Protestant Marriages Thurles Registrar District 1845-1863

Contributed by Timothy Boderck

The civil registration entries are handwritten. The quality varies enormously. They were written by different clergy in different parishes at different times. Some are beautifully written and perfectly legible. Others are very faint seemingly random scrawl and are only semi or indecipherable. Consequently if the name you are looking for is similar, it may be one of your own, especially in Templemore. The manner in which the names are spelled below is no guarantee as to the way they are currently spelled or, indeed, the way they were "correctly" spelled then.  (The source is LDS film of the civil registration entries)

Line one is Date. Place. Whether married by banns or license.
Line two is groom, occupation, residence, father of groom. His occupation.
Line three is bride, occupation, residence, father of bride, his occupation.
The x after the name means that they signed their name with an x and were presumably illiterate.


1. Oct. 2 Holy Cross lic.
Robert Heath,35 Farmer Templemore Robert Heath Farmer
Mary Boyd, 27 Whitefort Hugh Boyd Farmer

2. Aug 6 Holy Cross lic.
James Gibbons,35 Servant Fogarty Castle John Gibbons Servant
Harriet Wallis, 33 Servant Fogarty Castle James Wallis Bookseller

3 Apr 23 Kilcooley lic
Richard Spencer Shoemaker Killanaule James Spencer Farmer
Catharine Sutliffe x Grange Hill Jacob Sutliff Farmer

4.Apr 25 Kilcooly lic.
John Ruckle Farmer New Park John Ruckle Farmer
Eliza Cookex Kilcooly Peter Cooke Farmer

5.Sept 4 Kilcooly lic.
Joseph Sutliff Farmer Knocklureen Jacob Sutliff Farmer
Rachel Deeves Grange Hall Richard Deeves Farmer

6. Nov. 4 Kilcooly banns
Adam Cook Borleigh John Cook Farmer
Julia Biblex Kilcooly William Bible Farmer

7. June 17 Templemore lic.
Michael Coghlin 33 Sgt, 33rd Cashel John Coghlin Farmer
Jane Thayman 26 Nurse Templemore George Hall Pawnbroker

8. June 23 Templemore banns
John Nicol x 38 Soldier Templemore John Nicol Weaver
Margaret Lawlor x Servant Templemore William Lawlor Laborer

9. Aug 1 Templemore lic.
Matthew Gatehall Merchant Nathan Gatehall Merchant
Alice Jackson Templemore George Jackson Merchant

10. Aug. 2 Templemore banns
William Fulsher Soldier Templemore John Fulsher Weaver
Bridget Callaghan x Templemore Lawr. Callaghan Carpenter

11. Aug 26 Templemore banns
Hugh Boyd Soldier Templemore Hugh Boyd Weaver
Fanny Hennesary x Templemore John Hennesary Labourer

12. Oct. Templemore banns
Robert Stephenson Soldier Templemore Robt. Stephenson weaver
Maryann Kelly Templemore Robt Kelly

13. Oct. 26 Temlemore banns
Alexander Grieve Soldier Templemore Alex. Grieve mason
Margaret Day Templemore Samuel Day Labourer

14. Nov. 30 Templemore lic.
Joseph Scott x Smith Templemore William Scott Watchmaker
Susan Lyons x Templemore James Lyons Farmer

15. Dec Templemore lic.
John Daves Farmer Kilpithmore Wm. Daves Farmer
Frances Scott Killea Henry Davis Farmer

16. Dec. 24 Templemore banns
Wm McDaniel Soldier Templemore Hey McDaniel Coppersmith
Mary Flanagan Templemore Thos Flanagan Farmer

17. Dec Templemore banns
Robt. Biggs Soldier Templemore John Biggs Labourer
Ann Sullivan Templemore James Sullivan Soldier

18.Dec. Templemore
James Bruce Soldier Templemore Bruce Labourer
Johanna Hogan x Templemore

19. Dec. Templemore banns
Patrick Green Soldier Templemore Henry Green Farmer
Maria Smyth x Servant Templemore James Smyth Farmer

20. Aug. Thurles banns
Thomas Logan 27 Soldier 73rd Thurles Andrew Logan Labourer
Johanna Ryan x 30 Thurles Edward Ryan Tailor

21. Sept Thurles lic.
Thomas Hurst 30 Constable Carrigahaning James Hurst Revenue Officer
Alice Argagh 22 Thurles Andrew Argagh Gaoler

22. Sept Thurles banns
James Ferguson 34 Private, 72nd James Ferguson Labourer
Mary Fogarty x 19 Michael Fogarty Labourer

23. Nov. 5 Thurles lic.
Benjamin Shaw Bank cashier St. Anne's, Dublin Thomas Shaw Shopkeeper
Ann Lester Thurles Joshua Lester Miller


1. Nov. 12 Burres lic.
Wm. Hughes, Jr. Schoolmaster Burres Wm. Hughes Farmer
Mary Garty Althone Arthur Garty Hotelkeeper

2. April 13 Burres banns
Henry Smith Servant Littelton rectory John Smith Servant
Jane Somerville Servant Littelton rectory foundling

3. Nov. 17 Thurles lic.
Cornelius Shannon Merchant St. Peter's, Dublin Cornelius Shannon Builder
Kate Lester Thurles Joshua Lester Miller

4. Dec. 15 Thurles banns
George Hammond x Private, 70th Thurles Joseph Hammond labourer
Margaret Murphy x Servant Thurles Edward Murphy Shoemaker

5. Aug. 19 Thurles banns
Henry Mason Private, 5th Thurles Newton Mason Baker
Johanna Kennedyx Thurles Patrick Kennedy Pawnbroker

6. Sept 10 Thurles lic.
Thomas Shaw Farmer Thurles Thomas Shaw Farmer
Catharine Strangman Thurles Joseph Strangman Pawnbroker

7. June 22 Thurles lic.
Christopher Johnston Clerk Thurles George Johnston Shopkeeper
Hannah Lester Thurles Joshua Lester Miller

8.Apr. 27 Thurles lic.
Thomas Heroghty Lawyer Thurles Thomas Heroghty Gaoler
Ellen Louise Walpole Thurles Robert Walpole Merchant

9. Aug 3 Thurles banns
Patrick Lydon x Labourer Thurles Robert Lydon Labourer
Ellen Lahey x Thurles Michael Cummins Farmer

10.Sept 7 Templemore banns
Charles Harding 33 Segt, 70th Templemore William Harding Labourer
Mary Allen 17 Templemore Daniel Allen Soldier

11. Sept 8 Templemore banns
Blackman 21 Soldier, 66th Templemore Wm Blackman Schoolmaster
Maryann Garv 18 Templemore Wm Garv Soldier

12. July 31 Templemore
Matthew Bellamy Soldier, 5th Templemore John Bellamy Lacemaker
Jane King x Templemore John King Sailmaker

13. Aug 17 Templemore banns
Devin Ryan 21 Soldier Templemore Lawrence Ryan Farmer
Eliza Donegan 19 Templemore James Donegan Soldier

14.May 23 Templemore lic.
Michael Parks Clerk Holy Cross John Parks Farmer
Sarah Whittaker Templemore Benjamin Whittaker Painter

15. Jan 17 Templemore banns
John Shaw Segt. 5th Templemore John Shaw Labourer
Ellen Scott x Templemore John Scott Shoemaker

16. Apr 15 Templemore lic.
George Ryall Gentleman Samuel Ryall Clergyman
Susan Smith Templemore John Smith Gentleman

17. Mar 9 Templemore reg.
Michael Wester x Labourer Templemore Michael Wester Labourer
Mary Carley x Templemore Patrick Carley Labourer

18. Mar 27 Templemore banns
William Wilson Corp. 77th Templemore James Wilson Carpenter
Henrietta Chartres Thurels Robt Chartres Cabinetmaker

19. Feb 28 Templemore banns
Thomas Barker x Soldier Templemore Thomas Barker Labourer
Jenifer O'Reilly x John O'Reilly Victualler

20. Mar 18 Templemore banns
Richard Whittaker Soldier Templemore Richard Whittaker Carpenter
Sarah Bruce x Servant Richard Bruce Farmer

21. Jan 26 Templemore banns
William Turner Soldier Templemore John Turner Carter
Mary Dougherty x James Dougherty Farmer

22. Feb 23 Templemore banns
John Sanderson 32 Soldier Templemore John Sanderson Labourer
Mary Devin x Servant Michael White Labourer

23. March 9 Mealiffe banns
Zacharias Holland Farmer Churush, Galway Zacharias Holland Farmer
Winifred Ryan Upper Church William Ryan Farmer

24. Nov. Kilcooley lic.
James Tate Farmer Kilcooley James Tate Farmer
Susannah Smeltzer x Thomas Smeltzer Farmer

25. Kilcooley lic.
Thomas Deeves Farmer Grange Hall Richard Deeves Farmer
Mary Henderson Pepparstown William Henderson Farmer

26. Apr 13 Kilcooley banns
John Bible Farmer Kilcooley William Bible Farmer
Rachel Cooke Adam Cooke Farmer

27. Apr 13 Kilcooley banns
Samuel Cooke Labourer Bowenleigh Peter Cooke Farmer
Sarah Contillon Daniel Contillon Farmer

28 Feb 1 Kilcooley banns
John Daniel Farmer Michael Daniel Farmer
Matilda Bible 18 x William Bible Farmer

29.Feb 10 Kilcooley banns
Andrew Carter Farmer Bawnleigh Andrew Carter Farmer
Charlotte Semple x 20 Bawnleigh James Semple, Farmer Sexton

