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  Carroll Michael   Cleere Kathleen   Coleman Anne   Connolly Peter
  10 Carpenter's Son   Dublin Street   70 years   Chain - maker
  Pollerton Road   30-Jun   Old woman   64 years
  1884, May   St. Mary's   Green Lane   Staplestown Road
      1972       April, 1871
  Carroll Mrs.       Colgan Maud    
  60 years   Cleary Ann   Athy Road   Connlooy Mrs. Rosanna
  Staplestown Road   82 years   22nd Sept, 1966   Pinewood Avenue
  1904, June   Poor woman   Old Dunleckney   11th Nov, 1980
      Barrack Street       St. Mary's
  Carter Nicholas   1893, Feb.   Colgan Patrick    
  Dublin       76 years   Connolly Mrs. Sarah
  3rd May, 1941   Cleary Mary   Pensioner   Staplestown Road
  St. Mary's   Mill Lane   Tullow Street   3rd Jan, 1974
  47 years   16th July, 1936   1904, Jan.   St. Mary's
      St. Mary's       91 years
  Carter Robert   35 years   Collier Mrs.    
  Closh   Andrew Brennan / Brigid Doogue   68 years   Connolly Thomas
  29th Aoril, 1929       Staplestown Road   Chain - maker
  Ballinacorrig   Clifton Mary Anne   1909, March.   28 years
  9 years   Dublin Road       Staplestown Road
  Carter Samuel / Nolan Mary   30th May, 1932   Collier Patrick   Jan, 1871
      Old St. Mary's   42 years    
  Carter Robert   82 years   Labourer   Connolly William
  20 years   McGuinness Hugh & Julia   Staplestown Road   48 years
  Labourer       1855, April.   Gardener
  Montgomery street   Clifford Hanna       Staplestown Road
  1903, Feb.   40 years   Collins Ann   1913, July.
      Compositors' wife   Bestfield    
  Carter Robert   Staplestown Road   27th June, 1948   Connors Anne
  45 years   1899, July.   St. Mary's   Child
  Montgomery Street       1948   13 years
  1904, Dec.   Clifford Kathleen       New Market
      Barrack Street   Collins Anne   June, 1862
  Carter Samuel   20th June, 1932   Child    
  JKL Avenue   St. Mary's   3 years   Connors Anne
  24th June, 1970   27 years   Tullow Street   71 years
  St. Mary's   Clifford Richard / Byrne Julia   April, 1864.   Coach builders' wife
  81 years           Jerusalem, 1894, Nov.
      Clifford Richard   Collins Annie    
  Carpenter Elizabeth   Barrack Street   Burrin Street   Connors James
  Barrack Street   16th Sept, 1922   16th Nov, 1954   30 years
  3rd Dec, 1948   60 years   St. Mary's   Pensioner
  St. Mary's   Clifford Alexandra / Clifford Catherine   74 years   Dublin Road
  50 years           1862, Aug
  Wife of Patrick Carpenter   Clifford Richard   Collins Mrs. Brigid    
      Dublin Road   Bestfield   Connors John
  Carpenter John   8th October, 1964   5th June, 1951   Closh
  80 years   St. Mary's   St. Mary's   10th May, 1931
  Farmer       91 years   St. Mary's
  Strawhall   Clifford William       46 years
  1907   13 years   Collins Susan   Connors John / Lalor Eliza
      Printers' son   Bestfield    
  Carty Patrick   Barrack Street   3rd Feb, 1946   Connors John
  Staplestown Road   1920   St. Mary's   Oak Park Road
  27th May, 1954       Widow of Thomas Collins   10th Sept, 1956
  St. Mary's   Clifton James       Ballinacarrig
  77 years   The Quarries   Collins Thomas   75 years
      24th Dec, 1927   Bestfield    
  Carthy Patrick   Old St. Mary's   6th April, 1939   Connors John
  Poor Woman   79 years   St. Mary's   48 years
  60 years       71 years   Labourer
  Infirmary Roscatt, Tullow   Clowry Anne   P's Patrick Collins   Staplestown Road
  October, 1866   70 years       1901, March.
