Protestant Marriages Roscrea

Registrar District 1845-1863
Contributed by Timothy Boderck

The civil registration entries are handwritten. The quality varies enormously. They were written by different clergy in different parishes at different times. Some are beautifully written and perfectly legible. Others are very faint seemingly random scrawl and are only semi or indecipherable. Consequently if the name you are looking for is similar, it may be one of your own, especially in Templemore. The manner in which the names are spelled below is no guarantee as to the way they are currently spelled or, indeed, the way they were "correctly" spelled then.  (The source is LDS film of the civil registration entries)

Line one is Date. Place. Whether married by banns or license.
Line two is groom, occupation, residence, father of groom. His occupation.
Line three is bride, occupation, residence, father of bride, his occupation.
The x after the name means that they signed their name with an x and were presumably illiterate.


1. Aug 5 Bourney lic.
Thomas Davis Farmer William Davis Farmer
Margaret Sany x John Hodgins Farmer

2. Dec 30 Bourney lic.
Whitfield Howard x Cottier Thomas Howard Labourer
Mary Farrell x Servant James Farrell Labourer

3. July 8 Dunkerrin lic.
Michael Carroll 27 Policeman Patrick Carroll Farmer
Louise Wright 23 Corker Wright G'man

4. Oct 7 Dunnkerrin lic.
Thomas Smith 23 Farmer John Smith Farmer
Sarah Jackson 22 John Jackson Steward

5. Nov. 26 Dunkerrin lic.
James Hodgins Pensioner Thomas Hodgins Farmer
Jane Clancey Richard Clancey Farmer

6. Nov. 28 Dunkerrin lic.
John Locke Servant Richard Locke Farmer
Elizabeth Cooper Edward Cooper Farmer

7. Sept 8 Ettagh lic.
John Dudley Servant
Margaret Latchford Servant

8. April 14 Roscrea banns
John Davis Weaver Joseph Davis Weaver
Margaret Williams

9. April 14 Roscrea banns
Richard Davis x Farmer
Jane Lupton x Francis Lupton Cottier

10. May 9 Roscrea lic.
John Glynn 20 Mechanic
Mary Haslam Millinier James Haslam Farmer

11. May 12 Roscrea lic.
John Sadlier
Sarah Emily Abbott

12. May 22 Roscrea lic.
John Williams Serg. 66th
Sarah Oben Charles Harte G'man

13. Aug 22 Roscrea lic.
Benjamin Whelan Carpenter William Whelan Carpenter
Dora Frazer Millinier Robert Frazer Farmer

14. Sept 16 Roscrea lic.
Joseph Stephens Serg. 52nd Thomas Stephens Bootmaker
Deborah McGuiness Henry McGuiness Policeman

15. Oct 21 Roscrea lic.
Joseph Davis 20 Farmer George Davis Farmer
Frances Gorman 18 James Gorman Farmer

16. Nov. 27 Roscrea lic.
William White Shoemaker William White Shoemaker
Elizabeth Broone William Broone Shoemaker

17. Dec 27 Roscrea lic.
Charles Whittaker Soldier 77th Charles Whittaker Clerk
Margaret Murphy x James Murphy Farmer

18. Dec. 29 Roscrea lic.
Patrick Donnelly Soldier 69th Neal Donnelly Weaver
Ellen Quirk 20 x Servant John Quirk Servant

19 May 18 Shinrone lic.
Thomas West Policeman Mack West Farmer
Catherine Quigley Thomas Quigley Steward

20 June 15 lic.
Matthew Lindsay 28 Constable Borrison Thomas Lindsay Farmer
Anne White 19 John White Petitioner

21. Dec 16 Rathdowney
William Loughmore 23 x Soldier Patrick Loughmore Farmer
Margaret Nolan 25 James Nolan Labourer


1. May 7 Aghananon
Henry Jackson Farmer James Jackson Farmer
Sarah Crowley George Crowley Farmer

2. Aug 27 Aghanon lic.
Samuel Galbraith G'man Andrew Galbraith G'man
Catherine Drought James Drought G'man

3. Feb. 9
Joshua Smith 28 Servant Joshua Smith Farmer
Jane Browne 25 Dunkerin Joseph Browne Schoolmaster

4. Feb 19 Bourney lic.
George Robinson Policeman Alexander Robinson Steward
Isabella Armstrong Millinier William Armstrong Policeman

5. June 13 Bourney lic.
Thomas Moynahan Farmer Thomas Moynahan Farmer
Margaret Pratt John Pratt Farmer

6. Feb 26 Bourney lic.
Samuel White Farmer John White Farmer
Ellen Wales Jeremiah Wales Farmer

7. Sept 18 Bourney lic.
Joseph Griffith G'man Joseph Phillip Griffith Clergyman
Eliisa Roe George Roe G'man

8. Nov. 28 Bourney lic.
George Grey Farmer James Grey Farmer
Martha Richardson John Richardson Farmer

9. Dec. 9 Dunkerin banns
William Green Labourer Thomas Green Farmer
Sally Healy Luke Healy Farmer

10. July 30 Killuloe lic.
Daniel Aititon G'man
Anna Marie Moffatt G'woman

11. Sept 3 Roscrea lic.
James Harlam G'man Richard Harlam G'man
Louisa Jackson Francis Jackson G'man

12. Sept 4 Roscrea lic.
Matthew Connor Servant Dennis Connor Steward
Anne Lupton Servant Francis Lupton Farmer

13. Sept 29 Roscrea lic.
Matthew Magarbey Doctor Matthew Magarbey G'man
Sarah Rudd Toppin Rudd Millowner

14. Nov. 18 Roscrea lic.
Edward Walsh Agent John R. Walsh Farmer
Marianne Donaldson Fullmouth Donaldson Farmer

15. May 19 Shimone banns
Robert Culbert x Farmer Samuel Culbert Farmer
Charlotte Lovey x Sam Lovey Farmer

16. Sept 30 Shinone lic.
Robert Whitten x Farmer Thomas Whitten Farmer
Elisa Stenger x Wiliam Stenger Farmer

17. Dec. 17 Shimone banns
Thomas Bannon 23 Farmer Daniel Bannon Farmer
Deborah Rivington 25 Farmer Thomas Rivington Farmer

18. Dec. 31 Shimone banns
Henry Wallace Farmer Richard Wallace Farmer
Mary Blackwell Will Blackwell Farmer

19. Feb. 20 Templeharry lic.
Michael Shea Shoemaker John Shea Shoemaker
Sarah Lovey Frank Lovey Farmer

20. June 12 Templeharry banns
Henry Cury Shoemaker William Curry Shoemaker
Grace Hayes John Rogers Farmer

21. Aug 5 Moneygall lic.
Thomas Proud 31 Tradesman G. Proud Tradesman
Mary Anne Dagg 18 Richard Dagg Farmer

22. Sept 19 Rathesman lic.
Robert Carney Tailor Richard Carney Tailor
Mary Carter Robert Carter

23. March 20 Skeirke lic.
Lionel Edward Jacob Fitzgerald Trader Jacob Fitzgerald Farmer
Isabella Mitchell Richard Mitchell Farmer

24. July 18 Skeirke lic.
John Henry Howard Farmer Thomas Howard Farmer
Mary Robinson William Robinson Ploughman

25. Feb 2 Roscrea lic.
John Fitzpatrick Labourer John Fitzpatrick Farmer
Susan Pratt Landholder Robert Williams Mason

26. Feb 10 Roscrea lic.
Richard Benn Farmer Kinglsey Benn Farmer
Mary Anne Gavin Peter Gavin Farmer

27. Feb 16 Roscrea lic.
Robert Wilkenson Private 75th Samuel Wilkinson Farmer
Anne Casey Stay maker Benjamin Casey Labourer

28. May 9 Roscrea lic.
Daniel Ross Pensioner 2nd John Ross Farmer
Margaret Conlan Servant Timothy Bradley Farmer

29. May 9 Roscrea lic.
Dennis Conroy Servant Patrick Conroy Labourer
Anne Basketfield Servant James Basketfield Steward

30 Sept 19 Roscrea lic.
William Giles Farmer Allan Giles Farmer
Judy Maher x Michael Maher Farmer

31. Oct 14 Roscrea lic.
Samuel Spencer x Labourer Henry Spencer Servant
Johanna Delany x Timothy Delany Shoemaker


1. Aug 3 Aghamon lic.
James Cavanagh 45 Farming implement maker Charles Cavanagh Farmer
Catherine Shekelton 23 John Slekleton Farmer