30.Aug 2 Kilthimone lic.
Robert Rainsberry Steward Barnane Robert Rainsberry Farmer
Eliza Darksworth Barnane John Mercord Servant

31. June 2 Kilfithmone lic.
Robert Sparrow Merchant Clonmel Thomas Sparrow Farmer
Eliza Carey Kilfithmone Rev. Michael Carey Clergyman

32. May 13 Holy Cross lic.
John O'Connor Policeman Ballycahill John O'Connor Farmer
Frances Chartres Thurles Thos Chartres Cabinetmaker

33.Aug 27 Femor lic.
Henry Cooper Reade Surgeon Femor glebe Henry Loftus Reade Esquire
Elizabeth Lloyd Femor glebe William Edward Lloyd Clergyman

34. June 16 Femor lic
Peter Marsh Clergyman Johnston George Marsh Esquire
Louise Isabella Lloyd Femor glebe William Edward Lloyd Clergyman


1. Nov. 27 Thurles lic.
Andrew Guerin Railway steward Thurles James Guerin Farmer
Anne Byrne x Thurles Michael Byrne Carpenter

2. Aug 15 Thurles reg.
Samuel Wright x 31 Private 70th Thurles William Wright Labourer
Alice Murphy x 21 Thurles Edward Murphy Labourer

3. Aug. 26 Thurles lic.
Samuel Stevenson Sergeant 6th Thurles James Stevenson Shopkeeper
Bridget Moore Thurles Henry Cole Court keeper

4.Oct 4 Templemore banns
William Jeremy 35 Soldier Templemore Wm. Jeremy Labourer
Catharine Brian 23 Wm. Brian Labourer

5. Nov. 16 Templemore reg.
John Black 36 Soldier, 55th Templemore Arch'd Black Weaver
Mary McCourney x 22 Mich'l McCourney Labourer

6. Sept 6 Templemore banns
Michael Blackford 44 Pensioner Templemore Michael Blackford Soldier
Harriet Smith x 30 George White Farmer

7. Sept 20 Templemore banns
Michael Noonan x Dealer Templemore Michael Noonan Labourer
Anastacia Carntark x Edward Cantark Labourer

8. Mar 24 Templemore banns
Richard Burton Soldier 70th Templemore Adolphus Burton Physician
Mary Ann Bass John Bass Pensioner

9. Mar 27 Templemore
William Simpson x Soldier Templemore Wm. Simpson Labourer
Mary Doran x Patk Doran Labourer

10. May 25 Templemore banns
Stephen Studwick Soldier Templemore Stephen Studwick Labourer
Bridget Dollan x John Dollan Soldier

11. Oct 15 Templemore reg.
William Smith 31 Soldier Templemore Robert Smith
Mary Lacy 24 Tim Lacy Labourer

12. Mar. Templemore banns
George Jeffries Soldier 70th Templemore John Jeffries
Maryann Bolowood John Edward

13. Oct 25 Kilcooley lic.
James Calepott Joseph Calepott Gentleman
Wilhelmenia Going Waterloo House Ambrose Going Gentleman

14. Aug Thilfithmore lic.
Robert Johnston Barnane John Johnston Farmer
Anne Golding Kilfithmone Joseph Golding Farmer Smith

15. Sept 11 Kilfithmone banns
Joseph Rainsberry Labourer Barnane Robert Rainsberry Carpenter
Anne Atkinson Barnane Thomas Rainsberry Labourer


1. Sept 6 Borrisoleigh lic.
Michael Dwyer 24 Farmer Glenkeen James Dwyer Farmer
Eliza Hodgins 20 William Hodgins Farmer

2.Nov. 3 Borrisoleigh lic.
James Hervey 34 Rev. Police Borrisoleigh James Hervey Farmer
Anne McOrmond 24 John McOrmond Pensioner

3. April 3 Holy Cross lic.
John Butler x 25 Labourer Glanbawn John Butler Farmer
Margaret Smithwick x 27 William Smithwick Shopkeeper

4. Nov. 6 Holy Cross Lic.
Thomas Frederick Alms Capt, 70th Raham Park James Edward Alms Capt, Ret.
Mary Wilson Edward Wilson Gentelman

5.Jan 27 Kilfithmone lic.
Thomas Shaw Sub constable Barnane William Shaw Farmer
Ellen Woods 16 George Woods Shopkeeper

6. May 27 Kilfithmone lic.
William Roe late Police Constable Inch James Roe Farmer
Margaret Glasgow Henry Glasgow Farmer

7.Feb 3 Kilcooley lic.
Andrew Haiegh Steward Kilcooley William Haiegh Steward
Julia Brady James Brady Tradesman

8. Feb. 24 Kilcooley lic.
Jacob Cantilou Farmer Pughmone Jacob Cantilou Farmer
Mary Smeltzer x

9. Aug 3 Kilcooley lic.
Peter Cole Farmer Kilcooley Henry Cole Farmer
Susannah Sperling x Peter Sperling Farmer

10. Sept 12 Kilcooley lic.
John Carter Farmer Killermagh John Carter Farmer
Catherine Cooke Kilcooley Peter Cooke Farmer

11. Oct 10 Kilcooley banns
Benjamin Pearson Farmer Rathsamar John Pearson Farmer
Anne Steep Kilcooley Peter Steep Farmer

12. Oct 13 Moyne lic.
John Lehigh Officer on half pay Cloughjorah Joseph Sykes Gentleman
Sophia Hunt Lady Moyne John Hunt Gentleman

13. Jan 5 Templemore cert.
Thomas Harper x Soldier, 55th Templemore James Harper Labourer
Marg't Hogan x John Hogan Labourer

14. Jan 8 Templemore cert.
James Gillan 35 Soldier, 59th Templemore Bernard Gillan Sawyer
Mary Anne Blake 18 Stephen Blake Shoemaker

15. Jan. 8 Templemore cert.
John Larkin 26 Soldier 55th Templemore James Larkin Labourer
Mary Ryan x John Ryan Pensioner

16. Jan 12 Templemore banns
William Maynard Serg., 55th Templemore Rob't Maynard Soldier
Catharine Fitzgerald Limerick James Fitzgerald Soldier

17.Jan 3 Templemore cert.
Michael Hopkins x Soldier Templemore Michael Hopkins Labourer
Anne Sexton Michael Sexton Labourer

18. Jun 17 Templemore cert.
George Kemp x 22 Soldier Templemore John Kemp Labourer
Mary Ward x 24 Patrick Ward Sweep

19. Feb 3 Templemore banns
William Townsend 20 Soldier Templemore Henry Townsend Labourer
Anne Senior x John Senior Servant

20. Feb. 18 Templemore cert.
Thomas Sharpe 30 x Soldier 55th Templemore John Sharpe Labourer
Bridget Buckley 25 x Dan Buckley Labourer

21. Mar. 8 Templemore cert.
Michael Haskins 22 Soldier 55th Templemore William Haskins Soldier
Mary Anne Clarke 22 x Michael Clarke

22 Mar. 10 Templemore cert.
George Hambler 28 Soldier 59th Templemore James Hambler Coal Miner
Elizabeth Larkin 26 x John Larkin Shoemaker

23. Mar 20 Templemore cert.
Charles Andrews 35 x Soldier 59th Templemore Rob't Andrews Labourer
Catharine Kennedy 28 x John Kennedy Labourer

24.April 18 Templemore banns
Daniel Shelborne Soldier 59th Templemore John Shelborne Mason
Anty Carney x Thomas Carney Labourer

25. April 18 Templemore banns
Christopher Hamel x Soldier 59th Templemore Henry Hamel Tailor
Mary Heany x John Heaney Weaver

26.May 2 Templemore banns
Michael Kirwin Soldier Templemore Denis Kirwin Soldier
Mary Anne Omsby Daniel Omsby Soldier

27. May 27 Templemore cert.
Robert Townsend x Soldier 59th Templemore James Townsend Weaver
Marg't Brady x Pat'k Brady Labourer

28. June 22 Templemore cert.
Thomas Gleeson 24 x Labourer Templemore John Gleeson Labourer
Jane Shanahan 27 x Edward Toole Labourer

29. June 22 Templemore cert.
William England 24 x Soldier 59th Templemore William England Stockingmaker
Mary Ryan 19 William Ryan Farmer

30. June 20 Templemore cert.
John Morris Moore 35 Soldier 59th Templemore John Morris Labourer
Anne Cooke 26 James Macsheny Labourer

31. July 10 Templemore cert.
Thomas Dunwoody 23 Carpenter Templemore Joseph Dunwood Architect
Anne Meehan 17 John Meehan Farmer

32. July 26 Templemore banns
George Dean Soldier Templemore Joseph Dean Labourer
Eliza Addy Thomas Addy Sergeant

33. Aug 28 Templemore banns
Robert Sharman 22 Soldier 59th Templemore Robert Sharman Bricklayer
Sarah Coonan 20 x John Coonan Lawyer

34. Sept 19 Templemore cert.
George Tiles Soldier 59th Templemore William Tiles Nailmaker
Mary Jane Wilson Servant not known

35.Feb 15 Thurles banns
Patrick Roland Brazier Thurles William Roland Gardener
Anne Cooke x Peter Cooke Farmer

36. Feb 16 Thurles lic.
Alexander Robinson Policeman Thurles Thomas Robinson Farmer
Ann Martin James Martin Glazier

37.June 28 Thurles cert.
James Perry x Private 43rd Thurles Joseph Perry Labourer
Mary Kingston 20 William Kingston Shoemaker