      Bricklayers' wife   Collins Thomas    
  Casey Betty   Green Lane   Strawhall   Connor John
  Poor Woman   1882, October   1st October, 1935   Closh
  54 years       St. Mary's   17th April, 1926
  Staples town |Road   Clowry William   Collins Thomas & Kate   Ballinacarrig
  May, 1867   Child       Connor Martin
      2 years   Collins Thomas    
  Casey Julia   Barrack Street   Bestfield   Connor John
  28th September, 1941   July, 1865   23rd April, 1978   Pollerton Road
  Levis Town       St. Mary's   25th March, 1936
  1941   Coady Eliza       Old Bennekerry
      Hospital   Collins Thomas   77 years
  Casey Michael   56 years   70 years   Connor John / Gorman Catherine
  Poor Man   Brown Street   Labourer    
  80 years   Nov, 1867   Dublin Road   Connors John
  Staplestown Road       1891, Jan   Poor man
  May, 1870   Coakley Ellen       Staplestown Road
      Closh   Collins Thomas   1911, July
  Casey Patrick   12th Jan, 1923   77 years    
  50 years   9 months   Returning Officer   Conor Mary
  Railway Porter   Coakley Con / Dwyer Margaret   Athy Road   73 years
  Dublin Road       1892, Nov.   Widow
  1893, Aug.   Coady George       Bridewell Lane
      Housekeeper   Collins William   1920, October.
  Cashel George   70 years   Bestfield (No.11)    
  76 years   Tullow Street   26th July, 1972   Connor Mary
  Station Master's Father   October, 1868   Killed in a railway accident   37 years
  Railway Station       St. Mary's   Factory Hand
  1822, June   Coady John   19 years   Pollerton Road
      86 years       1909, Nov.
  Chambers Bridget   Poor man   Condron Ellen    
  Lunatic   Castle Hill   Brownhill Road   Connors Mary
  50 years   1895, Aug.   12th May, 1922   27 years
  The Asylum       43 years   Labourers' wife
  Feb, 1866   Coady John   Hutchinson John / Reily Brigid   Staplestown Road
      Grocer       1887, September.
  Chambers John   30 years   Condron John    
  A Harness Maker   Tullow Street   Brownhill Road   Conor Mary
  15 years   May, 1863.   2nd Dec, 1969   65 years
  Dublin Road       St. Mary's   Labourers' wife
  Aug, 1865   Coady John       Montgomery Street
      Poor child   Condron John   1887, May.
  Chambley Anne   4 years   68 years    
  Poor Woman   Pollerton Road   Labourer   Connors Mary
  30 years   Aug, 1869   Brideswell Lane   Hanover
  Accommodation Road       1883, Aug.   61 years
  Aug, 1870   Coady Kathleen       Farmers' wife
      Poor Woman,   Condron Joseph   1888, April.
  Chapman Mary   Pollerton Road,   Brownshill Road    
  Bridge Street   1911, July.   5th November, 1974   Connors Thomas
  12th July, 1938       St. Mary's   Staplestown Road
  Old St. Mary's   Coakley Kate       19th may, 1947
  78 years   Staplestown Road   Condron Kathleen   Ballinacarrig
  Deere Thomas / Kavanagh Mary   31st Dec, 1939   Bownshill Road   75 years
      St. Mary's   12th Jan, 1925    
  Chapman James   85 years   St. Mary's   Conor Maurice
  Bridge Street       16 years   Closh
  30th May, 1944   Coakley Margaret   Ondron Owen / Hutchinson Ellen 13th March, 1924
  Old Graves   Staplestown Road       10 months
  83 years   8th Feb, 1947   Condron Margaret   Ballinacarrig
      St. Mary's   53 years   Connor Ellen
  Cheale Edward   56 years   Poor Woman    
  Burrin Street       Bridewell Lane   Conolan Lilian
  29th April, 1954   Coakley Mary   1893, Jan.   OakPark
  St. Mary's   Staplestown Road       3rd Aug, 1979
  86 years   23rd July, 1943   Condron Owen   St. Mary's
      St. Mary's   Brownshill Road    
  Chmelar Mrs Christine   Coakley Con / Dwyer Mary   14th Nov, 1944   Connolly Ellen
  Larkfield       St. Mary's   64 years
  25-Dec-65   Coffey Anthony       Chain makers wife
  St. Mary's   Shopkeeper   Condron sarah   Staplestown Road
      68 years   Grave lane   1883, April.