2. Nov. 23 Aghamon lic.
Samuel Drought Farmer John Drought G'man
Sarah Balcher William Balcher Farmer

3. Feb 15 Bourney lic.
Large MacFarrow Farmer George MacFarrow Farmer
Alice Richardson John Richardson Farmer

4. May 15 Dunkerrin lic.
James Murphy Policeman Thomas Murphy Farmer
Maria Roe Servant Theophilius Roe Esq.

5. June 23 Dunkerrin lic.
Edward Pritchard Servant Edward Pritichard Servant
Ellen Cooper Servant John Cooper Shoemaker

6. Nov. 4 Dunkerrin lic.
John Minchin Esq. William Minchin Clerk
Clementia Holmes Lady John Woods Esq.

7. Jan 10 Killaloe banns
Thomas Brown x Soldier
Sarah Wallace x William Wallace Proprieter

8. April 14 Ettagh banns
John Evans Corporal
Eliza Monks

9. Aug 2 Killaloe lic.
John Kinahan x Farmer
Sally Shaw x

10. Oct 20 Killaloe lic.
Francis Drought G'man Francis Drought G'man
Eliza Matthews Thomas Matthews G'man Farmer

11. Feb. 1 Killaloe lic.
George Dempsey x
Anne Shaw

12. Jan. 9 Roscrea lic.
John Henry Peacock Corp 52nd Thomas Peacock Clerk
Anne Sparling Paul Sparling Tradesman

13. Jan 23 Roscrea lic.
Martin Gallagher x Private 70th John Gallagher Labourer
Eliza Lane Lawrence Lane Tradesman

14. Feb 3 Roscrea lic.
William Donovan Farmer Falmouth Donovan Farmer
Jane Talbot 18 John Talbot Farmer

15. Feb 12 Roscrea lic.
John Shaw Farmer John Shaw Farmer
Mary Smallivan William Smallivan Hotel

16. Feb 15 Roscrea lic.
William Fairbrother Farmer James Fairbrother Farmer
Sarah Fairbrother Issac Fairbrother Farmer

17. Feb 16 Roscrea banns
Samuel Francis Private 70th Thomas Francis Servant
Anne Brierly x Srimpton Brierly

18. June 21 Roscrea lic.
Henry Mullins Matchmaker Dublin John Mullins
Anne Leach Thomas Leach Steward

19. July 2 George Birch G'man Georg Birch G'man
Marion Roe William Roe Rector

20 Sept 14 lic.
Thomas Stuart x Soldier 64th Charles Stuart Farmer
Mary Givens x Edward Givens Farmer

21. Dec. 21 Roscrea lic.
Thomas Harte G'man Charles Harte G'man
Sarah Watson John Watson Physician

22. Shimone banns
William Proud Farmer James Proud Farmer
Mary Doolan Charles Doolan

23. Jan 21 Templeharry lic.
John Healey Farmer James Healy Farmer
Margaret Healey Shopkeeper John Healy Shopkeeper

24. July 12 Templeharry lic.
David Gleeson G'man William Gleeson Doctor
Eliza Whitelaw Lady John Whitelaw G'man

25. Oct 21 Templeharry lic.
Andrew Jones Clergyamn Francis Jones Clergyman
Charlotte Smith John Smith G'man

26. Aug 25 Rathdowney banns
John Cormack RC 21 x Labourer Michael Cormack Labourer
Anne Kilcommon RC 24 x Michael Kilcommon Labourer

27. Nov. 11 Rathdowney lic.
Richard Fenton 31 Farmer Richard Fenton Esq.
Tempe Harte 34 John Harte Surgeon

28. Dec 13 banns
Edmond Conway x 26 Labourer Thomas Conway Labourer
Margaret Mulhal 24 x John Mulhal Farmer

29. Dec 21 lic.
Lawrence William Nowlan Farmer
Jane Roe Theopilius Roe Farmer

30. Aug 4
Andrew Lane Officer Cork John Lane G'man
Rebecca Pratt Robert Pratt Farmer

31. Oct 13 Roscrea cert.
William Gill Mason James Gill Stone mason
Eliza Wells Servant William Wells Farmer

32. Oct 30 Roscrea lic.
Michael Minton Victualler John Minton Farmer
Constance Wright William Wright Shopkeeper


1. July 6 Aghaneon lic.
George Greene Farmer John Greene Farmer
Mary Dunne Hilner Dunne Farmer

2. Jan 5 Bourney lic.
Joseph Williams Shopkeeper Thomas Williams Shopkeeper
Ellen Martin John Martin Farmer

3. Feb 18 Corbally lic.
Henry Cooke Farmer Peter Cooke Farmer
Sarah Crampton John Crampton Farmer

4. Nov. 30 Corbally lic.
Samuel Clegg Farmer George Clegg Farmer
Anne Davis George Davis Farmer

5. March 1 Dunkerrin lic.
Thomas Woods MD Thomas Woods Esq.
Helen Jane Rolleston Charles Rolleston Esq.

6. Feb 1 Killaloe lic.
George Dempsey x Farmer
Anne Shaw

7. Feb 6 Roscrea Banns
William Curtis Soldier 55th John Curtis Labourer
Mary O'Shaughansey John O'Shaughansey Labourer

8. Feb 22 Roscreaa lic.
Thomas Rivington Farmer Thomas Rivington Farmer
Anne Parkinson John Parkinson Farmer

9. Mar. 2 Roscrea lic.
Joseph Reed Soldier 53rd Joseph Reed Tradesman
Bridget Quinlan John Quinlan Labourer

10. Mar 4 Roscrea lic.
John Elliott Farmer Robert Elliot Farmer
Margaret England Richard England Farmer

11. Mary 23 Roscrea lic.
William Deakes G'man John Deakes G'man
Sarah Ryan James Ryan G'man

12. June 1 Roscrea lic.
Jonathon Adams Private 59th John Adams Labourer
Ann Matthews James Matthews Labourer

13. July 7 Roscrea banns
James Quiser Private 59th James Quiser Farmer
Maria Calhoun Servant Michael Calhoun Gardenner

14. July 19 Roscrea lic.
Thomas Cobbs Farmer William Cobbs Farmer
Alice Clayton Langley Clayton Farmer

15. Sept. 5 Roscrea lic.
John Armitage Merchant James Armitage Cabinetmaker
Eliza Theason James Theason

16. Sept 21 Roscrea banns
Michael Noonan Private 59th Michael Noonan
Anne O'Shea

17. Oct 16 Roscrea lic.
John Ryall Pensioner George Ryall
Eliza Stans Servant James Stans Steward

18. Nov. 20 Roscrea lic.
Jonathon Levens Corp 59th Ben Levens
Anne Rascell

19. Dec 27 Roscrea lic.
William Wilson Corp 59th Thomas Wilson Farmer
Mary Evans 19 Henry Evans Shoemaker

20. Mar 7 Shinrone lic.
Richard Dancer G'man Joshua Dancer G'man
Ellen Smith Devaynes Simith G'man

21. July 5 Shinrone banns
James Gill Mason Will Gill Mason
Jane Moore John Moore Gardiner

22. Dec. 11 Shinrone lic.
Thomas Shaw Policeman retired Thomas Shaw Farmer
Jane Kenny Roger Kenny Labourer

23. Nov. 3 Templeharry banns
William Sommers Farmer Thomas Sommers Farmer
Mary Sympson x John Sympson Farmer

24. Feb 14 Donoughmore banns
James Ekens Gardiner William Ekens Farmer
Jane Peele John Peele Cabinetmaker

25. Mar 7 Rathdowney lic.
Stephen Proctor Farmer Stephen Proctor Farmer
Mary Stanley Robert Staneley Farmer

26. June 16 Simon Proctor 22 Farmer Stephen Proctor Farmer
Elizabeth McClean Robert McClean Farmer

27. Roscrea lic.
Nathaniel Boyan 36 Borderwell Keeper George Boyan Farmer
Sarah Pierson Henry Pierson Farmer

28. Jan 3 Roscrea lic.
Robert McElveny Private Revenue Police William McElveny Policeman
Catherine Allen x Arthur Allen Coach Driver

29. Feb 16 Roscrea lic.
James Baker x Private 55th Joseph Baker Labourer
Catherine Brenton x Patrick Brenton Servant

30. Mar 10 Roscrea lic.
Thomas Vaughan Labourer John Vaughan Labourer
Mary Delany Servant Cornelius Delany Pensioner

31. May 23 Roscrea lic.
Robert Bruce Steward Robert Bruce Steward
Judith Owens James Owens Farmer

32. July 13 Roscrea lic.
John Healy Shoemaker John Healy Shoemaker
Ellen Davis x Thomas Davis Shopkeeper

33. July 19 Roscrea cert.
George H. Beardsall Private 59th Francis Beardsall Leamaker
Honorah Grace Patrick Grace Postillion