38. July 22 Thurles cert.
James Mynott x Private 43rd Thurles James Mynott Soldier
Anne Hull 20 x Edward Hall Shoemaker

39. Nov. 7 Thurles cert.
John White Private 43rd Barracks of Templemore Thos. White Labourer
Catharine Minahan x Thurles Wm. Minahan Labourer


1. Sept. 1 Kilcooley reg.
John Smeltzer 40 Farmer Kilcooley Phillip Smeltzer Farmer
Susannah Jones x 30 Robert Finley Farmer

2. April 16 Burris banns
Thomas Hayes Farmer Wells, Carlow Nathaniel Hayes Farmer
Jane Holmes x Buslick, Tip. Edward Holmes Farmer

3. Oct. 3 Thurles cert.
William Phipps 31 Soldier 49th Barracks,Thurles John Phipps Labourer
Judith Delany 32 x Servant Main St., Thurles Daniel Ryan Labourer

4. Oct 23 Thurles cert.
James Langford 23 x Soldier 49th Barracks, Templemore James Langford Carpter
Marg't Cunningham 20x Main St., Thurles George Cunningham Clerk

5. June 21 Thurles cert.
John Butting 24 Soldier 49th Barracks, Thurles James Botting Labourer
James Ryan 21 x Main St., Thurles Rob't Ryan Shoemaker

6. Apr 17 Thurles banns
William Grundy 23 Corporal, 49th Barracks, Thurles John Grundy Carpenter
Ellen Hough 17 Thurles James Hough Serg., 49th

7. June 3 Thurles cert.
John Martin 30 x Soldier 49th Barracks Thurles Thomas Martin Labourer
Marg't McDonald 17 x Main St., Thurles John McDonald Labourer

8. Feb. 15 Thurles lic.
John Jackson 23 x Servant Templemore John Jackson Bricklayer
Maria Ardagh 23 Thurles Edward Ardagh Shoemaker

9.Mar. 16 Thurles reg.
Henry Warburton 26 x Soldier, 49th Barracks, Thurles Wm. Warburton
Mary Hurst Barracks St. Thurles John Hunt Clerk

10.Feb. Thurles lic.
Charles Mitchell Burris Clerk Twomile Borris James Burris Farmer
Anne Ardagh Thurles Andrew Ardagh B'klayer

11. Feb 14 Thurles lic.
Charles Shaw 30 Clerk Thurles Thomas Shaw Farmer
Eliza Strangmore 25 Joseph Strangmore Pawnbroker

12. May 21 Templetoughy
William Winler 26 Cutler Templetoughy Rob Winler Police
Marg't Block 26 x Thomas Block Farmer

13. Dec. 19 Templemore cert.
Kilson Soldier 49th James Kilson Gardener
Harlow 20 Pat Harlow Boat maker

14. Dec. 28 Templemore cert.
John Tevine 26 Soldier 49th Templemore Tevine Labourer
Guilfoyle 23 x James Guilfoyle Labourer

15. Dec. Templemore cert.
Robert Flood x Shoemaker Templemore Flood Shoemaker
Cath. Walsh x Lawrence Walsh Labourer

16. Dec. 19 Templemore cert.
John Moyse 24 Soldier 49th Templemore John Moyse Miller
Maria O'Lacklin 18 x Pat. O'Lacklin

17. Oct. 3 Templemore cert.
William Roe 21 x Soldier 49th Templemore William Roe Soldier
Julia Dwyer 24 William Dwyer Farmer

18. Nov. 27 Templemore cert.
William Chippisfiete 30 Soldier 49th Templemore Rob't Chippisfiete Publican
Anne Flaherty 19 x Daniel Flaherty Shoemaker

19. Sept 21 Templemore cert.
David Livermore 22 Corp. 73rd Templemore Barracks John Livermore Farmer
Bridget Kane 20 Kane Labourer

20. Sept 8 Templemore lic.
William Boyle Crooke Leut. Royal Navy Templemore William Crooke
Eliza Hawkes William Lloyd Capt. Royal Navy

21. Sept. 20 cert.
Benjamin Dawkins Servant Templemore John Hawkins Farmer
Elizabeth Ward John Ward Pensioner

22.Sept 4 Templemore cert.
William Harrison 20 x Soldier 49th Templemore Robt Harrison Mason
Catherine Carr 19 x Brian Carr Laboure

23. Sept 6 Templemore cert.
John Develin 21 Soldier 49th Templemore Michael Develin Carpenter
Mary McGoeal 20 Arther McGoeal Smith

24. Aug 21 Templemore cert.
John Fainer x Soldier 49th Templemore Abraham Fainer Labourer
Mary Reardon x Michael Reardon Farmer

25. Templemore cert.
William Hogan 23 Mason Templemore William Hogan Mason
Anne Maguire 21 John Maguire Farmer

26. July 10 Templmore cert.
James Gray x Soldier 49th Templemore John Gray Labourer
Ellen Flanigan x Seamus Flanigan Slater

27. July 20 Templmore cert.
Edward Hollis Soldier 49th Templemore Gregory Hollis Farmer
Catherine Rodgers James Rodgers Farmer

28. July 10 Templemore cert.
John Kane 35 Soldier 49th Templemore Michael Kane Labourer
Bridget Spillane 21 Patk Spillane Mason

29. July 10 Templemore cert.
William Henry Hall Soldier 49th Templemore William Hall Butcher
Marg't Cleary x Michael Cleary Labourer

30. Thurles cert.
George Moore 39 Steward Templemore Joshua Moore Farmer
Anne Portis 26 Servant Thos Portis Agent

31. June 23 Templemore cert.
Daniel Buckley 25 x Soldier 73rd Templemore Daniel Buckley Labourer
Honorah Coyne 23 x John Coyne Labourer

32. Jun 27 Templemore cert.
John Shea 33 x Soldier 49th Templemore Corn' Shea
Mary Crawford 18 x Patk Crawford Carpenter

33. May 4 Templemore cert.
John Cambell 24 x Soldier 49th Templemore Robt Cambell Collier
Bridget Mooney 18 x Martin Mooney Labourer

34. May 30 Templemore cert.
Thomas Coulton 30 x Soldier 49th Templemore Thomas Coulter Labourer
Catharine Houban 19 x Patk Houban

35.March 7 Templemore banns
Henry Gale 26 Soldier 49th Templemore George Gale Gardener
Sarah Mann 19 x Peter Mann Shoemaker

36. Mar. 7 Templemore cert.
Joseph Reynolds Soldier 49th John Reynolds Labourer
Anne Dollon x John Dollon Soldier

37. Jan 27 Templemore cert.
John Coyle 29 Soldier 49th Templemore Richard Coyle Labourer
Julia Casey 21 x Casey

38. Feb 6 Templemore cert.
Denis Ahern 25 Soldier 49th Templemore Cornelius Ahern Labourer
Anne Clinton 18 x Edward Clinton Soldier

39.Jan 8 Templemore cert.
John Grier 32 Soldier 43rd Templemore James Grier Farmer
Elizabeth Lyons 25 James Lyons

40. Jan. 9 Templemore cert.
George Worsley 25 x Soldier 49th Templemore Robt Worsley Labourer
Mary Kerrigan 20 x Patk Kerrigan

41.Dec. 6 Kilcooley lic.
Joseph Sutcliff Shopkeeper Kilcooley Joseph Sutcliff Farmer
Anne Dolmege Adam Dolmege

42.Aug 17 Kilcooley lic.
Thomas Shaw Pawnbroker Thurles Thomas Shaw Farmer
Mary Jane Walpole John Walpole Gentelman

43. April 14 Kilcooley cert.
James Pratt Farmer Rathsaran George Pratt Farmer
Anne Miller Kilcooley Peter Miller Farmer

44. Feb 2 Kilcooley cert.
George Sparling Carpenter Kilcooley Peter Sparling Farmer
Catharine Dolmege Jacob Dolmege Farmer

45.Oct 23 Thilfithmore banns
John Owens Labourer Barnane Robert Owens Labourer
Mary Davis William Davis Labourer

46. Dec 13 Glankeen lic.
Thomas Kingsley 26 Sub. Constable Borrisleigh Thomas Kingsley Parish Clerk
Mary Webb 22 William Webb Farmer


1. June 25 Burtis banns
William Brangan Servant Littleton William Brangan Shoemaker
Mary Anne Morton Minor

2. Oct 10 Thurles reg.
Thomas Heathwall Soldier 60th Rifles Barracks Thurles William Heathwall Bricklayer
Mary Maloney x Main St., Thurles Richard Maloney Labourer

3. Nov. 4 Thurles reg.
William Hooper Soldier 60th Rifles Barracks Thurles Joseph Hooper Butcher
Anne Bourke x 20 Servant New Road Thurles James Bourke Cooper

4. July 12 Thurles reg.
John Rankin 25 Corp., 60th Rifles Barracks Thurles Robert Rankin Weaver
Catharine Butler 22 x Servant Thurles John Butler Labourer

5. Aug 16 Thurles cert.
William Thompson 30 x Soldier, 60th Rifles Barracks Thurles Henry Thompson Weaver
Bridget Fitzpatrick 25 x Dressmaker Main St., Thurles John Fitzpatrick Servant

6. Apr 4 Thurles cert.
William Mastin 32 x Soldier 49th Barracks Thurles Robert Mastin Labourer
Ellen Ducy 19 x James Ducy Shoemaker

7.Nov. 27 Templemore cert.
John O'Brian Soldier 60th Rifles Templemore Wm. O'Brian Carpenter
Anne Grier Dressmaker Dan Grier Pensioner

