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  Coogan Denis   Costelloe Anne   Crow Mrs.   Cunnane John
  24 years   Child   Blacksmiths' Wife   Station Road
  Clerk   8 months   Castle Street   11-Feb-54
  Athy Street   Dublin Road   1914, March.   St. Mary's
  1904, Nov.   October, 1863.       64 years
          Crowe Patrick    
  Coogan Elizabeth   Costelloe Catherine   70 years   Cunnane Kathleen
  Staplestown Road   Child   Baker   St. Killians Crescent
  7th Jan, 1974   5 years   Pollerton Road   12-Jan-32
  St. Mary's   Dublin Road   1872, Nov.   St. Mary's
  63 years   Oct, 1863.       3 years
          Cuddihy Margaret   Cunnane John/ Katie
  Coogan Elizabeth   Costello Mary   80 years    
  Athy Road   Tailors Daughter   Servant   Cunningham Mrs. Catherine
  13th June, 1938   Duublin   Dublin Road   Dublin Street
  St. Mary's   May, 1866.   1897, Jan.   24th July, 1959
  73 years           St. Mary's
      Costello Mary   Cuddy Edward   Wife of Joseph Cunningham
  Coogan Hugh   Tailors' Wife   65 years    
  Rathnapish   35 years   Tailor   Cunningham Francis
  17th Jan, 1975   Dublin Road   Tullow Street   St. Dympna's
  St. Mary's   Nov, 1864.   1914, July.   26-Sep-22
              Greene Thomas
  Corbett Rev. J.C.   Costigan Edward   Cullen Bridget    
  Saint   Labourer   1878, Aug.   Cunningham George
  Catherdal   65 years       Brown Street
  1901, Oct.   Staplestown Road   Cullen Brigid   26-Jul-49
      Sept, 1869.   Staplestown Road   St. Mary's
  Corcoran Annie       26th Nov, 1947   37 years
  18 years   Costigan John   St. Mary's    
  Bridewell Lane   72 years   68 years   Cunningham Joseph
  1911, April.   Barrack Street       Brown Street
      1905, Aug.   Cullen Margaret   25-Oct-31
  Corcoran Catherine       29 years   Co. Waterford (BallyBricken)
  Rathnapish   Costigan Julia   Painters' wife    
  30th Nov, 1930   13 years   Tullow Street   Cunningham Joseph
  St. Mary's   Labourers' Daughter   1886, May.   Dublin Street
  72 years   Barrack Street       21-Jun-72
  Hillard Joseph / Doyle Mary   1878, April.   Cullen Elisa   82 years
          Shop Girl    
  Corcoran Catherine   Costigan Kevin   19 years   Cunningham Mrs. Louisa
  Tullow Street   Sacred Heart Home   Bridewell Lane   Tullow Street
  19th Oct, 1940   9th June, 1967   July, 1863   24th May, 1964
  St. Mary's   Levitstown       St./ Mary's
  80 years       Cullen Mrs. Ellen   82 years
  Wife of James Corcoran   Cowling Mary   Brown Street    
      Oak Park   24th Nov, 1949   Curran Annie
  Corcoran Catherine   1st sept, 1964   St. Mary's   28 years
  77 years   St. Mary's       Dressmaker
  Shopkeeper       Cullen Ellen   Bridge Street
  Wellington Square   Cox Mrs. Frances   24 years   1910, Oct.
  1879, Jan.   St. Patrick's Lodge   Married    
      9th Dec, 1980   Dublin Road   Curran Brigid
  Corcoran Mrs. Eileen   St. Mary's   1910, Nov.   Chaplelstown
  Ballymans Tce.           28th June, 1968
  3rd Nov, 1975   Coyle Thomas F.   Cullen james   St. Mary's
  St. Mary's   50 years   Closh    
      Clerk in Workhouse   24th June, 1928   Curran Mrs. Brigid
  Corcoran Elizabeth   Fruit Hill / Graiguecullen   Old St. Mary's   Pollerton Road
  Bridewell Lane   1921, May.   Cullen Josep   29th April, 1969
  13th April, 1932           St. Mary's
  Old St. Mary's   Coyne Daniel   Cullen James    
  James Burke / Margaret Hackett   The Quarries   Chaplestown   Curran Bridget
      21st June, 1925   3rd Nov, 1949   Sept, 1872
  Corcoran Eustance   St. Mary's   St. Mary's    
  J.K.L. Avenue   9 years   86 years   Curran Mrs. Brigid
  18th Nov, 1975   Coyne Patrick       Little Barrack Street
  St. Mary's, 69 years       Cullen Laurence   5th April, 1963
      Coyne Eileen   Closh   St. Mary's
  Corcoran John   Dublin Road   19th Nov, 1931   83 years
  26 years   23rd June, 1972   St.Mary's    
  Clerk   Died in Clifden, Co. Galway   28 years   Curran Bridget
  Green lane   St. Mary's   Cullen Joseph / Brennan Brigid   74 years
  1906, July.           Closh
      Coyne Mary   Cullen Laurence   1921, |Dec.
