Protestant Marriages Tipperary Town

Registrar District 1845-1863
Contributed by Timothy Boderck

The civil registration entries are handwritten. The quality varies enormously. They were written by different clergy in different parishes at different times. Some are beautifully written and perfectly legible. Others are very faint seemingly random scrawl and are only semi or indecipherable. Consequently if the name you are looking for is similar, it may be one of your own, especially in Templemore. The manner in which the names are spelled below is no guarantee as to the way they are currently spelled or, indeed, the way they were "correctly" spelled then.  (The source is LDS film of the civil registration entries)

Line one is Date. Place. Whether married by banns or license.
Line two is groom, occupation, residence, father of groom. His occupation.
Line three is bride, occupation, residence, father of bride, his occupation.
The x after the name means that they signed their name with an x and were presumably illiterate.


1. Dec. 4 Templeniery lic.
John Moore Mulcahy Barrister Edward Mulcahy Esq.
Margaret Mary Ashe Henry Ashe Esq.

2. April 23 Clonbeg
David O'Kelly Solicitor David O'Kelly Gentleman
Jopy Givens Mathew Givens Gentleman

3. March 17 Tipperary banns
John Beeson Soldier John Beeson Labourer
Mary Cahill Thomas Cahill Shoemaker

4. June 9 Tipperary banns
James Mahony 32 Servant Michael Mahony Tailor
Margaret McBernie 26 Servant James McBernie Farmer

5. June 30 Tipperary banns
George Leake Eames 25 x Soldier 79th William Eames Labourer
Mary Jane Thompson 21

6. July 13 Tipperary banns
Samuel Esacke 26 Private Thomas Esacke Engineer
Julianna Quirke 25 James Quirke Farmer

7. July 22 Tipperary banns
Richard Dibdins Soldier 24th Joseph Dibdins Soldier
Margaret Kenny x Andrew Kenny Servant

8. July 14 Cullen banns
James Fitzgerald 22 x Labourer William Fitzgerald Labourer
Mary Rogers 25 x William Ryan Tailor

9. June 11 Doon lic.
John Fahir Schoolmaster James Fahir Farmer
Rosanna McCabe James McCabe Mason

10. July 13 Emly lic.
Alexander Fullerton Parish Clerk Robert Fullerton Farmer
Jane Corbett Andrew Corbett Parish Clerk

11. Dec. 18 Tipperary
Louis Gubbins G'man Joseph Gubbins G'man
Jane Clarke Lady Marshall Clarke Clergyman


1. April 16 Templeniery lic.
Corbey Lovett 16 Philllip Corbey Lovett Surveyor
Catherine Smithwick 24 Peter Smithwick Esq.

2. Feb Clonbeg
George Bolster Farmer Henry Bolster Farmer

3. Feb 12 Clonbeg
Samuel Lane Farmer James Lane Farmer
Elisa Givins John Givins Farmer

4. Feb 24 Clonbeg
Thomas Bailey Givins Solicitor Mat Givins G'man
Joyce Givins Robert Givins G'man

5. Feb 5 Relicmarry lic.
James Chadwick G'man Richard Chadwick Milita Capt
Wilhelmenia White Joseph White Esq.

6. April 13 Relickmarry lic.
Thomas Smyth 23 Subconstable Thomas Smyth Farmer
Jane Clayton 18 Christopher Clayton Painter/Glazier