8.Oct 27 Templemore cert.
William Cane 40 x Soldier 60th Rifles Templemore William Kane Labourer
Marg't Kennedy 21x Servant Pat Kennedy

9. Nov. 13 Templemore cert.
Thomas Benson Soldier 60th Rifltes Templemore Thomas Benson Labourer
Mary Doolan 20 x

10.Aug 30 Templemore
William Kapt x Soldier Templemore Kapt Labourer
Maria Gore 16 Robert Gore Soldier

11. Templemore cert.
John O'Neal 21 Soldier Templemore James O'Neal Labourer
Mary Fogarty 19 x John Fogarty

12.Aug 27 Templemore cert.
John Anderson 22 Soldier Templemore Michael Anderson Pensioner
Susan Sparling 17 George Sparling Tailor

13. Aug. 29 Templemore cert.
William Alcock 26 Soldier Templemore Joshua Alcock Labourer
Mary Burke 20 x Servant John Burke Mason

14. Aug 20 Templemore cert.
William Halher 22 Soldier Templemore Richard Halher Shoemaker
Eliza Patterson 20 Jos. Patterson Carpenter

15. July 19 Templemore cert.
Henry Soldier Templemore Farmer
Mary Mitchell x Servant John Mitchell Farmer

16. July 31 Templemore lic.
William Rutledge Thurles
Sarah Clarke Templemore

17.June 25 Templemore cert.
James Johnston 26 x Soldier 60th Templemore James Johnston Labourer
Elisabeth Hutchinson 19 x Dressmaker John Hutchinson Labourer

18. Templemore cert.
Robert Kendall 24 Soldier Templemore John Kendall Clerk
Sarah Carley 19 x Dressmaker Patrick Carley Mason

19.June 30 Templemore cert.
James Hunt 24 x Soldier Templemore John Hunt Labourer
Rebecca Martin 20 x John Martin

20. June 10 Templemore cert.
James Owen 22 Soldier Templemore William Owen Soldier
Catherine Cleary 22 x John Cleary Soldier

21.March 23 Templemore banns
Henry Grey 30 Corp. 49th Templemore John Grey Labourer
Eliza Norman 25 Henry Norman Labourer

22. Feb 21 Templemore banns
Owen Robbins 22 x Soldier Templemore Thomas Robbins Weaver
Dorah Grey 20 Thomas Grey Pensioner

23. Feb 22 Templemore cert.
Joseph Truman 23 x Soldier 49th Templemore George Truman Labourer
Catherine Tierney 20x Thomas Tierney Labourer

24. Feb. 2 Templemore cert.
William Philps 28 Soldier 49th Templemore John Philps Tailor
Johannah Dijan 18 x Michael Dijan Gardener

25. Feb 6 Templemore cert.
Thomas Percy 24 x Soldier 49th Templemore Jeremiah Percy Labourer
Mary Rupel 23 x John Rupel Shopkeeper

26.Jan 4 Templemore cert.
Richard Grant 24 Soldier 49th Templemore James Grant Cooper
Isabella Jackson 20 x Robert Jackson Weaver

27. Jan. 12 Templemore cert.
John Harley 29 x Soldier 49th Templemore John Harley Carpenter
Eliza Tuner 26 x Peter Tuner Pensioner

28. Oct. 10 Kilcooley cert.
Peter Glazier Shoemaker Glazier Farmer
Marg't Barry Deer Park Thos Barry

29. Apr. 2 Thilfithmone banns
Janes Grant Labourer John Grant Farmer
Ellen Hutchinson Barnane John Hutchinson Labourer

30. Jan 28 Thilfithmore banns
George Atkinson Labourer Barnane Thomas Atkinson Labourer
Ellen Stack Barnane George Stack Labourer

31.Dec 21 Fenner cert.
Henry Stack x Steward George Stack Steward
Anne Waters x Housekeeper William Smith Farmer

32. Apr. 23 Fenner cert.
Alexander Swiss Farmer Fenner Swiss Farmer
Catherine Glazier John Glazier Farmer


1. Sept. 15 Glankeen banns
Thomas Kelly 34 Servant Glankeen Thos. Kelly
Isabella Kingsley 36 Borrisleigh Thos. Kingsely Parish Clerk

2. Dec. 20 Glankeen lic.
William Sidney 25 Barrister 9 Hartwicke Pl. Dublin Waller Sidney Solicitor
Maria MacDonnell 19 Glankeen Rectory Luke MacDonnell Rector

3.June 5 Holy Cross lic.
James Abbott Rev. Officer Holy Cross Wm. Abbott Excise Officer
Rebecca MacRipick David MacRipick Agent

4.July 1 Holy Cross lic.
Henry James Lucas Rev. Officer Holy Cross Charles Lucas Builder
Charolotte Lloyd Hugh Lloyd Farmer

5. Aug 21 Holy Cross lic.
John Levenson Railway officer Ballyrobbin Thurston Levenson Farmer
Anna Saunders Servant Farney Castle Saunders Farmer

6. Nov. 10 Kilcooley cert.
Benjamin Pearson Labourer Bonlea John Pearson Farmer
Rachel Dolmage Reighnamore David Cantillon Farmer

7. June 23 Banns
Walter McNally 36 Police Serg. Roshkeen Barracks Walter McNally Farmer
Ellen Sullivan 30 Roshkeen James Sullivan Constable

8. Oct 31 Moyne lic.
Samuel Dalton Ret. Police Stephen Dalton Scripture Reader
Esther Byone Servant Michael Byone Farmer

9. Jan. 3 Templemore banns
Thomas Bradshaw soldier Templemore Wm. Bradshaw Labourer
Marg't Smith x Wm. Smith Shoemaker

10. Jan. 28 Templemore banns
Charles Loveridge Soldier 81st Robert Loveridge Currier
Harriet Atkinson John Atkinson Tailor

11. Jan. 28 Templemore banns
Richard Atwood Soldier 81st Wm. Atwood Lawyer's Clerk
Jane Martin x Thos. Martin Brazier

12. Feb. 1 Templemore cert.
John Able Soldier 81st George Able Labourer
Grace Christine James George James Soldier

13. Feb. 3 Templemore cert.
Thomas Arnold x Soldier 81st John Arnold Labourer
Maria Casack 19 x Wm. Casack Labourer

14.Feb. 22 Templemore cert.
William Haslan Soldier 81st John Haslan Sawyer
Jane Vapelli Michael Vapelli

15. Mar. 31 Templemore
Rich' Donovan Cook 81st James Donovan Farmer
Emma Mounsey Thos. Mounsey Farmer

16. Apr. 22 Templemore Banns
George Allen 25 Soldier 81st John Allen
Sarah Shadwick 18 William Shadwick Pensioner

17. Apr Templemore cert.
Soloman Vajj 40 x Soldier 81st William Vajj Labourer
Bridget Fogerty 26 x William Fogarty Labourer

18. Apr. 23 Templemore cert.
James Douse Soldier 81st James Douse Labourer
Ellen Ryan x Edward Ryan Labourer

19. May 1 Templemore cert.
Punce Langley Shopkeeper Edward Langley Shopkeeper
Mary Anne Lenahan School Mistress James Lenahan Clerk

20. May 8 Templemore cert.
John McLoughlan Soldier 81st Wm. McLoughlaln Labourer
Bridget Tierney x Patrick Tierney Labourer

21. May 19. Templemore banns.
Lovenott x Soldier 81st Daniel Lovenott Farmer
Elizabeth Sparks x James Sparks Tailor

22. May 19. Templemore banns
Benjamin Smith Soldier 81st Benjamin Smith Labourer
Mary Anne Guerney 20 Edward Guerney Brazier

23. May 24 Templemore lic.
John Moore Color Serg. 60th Rifles Kilkenny Moore Warehouseman
Dorothea Wright John Wright Watchmaker

24. June 9 Templemore banns
John Jones Soldier 81st William Jones
Anne Goulding Joseph Goulding Shoemaker

25. June 10 Templemore lic.
William O'Hern Shopkeeper Humphrey O'Hern Farmer
Alicia Evans George Evans Shopkeeper

26. June 14 Templemore banns
William Cole Soldier 81st George Cole Shopkeeper
Margaret Cambell David Cambell Mason

27. June 17 Templemore banns
John Short Soldier 81st John Short Carpenter
Mary Hally x 18 Timothy Hally Schoolmaster

28.June 18 Templemore banns
Henry Trott Soldier 81st William Trott Labourer
Ellen Johnston x Patrick Johnston Shoemaker

29. July 2 Templemore banns
Soloman English Soldier 81st Charles English Labourer
Isabella Fannell Alexander Fannell Tailor

30. July 4 Templemore banns
Robert Browne Soldier John Browne Labourer
Sarah Jane Cox John Cox Labourer

31. July 14 Templemore banns
Frank Lewis Soldier 81st David Lewis Labourer
Mary Hogg x David Hogg Farmer

32. July 18 Templemore banns
Stephen Brown x Soldier 81st Robert Brown Millwright
Elizabeth Chambers x Michael Chambers Auctionner

33. Aug. 7 Templemore banns
Thos. Jasper Soldier 81st Jasper
Mary Maloney x Thomas Maloney Labourer

34. Aug. 14 Templemore banns
George Parkman Soldier 81st George Parkman Labourer
Sarah Jones John Jones Farmer

35. Aug. 19 Templemore lic.
George Evans Shopkeeper William Evans Chandler
Jane Reaby George Jackson

36. Aug 23 Templemore cert.
Robert Barr Soldier 81st Arch' Barr Baker
Rebecca Kenell x James Kenell Labourer

37.Sept 3 Templemore lic.
John Fitt Soldier William Fitt Merchant
Sarah Horton John Horton Clerk