  Corcoran John   33 years   47 years    
  Tullow Street   Labourers' Wife   Mason   Curren Bridget
  17th July, 1922   Bridewell Lane   Dublin Road   Poor Woman
  87 years   1891, Jan.   1901, March.   46 years
              Fever Hospital (From Tinryland)
  Corcoran John   Coyne Patrick   Cullen Margaret   Sept, 1864.
  Tullow Street   Dublin Road   70 years    
  8th March, 1951   7th Oct, 1966   Old Woman   Curran Catherine (Kitty)
  St. Mary's   St. Mary's   Dublin Road   88 years
  86 years   81 years   1903, July.   Poor Woman
              Staplestown Road
  Corcoran joseph   Coyne Patrick   Cullen Most Rev. M.D.D.   1888, Jan.
  Hanover   Dublin Road   Braganza    
  3rd Feb, 1924   24th July, 1932   2nd Jan, 1936   Curran Frances
  1 year   St. Mary's   Cathedral   Granby Row
  St. Mary's       71 years   12th July, 1933
  Corcoran William / Keating Hanna   Cradden Michael       St. Mary's
      Mill Lane   Cullen Margaret   29 years
  Corcoran Joseph   24th March, 1935   Green Lane   Curran William/ Lynch Margaret.
  Staplestown Road   St. Mary's   3rd Feb, 1925    
  6th July, 1944   21 years   St. Mary's   Curran Francis
  St. Mary's   Cradden Michael / Rice Mary   44 years   36 years
          Cullen Laurence/ Woods Kate   Dressmaker
  Corcoran Joseph   Cranny John       Burrin Street
  Hanover   Soldier   Cullen Mrs. Mary   1920
  19th Dec, 1922   29 years   Tullow Road    
  9 years   Military Barracks   !st June, 1964   Curran George
  Corcoran William / Keating Hanna   March, 1866   St. Mary's   Gramby Row
          90 years   10th July, 1932
  Corcoran Julia   Cranny Margaret       St. Mary's
  Closh   75 years   Cullen Mary   18 years
  14th Aug, 1923   Poor woman   Dressmaker   Curran William / Lynch Margaret
  40 years   Charlotte Street   52 years    
  Hogan Patrick / Corcoran Margaret   1891, Nov.   September, 1862   Curran Gretta
              24 years
  Corcoran Michael   Craughan John   Cullen Mary   Teacher
  St. Patrick's Ave.   Athy Road   60 years   Dublin Road
  5th Jan, 1963.   18th Dec, 1924   Gardeners' Wife   1915, Jan.
  St. Mary's   Newtown Bagenalstown   Dublin Road    
      2 years   1878, March.   Curran Ino
  Corcoran Michael   Craughan Luke / McDonald Mary       Poor Child
  Barrack Street       Cullen Mary Clare   3 years
  30th Jan, 1964.   Craughan Mrs. Mary   11 years   Coal market
  St. Mary's   Dublin Road   Montgomery Street   May, 1868
  72 years   25th may, 1959   1910, March.    
      St. Mary's       Curran James
  Corcoran Michael   74 years   Cullen Michael   7 years
  Closh       Tullow Road   Painters' Son
  Oct, 1922   Creagh Elizabeth   17th April, 1843   Charlotte Street
  10 years   Pollerton Road   St. Mary's    1897, Jan.
  Corcoran Joseph / Hogan Julia   2nd October, 1955   74 years    
      St. Mary's       Cullen William Henery
  Corcoran Michael   48 years   Cullen Patrick   22 years
  63 years       Green Lane   Clerk
  Labourer   Creagh Ellen   18-Nov-39   Montgomery Street
  Green Lane   2nd Jan, 1928   St. Mary's   1915, April.