7. July 7 Relickmurry lic.
Joseph Cox 39 Inspector Francis Cox Surgeon
Grace White Joseph White Esq.

8. Jan 18 Tipperary reg.
Matthew Ryan x Labourer Patrick Ryan Labourer
Margaret Ryan Patrick Ryan Labourer

9. April 21 Tipperary lic.
Howell Paynter Capt 24th Cork Barracks
Eleanor Frances Bradshaw George Bradshaw Capt

10. Oct 20 Tipperary banns
John Clarke 20 Soldier Nicholas Clarke Farmer
Catherine O'Brien x 23 Dennis O'Brien Labourer

11. Aug 4 Toem banns
William Cooper 42 x Miner John Cooper
Allise Fahy 30 x House Servant Michael Fahy Labourer

12. July 1 Cullen lic.
Edward Lloyd 22 Farmer Hugh Lloyd Farmer
Hannah Neil 21 John Neil Farmer

13. Oct 27 Cullen banns
George Reynolds 26 Shoemaker Richard Reynolds Shoemaker
Marcella Connors 24 John Connors Farmer

14. June 25 Pallas Green lic.
James Thomson Bryan 36 Merchant Josiah William Bryan G'man
Rebecca Matilda Scott 23 G'woman William Scott Clergyman

15. June Tipperary
Thomas Corcoran x Private 83rd Thomas Corcoran Labourer
Esther Moore Servant Limerick City Benjamin Moore Tailor

16. Sept Tipperary
Edmund Bourke Farmer John Bourke Farmer
Bridget Ceasey x Denis Hearty Farmer

17. Tipperary
John Brown 21 Trumpeter 70th James Brown Labourer
Mary Baker x Servant John Baker Labourer


1. Feb 11 Templeneiry lic.
Henry Martin Color Sergeant 70th Timothy Martin Farmer
Mary O'Toole x John O'Toole Carpenter

2. July 28 Clonbeg
Richard Hammerely G'man Richard Hammerely G'man
Mary Sadleir James Sadleir G'man

3. Jan 13 Tipperary cert.
James Bagust Corp. 95th John Bagust Chandler
Catharine Daly 19 Thomas Daly Mason

4. Jan 23 Tipperary lic.
John Wenwick x Soldier William Wenwick Labourer
Bridget Prulland x Robert Pruland Labourer

5. Feb 8 Tipperary cert.
Matthew Walker x 25 Solider Matthew Wallker Farmer
Marie Power x 25 Servant James Power Weaver

6. Feb 16 Tipperary lic.
John Lamphier Cabinetmaker John Lamphier Coffinmaker
Sarah Murphy James Murphy

7. April 9 Tipperary
James Carden x Soldier Daniel Carden Labourer
Catherine Laffin 20 Thomas Laffin Labourer

8. April 11 Tipperary cert.
John Tierney x Soldier John Tierney Labourer
Catherine Flanagan x Dressmaker Richard Flanagan Servant

9. April 21 cert.
William Dyson Soldier Joshua Dyson
Mary Lochman x Dressmaker Joseph Lochman Shoemaker

10. May 3 Tipperary cert.
Joseph Barker Private 70th John Barker
Ellen Bichley Dressmaker

11. May 5 Tipperary cert.
Elijah Ellis Corp. 70th William Ellis Labourer
Mary Grady Dressmaker Michael Grady

12. May 8 Tipperary cert.
Robert White x Private 70th John White Gardenner
Mary Bourke x James Bourke Labourer

13. June 9 Tipperary cert.
David Betts x Private 76th John Betts Labourer
Mary Dealy x Thomas Dealy Mason

14. Toom
John Fergusen Soldier
Mary Dea Servant John Dea Farmer

15. Feb 16 Cullen lic.
John Robinson 18 Farmer Edward Robinson Farmer
Sarah Quillinaren 26 Servant John Quillinaren Farmer

16. Oct. 16 Emly
Charles Cameron 32 Capt 26th American Donald Cameron G'man
Eliza Long 21 Lady Edward Long G'man


1. Feb 7 Templeneiry banns
George Dunn Private 47th George Dunn Woolcomber
Eliza Waler Robert Waler Coal factor

2. March 7 Templeneiry cert.
William Stephens Corp. 47th William Stephens Weaver
Anne Healey John Healey Carpenter

3. April 24 Templeneiry banns
William Parcell Private 47th William Parcell Carpenter
Johanna Barne Thomas Barne Tailor

4. Jan 22 Clonbeg
William Pagan Private 1st Royal Dragoons William Pagan Music Teacher
Mary Carnagh x Michael Carnagh Farmer

