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28th August 1764.

To the Worshipfull the Mayor, etc.

The petition of the Protestant tradesmen.

Showt that they are very apprehensive that many branches of 
their several trades are already engrossed by Papists, and 
the trade of the town will centre with them.

A motion being made and the question put, whether all 
Papists who were admitted to their freedoms of Trade of this 
Town shoud be disfranchised. It is agreed that Sam. Roberts, 
James Power, Richard Uniack and John Everard, all papists, 
who were admitted to their freedoms of Trade contrary to a 
Bye-Law made in C.H. 27th Feb. 1743, be disfranchised and 
incapable of enjoying the benefit of their freedoms.

18th Jan. 1610.

The names of the shoemakers and Broguemakers that have 
transgressed the statues of this Town:--

John Fynne, the porter.
David Roche.
James Hopkines.
Thomas Young.
Teig Dwyne,
James Traunt.
John Dwyne.
Morris Dwyne.
John Annyas.
Richard Henybry.
Conogher the drummer,
John McAwly.
William Mernyne.
Alexander Creagh, the shoemaker in John Galwaie's shop.

5th October 1640.

It is agreed that there shall be a certain number of Porters 
for lading, and landing goods upon the Key, and a docket of 
fees to be drawn what they shall have for their pains, they 
only to work and keep the Key clean.

Freemen sworn:---Ensign Wadham Buller, Michael Boyle, Dean 
of Cloine, John Fuller, John Merrick, Thomas Beard.

Sargents Sworn:---Theobald Bluett, Patrick Rawley, James 

Porters Sworn:--Maurice Fitzgerald. Thomas Bluett, Owen 

Constables Sworn:-Rob. Bateman, Henry Parsons, Corn Mlawny, 
Edmund McShebie, Phillip McThomas. Geordg Myagh, Rich 

(Spellings as in Book.).

Names of inhabitants as are admitted and sworn in the time 
of William Bluett, Mayor, 1624.

Gilbert Stone,
James Benet, Carpenter.
James Brenaghe, Shoemaker.
Luke Adyn, Weaver.
Will Grenlye, a seafaring man.
Dan Quieve, yeoman.
Richard Monfild, Butcher.
Thomas Ward, Brazer.
Thomas Wakelie, Drawer.
John Kerlie, Barber.
John Hearn.
Jonas Wright.
John Bishop, Glasier.
Donoughe McMeynys, Butcher.
John Baelye, Gent.
Robert Bell, Gent.
Will Wright, Taylor.
John Philmor, Fisherman.
John Waker, Fisherman.
Tho. Davies, Blacksmith.
Henry Rytt, Labourer.
Henry Falknor, Bottleman.
John Gwin, Cooper.
John Ronayne, Shipwright.
Will. Nettles, Butcher.
Tom. Cloe, Smith.
Wm. Mervyn, Taylor.
Rob. Maners, Cowryer.

The Council Book of the Corporation of Youghal.