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Catherine Cloney see Proctor No. 5.


Breda Coady see Kelly No. 174.


Nora Coady see Kelly No, 174.

CODY  118.

Here lieth the Body of Pierce Cody dept this life April 11th 1786 aged 50 years. Also His Son Patt Cody dept Octr 30th 1786 Aged 23 years, and Elizabeth his Daughter dept Febf 18th 1801 Aged 27 years, also the Body of Bridget Cody Depd January 2nd 1806 Aged 27 years. R.I.P.

CONDELL     166.

Erected By William & Kate Condell of Borris in memory of their Mother Ellen Condell who died March 14^ 1900, Aged 67 years. Also their sister Johanna Condell Who died Feby 9th 1895 Aged 28 y'rs. Also their sister Ellen who died Kay 17th 1902, aged 37 yrs. Also Bessie Daughter of the above William Condell Who died young.

CONNOLLY    126.

In Loving Memory of John Connolly Borris died 8th Feb. 1965 aged 82 yrs. His daughters. Kathleen died 7th April 1930 aged 19 yrs. Eileen, died 31st July 1937 aged 24 yrs. Also relatives interred here. R.I.P. S/C: Nolan Ballon.


Erected in fond memory of Thomas Corrigan Borris who died Feb? 1901 aged 20 years. And his Brother Edward who died March 1901 aged 12. And his sister Katie who died young. Also his aunt Margaret Corrigan who died May 1901 aged 60 years. Also his father James Corrigan who died Dec 30th 1915 aged 70 years. R.I.F.

COSGRAVE    116.

Of your Chartiy pray for the Souls of Thomas Cosgrave, Died 1st. Jan. 1893, Aged 46 Tears, and Mary Cosgrave, Died 6th. May, 1924 Aged 76 Years. R.I.P. S/C: Pride & Dowling L.Pool.


Mary Cullen see Kelly No. 51.

DALLON      68.

Erected in memory of Joseph Dallon of Scorthreen who depr this life July 5th 1881 aged 68 years. Also his beloved wife Catherine Dallon who depr this life Octr 6th 1880 aged 64 yrs Also his beloved daughter Sarah Dallon Born 1862, died 1893. R.I.P. Right Side; In Loving Memory of John Kealy Scorthreen who died June 6th 1917 aged 70 years. And his wife Kate Kealy nee Dallon died April 8, 1925 age 72. Also John Kealy died 7th Feb. 1942 aged 56 years. R.I.P. S/C: Moran K. Tealy.

D'ARCY      90A.

Erected by Mary D'Arcy of Borris in memory of her Father Gerald D'Arcy. And her mother Catherine D'Arcy. also her sister Anne D'Arcy who died the 26nr Septf 1886 Aged 50 yrs. Also the above Mary D'Arcy died July 30* 1894 aged 76 yrs. Also her sister Frances D'Arcy died March 8th 1907. Requiescant in Pace.


Anne Darcy see Kelly No. 171.

DEEGAN      56.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy on the Soul of Catherine Deegan, Borris, died 15 Jan. 1951, aged 55 years, And her husband Thomas Deegan died 1 Oct. 1954 (Marian Year) aged 71 years. R.I.P. S/C: E.F. Byrne, B-Town.


Johanna Deegan see Kavanagh No. 58.


Michael Deegan see O'Neill No. 134.

DEEVEY      44.

Erected to the memory of Patrick Deevey late of Borris who depd this life May 31st 1839 ag'd 40 y'rs. Requlescant In Pace. Amen.

DELANEY     84.

In Loving Memory of John Delaney Borris Died 16th May 1924 aged 53 yrs. Also his son Joseph died 9th Nov. 1965 aged 59 yrs. Also his wife Margaret died 7th Nov. 1969 aged 89 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Nolan Ballon.

DILLON      29.

Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the Soul of John Dillon Ballymartin who died 15th April 1951 aged 67 years. R.I.P.


Erected by Andrew Doyle of Ballytiglea in memory of his daughter Ellen Doyle who died Sepf 3rd 1871 aged 19 years. also two of his Children who died young, also the above named Andrew Doyle who died May 31st 1886 aged 78 yr's. Also his wife Ellen Doyle who died Novf 8th 1892 aged 73 yr's. Also their son Alex Doyle died April 23rd 1927, aged 73 yrs. And their daughter Mary died Oct. 17th 1929 aged 73 yrs. Also their Son Thomas died Dec, 23rd 1951, aged 78 yrs. And John Doyle (son of the above Alex) died Dec. 9th 1943 aged 39 yrs. Also his mother Hannah died July 12th 1946 aged 75 yrs. Requiescant in pace, Amen. On the back of the headstone: Also her Sons The Very Rev. Thomas Doyle P.P. Died 4th Jan. 1966 Aged 62 yrs. Interred in Leichlinbridge. And William Doyle Died 24th May 1966 Aged 59 yrs.