5. July 10 Clonbeg
James Groves Subconstable William Groves Farmer
Elizabeth Keaney Francis Keaney Shoemaker

6. March 1 Tipperary cert.
Joseph Edwards Private 47th John Edwards Labourer
Julia McDonnal Servant Patrick McDonnal Soldier

7. March 1 Tipperay cert.
Henry Fudge Private 47th John Fudge Labourer
Judith Power Servant John Power Tradesman

8. April 24 Tipperary banns
John Hickey Servant Dewl Hickey Constable
Jane Doherty Servant John Doherty Scripture Reader

9. June 24 lic.
William McHinley Serg. 43rd Francis McHinley Farmer
Mary Anne Sweeny Jermi Sweeny Sadler

10. July 5 Tipperary lic.
George Charles Lionel Roe Esq. James Roe Esq.
Elizabeth Letitia Manleverer Richard Manleverer Rector

11. Nov. 16 Tipperary cert.
William Huddack Corp. 43rd Thomas Huddack Farmer
Grace Levyman Servant James Levyman Steward

12. Dec. 23 Tipperary lic.
Andrew Stewart Civil Engineer James Stewart Gent.
Cimi Sadleir 23 Clement Sadleir Gent.

13. Aug 13 Toem banns
Henry Bougher 29 x Private 57th George Bougher Labourer
Catherine Gilmore 23 James Gilmore Soldier

14. April 3 Toem
Michael Hastigan 29 x Private 59th John Hastigan Farmer
Margaret Cooper 26 x John Cooper Farmer

15. Oct 27 Cullen lic.
John Reynolds Parish clerk Edward Reynolds Weaver
Anne Godsell Servant Edward Godsell Servant

16. May 2 Tipperary
Edward Bradburner Shoemaker Robert Bradburner Smith
Anne Prue x Workwoman Anthony Prue Weaver


1. April 23 Relichmurry lic
James Barns 35 Farmer Thomas Barns Farmer
Anne Godsell 25 James Godsell Farmer

2. Tipperary cert.
Samuel Smith Sexton Thomas Smith Sexton
Margaret Sullivan Bonnetmaker Dennis Sullivan Schoolmaster

3. June 14 Tipperary cert.
John Connol Labourer James Connol Farmer
Mary Flynn x Joseph Flynn Stonemason

4. June 23 Tipperary cert.
William Hunt Private 73rd Samuel Hunt G'man
Catherine Cunningham x John Cunningham Smith

5. Aug 11 Tipperary cert.
James Grady Private 73rd James Grady Farmer
Elizabeth Rankins Servant Lawrence Rankins Soldier

6. Sept 15 Tipperary cert.
William Mahon x Private 73rd Bartholemew Mahon Soldier
Alley Farmer x Servant Richard Farmer Tailor

7. Oct 10 Tipperary cert.
Edmond Robinson Farmer
Margaret Bourke x

8. Jan 24 Toem
Abraham Simmonds x 21 Mining engineer
Catherine Hayes 18 x Edmund Hayes Farmer

9. July 25 Toem
Thomas Truwarth 25 Miner Abraham Truwarth Miner
Anity Whitty 18 John Whitty Farmer

10. Dec 10 Toem Banns
William Young 23 Labourer Henry Young Farmer
Winifred Ryan 21 Servant John Ryan Farmer

11. Feb 14 Cullen lic.
John Lane Farmer James Lane Farmer
Johanna Quillinan

12. June 20 Cullen lic.
William Robert Sandys Clergyman Joseph Sandys Clergyman
Elizabeth Frances Bagnoll William Henry Bagnoll Clergyman

