate Kelly Ballyine House, Who died November 25th 1900 Aged 38 years. Also her daughter Mary Patricia died March 21st 1913 Aged 18 years. And her husband James it, Kelly died Oct. 30th 1927 aged 76 yrs. Also her son Martin died Jan. 9th 1949, aged 57 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Moran Kiltealy.


Annie Kelly see Doyle No. 178.

KING  97.

In Loving Memory of Pat King died 15th April 1927. Bridget Walsh (nee King) who died 23rd July 1931. Bill King died 13th June 1937. James King died 3rd Feb. 1940. Patrick King died 11th May 1943. Hannah King died 30th Oct. 1944. Mrs Bridget King 29th Nov. 1944. Mrs Ann Norris (nee King) who died 5th Feb. 1944. Edward King died 17th Dec. 1945. James King 71 died 12th Jan. 1961. Julia King died 4th Jan. 1947. Patrick King died 4th Dec. 1965. Ellen King died 23rd Sep. 1974. Patrick, Ellen's son llth May 1944. William King died 20th Nov. 1976. R.I.P. S/C: Doyle. Coolkenno.

KING  185.

In Loving Memory of John King Factory Cross died 10th May 1977 his wife Annie King died 5th Jan. 1964 Also John Bolger Ballytiglea died 31st July 1934. His wife Dora Bolger died 28th April 1947. His brother James Bolger died 11th June 1936. R.I.P. S/C: Nolan Ballon.

LO    20.

Erected by Edmond Lowe of Gores Bridge in memory of his father John Lo who depd this life Ap1 the 11th 1824 Ag'd 64 yrs. May he rest in peace. Amen.

MAHER 136.

Erected to the memory of Michael Maher of Borris who departed this life 5th January 1879 aged 39 years. Also his 3 children who died young. Also his son Thomas F, Maher who died Febly,26th 1890 aged 22 yr's. Also his son Patrick Maher died August 2nd 1891 aged 26 yr's. Also his wife Esther Maher who died October 22nd 1907 aged 65 years. R.I.P.

McCABE 117.

In Loving Memory of Ellen McCabe, died 23rd Nov. 1951, aged 84 years. Also James McCabe died 16th Jan, 1956 aged 78 years. R.I.P. S/C: Nolan, Ballon.

Anastatia McEvoy see Kelly No. 51.
William McGahey see Murphy No. 22.
Mary McGahey see Murphy. No. 22


In Loving Memory of Agnes McKelvie, Kilcloney, died 2nd February 1962 aged 63 yrs, and her son Patrick died 24th August 1966 aged 39 yrs. Rest in Peace S/C: E.F. Byrne B-Town.


Catherine Miran see Murphy No. 180.


Erected by Daniel Molloy R.I.C. Borris in memory of his daughter Marcella who died 26th April 1885 aged 2 yrs. also his daughter Mary Kate who died 18th Decr 1886 aged 7 yrs. Also his son Hugh who died young. Also his daughter Jane who died January 2nd 1910 aged 26 years. The above Daniel Molloy died April 20th 1924, aged 76 yrs. And his wife Catherine died Oct. 17th 1936, aged 87 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Brennan Royal Oak.


Here Lieth the body of Micl Moran Who depf this Life July 28th 1786 aged 60 years, the Loard have mercy on his soul amen. Also his Son William who Depd June the 7th 1791 Aged 15 yrs And Myles his Son who Depd Janry 27th 1795 aged 20 yrs. The Lord have mercy on their Souls Amen.


In Loving Memory of Margaret Moran Ballinagree, died 12th Feb. 1959 aged 58 yrs. also her husband Johnny died 21st Dec. 1974 aged 74 yrs. R.I.P. Erected by the Moran family. 3/C: Doyle Coolkenno,


Here lieth the Body of Thomas Moran deprd this life Decr 5th 1802 Aged 82 years, alfo his Wife Elenor Moran depd this life May 13th 1773 Aged 49 years, and his Son William Moran depd this life Augt. 12th 1803 Aged 52 years. Also Patrick Moran died May 5th 1906 aged 69 years. Requiefeant in pace. Amen.


Here reft the remains of Timothy Moran who Dep'd this life June Ye 11 , 1806 aged 40 years. Lord have mercy on his foul Amen, Also his daughterinlaw Mary Moran alias Mulligan who depd this life May 3rd 1861 aged 45 years. Also his daughter Ellen Moran who died Decbr 4th 1879. aged 74 years. Also his son Patk.. Moran husband to Mary Moran who died Feby 14 1886 aged 85 years. Also Ellen Moran daughter to Patk.. and Mary Moran who died August 30th 1908 aged 55 years. Also Anastasia Moran who died young. Requiescant in pace. Amen.


Beneath are deposited the mortal remains of Edward Mulligan of Ballynagree, who departed this life on the 12th day of September 1851 aged 77 years. Also his daughterinlaw Ellen Mulligan who depd this life the 22nd February 1868 aged 30 years. R.I.P.

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