34. Aug 5 Roscrea cert.
Thomas Anderson x Labourer William Anderson Labourer
Mary Chambers x Richard Chambers Labourer

35. Sept 4 Roscrea cert.
Joseph Baxter Serg. 59th John Baxter Gamekeeper
Catherine Gilmartin x John Gilmartin Farmer

36. Sept 11 Roscrea cert.
Thomas Brook x Tailor Thomas Brooks Labourer
Anne Mack x Edward McAboy Bootmaker

37. Sept 30 Roscrea cert.
James Nevills Private 59th James Nevills Carpenter
Elisabeth Walsh Dressmaker William Walsh Painter

38. Oct 10 Roscrea lic.
William Somers Labourer Thomas Somers Weaver
Mary Simpson x John Simpson Soldier

39. Nov. 18 Roscrea lic.
George Gill Mason William Gill Mason
Lucy Saunders Henry Saunders Pensioner

40. Dec. 30 Roscrea lic.
Thomas Palmer Farmer Thomas Palmer Farmer
Margaret Wale x Joseph Wale Farmer


1. Aug 21 Killaloe
William Hughes 20 Sergeant Joseph Hughes G'man
Sarah Midley 18 Benjamin Midley G'man

2.Dec 12 Aghamanon banns
John Stinger Labourer John Stinger Gardenner
Anne Drought William Belcher Labourer

3. Jan 3 Burris lic.
William C. Frend Esq. George Frend Esq.
Harriet Georgina Charlotte Garvey George Garvey Esq.

4.Feb 6 Corbally lic.
William Haslom Farmer James Haslom Farmer
Phebe Benn Fully Benn Farmer

5. Aug 7 Corbally lic.
Richard Dyson Traveller William Dyson
Ann Collery 17 Cornelius Collery Schoolmaster

6. Dec 10 Corbally banns
Stephan Spain Labourer William Spain Blacksmith
Eliza Lanes Servant John Lanes Soldier

7. Mar 8 Dunkerrin lic.
James Coughlan 30 Farmer James Coughlan Farmer
Ellen Armitage 30 Benjamin Armitage Farmer

8. Aug 11 Dunkerrin banns
Benjamin Draper 26 Farmer Richard Draper Farmer
Catherine Mullally 20 x Con. Mullally Farmer

9. Jan 23 Roscrea lic.
James Persses Farmer Samuel Persses Farmer
Martha Armstrong

10. Jan. 30 Roscrea banns
Richard Goodson Private 59th Richard Goodson Labourer
Mary Dunnes Lukes Dunnes Clothier

11. Jan 31 Roscrea lic.
Thomas Gardiner Merchant Thomas Gardiner Postmaster
Eliza Whittier Edward Whittier Farmer

12. April 23 Roscrea lic.
George Carter Dublin Adam Carter Farmer
Sarah Lewes Robert Lewes Clerk

13. May 11 Roscrea lic.
Edward Smith Storekeeper John Smith Clerk
Margaret Woods Thomas Woods Farmer

14. Sept 26 Roscrea lic.
James Gill Farmer John Gill Farmer
Jane Haslem James Haslem Farmer

15. Nov. 16 Roscrea lic.
Timothy Bridges G'man William Bridges G'man
Kate Powell Nathaniel Powell MD

16. Nov. 13 Roscrea lic.
Edward Hefferman Pensioner William Hefferman
Hannah Chapman Richard Chapman Shoemaker

17. Sept 12 Shinrone lic.
Arthur Satton Clergyman
Anna Hammersley G'woman Richard Hammersely Magistrate

18. Jan 18 Templederry lic.
James Hunt Farmer John Hunt Farmer
Caroline Foster Schoolmistress Issac Foster

19.July 18 Templederry lic.
Joseph Meehan Policeman Teramer Meehan Farmer
Cath Boston William Boston Policeman

20. Aug 25 Templederry lic.
J. Leslie Stawell Clerk J. Stawell Esq.
Francis Smyth John Smith Esq.

21. July 2 Rathdowney lic.
Walter Atkins Police Inspector Edward Atkins Capt.
Martha Harte John Harte Surgeon

22. April 23 Rathdown lic.
William Batawell Solicitor Andrew Batawell
Christina Hurte Charles Hurte G'man

23. July 2 Skirks lic.
Thomas Seigh Schoolmaster Thomas Seigh Farmer
Mary Ann Down Alex Down Labourer

24. March 30 Roscrea lic.
Robert Lacke Farmer Robert Lacke Farmer
Alicia Rudd Gordon Rudd Farmer

25.Jan 17 Roscrea lic.
John Griffiths Private 59th William Griffiths Labourer
Mary Ann Baldwin James Baldwin Pensioner

26.Feb 22 Roscrea cert.
James Weight x Private 59th Adam Weight Labourer
Ellen Driscoll John Driscoll Painter Glazier

27. Feb 22 Roscrea lic.
Edward Guy Farmer Patrick Guy Farmer
Deborah Richardson William Hodgens Farmer

28. March 3 Roscrea lic.
James Cooper x Servant John Cooper Soldier
Sarah Davis x Robert Davis Farmer

29.April 11 Roscrea cert.
John Sullivan Labourer Michael Sullivan Tailor
Mary Whelan x Servant Patrick Whelan Labourer

30. June 22 Roscrea cert.
John Williams x Farmer William Williams Weaver
Mary Harrison x Servant Thomas Harrison Farmer

31.Aug 8 Roscrea lic.
Thomas Landsdale Private 49th John Landsdale Labourer
Johanna Osmond Servant Omond Labourer

32. Aug 20 Roscrea lic.
William Smith Corp. 49th William Smith Shopkeeper
Margaret Smith Servant William Smith


1. Aprl 14 Aghnaean lic.
Thomas Roane miller William Roane Farmer
Florence Woods Gilbert Woods Farmer

2. Oct 24 Corbally lic.
John Parr x Tanner James Parr Tanner
Ellen Odlum x John Odlum Farmer

3. Jan 31 Ettagh lic.
Thomas Benn 30 Farmer Fritwmoth Benn Farmer
Mary Jane Bereton 21 John Brereton Farmer

4. June 22 Ettagh lic.
William Alexander 25 Farmer John Alexander Farmer
Susan Roane 22 Sexton Roane Mason

5. Sept 23 Ettagh lic.
Jonathon Tailor Land steward Andrew Tailor Farmer
Maria Felton 18 Francis Felton Land steward

6. Jan 3 Roscrea lic.
Benjamin Whelan Carpenter Thomas Whellan Carpenter
Eliza Chapman Richard Chapman Shoemaker

7. Jan. 15 Roscrea lic.
Thomas Dunne Cooper William Dunne
Jane Carry William Carry

8. May 22 Roscrea lic.
William Hamilton Billhanger John Hamilton
Mary Clinton 19 Arthur Clinton Pensioner

9. Nov. 5 Roscrea lic.
John Peasoy Farmer Joseph Peasoy Farmer
Maria Fairbrother James Fairbrother Farmer

10. Jan 26 Shinrone banns
Denis Somers Tailor William Somers Labourer
Susan Boate Servant Gerald Boate Schoolmaster

11. April 15 Templehearry lic.
James Powell Policeman Daniel Powell Cabintetmaker
Mary Hackett Thomas Hackett Painter

12. Nov. 21 Templeharry lic.
Dorothea Savage Lady Rev. William Minchin Clerk
Rev. James Hildebrand Clerk Rev. J.B. Hildebrand Clerk

