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(1). 27th Feb. 1577.

James Unak, of Youghall, makes his last will. He commends 
his soul to his Creator and Redeemer, his body to be buried 
with his father in the burial of his ancestors.

He bequeaths to Roger Skiddie, wardine, in recompense of 
such duties as he neglected to pay. 2/-.

To the Parish Priest-2/.

To his son John Unak, this parcel following--A nott of 
silver double gilt, being at Piers Forest, and a piece of 
silver, and his ring of gold, also a pair of iron handers, 
as many of the same parcels left to his son, as are laid out 
in pledges to be redeemed to his executors. All the rest of 
his goods he leaves to his wife and his daughters between 
them, thone moitie to his wife and thither to his two 
daughters betwine them equally. He makes his wife and 
daughters executors, and bequeaths to his brother Edmond his 
gown of English cloth, and appoints the Senshiall and his 
unkle, Piers Forest, tutors of his son and children, to see 
their things bestowed be thadvise of his cozen Gerald Fitz 

Proved at Corke, 23rd June 1578.

(2). 1st June 1644.

Be it known, that I, Ann George of Y. widdow, by the last 
will of David George, dec., have assigned for ever unto my 
son Robert George and Ann George, all my right I have in the 
dwelling house I now live in, with all the pewter, brass, 
bedding, sheets, and all household goods, and one 
Brewing-Pan, with ten pounds sterling apiece that their 
father left them, which house, household goods, etc., is to 
be equally divided between my said son Robert and daughter 
Ann. In witness whereof I Ann George have put my hand and 
seal, 1st June 1644.

Signed in the presence of Daniel Collins.

Ann George (Her Mark).

(3). 25th April 1618.

Edmond Oge Gerald, of Culogorie, Co. Cork, made his last 
will. He commends his soul to Almight God, to the Most 
Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Michael the Archangel, to his 
holy patrons St. Collman, St. Francis, his body to be buried 
in the Cathedral Church, of St. Collman, Cloyne. He 
constitutes his son James his heir and executor, and 
bequeaths to his grand-daughter Onorie fz Richard Gerald, 
three young cows that shall goe to be bulled next summer, 
and three capells of two years old, and three other cows and 
gerans of like sorte, to his other grand-daughter, Elline 

Dated at Culogorie, Edmond Oge Gerald.

Present-Edmond fz James Gerald, John White+his marke, Edmond