Cork xmiscellaneous Records

File Description Size Date Contributor
From the Corporation Book of Youghal - Wills UNAK, GEORGE, GERALD - 1577-1618 3KSep 2009Mary Heaphy
Cork Surnames found in Ireland 1100 thru 16002K Sep 2007  Don Kelly                
A petition from the Protestants Tradesman of the Town, 1610 & 1640. (Youghal) 3KApr 2009Mary Heaphy
Debtors in Cork City Marshalsea & County Gaol. 1730-17302kMar 2010C. Hunt
Deputy Keeper - Proclamations (Cork) 1661-18275KJun 2012C. Hunt
Persons Transported for Crime 1773-1806 9K Jan 2009 J. Crawford
Persons Executed for Crime 1767-1806 7K Jan 2009 J. Crawford
Members of the Dunhallow Hunt - 18014KApr 2009M. Heaphy

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