Records of Four Tipperary Septs


Dr. Martin Callanan L.R.C.P. & S.I

Published 1938

The Cromwellian Regime

The war having been brought to a close in1652 the Cromwellian government prepared a vast scheme of confiscation of the lands held by Irish and Anglo-Irish at the outbreak of the insurrection of 1641 and with this object in view appointed an Englishman, Dr. William Petty to undertake what is known as the Civil Survey, in 1654. The Survey records the names of the proprietors in 1640,the denomination of the lands, number of acres profitable and unprofitable, boundaries of parishes and townlands, and the titles of the proprietors. The Down Survey which was a corollary of the Civil Survey consisted of parish and barony maps, while the Book of Distribution presented a summary of the Civil Survey records with the addition of the names of the grantees to whom the confiscated lands were allotted.

In the meantime an order was issued that all proprietors of lands above £10 in valuation, those who had taken up arms, or had not manifested a constant good affection towards the Commonwealth or had been resident in Irish quarters were to transplant across the Shannon to Clare and Connaught before the 1st of May 1656, on pain of death.

Table 1. O'Kennedy (O'Cinneidigh) Lords of Ormond

Table 1a. O'Kennedy, transplanted.

Table 2. O'Mulryan (Ryan) of Owney and Owneybeg

Table 2a. O'Mulryan , transplanted

Table 3. O'Dwyer (O'Duibhir) of Kilnamanagh

Table 4a. O'Meagher, transplanted

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