13. Jan 3 Tipperary cert.
Abraham Fry Private John Fry Ropemaker
Mary Anne Cummins x Servant John Cummins Labourer


1. Oct 23 Doon cert.
Daniel Ryan Labourer Patrick Ryan Labourer
Mary Ryan Labourer John Ryan Labourer

2. Aug 2 Tipperary cert.
James Goodbody x Private William Goodbody Labourer
Catherine Kennedy Servant James Kennedy Labourer

3. Sept 2 Tipperary cert.
Thomas Lake Private 1st Richard Lake Farmer
Elizabeth Tobin x Dressmaker Thomas Tobin Labourer

4, Tipperary cert.
James Pillbury Soldier 1st Donald Pillbury Labourer
Teresa Cummins Servant William Cummins Gardiner

5. May 1 Tipperary cert.
John Pendergast Soldier John Pendergast Slater
Catherine Beh Servant Michael Beh Pensioner

6. May 20 Tipperary cert.
Joseph Herbert Soldier
Charlotte Delany x Servant

7, March 11 Tipperary cert.
John Macnaiman Soldier 73rd Pat Macnaiman Labourer
Mary Connver x Servant John Connver Soldier

8. Jan 30 Tipperary lic.
Robert Fergusen Private 73rd James Fergusen Weaver
Ellen Moran Servant Thomas Moran Farmer

9. Jan 3 Tipperary lic.
Joseph Spires 36 Soldier 73rd Robert Spires Serg. 39th
Mary Casey 24 Servant Patrick Casey Labourer

10. Jan 21 Tipperary lic.
Charles Lang Private 73rd John Lang Farmer
Ellen Hefferenan Servant James Heffernan Labourer

11.Nov. 23 Clonbeg
George Fitzimons Engineer William Fitzimons Engineer
Hannah Holmes John Holmes Farmer

12. Oct 1 Tipperary banns
James Ryan Matthew Ryan Gardiner
Margaret Haslam 17 Stephenson Haslaw Farmer

13. Oct 19 Templeneiry lic.
Thomas McNey Thomas McNey Farmer
Ellen Keating John Keating Carpenter

14. May 15 Templeneiry lic.
William Andrew Evans MD Andrew Evans G'man
Marion Langton James Langton G'man

15. Templeneiry lic.
T. Fitzgerald C. Fitzgerald Farmer
Mary Anne Guilliam John Guilliam Farmer


1. March 4 Clonbeg lic.
Thomas Headen Farmer Thomas Headen Farmer
Mary Anne Givens John Givens Farmer

2. May 29 Clonbeg lic.
Joseph Reali G'man Richmond Reali G'man
Frances Givens Matthew Givens G'man

3. Sept 8 Clonbeg lic.
Thomas Givens G'man Robert Givens G'man
Mary Givnes Matthew Givens G'man

4. June 4 Tipperary cert.
Thomas Conway Gardiner Thomas Conway Labourer
Bessy Elliot Servant John Elliot Labourer

5. Nov. 6 Tipperary banns
William Bettes Merchant William Bettes Haberdasher
Margaret Dwyer Servant James Dwyer Farmer

6. Nov. 21 Tipperary banns
Robert Thompson Private 52nd Robert Thompson Pensioner
Honora Downey Edward Downey Servant

7. Feb 9 Cullen banns
Andrew Quinlan John Quinlan Farmer
Sarah Anne Mitchell Charles Mitchell Mason

8. May 1 Cullen lic.
Thomas Armstrong Esq. William Armstrong Army Major
Mathilde Rose Armstrong Joseph Lucien Rosefense Comite