38. Sept 13 Templemore cert.
Henry Colly Soldier 81st Thomas Colly Publican
Sarah Hicks 17 x James Hicks Soldier

39. Oct. 4 Templemore cert.
Edward Hartford 18 Soldier 81st Arthur Hartford Brewer
Marg't Ryan x 17 Phil Ryan Labourer

40. Oct. 11 Templemore banns
Henry Sheppard 28 Soldier 81st John Sheppard Carpenter
Ellen Grady 19 x Michael Grady Labourer

41. Nov 6 Templemore lic.
John Morror Serg. 81st Charles Morror Publican
Mary Anne Hart 18 James Hart Serg. 81st

42. Nov. 18 Templemore lic.
George Cooke x Soldier 81st John Cooke Labourer
Eliza Towers 20 x Michael Tower Soldier

43. Nov. 19 Templemore lic.
William Kanna x Servant Thomas Kanna Farmer
Maria Hardin Servant William Hardin Farmer

44. Dec. 17 Templemore banns
Thos. Bolton x Soldier 47th John Bolton Labourer
Mary Kirklan Tim Kishlan Weaver

45. Jan 13 Thurles cert.
Charles Guening Soldier 60th Rifles Barracks John Guening Miner
Honora Ryan Shoekinder Samuelot Ryan Labourer

46. Feb. 18 Thurles cert.
George Keys Soldier 81st Barracks John Keys Pensioner
Elizabeth Levyford Main St. Thurles John Levyford Shoemaker

47. Apr. 3 Thurles cert.
Richard Thorton Soldier 81st Barracks Joseph Thorton Labourer
Mary Anne Ryan 18 x Edmond Ryan Labourer

48. Thurles cert.
George Franklin Soldier 81st Barracks Edward Franklin Spurmaker
Susan Green 18 Thomas Green Soldier

49. Thurles cert.
Henry Walker x Soldier Barracks Thomas Walker Miller
Anne Fitzpatrick x Edward Fitzpatrick Mason

50. July 3 Thurles cert.
William Stephens Soldier 81st Barracks James Stephen Carpenter
Mary Elizabeth Howe Servant New Rd. Thurles Peter Howe Excise Officer

51. Aug 25 Thurles cert.
Thomas Arnold Soldier 81st Barracks James Arnold Weaver
Marg't Creig Dressmaker Main St. Thurles Aneas Creig Labourer

52. Oct. 20 Thurles cert.
Patrick Noonan x Pensioner Gaol St. Thurles Pat'k Noonan Labourer
Margaret Conolly x Servant Gaol St. Thurles John Conolly Baker

53. Nov. 27 Thurles lic.
Samuel Shawe Accountant Waterford William Lowe Shawe Gentleman
Lydia Lester Turtulla, Thurles Joshua Lester Miller

54. Feb. 4 Burris
Thomas Jackson Servant William Jackson Farmer
Mary Cowen Samuel Cowen Farmer

55. Oct. 8 Burris lic.
John Lamphier Capt. Army Simon Lamphier Physician
Catherine Lamphier Cooktown John Lamphier Gent.


1. Aug 23, Kilfithmone banns
George Lewis labourer Burnane George Lewis labourer
Francis Grey Burnane James Grey farmer

2. Feb 24 Holy Cross license
Charles Davenforth Cuttihart architect Georges Place, Dublin William Hamilton Cuttihart physician
Mary Morgan Jones Morgan Jones g'man

3. May 12 Holy Cross license
James Mc Cord agriculturalist Holy Cross John Mc Cord agriculuralist
Mary Donaldson Holy Cross James Donaldson

4. May 26 Thurles
Richard Ballard coachman Thurles Richard Ballard farmer
Mary Masterson housemaid John Masterson farmer

5. Aug 14 Moyne license
Edward Napert Molesworth Capt, 27th Reg Royal Barracks, Dublin Edward Molesworth Late major
Mary Anne Hunt Lady Ballyduff, Rathealty John Hunt solicitor

6. June 14 Templemore license
George Mills constabulary Loughmore William Mills farmer
Fanny Burriss Templemore James Burriss farmer

7. March 2, Templemore
William Sanders wid. soldier, 81st Templemore John Sanders brewer
Bridget Hedwick x wid. Templemore John Dollan pensioner

8 March 2 Templemore banns
John Thomas soldier, 81st Templemore Matthew Thomas labourer
Magt Hunt x servant Templemore John Hunt labourer

9. March 5 Templemore banns
Charles Trot soldier, 81st Templemore James Trot
Grace Birkagra x Templemore John Birkagra labourer

10.June 7 Templemore license
Thomas Hardy poundkeeper Templemore Thomas Hardy poundkeeper
Eliza Davis Killea John Davis farmer

11. July 3 Templemore license
Richard Dawson 31 Lt., 40th Battevennt Henry Dawson barrister
Jane Louisa Beattey 20 Templemore John Beattey g' man

12. July 19, Templemore banns
Cornelius Bigmore 30 bugler, 43rd Templemore
Ellen Keefe x 16 Templemore

13. Nov 5 Templemore certificate
Archibald Mewhee soldier, 89th Templemore John Mewhee farmer
Anne Staunton Templemore Walter Staunton shoemaker

14. Dec 27 Templemore banns
Jacob Sadleir soldier, 43rd Templemore Issac Sadleir labourer
Mary Cummins servant Templemore James Cummins labourer

15. March 5 Thurles cert.
John Rodgers soldier, 81st Templemore John Rodgers
Anne Brennan dressmaker Friars St. Thurles James Brennan

16. March 23 Thurles cert.
William Gaines x dealer Thurles William Gaines dealer
Margaret Astley dealer Thurles James Astley carpenter

17. March 30 Thurles cert.
John Anderson policeman Dover John Anderson pensioner
Eliza Conolly Ballypatrick Matthew Connolly farmer

18. Dec 1 Thurles cert.
Peter Trotter smith Dovea William Trotter butcher
Henrietta Quarman servant Dovea Henry Quarman grocer

19.Dec 25 Thurles license
Adam Newell farmer Thurles John Newell farmer
Hannah Cooke shopkeeper Thurles Adam Cooke shopkeeper

20. Feb 24 Burris cert.
Richard Sandys wid. farmer Burris Edwin Sandys army officer
Martha Churchill Ballyboy, Burris Samuel Churchill labourer


1. Apr. 16 Holy Cross lic.
John Kennedy Gent. Corbally Patk Kennedy Clergy
Annabella Steele Holy Cross Henry Murray Clergy

2.Mar. 22 Kilcooley cert.
George Glazier Clerk Borrisleigh John Glazier Farmer
Catherine Archbold x Peter Miller Farmer

3. Feb. 2 Templemore banns
Charles Stall Soldier 43rd James Stall Labourer
Mary Flood x Thomas Flood Cooper

4.June 13 Templemore banns
James Ellenhern Soldier 43rd Robert Ellenhern Labourer
Bridget Maher x Lawrence Maher Labourer

5. June 27 Templemore banns
John Wilson Soldier 43rd Dave Wilson Miller
Mary Deejan x Michael Deejan Labourer

6. June 24 Templemore cert.
Charles Lea 20 Soldier 2nd Charles Lea Tailor
Honoria Dacey 24 John Dacey Tailor

7.July 5 Templemore banns
William Tolly Corp. 2nd William Tolly Confectioner
Mary Gater William Gater Labourer

8.Sept 19 Templemore cert.
William Barder Soldier 2nd George Barden Carpenter
Julia Stoney Servant Martin Stoney Carpenter

9. Sept 24 Templemore cert.
George Stoker x Soldier 55th Frances Stoker Labourer
Mary Dejjan 20 x Servant John Dejjan Labourer

10. Oct. Templemore banns
George Mowatt Serg. 2nd William Mowatt Tailor
Rose Anne Rice x William Rice Farmer

11. Oct 21 Templemore lic.
William McGan 19 Soldier 2nd Samuel McGan Soldier
Mary Anne Lloyd 19 James Llloyd Carpenter

12. Mar 25 Thurles cert.
William Haster Parish Clerk and Schoolmaster Wm Haster Teacher
Marg't Egeston Dressmaker James Egeston Shopkeeper

13. Apr. 5 Thurles cert.
James Malhern Soldier 81st John Malhern Master Tailor 27th
Lydia Maria Ely 18 x John Ely Gentleman

14. May 20 Thurles cert.
William Matthews Shoemaker John Matthews Comber
Frances Port x Servant Thomas Port Shoemaker

15.June 6 Thurles banns
William Luke Soldier 9th John Luke Tailor
Mary Whelan x Dressmaker John Dwyer Carpenter

16. Dec Thurles lic.
John William Guisford Major Army Limerick Thos. Guisford Dean of Christ Church
Jane Vaughan Monteyambort Henry Cotton Archdeacon of Cashel

17. Oct 3 Borris lic.
Sampson Edwards Leut., RNavy Littleton Sampson Edwars Admiral
Jane Elizabeth Powell Gentlewoman Littleton Edward Powell Capt, Army


1. Feb. 23 Holy Cross lic.
John Lloyd Farmer Droom Hugh Lloyd Farmer
Alice Rupole Holy Cross Nicolas Rupole Farmer

2. Dec. 16 Moyne Banns
John Clarke Policeman Moyne William Clarke Agent
Elizabeth Chilburn x Servant Moyne Shoemaker

3. Jan. 31 Templemore banns
John Davis Servant Templemore William Davis Labourer
Honora Mara x Servant Patrick Mara

4. April 24 Templemore banns
Thomas Bass Painter Templemore John Bass Soldier
Margaret Grahan Dressmaker John Graham Carpenter

5. May 12 Templemore lic.
George Macdonald Serg. 47th Templemore George Macdonald Vintner
Eliza Maloney Brian Maloney Barracks Serg.