13. Sept 30 Rathdowney lic.
John Cooker Constable John Cooker Farmer
Margaret Jane Finley Joshue Finley Serg. of Police

14. Feb. 2 Roscrea lic.
Juan Ross Farmer Juan Ross Farmer
Mary Ryan Daniel Ryan Steward

15. Feb. 8 Roscrea lic.
Robert Smith G'man George Smith Farmer
Judith Farrell x Patrick Farrell Farmer

16. Feb. Roscrea lic.
Richard Larke Farmer Thomas Larke Farmer
Catherine McClean Thomas McClean Farmer

17. Feb 12 Roscrea lic.
Lawrence Jones Clerk Thomas Jones Doctor of Physics
Sarah Shea Cornelius Shea Shopkeeper

18. April 23 Roscrea lic.
William Hurst Carpenter George Hurst Farmer
Jane Davis x John Davis Farmer

19. Aug 29 Roscrea cert.
Thomas Neale Blacksmith James Neale Blacksmith
Sarah Chambers Richard Chambers Labourer

20. Oct 24 Roscrea cert.
William Armstrong Labourer Willima Armstrong Labourer
Anne Kennedy x Thomas Kennedy Labourer

21. Nov. 22 Roscrea cert.
William Bowley x Labourer Issac Bowley Soldier
Ellen Abraham x Nicholas Abraham Farmer

22. Dec. 6 Roscrea cert.
Peter Bolger Private 5th Matthew Bolger Butcher
Mary Cummins x John Cummins Labourer


1. Oct 8 Aghaneon lic.
John Fairbrother Farmer Fairbrother Farmer
Eliza Green John Green Farmer

2. Mar. 24 Burrisnafarny lic.
Edward Short Farmer John Short G'man
Jane Wells William Wells G'man Farmer

3. July 2 Kellaloe lic.
Daniel Swanson Baker D. Swanson Farmer
Anne Sadlier John Sadlier Gardiner

4. July 26 Bourney lic.
Samuel White Farmer John White Farmer
Ellen Wall Jeremiah Wall Farmer

5. March 4 Corbally lic.
John Talbot Farmer John Talbot Farmer
Susan Parr Thomas Parr Farmer

6. July 4 Corbally lic.
Richard Odlum Farmer John Odlum Farmer
Jane Dubley Richard Dubley Miller

7. Oct 4 Dunkerrin lic.
Robert Cruise 49 Lisduff Robert Cruise
Grace Carry 35 John Hayes Farmer

8. Dec 30 Ettagh banns
John Reed Labourer Abraham Reed Labourer
Bridget Egan Servant John Egan Labourer

9. Feb 22 Roscrea lic.
Henry Wall Farmer Henry Wall Farmer
Mariasha Hinds Thomas Walkins Farmer

10. April 24 Roscrea banns
James Richie Soldier 49th Thomas Richie Weaver
Eliza Barry 20 Richard Barry Farmer

11. April 24 Roscrea banns
William Paterson Soldier 49th Joseph Paterson Labourer
Bridget Morgan John Morgan Carpenter

12. April 26 Roscrea lic.
Paul Henry Dawson Medical Practitioner William Dawson G'man
Dorthea Downes 19 William Downes Doctor

13. Jun 8 Roscrea banns
John Foster Soldier 49th George Foster Labourer
Clarinda Lydes William Lydes Tailor

14. Jun 12 Roscrea lic.
John Evans G'man William Evans G'man
Dora Palmer 20 Sandford Palmer G'man

15. Oct 27 Rocrea banns
John Holland x Private 49th William Holland Carpenter
Anne Brisely x Henry Brisely Shoemaker

16. Dec 8 Roscrea banns
Robert Dewar Soldier 49th John Dewar Gardiner
Johanna Callaghan x Timothy Callaghan Labourer

17. Dec 20 Roscrea lic.
Robert Whitaker Serg. Police George Whitaker Farmer
Eliza Fairbrother James Fairbrother Farmer

18. June 16 Shinrone lic.
George Hodgens Farmer George Hodgens Farmer
Kate Woods 20 Thomas Woods Farmer

19. Dec 10 Rathdowney lic.
George Frederick Pollack Barrister Frederick Pollack
Frances Diana Herbert Henry Herbert Clerk

20. April 24 lic.
John Simon Booth Tutor Geoge Booth G'man
Sarah Jane Southern George Southern G'man

21. Sept 2 Roscrea lic.
George England Farmer Richard England Farmer
Honora Hawley x John Hawley Farmer

22. Sept 17 Roscrea cert.
William James Private 49th George James Labourer
Anne Collins x William Collins Labourer

23. Oct 8 Roscrea lic.
William Cunningham Bootmaker John Cunningham Bootmaker
Catherine Burton x James Burton Farmer


1. Nov. 9 Bourney lic.
John Moloy Farmer Thomas Moloy Farmer
Elizabeth Hewson Farmer Thomas Hewson Farmer

2. Feb 17 Corbally lic.
George Dudley Farmer John Dubley Farmer
Susan Piercy x William Piercy Farmer

3. Jan 9 Roscrea lic.
Paul Henry Nihel Salesman Paul Nihel Doctor
Dora Talbot Richard Talbot Clerk

4. Feb 24 Roscrea lic.
George Bennett Farmer George Bennett Farmer
Sarah Haslan James Haslan Farmer

5. Feb 24 Roscrea lic.
John Pall Farmer Thomas Pall Farmer
Eliza Fairbrother Issac Fairbrother Farmer

6. May 11 Roscrea lic.
Joshua Lord Soldier 47th Joshua Lord
Elizabeth Holmes John Holmes

7. May 21 Roscrea lic.
John McGennis Shopkeeper William McGennis
Eliza Shell Thomas Shell

8. Sept 14 Roscrea lic.
John Matthew Shoemaker Thomas Matthews Weaver
Sarah Chapman Thoms Chapman Shoemaker

9. Sept 14 Roscrea lic.
Samuel Stanley Farmer Robert Stanley Farmer
Sarah Carry Robert Carry Farmer

10. Nov. 18 Roscrea lic.
Joseph Stephens Serg. Thomas Stephens Bootmaker
Elizabeth Armstrong George Johnston Farmer

11. Feb 11 Shinrone lic.
Robert Sargent 23 Solicitor
Bessie Hammeersley 22 Richard Hammersley Magistrate

12. Feb 2 Templeharry lic.
Michael Hunt Farmer Moneygall William Hunt Farmer
Mary Anne Gettings 18 E___ Gettings Farmer

13. May 25 Templeharry lic.
Edward Algemon Blackett Royal Navy Christopher Blackett G'man
Lucy Minchin William Minchin Clerk

14. Mar 15 Donoghmore banns
Samuel Watson Farmer Samuel Watson Carpenter
Frances England x Joseph England Farmer

15. Nov. 9 Skirke banns
William Johnston Servant Edward Johnston Labourer
Catherine Shelly James Shelly Smyth

16. Jan 1 Roscrea cert
Robert McClean Farmer Thomas MacClean Farmer
Ellen McClean Thomas McClean Farmer

17. Feb 18 Roscrea lic.
Patrick Murphy Shoemaker John Murphy Shoemaker
Elizabeth Farley x Dressmaker John Farley Tailor

18. Sept 21 Roscrea cert.
Edwin Noble Lance Corp. 68th Mack Noble Tailor
Ann Cavanagh Dressmaker John Cavanagh Mason

19. Dec 10 Roscrea cert.
John Grogan Servant John Grogan Labourer
Phoebe McClean x John MacClean Farmer


1. Jan 7 Bourney lic.
John Wale Farmer Jeremiah Wale Farmer
Fanny Drought 20 Farmer Richard Drought Farmer

2. Jan 7 Bourney lic.
William Backmiller Policeman William Backmiller Farmer
Margaret Armstrong William Armstrong Police

3. April 6 Corbally lic.
John Parr Steward James Parr Labourer
Anne Bethell x Francis Bethelll Brewer

4. April 29 Corbally lic.
John Armstrong Constable William Armstrong Sergeant
Frances Davis George Davis Farmer

5. Dec 29 Corbally lic.
John Fawls Medical Profession John Fawls Medical Profession
Muriella Carter Andrew Carter Distiller

6. July 20 Dunkerrin lic.
John Drought G'man John Drought G'man
Frances Spunner Henry Spunner G'man

7. Mar 29 Ettagh lic.
George Austin Clerk Edward Austin Bootmaker
Harriet Roane Servant William Roane Landholder

8. Mar 29 Ettagh lic.
James Delahunt Farmer James Delahunt Smith
Mary Davis Thomas Davis Farmer

9. June 7 Ettagh banns
Thomas Robinson Labourer Thomas Robinson Farmer
Eliza Colabourne Needlewoman John Colabourne Farmer

10. June 7 Ettagh banns
James Stones Subconstable William Stones Farmer
Margaret Fagan John Fagan Mason

11. July 20 Ettagh lic.
Frederick Adolphus Gunn Merchant of New York Thos. Gunn Farmer
Elizabeth Gertrude Fayle William Fayle G'man Farmer

12. Dec. 14 Roscrea banns
John Tully Private 68th James Tully Labourer
Anne Graham Patrick Graham Labourer

13. April 11 Roscrea lic.
William Hutchinson Servant Richard Hutchinson
Mary Chapman John Chapman Shoemaker

14. April 15 Roscrea lic.
Emanuel John Hardman Apothecary Emanuel Hardman Farmer
Fanny Rudd William Rudd Clerk

15 Oct 6 Roscrea lic.
William Neil 29 Subconstable Michael Neil Farmer
Eliza Carry 25 Robert Carry Farmer

16. Jan Shinone lic.
Robert Sargent 23 Solicitor
Bessie Hammersly 22 Richard Hammersley Magistrate

17. Jan 20 Shinrone banns
William Spencer 22 Servant Henry Spencer Servant
Margaret Doolan 18 Dressmaker Thomas Doolan Shopkeeper

