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Date Contributor
aghabog.html Aghabog Parish Church Jan 2011 David Hall
drumkeen.html Aghadrumkeen, Drumkeen Presbyterian Church Feb 2014 David Hall
annyalla.html Annyalla, St. Michael's (R.C.)
Jun 2008 Mary McNally
aughnamullen.htm Aughnamullen (CoI) Cemetery Feb 2018 David Hall
tydavnet.html Ballinode, St. Dympna's CoI Graveyard, Bellinode
Apr 2012* Jack Storey & David Hall
ballalbany.html Ballyalbany Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Part 1 Sep 2011 Jack Storey & Dave Hall
christchurch.html Ballybay, Christ Church (CoI) Dec 2010 David Hall
ballybay-1presby.html Ballybay, 1st Presbyterian  *Nov 2011 David Hall
ballybay-2presby.html Ballybay, 2nd Presbyterian Oct 2011* David Hall & Jack Storey
braddox.html  Braddox Presbyterian Graveyard, Clontibret Jun 2010 Jack Storey
cahans.html Cahans Presbyterian Church Cemetery Feb 2014* David Hall,  Jan Grant & Margaret Moore
carrickatee.html Carrickatee, St. Mary's (R.C.) Church Cemetery Feb 2014 Michael Carragher
carrickmaclim.htm Carrickmaclim Cemetery Mar 2016 David Hall
carrickmacross.html Carrickmacross, St. Joseph Catholic Church Cemetery, Carrickmacross, Jan 2011 Anita Roberts
clogh.html Clogh (CoI) Parish Cemetery, border of Fermanagh & Monaghan Mar 2014 John Gardiner
clones.htm Clones Church (CoI) Cemetery (New) Oct 2018 CJ & David Hall
st-colmans.html Clontibret, St. Colmans (CoI)
Sep 2011* Jack Storey & Dave Hall
clontibret.html Clontibret, St. Mary's (partial) Jun 2008 Mary McNally
clontibret-presby.html Clontibret, 1st Presbyterian (Legnacreeve) joined w Braddox Presby
Jun 2011 Jack Storey
coolshannagh1.html Coolshannagh Graveyard Part 1
Feb 2012 Jack Storey
coolshannagh2.html Coolshannagh Graveyard Part 2 Feb 2012 Jack Storey
corlea-presby.htm Corlea Presbyterian Cemetery Nov 2017 David Hall
corvally-presby.html Corvally Presbyterian Church Cemetery Feb 2014 Margaret Moore
ematris.html Dartrey, St. John the Evangelist (Ematris Par.) Apr 2012 Dave Hall, Jack Storey, Bertie Mills
donagh-old.html Donagh Old Cemetery Jun 2008 Jack Storey
st-salvatores.html Donagh, Saint Salvatore's
Apr 2011 Jack Storey & David Hall
old-donaghmoyne.html Donaghmoyne - Old Donaghmoyne Cemetery Jun 2008 Pat Traynor & Pat McDonell
doohamlet.html Doohamlet Cemetery (partial) Jun 2008 Mary McNally
drum-coi.html Drum Church of Ireland Cemetery (partial) May 2015 David Hall & Robert Armstrong
drum.html Drum Presbyterian Church (partial) May 2011 David Hall
drummully.htm Drummully St. Mary's Church (CoI) near Clones Jul 2020* Dave Hall & CJ
drumsnat.html Drumsnat (CoI) Graveyard Mar 2010 Jack Storey
drumswords.html Drumswords (CoI) Cemetery Oct 2013 Bertie Mills
edenmore.html Edenmore Cemetery, Tempo Dec 2014 Sean Roche
errigal-truagh.html Emyvale, St. Muadain's CoI Graveyard (Errigal Truagh Par.)
May 2010 David Hall & Jack Storey
glennan-presby.htm Glennan Presbyterian Church Cemetery Mar 2011 Jack Storey & David Hall
inniskeen.html Inniskeen (R.C.) Cemetery Jun 2008 Mary McNally
kileevan.html Killeevan, St. Laebhan's CoI Graveyard Apr 2009 David Hall
st-livinus.html Killeevan, St. Livinus Catholic Cemetery (partial)
Jun 2008 Nancy Urban
st-lukes-killeevan.html Shanco, St. Luke's (Church of Ireland) Cemetery Apr 2012 David Hall
kilmore.html Kilmore Church of Ireland Cemetery Aug 2011 Jack Storey
sts-peter-paul.html Knocknacran East, Saints Peter and Paul Church Jun 2008 Joe Owens
latlurcan.html Latlurcan Cemetery Apr 2013 Mary McNally & Timothy Scanlan
first-presby.htm Monaghan Town, First Presbyterian Graveyard Sep 2012 Jack Storey
st-patrick's-plaques.html Monaghan, St. Patrick's Plaques
Oct 2010 Jack Storey & David Hall
st-james-coi-rockcorry.html Rockcorry, St. James (CoI) Graveyard
Oct 2013 Bertie Mills
ematris.html Rockcorry, Ematris Parish (CoI) (St. John the Evangelist) Oct 2012 Jack Storey, David Hall & Bertie Mills
ardragh.htm Shanco, St. Patrick's (CoI) Cemetery
Mar 2016 David Hall
smithborough.html Smithborough Presbyterian Cemetery Aug 2011 Jack Storey & Dave Hall
stonebridge.html Stonebridge Presbyterian Cemetery Aug 2011 David Hall
new-tydavnet.html Tydavnet New Cemetery - Map of Graves Sep 2010 David Hall
old-tydavnet.html Tydavnet Old Cemetery - Map of Graves Jul 2010 Jack Storey
tyholland.htm Tyholland, St. Sillian's (CoI) Dec 2010* Jack Storey & Dave Hall
Single Headstones
anderson-corbyfin.html Anderson of Corbyfin Oct 2011 David Hall & Jack Storey
Martin, Ann & Donohue, Bridget St. Lukes RC Cem, Bergin, NJ Apr 2015 L. Haren
McKean, Barney St. Lukes RC Cem. Bergin, NJ Mar 2016 L. Haren

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