6.Jun 13 Templemore banns
Richard Dea Carpenter Templemore Nicolas Dea Labourer
Catherine Williams Joseph Williams Shoemaker

7. July 19 Templemore banns
James O'Gorman Servant Templemore James O'Gorman Farmer
Anne Knevett Servant Knevett Servant

8. Aug 4 Templemore cert.
Thomas Carry x Private 47th Willliam Carry
Ellen Howe x James Howe Labourer

9. Aug 19 Templemore cert.
William Gierson Private 47th William Gierson Warehouseman
Bridget Maloney x Patrick Maloney Tradesman

10. Sept. Templemore cert.
William Clinnick Soldier, 55th John Clinnick Tailor
Mary Deven x James Deven Labourer

11. Oct. 16 Templemore banns
Laye Whittey Pensioner Thomas Whittey Weaver
Violet Wallace x John Scott Whitesmith

12. Dec 18 Templemore lic.
Henry Morgan Steward Henry Morgan Steward
Anne Mc Millen Housekeeper Alexander McMillen Shopmaster

13. Aug. 2 Templetouhy lic.
Henry Gray 20 Policeman John Gray Parish Clerk
Anne Elizabeth Stone 17 Freshford, Kilkenny Stone Farmer

14. Aug 10 Thurles lic.
Charles Sheridan Sutterthwaite Gen'man Charles Sutterthwaite Gen'man
Arabella Louise Gore Jones John Gore Jone Gen'man

15.Dec. 29 Thurles cert.
James Johnston Gardener Docra George Johnston Gardener
Henrietta E. Jenkins William L. Jenkins


1. Feb. 15 Kilcooley lic.
William Calbeck Farmer Kilmanagh Saul Calbeck Farmer
Mary Sparling New Park Saul Sparling Farmer

2.April 3 Kilcooley banns
Andrew Pearson Farmer Ballyfaran John Pearson Farmer
Susannah Bible Reneiachmore Wm. Bible Farmer

3. Aug. 9 Loughmore cert.
Matthew Logan Policeman Gurtagarry Issac Loagan Farmer
Elizabeth Coughlan Servant Dovea John Coughlan Labourer

4. Jan. 20 Templemore lic.
Richard Cadwill Richard Cadwill Farmer
Allice Guilfoyle x John Guilfoyle Servant

5. Feb. 20 Templemore cert.
James Price Soldier 55th Robert Price Carpenter
Mary Doolen x Servant Pat Doolen Farmer

6. April 14 Templemore lic.
Charles James Fox Soldier Acton Fox
Ellen Murray Thomas Murray Merchant

7. May 4 Templemore banns
George Dyer Soldier 55th William Dyer Woolstapler
Honora Ryan 19 Richard Ryan Labourer

8. May 26 Templemore cert.
John Kearnes x Soldier 55 th Thomas Kearnes Labourer
Bridget Welsh x Richard Welch Labourer

9. June 5 Templemore banns
Michael Condon x 18 Soldier 13th Wm. Condon Farmer
Ann Neil x 17 Martin Neil Tailor

10. June 14 Templemore banns
Thomas Hickey x 20 Soldier 47th Thomas Hickey Labourer
Mary Murphy x 18 Daniel Murphy Mason

11.June 15 Templemore banns
Dennis Carthy x 18 Soldier 47th John Carthy Carpenter
Catharine Brisbane x 19 John Brisbane Shoemaker

12. June 20 Templemore cert.
William Gobbins Soldier 47th John Gobbins Labourer
Catherine Brew x James Brew Labourer

13. Aug 28 Templemore banns
James Gilbert x 24 Private 47th Samuel Gilbert Labourer
Anne Downey x 20 Henry Downey Shoemaker

14. July 21 Templemore lic.
George E. Hungerford Clerk Byron Hungerford Gentleman
Sarah Murry Thomas Murry Clerk

15. July 25 Templemore banns
Michael Lanagan x 19 Soldier 55th Michael Lannagan Shoemaker
Honora Green x 19 Thomas Green Miller

16. Aug 13 Templemore lic.
Robert McGowan 35 Soldier 13th Thomas McGowan Soldier
Eliza Goherty x 17 John Goherty Shoemaker

17. Aug 20 Templemore banns
Michael Conroy x Soldier 55th
Mary Blake x Anthony Blake Labourer

18. Nov. 29 Templemore banns
John Brunker Soldier 47th William Brunker Clerk
Catherine Genny x 20 William Genny Labourer

19. Dec 26 Templemore lic.
John Matthews Soldier 47th George Matthews Labourer
Mary Tuohy John Tuohy Labourer

20. Oct. 2 Templemore banns
Joseph Langly x Soldier 41st Joseph Langly Labourer
Phoebe Lanny x William Cary Shoemaker

21. Oct. 18 Templemore lic.
George Hodgins x Farmer William Hodgins Farmer
Sarah Kingsley x William Kingseley Farmer

22. Nov. 1 Templemore lic.
Charles Light Corporal 13th George Light Tailor
Catharine Dunne 19 Owen Dunne

23. Nov. 5 Templemore banns
Elijah Thomas Corporal 41st Thomas Highley
Mary Hely x 19 Timothy Hely Labourer

24. March 23 Thurles lic.
John Ardill 20 Farmer Templederry John Ardill Farmer
Mary Ardill 20 Thurles James Ardill Farmer

25. April 19 Thurles lic.
Richard Stainstreet Doctor Castle Martyr Richard Stainstreet
Harriet Bradshaw Thurles George Bradshaw Doctor


1.March 8 Fennor lic.
William Coynne Farmer Thornhill Edward Coynne Farmer
Eliza Holmes Pointstown William Holmes Farmer

2. April 9 Thilfithmone lic.
William Hunt Sergeant of Police Woodroffe William Hunt Shoemaker
Mary Woods 21 Banane John Woods Farmer

3. Sept 16 Holy Cross lic.
John Lacky Phelps 35 Gentleman Kilmurry James Phelps Merchant
Georgiana Shannsack 20 Peakstone House Robert Rodger Shannsack G'man

4. Sept 25 Thillough Castle Holy Cross Spec. license
John Edward Venables Vernon G'man Clontarf Castle
Rosa Gertrude Harriet Daly Dunsandla Baron Lord Dunsandla

5. Jan 29 Templemore lic.
John Tingley x Soldier 41st John Tingley Tradesaman
Mary Anne Jackson x 18 Robert Jackson Labourer

6. Feb. 4 Templemore banns
Thomas Moore Soldier 55th Michael Moore Shoemaker
Eliza Cahill x 20 Thomas Cahill Police

7. March 12 Templemore cert.
Richard Howen x 23 Soldier 47th Thomas Howen Farmer
Mary English 21 Richard English Farmer

8. May 1 Templemore cert.
Robert Stone x 60 Pensionner John Stone Blacksmith
Susan Hodgins 50 Servant Jonathan Money Farmer

9. May 12 Templemore lic.
James Hartley Soldier Samuel Hartley Turner
Catherine Baker x Patrick Brereton Servant

10.May 26 Templemore banns
Tenjon Height Soldier Tenjon Height Servant
Maria Brough 16 Servant William Brough Soldier

11. June 12 Templemore lic.
John Blackburn Kane Clergyman John Kane G'man
Fanny Carden 17 Paul Kyffin Cardin Capt of Marines

12. July 29 Templemore cert.
William Slepy x Soldier 13th Samuel Slepy Shoemaker
Bridget White x Servant John Holfin Labourer

13. Aug 7 Templemore lic.
Arthur Fleming Merchant Athlone George Fleming Merchant
Frances Mathilda Guest 16 John Guest Gentleman

14. Aug 7 Templemore cert.
Henry Walsh 18 Soldier Edwin Walsh Cabinetmaker
Johanna Ryan x 17 John Ryan Labourer

15. Aug 5 Templemore cert.
Pelhan Asher Soldier 55th Henry Asher Carpenter
Mary Ann McLoughlin x Dennis McLoughlin Labourer

16. Aug 15 Templemore cert.
William Roberts x 19 Soldier 13th Matthew Roberts Labourer
Ellen Abaham x 18 Servant Joseph Abraham Labourer

17. Aug 20 Templemore cert.
Job Flac x Soldier 41st George Flac Labourer
Mary Ann Murry x Pat Murry Dealer

18. Sept 9 Templemore cert.
Robert Morgan x 20 Soldier 13th Stephen Morgan Mate
Honora Kichoan John Kichoan Labourer

19. Sept 10 Templemore cert.
Thomas Browne 36 Soldier 13th John Browne Gardenner
Margaret Curtis 26 Pat Curtis Pensioner

20. Nov. 27 Templemore lic.
George Gough Gubbins G'man Joseph Gubbins G'man
Elizabeth Bennett 19 John Bennett G'man

21. Dec. 22 Templemore cert.
William Fentham Sergt William Fentham Labourer
Jane Horry x James Horry Butcher

22. Jan 24 Templetouhy lic.
John King Head Constable James King Private
Jane Gray John Gray Parish Clerk

23. Sept 30 Templetouhy lic.
William Leake Clarke 29 G'man Loughmore Francis Leake Clarke Architect
Anne Jane Rudd 22 Minchin Rudd Mill Owner

24. April 10 Thurles cert.
Charles Mutha x 39 Soldier John Mutha Labourer
Margaret Miser x 23 Servant John Miser Labourer

25. April 24 Thurles cert.
Joseph Strangman 50 G'man Joshua Strangman Woolcomber
Jam Callaghan 25 Michael Callaghan Labourer

26. Nov. 4 Thurles banns
John Doran 29 Thomas Doran
Elizabeth Williams x 19 Joseph Williams Shoemaker

27. Nov. 14 Thurles cert.
James Tierney x 28 Labourer Templetuohy Timothy Tierney Labourer
Mary Treasey x 24 Servant James Treasey Carpenter

28. May 21 Thurles lic.
Samuel Scaltock 51 Capt. Richard Scaltock Master Builder
Ellen McKenna Lady Frazier McKenna Army Contractor

29. Aug 23 Thurles lic.
John Atkinson 28 Serg. 41st John Atkinson Cooper
Catherine Portis 16 Richard Portis Labourer


1. May 26 Glankeen lic.
John Frazer 25 Ex Police Constable Borrisleigh Alexander Frazer Farmer
Anne Pinchin 21 George W. Pinchin M.D.