18. Feb 15 Shinrone lic.
Christopher Smithson 40 Tailor Christopher Smithson Tailor
Lesey Bun 40 Nursemaid

19. April 11 Shrirone banns
Hugh Carry 31 Shoemaker Hugh Carry Tailer
Jane Blackwell 20 William Blackwell Farmer

20. Shinrone
William Rothwell Police serg. Andrew Rothwell Farmer
Elizabeth Kennedy James Kennedy Parish Clerk

21. Nov. 17 Shinrone lic.
John Dwyer Capt. 14th Francis Dwyer Lawyer
Aime Davis WW Savage Rector

22. Jan 21 Templeharry lic.
Maxwell Murray Pensioner George Murray Gardiner
Mary Anne McNeese Schoolmistress Henry Ellis Farmer

23.Feb 3 Templeharry banns
William Davis Labourer John Davis Labourer
Susanna Stanly Housemaid Robert Stanly Labourer

24. Feb 3 Donaghamon lic.
William Pratt Carpenter John Pratt Carpenter
Margaret Pearson Housemaid James Pearson Weaver

25. April 30 Donaghmon lic.
William H. Lawlep Barrister William Lawlep Brig.General
Mary Jane Skerrett Joseph Marcus Skerrett

26 Jun 13 Rathdowney lic.
John Lackington John Lackington Woolcomber
Maryann Kinahan Thomas Kinahan Farmer

27. Nov. 3 Rathdowney lic.
William Ellis Clerk Robert Ellis Farmer
Sophia Ellliot William Elliot Farmer

28. April 4 Roscrea lic.
William Alexander Gordon Schoolmaster Alex. Gordon Pensioner
Lucinda White George White Sadler

29. May 19 Roscrea cert.
Thomas Smith x Private 55th John Smith Labourer
Kate Lowry x Dressmaker Thomas Lowry Labourer

30. Jun 18 Roscrea cert.
Stephen Killahy x Labourer Hugh Killahy Labourer
Mary Armstrong x Servant Thomas Armstrong Labourer

31. Sept 1 Roscrea cert.
William Gibson x Private 55th Robert Gibson Labourer
Julia Taylor x John Taylor Church clerk


1.Aug 19 Corbally lic.
James Davis Farmer George Davis Farmer
Frances Davis Richard Davis Farmer

2. Aug 18 Corbally lic.
George Thickelton George Thickelton Farmer
Mary Ann Carrey William Carrey Farmer

3. Nov. 19 Corbally lic.
William Brereton Gatekeeper John Brereton Farmer
Mary Cotton George Whitford Labourer

4. July 27 Dunkerrin lic.
William Maguire Constable James Magurie Farmer
Sarah Maguire John Patrick Farmer

5. Sept 15 Dunkerrin lic.
John Hayes Merchant Humphries Hayes Merchant
Eiza Hayes John Hayes G'man

6. March 13 Ettagh lic.
Issac Fetherston Constable James Fetherston Farmer
Frances Brereton John Brereton Farmer

7. Apr 2 Ettagh lic.
Robert Stewart Shoemaker Samuel Stewart Pensioner
Mary Ann Elizabeth Heuron Bernard Heuron Pensioner

8. June 18 Ettagh lic.
Michael Marks Printer Michael Marks Soldier
Fanny Alexander x Anthony Alexander Farmer

9. July 11 Ettagh lic.
Henry Dooly Innkeeper George Dooley Innkeeper
Jane Brien John Brien Shopkeeper

10. Nov. 2 Ettagh lic.
Robert Coghlan Farmer Thomas Coghlan Farmer
Ann Haughton Servant George Haughton Farmer

11. Nov. 11 Ettagh lic.
Richard Haslam Farmer James Haslam Farmer
Lydia Jackson John Jackson Farmer

12. May 10 Roscrea lic.
Robert McGennis Tailor Henry Mc Gennis Shoemaker
Margaret Chapman Richard Chapman Shoemaker

13. May 30 Roscreea banns
William Hodgens Labourer George Hodgens Blacksmith
Mary Anderson x John Anderson Labourer

14. July 11 Roscrea lic.
Samuel Talbot Farmer Richard Talbot Clerk
Frances Fenn Robert Fenn Clerk

15. Aug 11 Roscrea lic.
James Rudd Painter Thomas Rudd Tailor
Jane Chapman Richard Chapman Shoemaker

16. Oct 11 Roscrea lic.
George Mills Constable William Mills Farmer
Fanny Burris James Burris Farmer

17. Feb 27 Shinrone banns
William Alloway Labourer William Alloway Shoemaker
Anne Rennison Servant William Rennison Labourer

18. March. 27 Shinrone banns
James Keogh Servant Connor Keogh Farmer
Rebecca Stanley x Servant Robert Stanley Labourer

19. Aug 11 Shinrone lic.
James Grant Gardiner Thomas Grant Farmer
Ellen Nixon Servant George Nixon Farrmer

20. July 6 Templeharry lic.
John Lewis Farmer Jevin Lewis Farmer
Anne Willis Farmers daughter Joseph Willis Farmer

21. April 18 Rathdowney lic.
John Richards Painter Edward Richards Farmer
Mary Orange James Orange Carpenter

22. June 12 Rathdowney lic.
William Watson Farmer Thomas Watson Farmer
Elizabeth Talbot Benjamin Talbot Farmer

23. Dec. 22 Rathdowney lic.
George Lacke Farmer Robert Lacke Farmer
Sarah Jane Hanna John Hanna Schoolmaster

24. Jan 5 Roscrea lic.
John Renison Labourer William Renison Tailor
Ellen Armstrong James Armstrong Labourer

25. Feb 28 Roscrea lic.
Thomas Barton Carson Medical Student Andrew Carson Excise Officer
Jane Anne Acres Robert Acres G'man


1. Aug 12 Aghaneon lic.
Richard Evans Merchant James Evans Merchant
Catherine Drought Wm. Drought Farmer

2. Nov. 28 Banrony lic.
John Hewson 22 Farmer James Hewson Farmer
Catherine Pratt 20 Derry John Pratt Farmer

3. Feb. 20 Corbally lic.
George Egan Labourer Rockforest George Egan Pensioner
Catherine Fermoyle x Thomas Fermoyle Labourer

4. June 14 Corbally lic.
Robert Dempsey Farmer Templemore Charles Dempsey Farmer
Jane Colburn x Cappalaghly John Colburn Farmer

5.June 29 Corbally lic.
Richard Piercy Farmer Tinderry Christopher Piercy Farmer
Mary Anne Draper James Draper Farmer

6. July 10 Corbally lic.
James Joyce Birch G'man Birch Grove George Birch G'man
Mary Warburton Mount Bulton Richard Warburton G'man

7. March 17 Dunkerrin lic.
Adam Ralph x Farmer Adam Ralph Farmer
Mary Dubley Ballyreagh Joseph Dubley Farmer

8.May 16 Ettagh lic.
John Kennedy Farmer Shinrone James Kennedy Farmer
Eliza Green J. Greene Farmer

9. Dec. 14 Ettagh lic.
Thomas Keele Shoemaker Birr Thomas Keele Shoemaker
Eliza Treacy Thomas Treacy Shoemaker

10. April 18 Roscrea lic.
Charles Frederick Marne Doctor Galbally, Limerick John Marne Doctor
Eliza Mary Acres Miles Park Adam Acres G'man

11. April 23 Roscrea banns
Thomas Sweeny x Pensioner John Sweeny Shoemaker
Catherine x Michael Heron Labourer

12. June 5 Roscrea lic.
Andrew Glass Miller Andrew Glass Miller
Fidelia Richardson George Gordon Richardson G'man

13. Aug. 18 Roscrea lic.
John Meddows Soldier George Meddows Blacksmith
Jane Brierly Henry Brierly Shoemaker

14. Oct. 2 Roscrea lic.
Edward Brierly x 20 Shoemaker Henry Brierly Shoemaker
Mary Walsh 18 Henry Walsh Labourer

15. Feb. 19 Shinrone Lic.
James Armitage Farmer Cool Row Benjamin Armitage Farmer
Alicia Day Lady Shinrone William Day Shoemaker

