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A List of people who had committed crimes in Co. Cork, been 
tried at Cork and were transported. They were not 
necessarily from Cork.

John Bell House robbery
Silvester Driscoll Sheep-stealing

Patrick Fitzgibbon Sheep-stealing
John Desmond House robbery
Patrick Henly or Hanley Burglary & Felony
Michael Cohane Cow-stealing
James Kidney Sheep-stealing
Daniel Badee Burglary & Felony

Martin Doyle House robbery
John Mahony House robbery
Jeremiah McCarthy Pig-stealing
Edmond Scanlon Burglary & Felony
Darby Buckley House robbery
Andrew Creagh (Crowe) Horse-stealing
John McAuliff Picking pockets

Denis Donahy Vagabond
William Fox Vagabond

Matthew McCoy Cow-stealing
Edmond Kenneally Sheep-stealing
Darby Collins Burglary & Felony

Andrew Brusnahan Sheep-stealing
Phillip Roche Horse-stealing

Mary Duane Grand Larceny
Thomas Mahony Burglary & Felony

James Justice Highway Robbery
John Lees Highway Robbery
Denis Corcoran Cow-stealing

Catherine Donoghue Murder of James Guiran
John Shea Burglary & Felony
Owen Connor Burglary & Felony
Marks Cornby Felony under Chalking Act

James Kingston Sheep-stealing
James Walsh Horse-stealing

1784 - None

Patrick Ready House robbery
Mary Archdeacon House robbery
Margaret Leary House robbery
William Quinlan Sheep-stealing
David Croneen Cow-stealing
John Burke Horse-stealing
Timothy Tuohig (Tuohy) Cow-stealing

John Edmonds Horse-stealing
Edmond Sweeney House robbery
Denis Sullivan Horse-stealing
Dennis Duane House robbery
John Dealy House robbery

Michael Lynch Burglary & Felony
John Haggerty House robbery
John Leary House robbery
James McNelly Picking pockets
Capt. Henry Sidley Administering Oaths
Michael Cooly Felony under White-Boy Act
John Shepherd als. Barry Horse-stealing
Michael Riordan Burglary & Felony
John Lean Murder of Joanna Crowley

John Lyne Burglary & Felony
Cornelius Cullinane Burglary & Felony
Dennis Cullinane Burglary & Felony
Ellen Bourke House robbery
John Woodhouse House robbery
Timothy Martin House robbery
Mary Ahern Stealing wearing apparel
Daniel Bryan als. Ryan Horse-stealing

Denis O'Brien Cow-stealing
Charles Carthy Cow-stealing
Thomas Tobin Kidnapping Mary Vale
John Hallihan (Houlihan?/Hallinan?) Cow-stealing

Denis Driscoll Robbing a bleach green
Samuel Kingston Sheep-stealing
Michael Lynch Burglary & Felony

Mary Bergin orse. Armstrong Picking pockets
Michael Kenny House robbery
John Scott Burglary & Felony
John Spears House robbery
Mary Ahern House robbery
Cornelius Ryan Perjury
Daniel Collins als. Crowe Burglary & Felony
Catherine Condon House robbery
Denis Crowley Sheep-stealing

Patrick Sullivan House robbery
George Boyd Picking pockets

Thomas Fitzgerald Administering Oaths
Denis Guiry Administering Oaths
Laurence Daly Pig-stealing
Bartholomew Donovan Sheep-stealing
Darby Cohane Sheep-stealing
Timothy Buckley Sheep-stealing
William Sexton als. Trasnane? Horse-stealing

John Stack Cow-stealing
Daniel Mahony Cow-stealing
Francis Deane Coining
John Brien Administering Oaths
William Savage Sheep-stealing
John Griffin House robbery
Denis Sullivan Administering Oaths
John Kelleher Administering Oaths
William Neale Cow-stealing
John Enraghty Administering Oaths
William McGrath Administering Oaths
Denis McCarthy Bigamy
John Downing Perjury
Terence Sweeney Cow-stealing
Humphrey Moore Highway Robbery
Edward Smith Highway Robbery
James Smith Highway Robbery
Michael Conway Burglary & Felony

