Westmeath Wills

File Description Size Date Contributor
Bannon, Patrick July 26, 1818 (father: Michael living at Bellfield)
3K May 2019 Rosalind Dunning
Fagan, Christopher March 13, 1783 (of parish of Mullingar, brother Thomas)
2K Feb 2019 Rosalind Dunning
Finn, James Glover February 2, 1833 (wife: Eliza nee Kelly) 7K Mar 2018 Rosalind Dunning
Finn, Luke Glover October 12, 1830 (brother James, sisters: Eliza & Maria) 3K Mar 2018 Rosalind Dunning
Glennon, Mary Ann Ray November 3, 1851 (now residing in Atholone)
2K Mar 2019 Rosalind Dunning
Kelly, James June 10, 1825 (names brothers Patk, Charles, John sister Mary & others) 4K Nov 2017 Rosalind Dunning
Kennedy, John June 1, 1802 (brother: James
3K Dec 2019 Rosalind Dunning
Malone, John December 22, 1733 (children: Lettice, Margaret, Margery & Michael) 6K Dec 2017 Rosalind Dunning
McGuire, Thomas January 17, 1779 (nephew James Dunn) 2K Nov 2017 Rosalind Dunning
Murray, George September 12, 1762 (Gilbert Higgins of Mullingare) 3K Dec 2017 Rosalind Dunning
O'Reilly, Farrell July 22, 1847 (brother Thomas, brother-in-law James Sheridan et al) 3K Jul 2017 Rosalind Dunning
Scully, Michael June 11, 1828 (son Peter, daughters: Catherine, Mary Hicky, Margaret O'Donnell & Bridget Dellon) 3K Dec 2017 Rosalind Dunning

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