9. Jan 25 Grean cert.
Thomas Fennelly x Labourer John Fennelly Labourer
Elisabeth Mara x Servant Maid John Mara Soldier

10. Oct 2 Grean
John Neal Tailor William Neal Tailor
Ellen Sullivan Servant Timothy Sullivan Smith

11. Nov. 15 Grean
Patrick Quinlan Farmer Pat Quinlan Labourer
Mary Stewart Servant John Stewart Labourer

12. Aug 27 Tipperary lic.
Charles Devine Organist Edward Devine G'man
Elisabeth Beale Governess Caleb Beale G'man


1. Sept 25 Templeneiry lic.
John Croll Engineer John Croll Farmer
Bessie Conovan James Donovan Hotelkeeper

2. Dec. 8 Clonbeg banns
Thomas Ryan Labourer Thomas Ryan Labourer
Margaret Conery x William Conery Carpenter

3. Jan. 13 Tipperary banns
Jeremiah Quinlan Private x 1st Royal Jeremiah Quinlan Labourer
Johanna Merrigan x William Merrigan Farmer

4. July 22 Toem
John Frazer 24 Policeman Arch Frazer Farmer
Honora White 23 Willima White Farmer

5. July 7 Cullen lic.
Peter Keegan 19 Schoolmaster John Keegan Scripture Reader
Eliza Godsell 19 Edward Godsell Land Steward

6. Feb 14 Pallas Green cert.
Edmond Hastings 22 Farmer William Hastings Farmer
Maria Leake x 26 George Leake Farmer

7. Mar 7 Pallas Green banns
Timothy Kineary 22 Labourer Daniel Kineary Labourer
Bridget Carroll 21 Labourer Matthew Carroll Herdsman

8. Mar 20 Pallas Green banns
Patrick Burns 23 Labourer Thomas Burns Labourer
Mary Howes x Robert Howes Mason

9. April 29 Drumkeen
William Gilpin Watt 22 Policeman John Watt Farmer
Jane Habgood 22 Jonah Habgood Steward

10. June 10 Pallas Green banns
Denis Collins 35 Labourer Patrick Collins Labourer
Mary Howard 36 x Denis Halroy Dairyman


1. May 19 Tipperary lic.
Robert Nichoh Servant Robert Nichoh Servant
Mary Ann Musgrave John Musgrave

2. Aug 2 Tipperary banns
Thomas Willis Servant Thomas Willis Farmer
Margaret Baker Servant William Baker Farmer

3. Sept 8 Tipperary lic.
Joseph Lamphier Carpenteer John Lamphier Carpenter
Bridget Carry Servant John Carry Labourer

4. Oct 4 Tipperary lic.
Henry Magill Quartermaster 7th Robert Magill Soldier
Margaret Allen Patrick Keating Farmer

5. Jan 17 Cullen lic.
John Mulqueen Constable Michael Mulqueen Farmer
Anne Kinch Thomas Kinch Architect

6. Nov. 16 Emly
Alexander Holmes 29 Policeman
Bridget Mulcahy 24 x Shopkeeper Michael Mulcahy Shopkeeper

7. May 19 banns
John Ryan x Labourer Crohane James Ryan Labourer
Allis Rowles x Michael Rowles Labourer

8. June 9 Grean lic.
Richard Winter G'man Matthew Winter G'man
Eleanor Alicia Scott William Scott Clerk in Holy Orders

9. June 16 Tipperary lic.
James Goodwin 26 China merchant James Goodwin merchant
Helen Pearson 23 David Pearson Farmer

10. Aug 9 Tipperary lic.
John Muirhead 34 Draper John Muirhead merchant
Josephine Letitia Gouche's Louis Gouche's G'man

11. Aug 9 Tipperary lic.
Alexander Gillespie 23 Draper James Gillespie Farmer
Christian Muirhead 22 John Muirhead merchant


1.Nov. 2 Clonbeg lic.
Thomas White Farmer William White Farmer
Hannah Givens John Givens Farmer

2.Jan 14 Tipperary lic.
John Lamphier Undertaker Joseph Lamphier G'man
Alice Gubbins James Gubbins Farmer

