Stonebridge Cemetery, County Monaghan, Ireland 
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File contributed by: David Hall
Transcribed by Joe Quinn

*Irish Dates are Day Mo Year

Stonebridge Church

MACKAREL| In Loving Memory of | WILLIAM, died 3rd July 
1948 aged 82 years. | his wives | ISABELLA, died 16th Dec. 
1904 aged 30 years| interred at Aughnamullen.|and SARAH, 
died 22nd June 1961 aged 87 years.| WILLIAM, died 13 Oct. 
1973 aged 74 years.| his wife ADA,died 19th Aug 1992 aged 97 
years.| their daughter| MARGARET CROOKS, died 14th Nov.1971 
aged 39 years| interred at Roselawn.| GERALDINE MACKAREL, 
died 15th July 1961 aged 7 mths.| ANDREW, died 5th Dec. 1977 
aged 77 yrs.| his wife| MARGARET, died 7th June 1988 aged 79 

In Loving Memory of| GEORGE NORRIS, Gransha| died 21st 
January 1931 aged 73 years.| his wife MARTHA| died 22nd June 
1944 aged 75 years.| their son DAVID GEORGE| died 27th 
November 1969 aged 68 years.| and his wife MARY JANE| died 
18th June 1979 aged 71 years.| and their son DAVID| died 
10th May 1990 aged 50 years.| NORRIS|

In Loving Memory| of| JOHN BARBOUR, Stonebridge| died 26 
April 1950| his wife SARAH ANN, died 11th August 1938.| 
their daughter EILEEN ELIZABETH JOHNSTON| (loving mother of 
OLIVE and WILLIAM)| died 11th January 1943.| and their sons| 
WILLIAM GEORGE, died 14th September 1977.| CECIL, died 6th 
November 1985.| and ADAM ALEXANDER, died 30th May 1993.|

Erected| by| SAMUEL A. BOYD| in loving memory of| his 
father| SAMUEL BOYD| of Billery,| who died 7th May 1920.| 
also his mother| ANNE BOYD| died 28th August 1923| their son 
SAMUEL,| died 6th July 1960.| his wife BARBRA BOYD| died 
15th January 1993.|

In| loving memory| of| JOHN UREY, of Annamartin,| who 
died 11th January 1930.| also his mother and father SABELLA 
and JOHN UREY| his daughter VIOLET E J.| died 24th Feb. 
1937, aged 5 years.|


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