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Here lieth the body of Patrick Corkeran who depd this life August the 13th 1790 aged 24 yrs. May he rest in peace, Amen.

CORRY     102

Elizabeth Corry of Ballinvalley died March 13th 1862 aged 59 years. Peter Doyle Balllnvalley died March 21st 1921. His wife Catherine died March 7th 1905. His children Mary died Dec 31st 1932, Elizabeth died March 13th 1936, James died Jan 16th 1939, Patrick died Feb 30th 1951 aged 71 yrs. R.I.P. Back of headstone: Erected by Elizabeth Curry in memory of her father Patrick Doyle of Barnahaskin died Novr 14th 1819 aged 45. Also his wife Cathne Doyle Died Oct 4th 1853 aged 73.  Also her brother David Doyle Died Septr 29th 1839 aged 25.  And her Brother Edward Doyle died June 29th 1857 aged 73. May they rest in peace.

CUDHEY    75.

Here lyeth ye body of James Cudhey, who depd the 23 of Feb 1710 aged 51 Yrs. Also the body of Joan Cudhey alias Keefe Who departed this life April the 3d 1741 aged 63. Also the body of Johana Cudhey who departed this Life October the 27th 1765 aged 15. Also the body of Patrick Cudhey, Son of James Cudhey of Miltown who departed this life June 13th 1777 aged 63. Also the body of Catherine Cudhey alias Strange, wife of Patrick Cudhey who depd Febry 9th 1790 Aged 70 yrs.  Also the body of John Cudhey his son who depd March the 17th 1791 aged 40 yrs. Also the body of Nicholas Cudihy his son who depd Febry the 28th  1797 Aged 32 yrs. Also Mr Patt Cudihy eldest son to Mr Nicholas Cudihy late of Milltown who departed this life on the 13th day of September 1812 aged 30 years.  Requlefcant in Pace Amen.

CURRIN    141.

Here lieth the body of Martin Currin, who dep this life March 17th 1785 aged 79 Yrs.  Lord have mercy on his soul Amen.

CURRY     82.

Erected by Catherine Curry of RofsDellig in memory of her husband Hennery Curry who depd July 14th 1810 Aged 72 Yrs. May he rest in peace Amen.

DALTON  155.

In loving Memory of Jaws Dalton, Ballirrvalley, died 7th July 1956 aged 61 yrs. Also his Mother Bridget Dalton Died 25th March 1939 aged 80 yrs. R.I.P. Sweet Jesus, Have Mercy. S/C: Nolan, Carlow.

DORAN - Bridget Doran See Kehoe Mo. 79.

DOYLE     92

Here lieth the Body of Patrick Doyle who departed this life Decembr ye 23 1759 aged 70 yrs. Lord have mercy on his soul Amen.

DOYLE  74.

The Body of Ye Reverend Dennys Doyle lieth here,
Who loved his neighbours & his God Did feare,
His glass was out. His Hour was spent,
He died with Grace and offie went.
1733 April 21 & Gegory 21 of Jun,
Both Tossed in one womb & lyes in one Tombe. R.I.P.

DOYLE  157.

In loving memory of John Doyle, Kilcoltrim died Dec 31st 1920 aged 90 years. His grandaughter Elizabeth (Lill) Doyle died Jan 17th 1949 aged 21 years. S/C: Walshe, Carlow.

DOYLE  62.

In loving Memory of Henry Doyle, Kilcoltaim Died 13th Nov. 1933 also his wife Hannah Died 15th Feb I960. Also his son Gerry Died 11th April 1969 and relatives who are interred here. R.I.P. S/C: Nolan Ballon.

DOYLE - Margt Doyle See Moony Mo. 118, and Deavid Doyle see Moony No. 118.

DOYLE     84.

Erected By Joseph Doyle of Ballinvally in memory of his father Silvester Doyle who depd this life May 1st 1801 aged 48 yrs. Also his Brother Michael Doyle who depd July 14th 1801 aged 21 Yrs.

DOYLE     148

Here lieth the Body of Maurice Doyle Who died Septr the 27th 1769 aged 61 years. Also his wife and also the body of Catharine Doyle who departed this life the 21st day of February 1795 aged 20 years. May the rest in peace. Amen.

DOYLE - Elenor Doyle See O'Neale No.  110.

DOYLE     113.

Here lieth •he body of Robert Doyle who dep this life April Ye 30 1784 aged 64 years. Lord have Mercy on his soul.

DOYLE     61.

Erected by Patrick Doyle of Knockru in memory of his fon John Doyle who depd this life December the 20th 1816 aged 16 years. Alfo his daughter Anne Doyle who depd March the 3rd 1821 aged 27 years. Alfo his Daughter Margaret Doyle who depd on the 1st of Sept 1826 aged 22 years. Alfo his wife Elizabeth Doyle who depd Sept 30th 18__ aged 74 yrs, Alfo the above Patrick Doyle who depd Decr 21st 18__ aged 74 years. Alfo his son Patrick Doyle who depd this life November 30th 18__ aged __ yrs. Due to enormous cracks the rest of this stone is illegible.

DOYLE - Edward Doyle see Corry No, 102.

DOYLE     7.

Erected by Patt Fenlon in memory of his mother Elizabeth Doyle who died May 3d 1760 aged 38. Also his dawter Elizabeth who died Sept, 2d '98 aged 22 years. May they rest in peace Amen. Also his fon Michael Fenlon depd this life October 24th 1801 aged 28 years. Alfo Catherine Fenlon depd March 3d 1802 aged 50 years. R.I.P.

DOYLE - David Doyle See Corry No. 102.

DOYLE     48.

Here lieth the Body of Darby Doyle, who depd this life the 29th day of April, 1769 aged 57 yrs. Also His wife Judit Doyle als Shaughenfh who depd this life the __ day of May 1807 aged 63 yrs. Also their son Richard Doyle who depd this life January 1812 aged 35 yrs. Requiescant in Pace Amen.

DOYLE - Cathne Doyle See Corry No. 102.

DOYLE - Patrick Doyle See Corry No. 102.

DOYLE - Peter Doyle See Corry No. 102.

DOYLE - Mary Doyle see Kehoe No. 85.

DOYLE     47.

Of your charity Pray for the soul of Michael Doyle, of Kyle who died February 13th 1862 aged 45 years. Also his wife Mary Doyle als Murphy who died April 16th 1902 aged 80 yrs. Erected by his son Patrick Doyle. NEW ZEALAND. S/C: Morgan Kiltealy. R.I.P.


Ellen Dunne See Mahoney No. 133.


Rose Dwyer See Bulger No. 132,

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