3. Aug 30 Tipperary lic.
James Sinclair Farmer Thomas Sinclair Shopkeeper
Eliza Cleary Joseph Cleary Farmer

4. May 30 Cullen lic.
Arthur John Payne G'man George Payne G'man
Elizabeth Heuston 19 John Heuston G'man

5. Sept 12 Grean lic.
Daniel Marshall Lloyd Apjohn G'man Lloyd Apjohn Clergyman
Oliviai Kearney Thomas Keaarney G'man


1. April 10 Templeniery lic.
Burrowes Close G'man St. Mary's, Clonmel Burrowes Close Solicitor
Elizabeth Margaret Turner Robert Turner Miller

2. June 20 lic.
Francis Bailey Farmer William Bailey Farmer
Eliza Hill 17 Newtown Nicholas Hill Farmer

3. April 30
Nicholas Toppin 28 Farmer Philip Toppin Farmer
Ann Clayton 21 Golden James Clayton Shopkeeper

4. July 25 Tipperary lic.
Bernard Robert Shaw Lt., 36th Bernard Robert Shaw G'man
Catharine Malvine Roe 20 James Roe G'man

5. Sept 25 Tipperary cert.
Daniel Hickey Railway Policeman Cappamine Daniel Hickey Farmer
Frances Murray Servant James Wilson Weaver

6. Dec. 13 Tipperary lic.
George Powell Farmer Ballylanders John Powell Farmer
Maria Ann Gubbins James Gubbins Farmer

7. July 23 Cullen banns
James O'Connor Labourer James O'Connor Labourer
Margaret Holhen James Holhen Whitesmith

8. Feb. 6 Shronell lic.
Richard Cooper G'man Ballinard Samuel Cooper Esq.
Catherine Chadwick William Chadwick Esq.


1. July 30 Tipperary lic.
John Collett G'man John Collett
Mary Elizabeth Hewtson Robert Hewtson

2. Aug 11 Tipperary lic.
George Wheeler Leutanant Hugh M. Wheeler General
Margaret Alicia Massy John Massy G'man

3. Sept 20 Tipperary lic.
Lewis O'Donnel Solicitor Joseph O'Donnel G'man
Elizabeth Louise Kenney Robert Kenney G'man

4. July 8 Cullen lic.
William Labatt Payne G'man Limerick George Payne G'man
Mary Hewston John Hewtston G'man

5. Sept 7 Cullen lic.
James Neill James Neill Farmer
Margaret Delany 22 William Delany Schoolmaster

6. Sept 21 Cullen banns
John Pease 23 Porter of the Limerick justices Cuthbert Pease Farmer
Catherine Naughten 21 x Patrick Naughten Tradesman

7. Feb 3 banns
Michael Ryan x Labourer Patrick Ryan Tailor
Eleonora Ryan x Servant William Ryan Labourer


1. May 22 Clonbeg lic.
George Burgess Farmer John Burgess Farmer
Anne Givens John Givens Farmer

2. Jan. 5 Doon banns
James Grace x 20 Labourer Gerald Grace Labourer
Mary Meehan x 18 John Meehan Labourer

3. May 25 Doon lic.
John Shea x Labourer Patrick Shea Labourer
Mary Heffernan x Darby Heffernan Labourer

4. July 13 Doon banns
Luke Robinson Labourer Luke Robinson Labourer
Margaret Cahill x Michael Cahil Labourer

5. Jun 1 Grean lic.
Patrick Ryan x Servant Michael Ryan Labourer
Jane Norris x Servant Walter Norris Labourer

6. Aug 5 Grean lic.
Richard H. George Mansergh G'man Richard Martin Mansergh G'man
Sophia Elizabeth Ward Lady Richard Oliver Ward G'man

7. Nov. 2 Grean lic.
Andrew Craig Shopkeeper Dublin John Craig Shopkeeper
Elinor Lucinda Airay Dressmaker Henry Airay Shopkeeper

8. Aug 5 Tipperary lic.
Alexander Morrison G'man John Morrison G'man
Anne Fergusen Lady Francis Brew G'man


1. July 26 Doon, Limerick banns
Patrick O'Brien Servant Glebe Connor O'Brien Labourer
Johanna Murphy Ballyersheen Robert Murphy Labourer

