Records of Four Tipperary Septs


Dr. Martin Callanan L.R.C.P. & S.I

Published 1938

O’Dwyer (O’Duibhir) of Kilnamanagh
Down Survey and Book of Distribution Kilnemanagh Barony
Proprietors 1641ParishDenominationsAcresGrantees
Anthony Dwyer of ClonhoorpaCastletowneBallynakilly336Randal Clayton
Antony Dwyer of Clogherpa Teige Dwyer of Gortivally and divers othersToomeOld Castle pt of Ballykilly Moher pt of549Randal Clayton
Anthony DwyerToome2 parcells of glebe land common to Ballynakilly In Ballynakilly called Drombrack284Randal Clayton
Edmund Dwyer of Clashageragh Phillip Dwyer of Dondroma,IP Anthony Dwyer of Clonhorpa Rich Dwyer of DondromAghroweClashageragh Rostra Shanaknock Agherue Knockantiburne als Bunnerea Pt of Knockantiburne32 114 212 29 136 115Arthur Purephoy Bishop's land John Ottway
Darby Dwyer of Dondrome Teige Dwyer of AnelaneDonnaghillGortnadrum Pt of Bellenakelsy Gortnagraggy Pt of Cappagh Tighnahow Part of same Lackenleagh Crossall Karrowkeele168 492 64 264 70 416Randall Clayton Arthur Purephoy R Clayton Robt Maude
Phillip Dwyer of Dondroma Esq. and divers othersDonnaghillBallysida Knockgorman Karroweighterragh Allmuckduiffe Lackenanryne Pt of Ballysinode510 182 31 63Arthur Purephoy Robt Maude Arthur Purephoy
Phillip Dwyer of DundromaKillpatrickPt of Ballysinode1297Robt. Maude
Phillip Dwyer of Dundroma Thomas Dwyer of GurteeneohyBallintampleGarryduffe Lassana Lismagillreagh and Brittas785Robt. Maude
Phillip McOwen of Gortassa Anthony Mc Wm Dwyer of ye same IPBallintampleGortassa Ballintample Lissinekillreagh695Robt. Maude
Edmund Dwyer of Moorestowne Thomas Dwyer of BallyvillodyBallintampleDoorthy and Ballyvillody539Robt. Maude
Edmund DwyerOughterleaghMoorestowne145Shilbourne's children R. Clayton
Charles DwyerOughterleaghCullenure321Mary Cotton Shillbourne's children
Edmund Mc Phillip Dwyer of Lisnamoe Wm. Mc John Dwyer of Clonekilly Anthony Dwyer of ClonahorpaOughterleaghClonakelly Lisnamoe Killsenan Ballegarrane Killmore379 400 195 410Ric. le Hunt Shillbourne's children Joshua Allen R. le Hunt
John and Phillip Dwyer of Dundrum Donogh Mc Rd. Dwyer of Kildomine Ed. Mc Phill of Lisnamoe Ed. Mc Shane Dwyer of CappaghroeClonoltyClonebonane Cappaghmorragh and Garry Clone, Pt of Thory and Glanahaheine140 311 60 164Rd.le Hunt Mary Cotton Robt. Maude
Conor Dwyer of Curraghcowslane Darby Mc Gillernife Dwyer Wm Dwyer of Corbally Teige Mc Thos. Dwyer of Droome Crowne landClonoltyPt of Thory containing several denominations indistinguishable Clonulty1469 569Shilbourne's children Mary Cotton
Anthony Dwyer of ClonhorpaCloghurClonehorpa Carrewgare Garranmore East Corbally452Barth ffoulkes Mary Cotton
Anthony DwyerCloghurMilltowne Clogher Carrigione Pt of Clanyrosse188 270 258
Wm Dwyer of Derrymore Connor Dwyer of BellaghCloghurDerrymore186
John Dwyer of GortnaskeghyCloghurWest Corbally Gortnaskeghy Pt of Bellanahamore177 188Robt. Maude John Donaldson
John Dwyer of Clonelly af,sd,prop,tr except 1/2 part belonging to Anthony DwyerCloghurPoulvarlo Fanna268 181Barth. Ffoulkes Phillip Percevall
Phillip and Charles Dwyer of Laffany Anthony DwyerCloghurClunboule390Mary Cotton
John Dwyer of Torryhine Thomas Dwyer of BallyvillodCloghurTorryhine557John Donaldson
Anthony Dwyer of ClonyhorpaHoltycrossRathkenane398Barth. Ffoulkes
Anthony Dwyer IPMealiffe and TempleoutraghPt of Shevery and Curraghduffe Gattaghstowne154 121 128Rd. le Hunt Jas. Donaldson D. of Ormond