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Inishmacsaint, assorted Baptisms, Marriages & Deaths 1823-1823 4K Aug 2009 Vynette Sage
Inismasaint Parish Baptisms 1800-1803 12K Aug 2009 Vynette Sage
Inishmacsaint Rectors, Curates, Churchwardens, Clerks sorted by name 32K Aug 2009 Vynette Sage
Inishmacsaint Rectors, Curates, Churchwardens by date 35K Aug 2009 Vynette Sage
Irvinestown Baptisms Methodist Circuit 1829-1913379KApr 2014George Armstrong
Irvinestown Marriages Methodist Circuit 1839-192775KApr 2014George Armstrong
Irvinestown & Pettigoe; Births at Irvinestown & Pettigoe Presbyterian Church
Oct 2011
George Armstrong
Irvinestown Presbyterian Church Marriages 1848-1934
Aug 2011
George Armstrong
Irvinestown; Presbyterian Ministers - 1846-1984 1K Aug 2009 Vynette Sage
Irvinestown; Methodist Ministers  - 1834-1984 1Kk Aug 2009 Vynette Sage
Births & Baptisms Recorded in Killadeas (CoI) 1880-194165KNov 2014George Armstrong
Marriages Recorded in Killadeas (CoI) 1883-193541KNov 2014George Armstrong
Burials Recorded in Killadeas (CoI) 1888-195132KNov 2014George Armstrong
Kilskerry, Co. Tyrone (on border)
Kilskeery (CoI) Baptisms 1767-1872 1973KApr 2014George Armstrong
Kilskeery (CoI) Marriages  1778-1849362KApr 2014George Armstrong
Kilskeery (CoI) Deaths 1796-1897200KApr 2014George Armstrong
Kinawley Parish Registers, 1761-1803 174K Jul 2009 Vynette Sage
Kinawley Parish Registers, GILBRIDE & FEE 1836-1855 18K Aug 2009 Susan Lewandowski
Knockmanoul Methodist Church, Darling Street, Enniskillen, Births, 1823-1932285KMay 2010George Armstrong
Knockmanoul Methodist Church, Darling Street, Enniskillen. Marriages 1864-190690KJun 2010George Armstrong
Lack or Colaghty, Births (CoI) 1835-1899
Apr 2012
George Armstrong
Lack or Colaghty, Marriages (CoI)
Apr 2012
George Armstrong
Lisnaskea Parish Register of Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, Banns in the Parish
50K Sep 2009 Ulsterancestry.com
Lisnaskea, Births & Baptisms recorded Holy Trinity C.of I. 1804-18991342KNov 2014George Armstrong
Marriages recorded in Lisnaskea Holy Trinity C. Of I. 1804-1867186KNov 2014George Armstrong
Lisnaskea Burials - Holy Trinity C. of I. 1804-1889336KOct 2014George Armstrong
Magheracross, Births recorded in Parish Church, 1800-1891 833K Feb 2013 Geroge Armstrong
Magheracross, Marriages recorded in Parish Church, 1800-1838 83K Feb 2013 George Armstrong
Magheracross, Deaths recorded at Parish Church, 1800-1890 307K Feb 2013 George Armstrong
Maguiresbridge CoI Baptisms/Births 1841-1865140Jul 2015George Armstrong
Maguiresbridge CoI Marriages 1842-18827KAug 2015George Armstrong
Maguiresbridge CoI Baptisms/Births 1865-1899163KJul 2015George Armstrong
Maguiresbridge CoI Burials 1842-189598KJul 2015George Armstrong
Maguiresbridge Presbyterian Baptisms/Births 1860-193096KJun 2016George Armstrong
Maguiresbridge Presbyterian Marriages 1845-192056KJul 2016George Armstrong
Maguiresbridge Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Births/Baptisms 1872-1925116KMay 2015George Armstrong
Maguiresbridge Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Marriages 1873-193621KMay 2015George Armstrong
Monea Churchwardens 1661-1900 22K Sep 2009 Vynette Sage
Monea: Churchwardens 1661-1900 - Alphabetically arr. 20K Aug 2009 Vynette Sage
Muckross, St. John's (CoI) Marriages 1869-189920KDec 2014George Armstrong
Muckross, St. John's C.of I. Burials 1892-18994KDec 2014George Armstrong
Newtownbutler Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Births, 1873-1942118Apr 2015George Armstrong
Newtownbutler Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Marriages, 1869-193526KApr 2015George Armstrong
Pettigo Presbyterian Church Marriages 1846-1871
Aug 2011
George Armstrong
Pettigoe also see Irvinestown & Ballyshannon
Rossorry Religious Survey, 1766 6K Aug 2009 Nancy Byng
Rossorry; Religious Survey 1766, Alphabetical 15K Aug 2009 Nancy  Byng
Springfield Methodist Circuit 
Springfield; Births recorded in Springfield Methodist Circuit 1870-1930  78KAug 2017George Armstrong
Springfield; Marriages recorded in Springfield Methodist Circuit 1879-192819KSep 2017George Armstrong
Templecarn Co. Donegal (on border)
Births/Baptisms from Templecarn Parish 704K Feb 2013 Jane Dixon Anderson
Marriages from Templecarn Parish (pdf) 139K Feb 2013 Jane Dixon Anderson
Burials from Templecarn Parish 402 Feb 2013 Jane Dixon Anderson
Tempo (CoI) Births 1836-1874 512K May 2013 George Armstrong
Tempo (CoI) Marriages 1837-1844 14K May 2013 George Armstrong
Tempo (Coi) Burials 1837-1848 49K May 2013 George Armstrong
Trory; Births recorded  in St. Michaels C. of I, 1779 - 1899
Jan 2012
George Armstrong
Trory: Marriages recorded in St. Michaels C. of I. Trory 1779-1846
Mar 2012
George Armstrong
Trory; Deaths recorded at St. Michaels C.of I Trory  1802-1899
Mar 2012
George Armstrong
Tubrid Church, Kesh
Tubrid Church, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh - Births 1M Jul 2010 George Armstrong
Tubrid Church, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh - Confirmations 54K Jun 2010 George Armstrong
Tubrid Church, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh -Marriages 1801-1899 237K Aug 2010 George Armstrong
Tubrid Church, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh - Burials 1836-1899 53K Sep 2010 George Armstrong
Upper Erne
Upper Erne Methodist Circuit (Lisnaskea Methodist) Marriages, 1887-193521KApr 2015George Armstrong
Upper Inismacsaint
Derrygonnelly, Births Recorded in Church Hill Wesleyan Methodist 1877-193098KApr 2017George Armstrong
Derrygonnelly, Marriages Recorded in Church Hill Wesleyan Methodist 1879 - 193413KMay 2017George Armstrong
Upper Inismacsaint Parish Baptism Extracts - 1803-1804 40K Sep 2009 Vynette Sage
Upper Inismacsaint, Parish Extracts, Burials - Derrygonelly Churchyard 1800-1814 18K Sep 2009 Vynette Sage
Assorted family records
Armstrong and McCollom27KJul 2013John Niemann
Enniskillen (CoI) extracts for WILSON & CROZIER - 1726-179410KFeb 2014Ellen Brown
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