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DWYER     160.

Erected by John Dwyer of Ballinvalley in memory of his wife Margaret Dwyer alias Corcoran who depd this life Febry 10th 1841 aged 40 years. His grandson Michael Stapleton died 3rd Dec 1911 aged 52 yrs. And his wife Kate (Lennon) died 14th Dec. 1934 aged 75 yrs. Rest in peace.


Michael Fenlon See Doyle No. 7.


Catherine Fenlon See Doyle No. 7.


Catherine Fitzgerald See Byrne No. 71.

FOLEY     52.

Erected by Michael Foley in memory of his fathr Luke Foley who depd this life Septr the 26 1809 aged 60 yrs. Alfo his wife Margaret Foley al's Treacy depd Septr the 25th 1808 aged 60 yrs.


In loving memory of Bridget Gallagher Died 9th May I960. Also her Son Thomas Gallagher Died 19th Sept 1978 R.I.P.

GORE 90.

---------ye body------y Gore------who depd this life Dec1ber ye 7th---aged 48 years.

GORMLEY   159.

Here lieth ye body of ye Revd Father Terence gormley deceased June ye 29th 1758 Aged 51 yrs. R.I.P.


Mary Grandy See Scott No. 14.

HANRICK   129.

Erected by Mary Hanrick of Castlegardin in memory of her father Michael Hanrick and also her mother who dep 1756 R.I. P.


Darby Hanrick See Waters No. 29.

HENASY    100.

Here lieth the body of John Henasy, Who Depd this life May 9th 1787 agd 66 yrs. Also his Son Martin Depd Feby 1786 agd 12 yrs. May they rest in peace Amen.

HENESY    99.

Here lieth the body of Edmund Henesy died Novr 27th 1728, Aged 61. Here lieth the Body Also Elenor his Wife here Also ye Body of Mary Henesy died Feby 12th, 1781, aged, 26 Yrs, may the reft in peace.

HEYERAN   162.

Here lieth the body of Mary Heyeran, who depad this life March the 11th 1771 aged 48 yrs Also her son Dennis Heyeran who depad Augt 3rd 1777 aged 19 yrs. Lord have mercy on their souls Amen.

HOBAN     135

Here lieth the Body of Ricard Hoban, who dep September 17th 1784 Aged 54 yrs Alfo his three children. Lord have mercy on his soul, Amen.

HOLDEN    70.

Here lieth the body of Sarah Holden Who depd this life April the 2nd 1789 Aged 57 yrs. The Lord have mercy on her Soul Amen. Also her son Lawrence Holden who depd this life June th 26th 1798 Aged 29 Yrs. May the Rest In peace Amen.


Here lies y body of Johnny Houlaghan, who died decembr ye 2th 1764 aged 53 years. R.I.P.

HYNES     152.

Erected by the Coady family, Kilcoltrim in Memory of their grandfather, who died 1918. Their Aunt, Mrs Hynes died 1914. Their cousin, Eddie Hynes, died 1935. Their mother, Mary Ann Coady died 10th June 1968, Their Sister Johanna Coady died 31st March 1974. R.I.P. S/C: Gargan McDonald, Kilkenny.

JAMES     54.

Erected by Catherine James in memory of her belovd hufband John James late of Knocksquire who depd this life the 12th of Auguft 1823 aged 56 years. Alfo his father Matthew Janes of Tomduff who depd this life the 1st of March 1796 age 69 yrs. R.I.P.

JOICE     123.

Here lieth the Body of Jams Joice who died Febr 20th 1764 Aged 63. Also Mary his daughter died June 24th 1766, Aged 24, And his son Laurence died Janry the 28th 1775, aged 40. R.I.P.

JOYCE     126.

In loving memory of Henry Joyce, Kilcoltrim died 18th Dec 1930, aged 86 yrs, And his wife Annie died 12th April 1910, aged 46 yrs. Also their daughter Julia Shannon died 29th Aug. 1924. R.I.P.


Elener Katein See Murphy No. 145.


Erected by Charles Kavanagh in memory of his son Michael Kavanagh who depd this life Sept the 4th 1812 aged 26 yrs.  Also Edward Kavanagh who depd this life December 1st I878 aged 81 yrs. May they rest in peace Amen.


Erected by Morgan Kavanaugh in memory of his son Edward Kavanaugh who Departed this life May the 30th 1799 Aged 30 Years. Also the Body of the Above Morgan Kavanaugh who Departed this life ------y the 25th 1800 Aged 72 Years. Also the Bofy of Mary Kavanaugh Als Byrne who depd Decr 14th 1810 Aged 80 yrs, May they rest in Peace Amen.


Joan Keefe See Cudhey No. 75.

KEHOE     79.

Erected by Martin Kehoe Kilcoltrim in loving memory of his father Michael Kehoe who died 16th Feb. 1884 aged 40 yrs. Also his mother Bridget Kehoe who died 21st Feb 1917, aged 79 yrs. Also his brother and two sisters who died young. Also his sisters Bridget Doran alias Kehoe died 10th Nov. 1918, aged 38 yrs, and Margaret Kehoe died 21st April 1936 aged 55 yrs. Also his daughter Gretta died 20th Sept 1928 aged 4 yrs. The above Martin Kehoe died 6th Feb 1949 aged 74 years. Also his wife Hannah Kehoe died 23rd June 1960 aged 76 yrs. His granddaughter Anne Teresa Lawlor who died in infancy 9th March 1964. R.I.P. S/C: Byrne, Bagnalstown.

KEHOE     85.

Erected by Catherine Kehoe, Kilcoltrim in memory of her parents Patrick Kehoe, died Jan. 2nd 1921, aged 75 yrs and Mary Kehoe, Nee Doyle, died 21st 1937, aged 89 yrs. And Her Brother Michael Kehoe died Jan. 13th 1965 aged 81 yrs.  Also Catherine Kehoe Died Jan 29th 1970 aged 84 yrs. And John Kehoe died Jan 29th 1971, aged 85 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Brennan Bagnalstown.


Margaret Keogh See Barren No. 46.


In loving Memory of Joseph Langrell Brook Lodge Died 14th July 1974 aged 77 yrs. R.I.P. Erected by the Flood Family.  S/C: Nolan Ballon.


Anne Theresa Lawlor See Kehoe No. 79.

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