16. July 12 Shinrone lic.
Charles Greenway Clergyman Lancashire, England Charles Greenway G'man
Frances Sophia Holmes Lady Shinrone Charles Holmes G'man

17. Dec. 5 Shinrone banns
John Robinson x Labourer Thomas Robinson Attorney Clerk
Ellen Connors x Labourer John Carroll Labourer

18. Jan. 16 Donaghmor Banns
Samuel Richards Labourer Rathhowney John Richards Labourer
Elizabeth McDermott House Maid Coolfinns Wm. McDermott Weaver

19.March 29 Rathdowney lic.
Charles Thompson G'man Alexander Thompson Solicitor
Thomasine Elizabeth Hubert Johnstown Glebe Henry Hubert Clerk

20. Dec. 27 Rathseran lic.
Thomas Drought Farmer Golden Grove, Ettagh John Drought Farmer
Maria Sothern Grogan Cottage George Southern G'man

21. March 29 Roscrea Cert.
Thomas Lippy x Labourer Kilmurry John Lippy Labourer
Mary Armstrong x Servant Shinrone James Armstrong Labourer

22. June 14 Roscrea lic.
Robert Coughlan Labourer Kilmurry Richard Coughlan Labourer
Mary Ann Gill Servant Kilmurry William Gill Stone Mason

23. July 12 Roscrea Lic.
Thomas Hutchinson x Gardener Kyle Thomas Hutchinson Farmer
Jane Davis x Servant Kyle Frank Lipton Farmer

24. Aug 11 Roscrea lic.
Benjamin Harrison Herdsman Dunkenin William Harrison Herdsman
Mary Reed x Richard Reed Farmer

25. Nov. 14 Roscrea lic.
Timothy Bryan Shopkeeper James Bryan Farmer
Anne Maddin Michael Maddin Shopkeeper

26. Dec. 28 Roscrea cert.
William Phelan x Servant Borrisinosnery Edward Phelan Labourer
Hannan Abraham x Servant Nicholas Abraham Labourer


1. June 2 Aghanean lic.
Jacob Fairbrother Farmer Frank Fairbrother Farmer
Jane Green John Green Farmer

2. Jan 8
James Campbell Connolly Clergyman Woolwich J.C.Connolly G'man
Lydia Anne Garney George Garney Esq. G'man

3. Jan. 8 Corbally lic.
William Wall Farmer William Wall Farmer
Francis Parr 17 Thomas Parr Farmer

4. Jun 25 Dunkerrin lic.
John Guest Farmer John Guest Farmer
Maryanne Armitage William Armitage Farmer

5. Jully 16 Dunkerrin lic.
John Whitford Farmer Richard Whitford Farmer
Jane Reed 18 Richard Reed Farmer

6. Oct 8 Dunkerrin lic.
William Whitford 27 Farmer Richard Whitford Farmer
Jane Hayes 18 James Hayes Farmer

7. Sept 15 Ettagh lic.
John Armstrong 25 Segt. of Kings Militia Joseph Armstrong Shoemaker
Maria Larkin 17 William Larkin Writing Clerk

8. Dec. 23 Ettagh lic.
James McCarroll 22 Boot&Shoe John McCarroll Bootmaker
Elizabeth Sophia Hawksley 19 William Hawksley Gunsmith

9. May 21 Roscrea banns
Walter Henry Sands x 23 Private 47th William Sands Baker
Mary Jennings 20 x Patrick Jennings Labourer

10. Jun 16 Roscrea lic.
James Tailer x Private 13th James Tailer Painter
Elizabeth Whelan Thomas Whelan Carpenter

11. July 22 Roscrea banns
William Holums x Private 41st William Holums Labourer
Mary Hensey x 20 Patrick Hensey Farmer

12. Aug 4 Roscrea banns
William Harris x Private 41st William Harris Tradesman
Ellen Carry x 15 William Carry Shoemaker

13. Sept 22 Templeharry lic.
Joseph Willison Farmer Thomas Willison Farmer
Mary Hayes Farmers daughter Benjamin Hayes Farmer

14. Sept 19 Donaghmon banns
Thomas Hewson Labourer Joe Hewson Farmer
Eliza Farrell John White Shoemaker

15. Jan 16 Rathdowney lic.
Hugh Kidney Serg of Police ____? Kidney Farmer
Margaret Hall William Hall Shopkeeper

16. Jun 23 Rathdowney lic.
Jonathon Danne Farmer Jonathon Farmer
Elizabeth Moynahon Nathaniel Moynahan Farmer

17. Dec 18 Rathdowney banns
Richard Evans x Labourer Richard Evans Farmer
Elizabeth Armitage Benjamin England Shopkeeper

18. Nov. 20 Rathdowney lic.
Samuel Richards Labourer John Richards Farmer
Jane Simpson x Servant Hugh Simpson Farmer

19. Nov. 6 Rathsaran lic.
Daniel Kennedy x Farmer Patrick Kennedy Farmer
Margaret Donald George Donald Farmer

20. Oct 21 Skunke lic
John Leonart G'man George Leonart G'man
Jane Paine Wentworth Paine G'man

21. Jan 21 Roscrea lic.
John Stanley Servant Thomas Stanley Steward
Mary Rochford x Servant Michael Rochford Labourer

22. June 26 Roscrea lic.
James Renison Labourer William Renison Butcher
Bridget Hogan Servant Michael Hogan Labourer

23. Aprl Roscrea lic.
William Wall Farmer Joseph Wall Farmer
Anne Fawcett Servant Goeorge Fawcett Farmer

24. Jun 9 Roscrea lic.
Thomas Brandon Saddler Thomas Brandon Harnessmaker
Winifred Whelan x Dressmaker Michael Whelan Farmer

25. Aug 5 Roscrea cert.
Charles Read Private 13th William Read Cabinetmaker
Ellen Lyons x Dennis Lyons Tailor

26. Aug 26 Roscrea lic.
Christopher Greham Clerk Thomas Greham Clerk
Susan Roberts George Roberts Farmer

27. Nov. 7 Roscrea cert.
Patrick Manus x Labourer James Manus Labourer
Hona Walsh x Labourer Issac Walsh Tailor


1. Oct 12 Cloghanson, Kings lic.
John Drought Farmer Ballybilt John Drought Farmer
Frances Borthwick Thomas Borthwick Farmer

2. Feb. 12 Bourney lic.
Joseph Draper Farmer Killea Wm. Draper Farmer
Elisa Hewson 20 Clonahenry James Hewson Farmer

3. Feb 19 Bourney lic.
Thomas Hewson Farmer Clonahenry Thomas Hewson Farmer
Sarah Roe Ballyhilly Robert Roe Farmer

4.Feb. 23 Corbally lic.
Willliam Shephard Ploughman William Shephard Farmer
Hannah Hynes x John Hyne Farmer

5. Aug 6 Corbally lic.
Hugh Hamon Mapry O'Grady G'man Doon Walter O'Grady
Eliza Tilina Maria Hutchinson William Hutchinson G'man

6. Feb 24 Ettagh lic.
William Roane Farmer Sexton Roane Mason
Sarah Lewis Issac Mathews Farmer

7. June 1 Ettagh lic.
William Bray 34 Farmer James Bray Farmer
Eliza Manning 20 Thos. Manning Farmer

8. Aug 6 Ettagh lic.
Robert Bulfin Farmer Robert Bulfin Farmer
Jane Clements John Clements Farmer

9. Nov. 2 Ettagh lic.
Daniel Pye Groom Francis Pye Tradesman
Anne Lalor James Lalor Tradesman

10. Feb. 25 Roscrea lic.
James Willwood Farmer Robert Willwood Farmer
Elizabeth Talbot John Talbot Farmer

11. Feb 23 Roscrea lic.
Thomas Dunn Farmer Rolalnd Dunn Farmer
Harriet Fairbeither James Fairbeither Farmer

12. June Roscrea lic.
Adam Elliott Farmer Robert Elliot Farmer
Anne Whitton 20 Edward Whitton Brazier

13. Aug 6 Roscrea lic.
William Baskerville Pensioner Benjamin Baskerville Farmer
Sarah Armstrong x William Armstrong Farmer

14. Aug 22 Roscrea lic.
William Patrick Church clerk Daniel Patrick Farmer
Mary Anne Wilding George Wilding Tobacconist

15. Aug 24 Roscrea Banns
Francis Sadlier Servant Francis Sadlier Farmer
Mary Anne Morgan x Randolph Morgan Labourer

16. Apr 15 Shinrone lic.
Joseph Harrison Commerical Traveler Dublin Samuel Harrison R. Navy
Jane Kent Richard Kent Farmer and Woolen Manufacturer

