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Headstone Inscriptions

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BARRON    33.

Here Lieth The Body of James Barron who died Decr, the 3d 1774 aged 57 yrs. May he Reft in Peace.

BARRON    46.

Here lieth the Body of Margret Barron, alias Keogh who died May 27th 1770 aged 67 yrs. May her Soul Reft in Peace.

BOLGER    131.

Here lieth the Body of Michael Bolger depd May 21ft 1784 aged 24 yrs And Denis Bolger depd Feb 1ft 1786 aged 75 yrs. Req. In Pace.

BREEN     101.

Erected by Patrick Breen in memory of his wife Bridget Breen, Als Ryan who Departed this life December 29th 1799 aged 73 Years also lieth the body of Patrick Breen who Departed this life January the 1st 1802 aged 77 years. Also his son Edwd, Breen who dep August the 9th 1816 aged 50 years. Alfo Edwd Breens daughter Marry who depd Janry 2nd 1819 aged 23 years. Reqt in Pace, Amen.

BRIEN     58.

This stone is Erected by Laurence Brien in memory of his brother Mathew Brien, who depd June the 26th 1798 Aged 24 Yrs. May he Rest in peace, Amen.  This man was killed by rebels at the battle of Kilcummney.


Mary Brown See Byrne No. 120.

BULGER    132.

This headstone has the letters IHS with a cross resting on the letter H. Here lieth the Body of John Bulger, Who died May the 26th 1753 aged 73 years, Also the Body of Rose Bulger Alias Dwyer Who died Janury the 9th 1771 aged 85 Years. Req In Pace Amen.

BULGER    132A.

Here lieth the Body of John Bulger who departed this life Janry the 1st 1779 aged 19 years. The Lord have mercy on his soul.

BUTLER    112.

Erected by William Butler in memory of his Father Walter Butler, who dep this life Jan. 16th 1810 aged 86 years. Also his sister Mary Butler depd this life Feb 12th 1817 aged 32 years. R.I.P.

BYRNE     89.

Under Neath Lieth the Body of Mr Edmond Byrne Junior who departed this Life Decr the 3d 1768 Aged 33 years. Also the Body of Mr Edaond Byrne Spawhill his father who departed this Life June the 16th 1770 Aged 72 years. Requlefcant in Pace.

BYRNE     150

Here lies the Body of Richael Byrne depd this life Octr 2nd 1789 aged 84 yrs. Lord have mercy on his soul.


Erected by Patrick Byrne of Tenecarig, in memory of his son James Byrne depd this life Decr. 24th 1810 aged 30 Yrs. R.I.P.

BYRNE     22

Here lieth the Body of John Byrne who Depart this life Sept 29th 1804 Aged 19 years. Rest in Peace.

BYRNE     120.

Erected by Terrence Byrne of BallinValy in memory of his wife Elizabeth Byrne Als Redmond who depd this life Decr 9th 1798 aged 40 yrs Also his Sister Mary Brown als Byrne who dep June 23rd 1788 aged 39 yrs. R.I.P.

BYRNE     119.

Here lieth the Body of Thos Byrne of BallinValy who depd this life July 15th 1809 Aged 49 yrs. R.I.P.

BYRNE     71.

Here Lyeth the Body of Terrence Byrne, Who Departed this Life the 86th year of his age 1715 & also the body of Patrick Byrne Who depd this life the 14th of March 1719 Also ye body of Laurence Byrne 4th son who departed this life 9th of October 1719. Here lyeth ye body of Catherine Byrne wife to Ptk Byrne alias Fitgerald who depd this life -------- Also the body of ye said Captn Edmond Byrne who dyed the 7th March 1712 in the 81 year of his age. Also the body of Michael Byrne of Ballebrack who departed this life the 9th July 1761 aged 91 years. And also the body of Grace Byrne alias Rowe wife to the said Michl Byrne daughter to Major Michael Rowe of the County of Waterford Who departed this Life 15th of March 1771 aged 84 years Requiefcant in pace.

BYRNE Mary Byrne See Kavanaugh No. 115.

BYRNE     60.

Here lieth the Body of Mr Patrick Byrne of Borris who departed this life Sepr the 18th 1803 Aged 78 years. Alfo the Body of Mrs Catherine Byrne Alias Whelan of Borris his Daughterinlaw who departed this life May the 14th 1801 Aged 27 years. Requiefcant in pace, Amen.

BYRNE     59.

This headstone has the Byrne Coat of Arms.  In Domino in Confido. Captin Edmond Byrne Erected This Chappel & Docter Edmond Byrne Archbishop of Dublin Consacretd ye Same in ye year 1709.

CAIN 37.

Here lies the Bodies of Andrew and Ann Cain who died in the Year 1790. Also Margaret Cain. Reft in Peace.

CLOVEN    165.

Here lieth the Body of Edmond Cloven who died Novr 30th 1769 Aged 53 yrs. May he reft in peace Amen,

COADY     153.

Erected by Patrick Coady, Cournellan, who died in America May 23rd 1922 aged 36 years. In loving memory of his father Patrick Coady who died Jany 11th 1904 aged 77 years. Also his brother James Coady who died Augt 11th 1884 aged 13 years. R.I.P. S/C: Brennan Royal Oak.

COADY - Johanna Coady. See Hynes No. 152.

COADY - Mary Ann Coady. See Hynes No. 152.

CORCORAN - Margaret Corcoran. See Dwyer No. 160.


Erected by Annie Corcoran, Barmona in loving memory of her parents also her brothers Paddy & John Annie Corcoran, In Thy Sacred Heart Dear Jesus May their precious souls find rest. Thy will be Done 0 God of Love. Thow Knowest what is best. S/C: Gargan McDonald, Kilkenny.


Erected by Patrick Corcoran in memory of his son Mathew Corcoran who Departed this life the 12th day of June 1800 Aged 23 Years. Lord Have Mercy on his Soul Amen. Also Mrs Maria Corcoran died 3rd March 1915 aged 50 years. Her husband Michael Corcoran died 11th March 1933 aged 74 years R.I.P.


Erected by Patrick Corcoran of Kilcoltrim in memory of his beloved Father Andrew Corcoran who died 10 May 1841, aged 77 years. Also his mother Judith Corcoran who died 3 Feb. 1851, aged 72 years, and also his son Andrew who died 2 July, 1872, aged 17 yrs, And one of his children who died young. Also his daughter Johanna Lennon who died March 7th 1924, aged 72 years, also his son-in-law James Lennon who died July 20th 1928, aged 84 years, also his grand-son Andrew Lennon who died Oct. 7th 1932, aged 30 years. And Mary Lennon wife of Andrew died Oct. 9th. 1975, aged 85 yrs. "Weep not for me my parents dear, I am not dead but sleeping here, I was not good, but Christ alone. He loved me dear and brought me home." Requieseant In Pace Amen.

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