Meath Cemetery Records

File Description Size Date Contributor
Julianstown Cemetery - Partial 1K Nov 2011 Jean Campbell
St. Bridgets Graveyard Index, Oldcastle (Section C)
Oct 2020
Mary Kelly
St, James Church Of Ireland Cemetery, Athboy,   Co Meath
5K Feb 2012 Brendan Wall
St. James RC [new cemetery] Cloran Rd., Athboy, Co. Meath
Apr 2012*
Brendan Wall
St. Lawrence Cemetery [RC] Rathmore, Athboy, Co. Meath
Apr 2012
Brendan Wall
Donore Churchyard Memorials 7K Mar 2007 C. Hunt & P. Quinn
Duleek Graveyard - WARREN & POTTER 1K May 2013 Robert Leggett
Galtrim Headstones
Apr 2012
Kev Murray
Julianstown Churchyard Memorials 2K Jan 2008 C. H. & M.J. Bradley
Knock Graveyard (Memorials) 2K Dec 2014 C. Hunt
Monk-Newton Churchyard, Moorechurch Churchyard & Nevinstown Wayside Cross 5K Jan 2008 C.H. & M.J. Bradley
Rathmore, Athboy Memorials (BLIGH & PLUNKETT) 1K May 2007 C. Hunt & M. Taylor
Rathregan Churchyard Memorials 2K May 2007 C. Hunt & M. Taylor
The Sarstieldstown Wayside Cross Parish of Moore Church 6K Feb 2007 C. Hunt & C. Ewald

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