17. Aug 13 Shinrone lic.
William Smith Farmer William Smith Farmer
Eliza Grant 19 John Grant Farmer

18. Feb 16 Templekerry banns
John Smith Labourer George Smith Labourer
Anne Burke 19 Thod Burke Labourer

19. May 20 Rathdowney lic.
William McClean Farmer Thos. McClean Farmer
Jane Evans William Evans Carpenter

20. Sept 14 Rathdowney lic.
John Otler Officer John Oltler
Susan Finlay Joshua Finlay Poor Law collector

21. Nov. 24 Rathdowney lic.
George Martin Herd John Martin Herd
Mary Howard Dressmaker Joseph Howard Smith

22. Sept 24 Rathrarane
John Armstrong Sub constable Caspar William Armstrong Farmer
Martha Cobbe Joseph Cobbe Constabulary Pensioner

23. April 13 Roscrea cert.
Patrick Bergin Farmer Pierce Bergin Farmer
Deborah Pratt William Pratt Farmer

24. May 4 Roscrea cert.
Thomas Gill Mason Richard Gill Mason
Mary Spooner Servant William Spooner Labourer

25. Aug 22 Roscrea lic.
William Murphy Servant John Murphy Labourer
Sarah Jane Pratt Servant John Pratt Farmer

26. Sept 4 Roscrea lic.
John Collier Labourer John Collier Gardener
Maria Piercey x Christopher Piercey Weaver

27. Sept 27 Roscrea Lic.
William Hayden Labourer Micheal Hayden Labourer
Margaret Killachy Hugh Killachy Labourer

28. Oct. 1 Roscrea lic.
Henry Spencer x Labourer Henry Spencer Servant
Maria Welsh x Labourer Richard Welsh Labourer

29. Oct. 12 Bourney lic.
James Kelly Policeman John Kelly Farmer
Alice Anne Reilly Richard Reilly Constable

30. Nov. 27 Bourney lic.
Joseph Lalor Farmer Wm. Lalor Farmer
Elizabeth Wallace x 22 John Wallace Farmer


1. Jan 6 Burrisshafarney lic.
Geoge Gee Painter George Gee Farmer
Eliza Rodgers Andrew Rodgers Hosier

2. Feb 16 Bourney lic.
James Hewson 27 Farmer James Hewson Farmer
Mary Bennett 21 William Bennett Farmer

3. Feb. 16 Bourney lic.
James Parsons 25 Farmer John Parsons Schoolmaster
Elira Davis 21 Thomas Davis Farmer

4. Oct 12 Bourney lic.
Saul Kingseley x Farmer William Kingseley Farmer
Susan McFarren x Sarge McFarren Farmer

5. July 15 Corbally lic.
Ferdinand Robinson Farmer George Robinson Farmer
Susan Giles 18 Allen Giles Farmer

6. July 1 Dunkenan lic.
John Spanner Farmer George Spanner Farmer
Susan Farmer x Robert Farmer Farmer

7. Dec. 5 Dunkerrin lic.
John Armitage Farmer John Armitage Farmer
Mary Delhunty Thomas Davis Farmer

8. April 14 Roscrea lic.
George White Shopkeeper Thomas White Shopkeeper
Jane Hill Thomas Hill Cutter

9. June 8 Roscrea lic.
Rowland Beatty Policeman Christopher Beatty Farmer
Sarah Reddy John Reddy Farmer

10. June 14 Roscrea lic.
George Smyth Shoemaker William Smyth Shoemaker
Eliza Chapman John Chapman Shoemaker

11. Sept 9 Shinrone lic.
Martin Abberton Farming man Francis Abberton Farmer
Maria Murphy Servant Peter Murphy Farmer

12. Dec. 14 Shinrone lic.
Andrew Morrow Policeman William Morrow Farmer
Phebe Kennedy James Kennedy Church Clerk

13. June 18 Templeharry lic.
John Wright Bowles Clergyman Spottwood Bowles Esq. JP
Eliza Andrews Lady John Andrews Esq. JP

14. July 22 Templeharry lic.
Thomas Maroney Farmer Thomas Maroney Farmer
Mary Williams Farmer's daughter Robert Williams Farmer

15. May 8 Roscrea lic.
Richard Smith x Servant James Smith Farmer
Jane Lamb x Servant Nelson Lamb Labourer

16. Feb. 12 Rathdowney lic.
James Evans Postman John Evans Pensioner
Mary Pureale Servant William Pureale Labourer

17. July 8 Roscrea cert.
William Davis Labourer Joseph Davis Farmer
Elizabeth Orange x Labourer James Orange Farmer

18. Oct. 2 Roscrea cert.
Edward Thompson Labourer Thomas Thompson Labourer
Maria Searson x Thomas Searson Farmer


1. Oct 8 Bourney lic.
John Stanley x 30 Labourer Richard Stanley Farmer
Honor Kelly x 30 Servant John Kelly Farmer

2. Apr 30 Corbally lic.
James Grant Ploughman Timoney John Grant Farmer
Sarah Drought x William Belcher Farmer

3. Nov. 13 Corbally
Golden Roberts Soldier James Robert Steward
Honora Mullins 19 Michael Mullins Schoolmaster

4. March 4 Ettagh, King's lic.
George Mitchell 40 Farmer Marlborough Mitchell Farmer
Anne Davis 30 Thomas Davis Farmer

5. Oct 27 Ettagh, King's lic
William Sheppard Tenant farmer Peter Sheppard Farmer
Lydia Sheppard Peter Sheppard Carpenter

6. Dec. 1 Roscrea lic.
Robert Smith Servant Killbeggan, Westmeath Thomas Smith Steward
Eliza Wakeley John Wakeley Tailor

7. Oct. 20 Shimone lic.
William Barber Farmer George Barber Farmer
Maria Hayes George Hayes Farmer

8. Nov. 3 Shinmone lic.
Henry Taylor Labourer Henry Taylor Farmer
Ellen Price Servant William Price late Head Constable

9. Mar. 5 Templekerry, Kings lic.
Thomas Reed Farmer Joseph Reed Farmer
Jane Ralph Farmer's daughter John Ralph Farmer

10. May 26 Templeharry, Kings lic.
Joseph Willis Farmer George Willis Farmer
Peggy Haskett Servant Henry Augehey Farmer

11. Nov. 14 Rathsaran, Queen's lic.
George Sothern G'man Grogan Cottage George Sothern G'man
Mary Jane Chamberlain Knockfiune Joseph Chamberlain G'man


1. May 15 Aghaneon Kings County lic.
Benjamin Stanley Gardener Thomas Stanley Farmer
Matilda Thompson Joseph Thompson Slater

2. Nov. 17 Aghaneon lic.
John Watkins Labourer Edward Watkins Labourer
Hannah Parker Samuel Parker Shopkeeper

3. Sept 11 Bourney lic.
Bernard Keenan 39 Police Constable Bernard Keenan Farmer
Phebe Orr 27 Dressmaker John Orr Stewart

4. Sept 5 Bourney lic.
John Ely 22 Farmer Rob Ely Farmer
Mary Anne Pratt 19 George Pratt Farmer

5. Sept 12 Bourney lic.
Robert Davis 26 Farmer Thomas Davis Farmer
Anne Moynahan 19 x George Moynahan Farmer

6. Dec 1 Bourney lic.
Alexander McCleane Farmer Thomas McCleane Farmer
Eliza Draper x Iad Hewson Farmer

7. Feb 16 Corbally lic.
William England Farmer Mount Stanton Richard England Farmer
Elizabet Stephenson Shinrone George Johnston Farmer

8. Dec. 10 Corbally lic.
James Stewart Rice Clergyman John Rice Gentleman
Annie Georgina Sarah Wolfenden 16 Henry Wolfenden Clergyman

9. June 8 Ettagh lic.
John Ward Constable Thomas Ward Farmer
Catherine Henzy 20 Thomas Henzy Steward

10. June 26 Ettagh lic.
John Manning Farmer Thomas Manning Farmer
Eliza Miller William Miller Farmer

11. Nov. 21 Ettagh lic.
Calest Saunders Painter Thomas Saunders Farmer
Alice Hardin James Hardin Farmer

12. Nov. 26 Ettagh lic.
William Bruce Dent Sergt Kings Cty militia Edward Dent Soldier
Margaret Hawksley William Hawksley Gunsmith

