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Cemetery Names (Multiple Parts)

St. Ultan's Graveyard, Ardbraccan

St. James New Cemetery (RC), Athboy

St. Mary Graveyard, Navan

St Loman's, Navan

Text Filename
ashbourne Ashbourne;  Immaculate Conception (R.C.) Churchyard Jun 2020* Kev Murray
st-james-athboy Athboy St James (R.C.) - Plaques Apr 2012 Kev Murray
st-james-old  Athboy, St James Church (CoI) (Old) Jan 2018* Kev Murray
st-james-walled Athboy, St James (CoI) Walled Cemetery Jan2018* Kev Murray
balfeighan Balfeighan Graveyard May 2015 Kev Murray
ballinlough-rc Ballinlough, Church of the Assumption (R.C.) Graveyard Oct 2018 Valerie Ackroyd
st-columbanus-rc Ballivor, Church of St Columbanus Cem. - Inside & Priests Graves Apr 2012 Kev Murray
ballivor-left Ballivor, St. Columbanus Graveyard - Left Side May 2020 Kev Murray
ballivor-right Ballivor, St Columbanus Graveyard - Right Side May 2012 Kev Murray
ballivor-killaconnigan Ballivor, Killaconnigan, Co. Meath Apr 2012 Kev Murray
st-kinneth-coi Ballivor, St. Kinneth (Church of Ireland) Cemetery May 2012 Kev Murray
ballymaglassan Batterstown, Ballymaglassan Graveyard Jun 2020* Kev Murray
batterstown-church Batterstown Church May 2012 Kev Murray
batterstown Batterstown R.C. Church Graveyard Jul 2019* Kev Murray & Gerry Walduck
rathregan Batterstown, Rathregan Cemetery May 2012 Kev Murray
knockommon-new Beauparc, Knockcommon, New Cemetery May 2012 Kev Murray
knockommon-old Beauparc, Knockcommon Old Cemetery Jul 2018* Kev Murray
beauparc-inside Beauparc, Knockcommon, Old Cemetery (church interior) May 2012 Kev Murray
beauparc-old Beauparc, Old Cemetery May 2012 Kev Murray
yellow-furze Beauparc, Yellow Furze Cemetery Sep 2019* Kev Murray
bective Bective, St. Mary's (CoI) Old Church and Graveyard Jul 2018* Kev Murray
bohermeen-l Bohermeen, St. Ultans Graveyard (Left Side) Jun 2020 Kev Murray
bohermeen-r Bohermeen, St. Ultans Graveyard (Right Side) May 2012 Kev Murray
boyerstown Boyerstown Cemetery (St. Cuthbert's) Navan May 2012 Kev Murray
brannockstown Brannockstown, Trim May 2012 Kev Murray
cannistown Cannistown Graveyard (Ardsallagh) near Navan Jun 2020 Kev Murray
castlerickard Castlerickard, Trim May 2012 Kev Murray
castletown-kilpatrick-old Castletown Kilpatrick Old Graveyard May 2012 Kev Murray
castletown-left Castletown Kilpatrick Cemetery New (Left Side) Jul 2018* Kev Murray
castletown-right Castletown Kilpatrick Cemetery New (Right Side) Jul 2018* Kev Murray
clonard Clonard Cemetery (partial) Sep 2020* Kev Murray
donaghmore Donaghmore Cemetery Jan 2016 Kev Murray & Cheryl Dieter
dunboyne Dunboyne, St Peter's C of I Mar 2016* Eadaoin Breslin
churchtown Dunderry, Churchtown Cemetery Jul 2018* Kev Murray
dunderry Dunderry Cemetery Jun 2022 Alison McGovern
galtrim Galtrim Parish, St. Mary's Church Graveyard Jun 2014 Kev Murray
slane Hill of Slane near Drogheda Nov 2013 Judi W.
balrath Kells, Balrath Demesne (Private Graveyard) Nov 2022 FMD
st-colmcille Kells, St. Colmcille (partial) Dec 2022 FMD
kells-coi Kells, St. Columba's (CoI) Sep 2018 Valerie Ackroyd
ballymagarvey-cem Kentstown, Ballymagarvey Cemetery Apr 2012 Kev Murray
kilclone-new Kilclone, New Cemetery Feb 2016 Kev Murray
kilclone-old Kilclone, Old Cemetery Jan 2016 Kev Murray
kilmessan Kilmessan, Church of the Nativity of our Lady Graveyard Dec 2021 Angela Gallagher & Nicola Lumbers
kilskyre Kilskyre, St. Alphonsus Liguori Graveyard (R.C.) Oct 2018 Valerie Ackroyd
st-peter-laracor Laracor, St. Peter's Church Graveyard Mar 2023 Kev Murray
ardmulchan Navan, Ardmulchan Church Cemetery Mar 2023* Cheryl Dieter & Alison McGovern
athlumney-1 Navan, Athlumney Old Graveyard (A-L) Dec 2019 Kev Murray
athlumney-2 Navan, Athlumney Old Graveyard (M-W) May 2020 Kev Murray
st-finians-rc Navan, St. Finians (R.C) Cemetery Sep 2015 Kev Murray
st-mary-rc Navan, St. Mary's (R.C.) Church Exterior & Interior Nov 2016 Kev Murray
nobber Nobber Graveyard May 2010 Mary, R. W. Holtz Sr, Fr. Robt Holtz Jr.
st-michael-rathmolyon Rathmolyon, St. Michael and All Angels (CoI) Cemetery Apr 2013 Cheryl Dieter
agher Summerhill, Agher Cemetery, Co. Meath Dec 2014 Kev Murray & Robert Leggett
newtown-abbey Trim-Newtown Abbey Graveyard May 2012 Kev Murray
st-pat-trim Trim, St Patrick's  Cathedral May 2012 Kev Murray

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