  1898, Jan.   St. Mary's   31 years    
          Cullen John / Johnston Kate   Cullen William
  Corcoran Mrs.   Crooke Timothy       45 years
  47 years   38 years   Cullen Patrick   Policeman
  Workmans' Wife   Railway Porter   Green Lane   Montgomery Street
  Burrin Street   Dublin Road   18-Nov-39   1903, Nov.
  1900, March.   1884, July.   St. Mary's    
          31 years   Cummins Mrs. Alice
  Corcoran Mrs.   Cross Margaret   Cullen John / Johnston Kate   Pollerton Road
  78 years   St. Dympna's       St. Mary's
  Married   1st Dec, 1969   Cullen sarah   93 years
  Tullow Street   St. Mary's   60 years    
  1914, Sept.       Servant and Slave   Cummins Alice
      Crossen Bernard   Dublin Street at Olivers   15 years
  Corcoran Mrs.   Staplestown Road   1891, Nov.   Labourers' Daughter
  18 years   26th may, 1940       Paupish
  Married   St. Mary's   Cullen Stan   1894, April.
  Green Lane   Crossen John   Brown Street    
  1904, July.       27-Jun-56   Cummins Alice
      Crossen John   St. Mary's   St. Mary's park
  Corcoran Patrick,   70 years   56 years   7th Jan, 1970
  St. Mary's, 56 years   Clerk       St. Mary's
  St. Patrick's Flats,   College Street   Cullen Thomas    
  13th Jan, 1976   1908   Mason,   Cummins Anne
          Bridewell Lane,   56 years
  Cosgrave Catherine   Crossan John   Aug 1866   Widow
  Tullow Road   Staplestown Road   58 years   Pollerton Road
  22nd Feb, 1925   21st Dec, 1940.       1898, Sept.
  Old St. Mary's   St. Mary's   Cummins Grace    
      34 years   Brown Street   Cummins Betty
  Cosgrave Elizabeth   Bernard Crossan/ Mary O'Neill   21-Nov-34   Labourers' Wife
  Barrack Street       St. Mary's   70 years
  June4th 1923   Crossen John   76 years   Brownshill Road
  Lennon Mathew   23 years       Feb, 1867
      Railway Porter   Cummins James    
  Cosgrave Ellen   Dublin Road   Dublin Road   Cummins Elizabeth
  70 years   1890, Oct.   04-Oct-35   New Gardens
  Pollerton Road       St. Mary's   21 Feb, 1935.
  1893, March.   Crossen Mary   48 years    
      9 years       Cummins Margaret
  Cosgrave James   Porters' Daughter   Cummins James   52 years, Widow
  Tullow Road   Bluebell   38 years   Barrack Street
  24th Jan, 1934   1886, Nov.   Army Reserve   1899, June.
  Old St. Mary's       Barrack Street    
  90 years   Crowe James   1901, April.   Cummins Martin
      Browns' Hill       Pollerton Road
  Cosgrave James   11th Dec, 1949   Cummins James   * Feb, 1970
  39 years   St. Mary's   60 years   St. Mary's
  Labourer   69 years   Labourer    
  New Street       Pollerton Road   Cummins Mary
  1898,Oct.   Crowe James   1892, Sept.   16 years
      Sacred Heart Home       Child
  Cosgrave Joseph   18th Jan, 1981   Cummins Jane   Barrack Street
  Brownshill Road   St. Mary's   The Quarries   1912, Oct.
  4th Jan, 1942       18-Jun-27    
  Old St. Mary's   Crowe Kate   St. Mary's   Cummins Morgan
  Cosgrave John   Brownes Hill   38 years   Barrack Street
      4th Jan, 1923       25 Feb, 1957.
  Cosgrave Julia   68 years   Cummins John   Tinryland
  68 years       68 years   74 years
  Poor Woman   Crowe Kate   Workman    
  Staplestown Road   Ballinacarrig   Pollerton Road   Cummins Morgan
  1900, July.   8th Feb, 1945   1899, Dec.   60 years
      St. Mary's       Labourer
  Cosgrave Mary   78 years   Cummins John   Paupish
  Staplestown Road   Crowe James   30 years   1892, Nov.
  15th March, 1970       Solider    
  St. Mary's       Bridge Street    
          1895, July.    
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