2.July 14 Holy Cross lic.
John Hemplich Clergyman Moyne Glebe Samuel Hemplich Rector
Harriet Huleatt Grile House Hugh Brady Huleatt Clergyman

3.Feb 24 Kilcooley lic.
John Hill Woodlanger Joseph Hill Steward
Sarah Fleming 20 Grange Hill John Fleming Schoolmaster

4. April 21 Templemore
Patrick Beggin Segt. 88th Thomas Beggin Labourer
Eliza Kearney Hugh Kearney Tailor

5. Aug 24 Templmore lic.
Joseph Smith Segt 46th Joseph Smith Shoemaker
Rosanna Cooke Thomas Cooke Soldier

6. Sept 25 Templemore lic.
James Smee Soldier 3rd James Smee Labourer
Julia Doran 20 x Michael Dorna Farmer

7. Dec. 29 Templemore cert.
James Dunant x Soldier 46th John Dunant Smith
Margaret Purcell x James Purcell Labourer

8. Dec. 29 Templemore cert.
William McCormick x 20 Soldier 46th William McCormick Labourer
Sarah Qwinlisk  x 20

9. May 23 Thurles cert.
James Walsh 30 x Labourer William Walsh Labourer
Margaret Lawlor 20 x James Lawlor Cabinet maker

10. Dec. 10 Thurles lic.
Robert Coke Hardy Officer in Military Train Turtulla Robert Hardy Solicitor
Honoria Annie Dorthea Hobart Walter Hobart Gentleman

11. Aug 7 Burris lic.
Marmaduke Frazier Gentleman Glasgow Samuel Frazier Gentleman
Mary Margaret Mahsey Castle Burris William Charles Mahsey Gentleman

12. March 4 Thurles lic.
Andrew Graham Labourer Andrew Graham Farmer
Mary Ritchie 19 James Ritchie Steward


1. July 12 Khilfithmone banns
Alfred Green Woodranger James Green Woodranger
Mary High Joseph High Linenweaver

2. Jan 19 Templemore lic.
William Gill Engineer William Gill Farmer
Margaret Jane Hewson John Hewson Shopkeeper

3. March 2 Templemore banns
William Sandles Soldier 39th William Sandles Carpenter
Eliza Shanahan x Michael Shanahan Soldier

4. May 5 Templemore banns
James Gray Seerg. 46th James Gray Farmer
Eliza Martin Henry Bean Martin Tinworker

5. Oct. 5 Templemore banns
Henry Osborne Soldier 39th Walter Osborne Carpenter
Elizabeth Smart John Smart Farmer

6. Dec. 6 Templetuohy lic.
Paul Aitchison G'man James Aitchison G'man
Grace Emma Shortt John Shortt G'man


1. July 12 Kilfithmore lic.
Jonathon Atkinson 26 Groom Barnane Thos Atkinson Labourer
Jane Beacon 25 Housemaid Thos Beacon Labourer

2. July 14 Holy Cross lic.
William Clayton G'man Killarney William Clayton G'man
Jane Armstrong William Armstrong G'man

3. Oct. 5 Holy Cross banns
Charles Sheridan x Servant Farney Castle Thomas Sheridan Servant
Mary Anne Thorpe Servant John Thorpe Farmer

4. Feb. 9 Kilcooley
Peter Bible Farmer William Bible Farmer
Maria Smeltzer Philip Smeltzer Farmer

5. Oct. 13 Mealiffe lic.
William Ardill 40 Shopkeeper Thurles John Ardill Farmer
Catherine Elliot 19 Thomas Elliot Farmer

6. Jan. 25 Templemore banns
Francis Timms Soldier Francis Timms Carpenter
Barbara Smart 18 John Smart Steward

7. Sept 20 Templemore banns
Thomas Smith x Soldier 8th James Smith Painter
Bridget Kelly x Daniel Kelly Labourer

8. Nov. 19 Templemore lic.
Henry Wall Shepherd Jeremiah Wall Shepherd
Rebecca Patterson George Patterson Farmer

9. Dec. 29 Templemore lic.
Thomas Colbome Farmer John Colborne Farmer
Phobe Fitt John Fitt

10.Oct 8 Templemore lic.
Edward Jarvis Soldier 39th Thomas Jarvis Spinner
Margaret Brereton x Edward Brereton Labourer

11. Oct 13 Templemore cert.
Peter Bowme Soldier 18th James Bowme
Margaret Fahey x Michael Fahey Labourer

12. May 26 Burris lic.
William Melbourne Farmer Cuddagh, Queens Cty John Melbourne Farmer
Catherine Norris Ballymoran William Norris Farmer

13. July 20 Thurles lic.
John Newell Farmer William Newell Farmer
Sarah Cooke Arch. Cooke Gaoler

14. June 13 Thurles lic.
William Bible Farmer Kilcooly John Bible Farmer
Anne Butter Dressmaker Joe Wilson Farmer


1. Aug 2 Holy Cross lic.
George Lee Police Constable Stephen Lee Farmer
Margaret Allen 18 John Allen Sub constable

2. Mar 8 Kilcooley lic.
William Davis Shopkeeper William Davis Farmer
Elizabeth Sparling Samuel Sparling Farmer

3. Nov. 20 Moyne lic.
Henry Freeman Police constable Thomas Freeman Farmer
Maria Edwards Servant Issac Edwardsss Gardener

4. Feb. 2 Templemore banns
Felix Devlin Soldier 68th Patrick Devlin Labourer
Sarah Marshall x Michael Marshal Farmer

5. Feb 21 Templemore lic.
John Leak Soldier 86th Thomas Leak Bricklayer
Catherine May x Mark May Gardener

6. July 16 Templemore banns
Hiram Farar Soldier 39th John Farar Tailor
Eliza Allcock 19 x Thomas Allcock Shoemaker

7. Aug. Templemore banns
James Foreman x Soldier 18th John Foreman Labourer
Hannah McMahon x Terence McMahon Labourer

8. Aug 13 Templemore banns
Edward Dougan Soldier 16th Joseph Dougan Clerk
Marion Young x John Young Cooper

9. Sept 27 Templemore banns
George Leathan Soldier 86th George Leathan Labourer
Judith Ryan x Thomas Ryan Farmer

10. Dec. 3 Templemore banns
Soloman Smith x Tinworker Adam Smith Horsedealer
Margaret Jennings x James Jennings Tinsmith

11. Dec. 23 Templemore banns
John Butson Soldier 8th John Butson Road builder
Mary Anne Curren x William Curren Mason

12. Nov. 1 Templetuohy lic.
Thomas Higgs Instructor Thomas Higgs Secretary and Clerk
Jane Mason 19 Robert Mason Farmer

13. Jan 17 Thurles lic.
William Affleck Brown 40 Land Steward John Brown Farmer
Kate Cleary 21 Maid Brian Cleary Servant

14. April 26 Thurles lic.
Henry Whillaker Keeper James Whillaker Steward
Anne Levingston 21 Robert Levingston Baker

15. May 3 Thurles lic.
Armstrong Ward Shopkeepr George Ward Shopkeeper
Bessie Walpole 21 Francis Walpole G'man

16. June 29 Thurles lic.
Sexton Roane Sub constable Sexton Roane Farmer
Anne Jane Kuaggs James Kuaggs Shopkeeper

17 Jan 12 Burris lic.
William Cox Constable William Cox Farmer
Sarah Jackson Servant Issac Jackson Farmer

18. Feb 20 Burris lic.
James Russell Farmer Michael Russell Farmer
Mary Anne Uzell x Servant Kilkenny Adam Uzell

19. April 26 Burris lic.
John Hanna Constable Oliver Hanna Farmer
Mary Jane Alcock John Alcock Constable

20 Oct. 11 Thurles lic.
Georg Madden 25 Servant George Madden Tailor
Kate Murphy 21 x John Murphy Labourer


1. March 14 Holy Cross lic.
Edward William Cadwallader Lloyd Lt. 7th William Edward Lloyd Clergyman
Anna Wilson Edward Wilson Esq. G'man

2. Aug 22 Holy Cross lic.
Thomas Hipwell Farmer Thomas Hipwell Farmer
Mary Jane Jones John Jones Farmer

3. Jan 4 Templemore lic.
Sampson Willis Clerk Mullingar John Willis Shepherd
Emma Green Robert Green Printer

4. Feb 26 Templemore banns
Thomas Benbow Sergt. 8th Richard Benbow Labourer
Alice Mann William Mann Builder

5. March 2 Templemore lic.
Charles James Farrch Serg 16th John Farrch Clergyman
Alice Wade Thomas Wade Pensioner

6. March 25 Templemore
James Rodink Wilds Private 16th James Wilds Servant
Mary Elizabeth McCutchin Servant Joseph McCutchin Steward