In memory of Bridget Doyle Kilcoltrim, And Family.  R.I.P. S/C: Hughes, Carlow.


Erected in loving memory of Michael Doyle Scortheen died 1st Sept. 1906 aged 96 years. And his wife Johanna died 29th Sept I860 aged 48 yrs. Also his son Walter died 12th Dec 1897 aged 40 yrs. And Anne wife of the latter died 12th March 1897 aged 38 yrs. Also his daughter Maria died 7th March 1917 aged 65 yrs. And his daughter Anne died 31st Jan 1923 aged 73 yrs. Also their niece Bridget Doyle died 31st May 1928 aged 30 yrs. And their daughter Johanna died 26th Feb. 1929, aged 84 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Byrne B-Town.


Erected by Catherine Doyle, Balllnasillogue, In Loving Memory of her husband Peter Doyle, who died 21st June 1906 aged 48 yrs, also his father James Doyle died 21st April 1908 aged 90 yrs, also his mother Eliza Doyle died 15th Nov. 1893 aged 63 yrs.  The above Catherine Doyle died 5th Feb. 1941 aged 82 yrs. S/C: Byrne, Bagnalstown.


In Loving Memory of Frank and Margaret Doyle Borris. Their children Tommy Timothy and Tesaie. also Jack Doyle Kilcloney. R.I.P.


Erected in memory of Bridget and David Doyle Ballytlglea R.I.P.

DOYLE 100.

Here lies the Body of David Doyle who depd this life Decf the 23rd 1766 Aged 60 yr8.Also his Wife Honnor Doyle Depd this life April the 19th 1795 aged 68 Yrs Lord have Mercy on their Souls, Amen Erected by their Son James Doyle.

DOYLE 119.

Here lieth the Body of John Doyle who depd this life Auguft 5th 1787 aged 69 years. Alfo his Wife Mary Doyle depd this life Novr 26th 1787 aged 67 years. And William Holden Senr who died Novr lft 1817 aged 73 years. Also his wife Doretta Holden alias Doyle who depd this life August 20th 1819 aged 72. And his daughter-in-law Judith Holden alias Coalman who died May 27th 1843 aged 48 yrs. Lord have mercy on their souls. Also his son William Holden who departed this life August 14th 1846 aged 54 yrs.

DOYLE 150.

Erected by Joseph Doyle, Coolyhune, in memory of his father John Doyle, who died 7th Sept. 1953, aged 85 yrs. And his mother Bridget Doyle, died 3rd Sept. 1964 aged 85 yrs, S/C: McD.Ross. On whose Souls Sweet Jesus have mercy.

DOYLE 151.

Erecte by Joseph Doyle of Coolahon in memory of his Father John Doyle who depr. this life Apr1 11th 1806 ag'd 74 y'rs Also his Brother James Doyle who dep: this life Feb. 21. 1803 agfd 31 yrs. Alfo his Daughter Rofanna Kehoe alias Doyle depd Septemb 1ft 1821 aged 18 years. Also his wife Elizabeth Doyle who die August 1st 1843 ag'd 82 y'rs. Also his grandson Joseph Doyle who died March 30th 1853 aged 19 yrs. Also his daughter Mary Kavanagh who died Feb'y 13th 1856 ag'd 68 y'rs. May they rest in peace. Amen.

DOYLE 157.

Erected to the memory of Mary Doyle of Coshell who died the 27th February 1880 aged 58 years. May she rest in peace. S/C: Deegan Bagnalstown.

DOYLE 164.

In loving Memory Of William Bill Doyle, Borris, died 11th July 1964 aged 63 yrs. His daughter Mary and Grand-daughter Margaret Who Died in Infancy R.I.P.

DOYLE 178.

In Loving Memory Of Bridget Doyle, Borris, Died 16th Oct 1944 Aged 88 yrs. And her daughter Annie Kelly died 26th Oct 1976 Aged 34 yrs. R.I.P.


Johanna Doyle see Rice No. 3.

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