2. Nov. 20 Doon, Limerick
Darby Ryan x Labourer Dark Island Darby Ryan Labourer
Judith Collins x Moher Patrick Collins Labourer

3. Aug 17 Goeun Lic.
Thomas Connor Cabinetmaker Kilmurry James Connor C. maker
Mary Cleary Servant John Cleary

4. Oct. 17 Goeun, Limerick
William Doyle Stationmaster New Sollies William Doyle Schoolmaster
Johanna Dwyer Farmer's Daughter John Dwyer Farmer

5. Feb. 23 Donohill lic.
James Price Farmer Ballyherkery Thomas Price Farmer
Eliza White Glasdrum William White Farmer

6. March 2 Donohill lic.
Vere Hunt Esq. Magistrate High Park, Toem John Hunt Clergyman
Maria Bradshaw Phillipstown H.B. Bradshaw Magistrate

7. Oct. 19 Tipperary lic.
Alexander Craig 55 Labourer Rigsboro Robert Craig Farmer
Christine Dickson 41 Gara Dickson Steward


1. Jan 10 Templeheiry lic.
Hugh Sydney William Baker Clergyman William Baker Clergyman
Patience Cole Baker George Cole Baker Clergyman

2. Feb 11 Cullen lic.
Charles Smith Merchant Alpheus Smith G'man
Mary McCarthy Daniel McCarthy G'man

3. Jan 16 Doon banns
James Sweeney x Labourer James Sweeney Tailor
Bridget Dooley x Matthew Dooley Labourer

4. Jan 30 Doon banns
John Sullivan x Labourer John Sullivan Labourer
Catherine Haslings William Haslings

5. Aprl 7 Doon banns
Michael Kelly x Labourer Daniel Kelly Cooper
Anne Bovenison x Pete Bovenison Labourer

6. Apr 30 Doon banns
Patrick Wall Labourer Michael Wall Labourer
Elisabeth Duggan x Patrick Duggan Labourer

7. Dec 17 Doon banns
Michael Creagh x Labourer Michael Creagh Labourer
Sarah Woods x John Woods Labourer

8. Dec 31 Doon banns
William Casey Labourer William Casey Shopkeeper
Mary Ryan x John Ryan Farmern

9. July 11 Emly lic.
James Powell Mason Land Steward Peter Mason G'man
Catherine Tracy Frank Tracy Farmer

10. Oct 9 Emly lic.
Richard Augustine Fitzgerald Studdert R. Marine Arty Portsmouth John Fitzgerald Studdert Admiral Royal Navy
Maria Isabella Lloyd William Ansdale Leech Customs Collector

11. July 26 Donohill lic.
William Walters Farmeer John Walters Farmer
Mary Johnson Edward Johnson Farmer

12. Dec 26 Donohill lic.
Robert Weldon G'man Robert Weldon G'man
Alicia Bradshaw Hugh Brady Bradshaw G'man

13. Feb 14 Kilshane lic.
Michael Power Caretaker John Power Farmer
Elizabeth Hunter Servant James Hunter Gardener


1.July 26 Tipperary lic.
William Pierce Bank agent Carlow William Pierce G'man
Mary Carneige James Carneige Bank manager

2. Sept 12 Tipperary lic.
John Sarsfield Stanistreet Esq. Youghal Richard Stanistreet G'man
Emily Mansergh 19 Francis Mansergh G'man

3. Sept. 7 Cullen lic.
Samuel Hall 23 Derbyshire John Hall G'man
Emma Eliza Smith 23 Alpheus Smith G'man

4. Jan 3 Doon lic.
Rev. John Boyse Hanley Clerk Rev. John Hanley Rector
Anna Mary White Newport White Esq. J.P.

5. Jan. 3 Doon lic.
Benjamin Lucas Esq. Benjamin Lucas Esq.
Dorothea White Newport White Esq. J.P.

6. Nov. Emly lic.
Charles Frederick Augustine Courtney Surgeon Abraham Courtney Surgeon
Charlotte Gabbett Lady William Gabbett G'man