7. May 7 Templemore banns
John William Cooly 29 Soldier 86th Stephen Cooly Shoemaker
Bridget Goslin x 23 James Ryan Labourer

8. May 20 Templemore banns
Fredrick Storms 35 Soldier 8th David Storms Labourer
Margaret Hanlot 25 Servant Joseph Hanlot

9. June 10 Templemore banns
Thomas Knowles 37 Soldier 16th John Knowles Cooper
Mary Morris x 21 Servant Edward Morris Labourer

9. June 10 Templemore banns
John Scott 20 Soldier 8th John Scott Carpenter
Anne Cottrill x 21 Servant William Cottrill Labourer

10. July 11 Templemore banns
William Ward Sergt 8th William Ward Butcher
Anne Wilson x Richard Wilson Tradesman

11. Aug 1 Templemore banns
Thomas Smith 24 Servant Thomas Smith Chemist
Anne Grimes 21 x Servant Richard Grimes Labourer

12. Sept 26. Templemore banns
John Woodham 33 x Private 66th John Woodham Labourer
Anne Higgins 22 x Servant John Higgins Labourer

13. Oct. 3 Templemore banns
John Wallace x Soldier 86th Peter Wallace Farmer
Margaret Balkan 16 x Servant Thomas Balkan Labourer

14. Oct. 24 Templemore banns
William Baden Soldier 8th John Baden
Ellen Lynch 18 James Lynch Labourer

15. Dec. 23 Templemore banns
Edward Coffee x Hatter Thomas Coffee Hatter
Marie Mara x Patk Mara Labourer

16. Aug 14 Thurles lic.
Phineas Hunt Clerk/Curate Thurles Phineas Hunt G'man
Agnes Elizabeth Gore-Jones Thurles John Gorejones

17. Sept 17 Thurles lic.
Issac Walsh Steward Jehemiah Walsh Farmer
Mary Landwirth 17 Joseph Landwirth Farmer


1. Dec. 19 Fennor lic.
James Holmes Servant Richard Holmes Corn merchant
Anne Despard Servant Alexander Despard Shoemaker

2. Sept 17 Kilfithmone lic.
Michael Reilly Policeman Richard Reilly Policeman
Ellen Jane Reddy Schoolmistress John Reddy Tradesman

3. Feb. 10 Glankeen lic.
Horace Allyn Lloyd 32 G'man Horatio Thomas Lloyd G'man
Georgina Mary Pinchin George W. Pinchin M.D.

4. Jan 30 Holy Cross lic.
Thomas Walker Buckley Farmer Benjamin Buckley
Catherine Little Jones John Jones Farmer

5. July 3 Holy Cross lic.
William Frederick Molloy 32 G'man Richard Molloy Merchant
Annie Molloy 30 Thomas Molloy Merchant

6. Oct 2 Holy Cross lic.
George Langley G'man Coalbrook Thomas Langley G'man
Katherine Elizabeth Peacoker George Peacoker Clergyman

7. Dec. 6 Holy Cross lic.
Joseph Thomas Wilson Gardenner Edward Wilson
Frances Maria Jones William Jones G'man Farmer

8. Jan 16 Templemore banns
Charles Gough Segt 8th Thomas Gough Farmer
Catherine Culbert 19 Servant James Colbert Servant

9. Feb 14 Templemore banns
John Smart Steward James Smart Steward
Hannah Evans Servant George Evans

10 Feb. 17 Templemore banns
William Dawbaorn x 41 Private 39th Thos. Dawbaorn Carpenter
Mary Fogarty x 32 Servant John Fogarty Labourer

11. Feb 20 Templemore banns
John Keay Corp 8th John Keay Publican
Ellen Wright Servant John Wright Shoemaker

12. Apr. 14 Templemore banns
James Finane x 30 Private 86th Thomas Finane Labourer
Ann McNally Servant Patrick McNally Pensioner

13. April 28 Templemore banns
Michael Daly 25 Private 26th James Daly Capt. Merchant Service
Eliza Sleavin x Labourer Michael Sleavin Labourer

14. May 16 Templemore lic.
Robert Hughes Serg 81st Robert Hughes Smith
Charlotte Mason Patrick Mason

15. May 26 Templemore banns
William Brooker 22 Private 8th John Brooker Gardenner
Catherine Carew x Joseph Carew Labourer

16.June 3 Templemore lic.
William Armitage Farmer William Armitage Farmer
Mary Anne Green Thomass Green Farmer

17. June 24 Templemore banns
John Frederick Crisp 21 Corp. 8th John Crisp Brass Founder
Mary Anne Colbert 18 x James Colbert Gardenner

18.Sept 30 Templemore banns
Joseph Thurman 22 Private 8th Thomas Thurman Labourer
Sarah Ryan x Servant Templemore Michael Ryan Labourer

19. Oct 9 Templemore banns
Allan Moss 41 x Private 86th Joseph Moss Weaver
Mary Booke x Servant Phillip Booke Labourer

20. Nov. 3 Templemore banns
Joseph Fosall 25 Private 8th Thomas Fosall Labourer
Hannan Britton x Michael Britton Carpenter

21. Nov. 7 Templemore lic.
Samuel Colbome 23 Constable John Colbome Farmer
Harriet Fitt John Fitt Saddler

22. Nov. 20 Templemore banns
William Smith Soldier 16th Wm. Smith Gardenner
Hannah Richardson Servant Abraham Richardson Labourer

22. Dec. 20 Templemore lic.
Charles Thomas Dench Commander R.N. Thomas Dench Capt. R.N.
Fanny Lloyd George Lloyd G'man

23. May 7 Thurles cert.
John Parks Clergy William Parks Weaver
Fanny Matthews x Thomas Port Shoemaker

24. Jan 13 Burris lic.
Joseph Wilson Farmer Joseph Wilson Farmer
Anne Martin John Martin Farmer

25. Oct. Thurles lic.
James McDonald Officer Inland Revenue James McDonald Artist
Emma Marsden 19 James Marsden Farmer


1. July 16 Fennor lic.
Thomas Smythe Farmer Henry Smythe Farmer
Maria Taylor John Taylor Farmer

2. April 24 Kilcooley lic.
Robert Ashby Farmer George Ashby Farmer
Catherine Doyle Nelson Doyle Valet

3. Nov. 16 Kilcooley lic.
John Morrison Subconstable John Morrison Farmer
Eliza Webster Thomas Webster Farmer

4. Dec. 3 Kilcooley lic.
Thomas Webster Farmer Thomas Webster Farmer
Susanna Cook x Peter Cook Farmer

5. Aug 8 Loughmore lic.
Henry Smith Labourer Henry Smith Farmer
Mary Murray x Servant Patrick Murray Farmer

6. Jan 15 Templemore lic.
Michael Albert Benoe Popo Lt 39th Michael Pope G'man
Amelia Whiteside John Whiteside Capt.

7. Jan 19 Templemore lic.
William Oakley Comercial Traveler William Oakley Farmer
Ellen Faircloth Shopkeeper Richard Faircloth Merchant

8. Feb 17 Templemore banns
Jermiah Cahill 20 Private 8th James Cahill Tailor
Mary Holmes x Servant Sloane Holmes Labourer

9. March 16 Templemore cert.
William McKenzie 22 Corp. 8th Richard McKenzie Bookbinder
Mary Anne Guilfoyle 22 x Dressmaker Daniel Guilfoyle Butcher

10. March 26 Templemore banns
Charles Rooney 20 Soldier 16th James Rooney Doctor
Ellen Hayes 20 Arthur Hayes Mason

11. March 30 Templemore lic.
Richard Augustine M. Franklin 50 G'man Farmer John Franklin Officer
Isabella Bennett 31 Theophilius Bennett G'man Farmer

12. Aprl 6 Templemore lic.
Thomas Wiseman Color Serg. 8th George Wiseman Tradesman
Sarah Wade 19 Thomas Wade Shopkeeper

13, Aprl 27 Templemore banns
William Dixon 26 x Private 8th William Dixon Labourer
Frances Mansfield x Workwoman Humphrey Mansfield Cattle Dealer

14. June 14 Templemore lic.
John Vesey Forde G'man Thomas Forde Barrister
Christina Elisabeth Munro 19 T. Munro Barrack Master

15. Aug 4 Templemore Cert.
Samuel Eastwood 25 Private 39th Stephen Eastwood Labourer
Mary Collins 24 x Servant Timothy Colllins Baker

16. Sept 23 Templemore lic.
James Murray 23 Private 8th James Murray Shopkeeper
Mary Ward 20 Servant Parents unknown

17. Dec. 22 Templemore lic.
Charles Mathewson Williams Sergt 81st William Williams Traveler
Elisabeth Sealy Fraser 19 James Fraser Soldier

18. Jan 15 Thurles lic.
William McGlue Farmer John Mc Glue Farmer
Hannah Maria Cooke Archibald Cooke Gaoler

19 . Aug 18 Thurles cert.
Adam Leichaser Teacher Thomas Leichaser Shopkeeper
Mary Ann Rudd 19 x Servant George Rudd Labourer

20 May 30 Thurles cert.
Luke Flood Pensioner Luke Flood
Catherine Murray 20 Thomas Murray Painter

21. July 16 Thurles cert.
John Churd 26 Corp. James Churd Farmer
Jane Wade 23 Thomas Wade Pensioner