13. Feb. 2 Roscrea lic.
Robert Samuel Pyle Shopkeeper Robert Pyle Shopkeeper
Emma Rudd Tappin Rudd

14. May 29 Roscrea lic.
John Piercy x Labourer William Piercy Farmer
Bridget Phelan x James Phelan Labourer

15. Oct 22 Roscrea banns
George Stubbings Corporal James Stubbings Labourer
Mary Fox John Fox

16. July 12 Templeharry lic.
John Hamilton Cox Lt. Col. William Cox Major
Mary Hall Andrews Lady John Andrews Esq.

17. May 18 Donaghmore lic.
William Lyster G'man Thomas Lyster Merchant
Mary Anne Kennedy Richard Kennedy Clerk

18. Feb. 4 Rathdowney lic.
Richard Evans Farmer William Evan Carpenter
Maryanne Moynahan Farmer's daughter William Moynahan Farmer

19. Oct. 3 Rathdowney lic.
Robert P. White G'man Robert White G'man
Olivia Herbert Henry White Vicar

20. Nov. 5 Rathdowney lic.
Henry Pratt Farmer Richard Pratt Farmer
Susan Evans William Evans Carpenter


1. Feb. 11 Bourney lic.
Thomas Eades Shopkeeper Thomas Eades Tradesman
Maryanne Lawler 18 Joseph Lawler Farmer

2. April 23 Bourney lic.
Samuel White 24 Farmer John White Farmer
Maria Parsons 24 John Parsons Schoolmaster

3. Feb. 4 Corbally banns
David Orr Shoemaker Joseph Orr Soldier
Martha Mullins Lawrence Mullins Slater

4. May 21 Corbally lic.
Robert Keayes Farmer William Keayes Farmer
Susan Middleton Nicholas Middleton Farmer

5. June 1 Corbally lic.
Edward Hewson Farmer James Hewson Farmer
Margarett Burnnett William Burnnett Farmer

6. Sept 5 Corbally lic.
William Kennedy Tailor Archibald Kennedy Mechanic
Jane Giles John Giles Farmer

7. Sept 26 Corbally lic.
Joseph Stanley Farmer John Stanley Farmer
Martha Piercey William Piercey Farmer

8. Dec. 16 Corbally banns
John McComb Tailor John McComb Tailor
Jane Carroll John Carroll Soldier

9. July 10 Ettagh lic.
William Talbout Farmer John Talbout Farmer
Harriet Brereton Thomas Brereton Farmer

10. Aug 31 Ettagh lic.
George Mannion Servant Thomas Mannion Labourer
Deborah Hodgins Servant William Hodgins Porter

11. Jan 12 Roscrea lic.
Richard Chapman x Richard Chapman Shoemaker
Mary Anne Whelan Thomas Whelan Carpenter

12. April 9 Roscrea lic.
John Perry Serg 1st Royals John Perry Carpenter
Ellen Grace James Grace Serg.

13. Aug 20 Roscrea lic.
Thomas Chapman Shoemaker Thomas Chapman Shoemaker
Eliza Lawler Edward Lawler Schoolmaster

14. Feb. 7 Shinrone lic.
Charles H. Minchin Esq. William Minchin Esq.
Ellen Gavan James Gavan Farmer

15. July 31 Shinrone lic.
Edward Morgan Banker Patrick Morgan Police Inspector
Francis Lydia Jane Webb

16. Aug 1 Shinrone lic.
George Bailey Esq. Robert Bailey Clergyman
Alice Anne Abbott

17 May 16 Templeharry lic.
Thomas Fauks 58 Clerk Arthur Fauks Clerk
Eliza Hassett 40 John Hassett Farmer

18. March 19 Rathdowney lic.
Samuel Cole Servant Richard Cole Farmer
Esther O'Brien Servant Thomas O'Brien Tradesman

19. Oct 20 Rathdowney lic.
Edmund Moynahan Labourer Nathaniel Moynahan Labourer
Sarah Pratt James Pratt Farmer

20. April 19 Roscrea cert.
William Heads x Private 1st Royal John Heads Labourer
Mary Anne Sweeney Labourer Ferris Sweeney Bootmaker

21. April 29 Roscrea lic.
Henry Elliot Farmer Robert Elliot Carpenter
Margaret Carden John Carden Farmer

22. Nov. 11 Roscrea cert.
Stephen Loughman x Labourer Patrick Loughman Labourer
Kate Mc Keogh x Servant William McKeogh Policeman


1. Feb 19 Bourney lic.
John Wesley 50 Steward William Wesley Steward
Margaret Culbert 35 x Servant Rody Armytage Steward

2. Sept 18 Bourney lic.
John Hodgins 25 x Farmer James Hodgins Farmer
Susan England 25 x Servant Rodolphin England Farmer

3. Oct. 6 Corbally lic.
William Tate Farmer Thomas Tate Head Constable
Jane Anne Colbourne William Colbourne Farmer

4. Dec. 15 Cobally banns
William McComb 24 x Tailor William McComb Tailor
Susan Mossop 23 x William Mossop Farmer

5. June 14 Dunkerrin lic.
Theobald Richard Wolfe Esq. John Wolfe Esq.
Caroline Rebecca Rolleston James Rolleston Esq.

6. June 21 Ettagh lic.
Septimus Sherson Connell Capt 21st James Connell G'man
Sarah Annie Lloyd Hardress Lloyd G'man

7. Dec. 10 Ettagh lic.
Thomas Hynes x Servant John Hynes Farmer
Mary Henghter 23 x George Henghter Farmer

8. July 22 Roscrea lic.
Jospeh Sheppard 20 Labourer Joseph Sheppard Labourer
Eliza England 19 John England Labourer

9. Oct 13 Roscrea lic.
George Hayes 59 Farmer George Hayes Farmer
Mary White 46 x Radcliffe Reed Mason

10. Jan 29 Shinrone lic.
Samuel Alexander Farmer John Alexander Farmer
Susan Stanley 18 James Stanley Farmer

11. Jan 18 Templeharry lic.
Robert Lidwell Brown Esq. John Brown Esq.
Margaret Cradock Sheldon Cradock Colonel

12. May 22 Templeharry lic.
John Morton Esq. William Morton Esq.
Anne Hall Andrews William Andrews Esq.

13. Nov. Templeharry lic.
John Hayes Farmer son Humphrey Hayes Farmer
Tryphona Hayes Benjamin Hayes Farmer

14. Dec 3 Templeharry lic.
Thomas Colbert x Ploughman Richard Colbert Labourer
Anne Taylor 18 x James Taylor Sexton

15. Nov. 11 Donaghmore lic.
Joseph Butler Farmer Joseph Butleer Farmer
Jane Richardson Servant John Richardson Farmer

16. April 24 Rathdowney banns
Henry Armitage x Labourer John Armitage Farmer
Ellen Evans Richard Evans Labourer

17. April 24 Rathdowney lic.
John Stanley Farmer Robert Stanley Farmer
Alicia Mitchell Richard Mitchell Farmer

18. Oct 23 Rathdowney lic.
Ephraim Stewart Mitchell Farmer Richard Mitchell Farmer
Jane Pearson Henry Pearson Farmer

19. July 3 Roscrea lic.
William Dermody x Postboy James Dermody Labourer
Betty Delany x Servant Benjamin Bakersfield Labourer

20. July 5 Roscrea cert.
John Hefferman Pensioner 55th William Hefferman Hatter
Margaret Ferns x Peter Ferns Sawyer

21. Oct 16 Roscrea cert.
John Boland Tailor Patrick Boland Tailor
Bridget McCombs John McCombs Tailor


1. March 2 Corbally banns
Saul Willoughby Farmer William Willoughby Farmer
Anne Davis x Robert Davis Farmer

2. Feb 19 Dunkerrin lic.
Robert Thompson Subconstable Christy Thompson Farmer
Susan Russell James Russell Labourer

3. May 11 Roscrea lic.
Francis Lufton x Labourer Frances Lufton Farmer
Elizabeth Holdbrook Richard Holdbrook Butcher

4. Aug 3 Roscrea lic.
George McCullogh Policeman John McCullogh Farmer
Margaret Chapman Thomas Chapman Shoemaker

5. July 23 Shinrone lic.
Freeman Barton Shopkeeper John Barton Farmer
Susanna Guest John Guest Farmer

6. Nov. 26 Shinrone lic.
William Spencer Steward Thomas Spencer Steward
Elizabeth Grant Servant John Grant Farmer

7. Mar. 12 Rathdowney lic.
Alexander Metcalf Tradesman George Metcalf Slater
Elizabeth Hannihan Charles Hannihan Shoemaker

8. Nov. 29 Rathdowney banns
George Wilson x Labourer unknown
Dora Evans x Richard Evans Labourer

9. Mar. 10 Roscrea cert.
James Wallon x Carpenter James Wallon Carpenter
Anne Ferns x James Ferns Labourer