7. Nov. 27 Emly banns
Thomas Naylor Gardener John Naylor Gardener
Lavinia Hevenor John Hevenor Farmer

8. Aug 2 Doon lic.
Joseph Middleton Farmer Nicholas Middleton Farmer
Mary Anne Ogrady Hon. John Ogrady

9. Sept. 12 Doon lic.
Richard Nicholson Subconstable Robert Nicholson Farmer
Alice Ryan Denis Ryan Farmer

10. May 9 Tipperary lic.
William Miller 50 Constable Andrew Miller Farmer
Susan Davidson 28 Cook William Davidson Farmer

11. May 20 Donolull lic.
John Thomas Gale Schoomaster William Gale Schoolmaster
Maria Culbert Henry Culbert Carpenter


1. May 6 Clonbeg lic.
Allen Simpson Farmer Thomas Simpson Farmer
Ellen Givens John Givens Farmer

2. Jan 2 Tipperary lic.
Robert Henry Mervyn Shopkeeper Cavan John Jones Mervyn Shopkeeper
Eliza McDowall Tipperary Thomas MacDowell Merchant

3. Feb. 6 Tipperary lic.
Godfrey Philip Adams Solicitor Henry Adams Gent
Bessie Andrews John Andrews Gent

4. July 31 Tipperary lic.
Thomas Sinclair Shopkeeper Thomas Sinclair Shopkeeper
Mary Turner Robert Turner Merchant

5. Sept 18 Cullen lic.
Marlborough Parsons Berry G'man Smith Berry G'man
Louise Heuston John R. Heuston G'man

6. Feb. 4 Doon lic.
William Middleton Farmer Nicholas Middleton Farmer
Kate Ogrady 18 Honorable John Ogrady RR

7. Apr 29 Doon lic.
Richard Wheeler Farmer Henry Wheeler Farmer
Mary O'Connor James Whalen Farmer

8. Jun 5 Doon banns
Thomas Stuart Farmer John Stuart Farmer
Anne Magrath Servant Michael Magrath Farmer

9. Feb 3 Emly lic.
Joseph Reynolds Parish Clerk Edward Reynolds Parish Clerk
Mary McManus Servant George McManus Boatman in Coast Guard

10. Oct. 11 Tipperary lic.
Wm. Stephenson 25 Physician Edinburgh Robert Stephenson Merchant
Jane Heuston 23 Tipperary Robert Heuston Merchant

11. Sept 1 Green lic.
John Power Servant Michael Power Labourer
Mary Anne Connolly Servant Terence Connollly Farmer

12. June 4 Green lic.
Joseph Gabbett Gentleman William Gabbett Gentleman
Jane Anne Marshall Lady Lawrence Marshall G'man


1. Feb 23 Templeniery lic.
William McConnell 28 Footman David Connell Labourer
Ellen Mahoney 29 x Housemaid Darby Mahoney Labourer

2. Oct. 8 Clonbeg lic.
Patrick Closter Scripture reader James Closter Scripture reader
Martha Davis Servant Alexander Geddes Weaver

3. Oct Toem lic.
Thomas Hadick 27 Policeman Thomas Hadick Farmer
Johanna Doherty 24 Farmer's daughter William Doherty Farmer

4. Jan 2 Doon lic.
Samuel Phillips G'man John Godfrey Phillips Clergyman
Jane White Newport White G'man

5. July 28 Doon lic.
Albert Augustus Gore M.D. William Gore M.D.
Rebecca White Newport White G'man

6. Oct 20 Tipperary lic.
Patrick Gray 40 Farmer Patrick Gray Farmer
Jannet Ramsey 22 James Ramsey Farmer