John Bennett Plundering a vessel
Thomas Hayes House robbery
John Eagar Administering Oaths
William Clarke House robbery
Darby Connor Murder of Cornelius Coakly
Julian Connor House robbery

1796- None

Mary Donoghue Stealing Frize
John McCann Cow-stealing
Qilliam Ryves Cow-stealing
John Cronin Burglary & Felony

Roger Brien House robbery
John Houlihan House robbery
Michael Fitzgerald Administering Oaths
Jeremiah Connor Taking an unlawful oath
Henry Forbes Perjury
William Haly Administering Oaths
Denis Sullivan Administering Oaths
David Keefe Administering Oaths
Francis Fowlue (Fowler? Foley?) Administering Oaths
William Joyce Administering Oaths
George Walsh Administering Oaths
William Fowlue Administering Oaths
William Joyce (another?) Administering Oaths
Timothy Cavanagh Felony under Chalking Act
Jeremiah Tehane Burglary & Felony
Cornelius Sullivan Administering Oaths
John Shea Administering Oaths
Edmond Brooks Administering Oaths
John Brooks Administering Oaths
Daniel McGrath Sullivan Administering Oaths
Denis McGrath Fitzgerald Administering Oaths
Cornelius Keath Sullivan Administering Oaths
Michael Connors Felony under White-Boy Act
John Brusnahan Felony under White-Boy Act
Patrick Dooling Felony under White-Boy Act
James Curtin Felony under White-Boy Act
Patrick Keefe Felony under White-Boy Act
David Gibbon Felony under White-Boy Act
Edmund Russell Felony under White-Boy Act
John Desmond Felony under White-Boy Act
William Desmond Administering Oaths
Darby Sullivan Felony under White-Boy Act
Anthony Clartke Picking pockets
Ellen Whelan Picking pockets
Florence Driscoll (or 1799) Forging notes

John Lenihan Forging notes
Michael Roche Forging notes
Honora Fitzgerald Grand Larceny
John Walsh Sheep-stealing
John Kennedy Horse-stealing
James Carthy Perjury
Cornelius O'Leary Horse-stealing
Mary Connelly Stealing wearing apparel

James Murphy Sheep-stealing
Thomas Coffey Forgery
Daniel Sheehan Burglary & Felony
Daniel Deashy (Disney?) Burglary & Felony
William Driscoll Perjury
Bartholomew Sullivan Horse-stealing

Denis Desmond Cow-stealing
Daniel Riordan Cow-stealing
Daniel McCarthy Cow-stealing
Darby Cronikane (Corcoran?) Burglary & Felony
Patrick Cullinane Forged notes
James Barry Burglary & Felony
John Mynehane (Monahan?) Receiving stolen goods
James Grace Perjury
James Carthy Grand Larceny
Maurice Brien Grand Larceny
John Fowlue Conspiracy to murder John Courtney, Esq.
William Haggerty Burglary & Felony
Daniel Carthy als Rock (Roche?) Highway Robbery

William Mahoney als. Hallefsg (Hallissy) Forged notes

Thomas Shananan (Shanahan) Highway Robbery
Patrick Donovan Burglary & Felony
Thomas Murphy Burglary & Felony
John Murphy Burglary & Felony
Denis Lordan Burglary & Felony
John de Courcy Burglary & Felony
Thomas Sullivan Highway Robbery
Timothy Sullivan Highway Robbery

Bartholomew Donovan Burglary & Felony
James Lyne Sheep-stealing
Richard Stanton Horse-stealing
Denia Leary House robbery
Darby Donovan Conspiracy to murder John Courtney, Esq.
James Browne Cow-stealing
Adam Hamilton Grand Larceny
Timothy Hurley Burglary & Felony
John McCarthy House robbery
Daniel Twohig (Tuohy) Perjury

Edmund Hickson Robbing a bleach green

Jeremiah Callaghan Cow-stealing
John Russell Pig-stealing
William Gully House robbery
Patrick Cadigan Burglary & Felony
Denis Shea Stealing flour
John Sullivan Cow-stealing

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A View of the Natural, Political, and Commercial 
Circumstances of Ireland by Thomas Newenham, 1809