  Clarke Julia,   Dublin Street   14th May, 1954    
  17 years   October, 1865   St. Mary's   Conroy Cathleen
  Ex R.J.C. Daughter       57 years   Pollerton Road
  Court Place   Coffey Ellen       25th Jan, 1924
  1921, July   61 years   Connolly Mrs.Brigid   Old St. Mary's
      Poor woman   Chaplestown   Conroy Daniel / McEvoy Ellen
  Clarke Maggie   Bridewell Lane   15th Jan 1967    
  24 years   1901, Jan.   St. Mary's   Conroy Elizabeth
  Bridewell Lane       70 years   Green Lane
  1921, June.   Coffey James       9th Nov, 1961
      64 years   Connolly Catherine   St. Mary's
  Clarke Mrs. Margaret   Shoemaker   Granby Row   59 years
  Tullow Street   Bridewell Lane   St. Mary's    
  7th Feb, 1949   1920, Dec.   27th Jan 1929   Conroy Ellen
  St. Mary's       73 years   Pollerton Road
  Wife of Michael Clarke   Coffey Julia       2nd June, 1928
      Bridewell Lane   Connolly Edward   Old St. Mary's
  Clarke Mary   2nd July, 1931   Chapelstown   46 years
  Pairc Muire   Old St. Mary's   3rd June 1971   McEvoy Thomas / Gleeson Eliza
  18th Feb, 1951   1931   St. Mary's    
  St. Mary's           Conroy Michael
  23 years   Colclough John   Connolly Edward   Pairc Muire
      Castle Street   Barrack Street   17th July, 1972
  Clark Mary   29th April, 1933   5th August 1927   St. Mary's
  16 years   St. Mary's   St. Mary's   72 years
  Athy Street   78 years        
  1920, Dec.   William & Eliza   Connolly Edward   Conville Anne
          50 years   Little Barrack Street
  Clarke Michael   Colclough John   Labourer   27th Nov, 1951
  St. Mary's   Castle Street   Bridewell Lane   St. Mary's
  Tullow Street   11th Sept, 1955.   1921, Aug.   18 years
  12th Feb, 1949   St. Mary's        
          Connolly Hugh   Conveill Kate
  Clarke Michael   Colclough Kathleen   78 years   Brown Street
  St. Killians Crescent   Castle Street   Pensioner   8th Jan, 1956,
  15th Sept, 1976   15th Sept, 1979   Brown Street   St. Mary's,
      Died in Kilkenny   1908    82 years
  Clarke Mrs.   St. Mary's        
  70 years       Connolly John   Conway Mrs.
  Housekeeper   Colclough Patrick   Chaplestown   57 years
  Dublin Road   Castle Street   24th May, 1954   Labourers wife
  1904, May   26th Dec, 1933   St. Mary's   Potato Market
      St. Mary's   64 years   1909, Oct.
  Clarke Mrs.   46 years        
  30 years   Colclough John / Scully Brigid   Connolly John   Conway Nicholas
  Tullow Street       Chain -maker   41 years
  1904, Sept.   Cocolough Patrick   60 years   Military man
      Closh   Tullow Street   Pollerton Road
  Clarkson Miss   30th July, 1926   Sept, 1866   1901, May.
  60 years   St. Mary's        
  Stone cutter       Connolly Peter   Conwell Eugene
  Tullow Street   Colcolough William   Chapelstown   58 years
  1908   Castle Street   23rd Jan, 1961 (in Dublin)   Inspector
      21st Aug, 1937   St. Mary's   Brown Street
      St. Mary's   26 years   1877, Oct.
      Colcolough John / Doyle Kate        
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