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Headstone Inscriptions

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O'BRIEN   53.

Here lies the Body of John O'Brien who decd May ye 7th 1768 aged 50 yrs. Lord have Mercy on his Soul.

O'NEALE   110.

Erected by James O'Neale of Lisalican in memory of his son John O'Neale who depd this life Janury the 2th 1809 aged 25 yrs. May he reft in peace. Alfo his wife Elenor O'Neill als Doyle who depd this life April the 12th 1821 ag'd 68 yrs. R.I.P.


Bridget O'Neill See Murphy No. 42.


Elizabeth Redmond See Byrne No. 120.


Grace Rowe See Byrne No. 71.

RUCELL    91.

Here lieth the Body of Richrd Rucell who departed this life the 19th of October 1783 in the 5th year of his age. Rest in Peace Amen.


Bridget Ryan See Breen No. 101.

SCOTT     13.

Here lies the Body of Joseph Scott Who Died April ye 6th 1791 aged 86 yrs. R.I.P.


Elizabeth Scott See Stones No. 12.

SCOTT     14.

Here lies the Body of Mary Scott alias Grandy who Depart this life July the 19th 1791 aged 52 yrs. Also the body of Jane Scott, Eliezabeth Stones alias Scott and Patrick Scott. R.I.P.


Here lieth the Body of Robert Sennet Who Departed this life dec the 1d 1793 aged 87 yrs. Here alfo lieth the Body of his grandfon Robert Sennet who deperted this life October the 29th 1797 aged 6 Yrs.


Julia Shannon See Joyce No. 126.


Judit Shaughenfh See Doyle No. 48.


Erected by John Sinnott of Kiledmond in memory of his beloved Father John Sinnott, Lieu of Mount Leinster Infantry who depd this life Jan'ry 7th 1828 aged 76 yrs. Alfo his Brother and Sister and Grandfather and Grandmother and uncle Nicholas Sinnott. They were all sorely lamented by their friends and neighbours. May they reft in Peace Amen.


Michael Stapleton see Dwyer No. 160.


Here lies the body of John Stokes of Borris who depd this life May the 4th 1830 aged 73 years.

STONES    12

Erected by Lieut John Stones in Memory of his father the Late Lieut Thomas Stones Who was Killd by the Rebels on the 26th day of June 1798 Agd 75 Years. Also Elizabeth Stones otherwise Scott his wife. She departed this life December the 6th 1775 aged 47 Years. May they in Peace Amen.


Elizabeth Stones See Scott No. 14.


Catherine Strange See Cudhey No. 75.


Patrick Tallon See Welshe No. 144.


Annie Tierney See Mahoney No. 133.


Margaret Treacy See Foley No. 52.


Mary Walfh See McCabe No. 121.

WARREN    72.

Underneath this stone doth lie, As much vertue as could die, Which when alive did Vigour give, To as much beauty as could live, Her age was four years ould, & Died last Michaelmas Day, 1742. Name Ann Warren.

WATERS    29.

Erected by Mary Hanrick in memory of her Father James Waters, depd this life Novr 17th 1758 aged 61 years. Alfo her hufband Darby Hanrick depd this life Feb 6th 1789 aged 78 years. Requiefeant in pace Amen.

WELSHE    144,

Erected by Andrew Welshe in memory of his son Thomas who depd this life June th 26th 1798 Aged 22 yrs. May he rest in peace. Also Patrick Tallon Grandson to the above who depd this life May 1st 1843 aged 22 years. R.I.P.

WHELAN    17.

Here lieth the Body of Catherine Whelan who departed this life Decr the 28th 1800 aged 16 years. Lord have mercy on her soul.


Catherine Whelan See Byrne No. 60.

End of Kiltennel Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions.

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