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Text Filename Photos                          *=updated Date Contributor
--- Annaduff, St Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery Jun 2013 Cheryl Dieter
ardunsaghan.txt Ardunsaghan Graveyard Aug 2015 David Hall
--- Aughnasheelin (R.C.) Cemetery Oct 2015 David Hall
ballinamore-coi.txt Ballinamore (CoI), Outeragh Parish Aug 2012 David Hall
Carrick on Shannon, St. George's, Church of Ireland
Mar 2012
David Hall
st-marys-carrick-on-shannon.txt Carrick on Shannon, St. Mary's Graveyard Jun 2015 David Hall
--- Carrickatemple Graveyard Jul 2012 Kev Murray
carrigallen-coi.txt Carrigallen (CoI) Graveyard Aug 2015 David Hall
carrigallen-presb.txt Carrigallen Presbyterian Graveyard Aug 2015 David Hall
gortletteragh.txt Cloone, Gortletteragh Cemetery Dec 2016
David Hall
cloonlougher.txt Cloonlougher (R.C.) Graveyard Aug 2015 David Hall
cloonmorris.txt Cloonmorris Cemetery (Partial) Oct 2007 Susan O'Connor  
corrawallen.txt Corrawallen, St. Columba's Church of Ireland Sep 2015 David Hall
diffreen.txt Diffreen R.C. Cemetery Oct 2012 David Hall
drumeela.txt Drumeela (R.C.) Graveyard Nov 2016 David Hall
--- Drumkeerin Church of Ireland Cemetery May 2012 David Hall
drumkeerin.txt Drumkeerin (R.C.) Cemetery Nov 2015 David Hall
--- Dromahaire, Killanummery Friary also known as Creevelea May 2012 David Hall
Dromahaire, St. Patrick's Church of Ireland Cemetery
Aug 2012*
David Hall
Drumcong Roman Catholic Church Graveyard
Mar 2012
David Hall
Drumreilly Church of Ireland
Aug 2011
David Hall
drumreilly-rc.txt Drumreilly (R.C.) Graveyard (partial) Sep 2015 David Hall
drumshanbo-church.txt Drumshanbo (R.C.) Church (Photos only) Jun 2015 Kev Murray
drumshanbo-rc.txt Drumshanbo (R.C.) Graveyard (partial) Aug 2014 David Hall
--- Drumshanbo Famine Cemetery May 2012 David Hall
drumshanbo-new.txt Drumshanbo New Cemetery - Left & Right Side Jun 2015* Kev Murray
Drumshanbo, St. John's Church of Ireland
Jun 2015*
David Hall, Kev Murray & Heather Steed
--- Drumsna Historic Graveyard Jun 2012 David Hall
--- Drumsna, St. Ann's (CoI), Annaduff Parish Nov 2012 David Hall
--- Fahy Cemetery Apr 2013 David Hall
Fenagh Church of Ireland (6 images)
Sep 2011
David Hall
Fenagh Roman Catholic Graveyard
Sep 2011
John Sweeney
Glencar Church of Ireland Graveyard (11 images)
Sep 2011
David Hall
conwall.txtGlendale, Conwall CemeteryApr 2017David Hall
st-marys-glenfarne.txt Glenfarne, St. Mary's Nov 2015 David Hall
jamestown-abbey.txt Jamestown Abbey Graveyard Mar 2016 David Hall
corry.txt Kilduff, Corry Graveyard Jul 2015 David Hall
kilmakerrill.txt Kilmakerrill Cemetery Nov 2015 David Hall
--- Killargue (Church of Ireland) Aug 2012 David Hall
--- Killargue (R.C.) Oct 2014 David Hall
--- Killasnet Graveyard & 15th Century Church site May 2013 David Hall
killegar-coi.txtKillegar (CoI) GraveyardFeb 2017David Hall
Killenumery (Church of Ireland) (18 images) Aug 2012 David Hall
Kiltoghert Graveyard (R.C.)
Nov 2016*
David Hall
Kiltubrid (Old) Graveyard (McGOVERN)
Mar 2015
David Hall
kiltyclogher-coi.txt Kiltyclogher, Church of Ireland Graveyard Mar 2015 David Hall
kinlough.txt Kinlough Graveyard Oct 2015 David Hall
--- Lurganboy Church of Ireland Cemetery Jun 2013 David Hall
--- Manorhamilton; Church of Ireland Graveyard Jun 2013* David Hall
Manorhamilton, Old Cloonclare Graveyard
Sep 2012*
David Hall
cloonclare.txt Manorhamilton, Cloonclare (R.C.) Graveyard Sep 2013 David Hall
mohill.txt Mohill, St. Mary's Church of Ireland Cemetery Nov 2014 David Hall
mullies-rc.txt Mullies (R.C.) Cemetery Apr 2015 David Hall
Newtowngore, St. Patrick's Church of Ireland
Apr 2011
David Hall
--- Old Tarmon Abbey May 2012 David Hall
--- Rosinver New Cemetery Jun 2012 Kev Murray
--- Rosinver Old Cemetery - Part 1 May 2013* Kev Murray & Dave Hall
--- Rosinver Old Cemetery - Part 2 May 2013* Kev Murray & Dave Hall
Single Headstones
Greenan, Nancy (Fenagh R.C.) Photo Sep 2011 John Sweeney

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