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  Byrne James   Burns Margaret   Byrne Mrs.   Canavan Margaret
  Burrin Street   College Street   46 years   St. Joseph Road
  3rd Sept, 1951   18th Aug, 1931   Workman's Wife   2nd Aug, 1981
  St. Mary's   St. Mary's   Paupish   St. Mary's
  78 years   55 years   190, April.    
              Cane John
  Byrne James   Byrne Margaret   Byrne Mrs.   Musician
  St. Patrick Avenue   Montgomery street   70 years   79 years
  22nd Feb, 1956   9th May, 1937   Brown street   Brown Street
      Old St. Mary's   1904, March.   Jan, 1869
  Byrne James   60 years        
  Closh       Byrne Mrs.   Cannon Edward
  29th March, 1934   Byrne Margaret   64 years   Poor man
  Tinryland   Pollerton Big   Brown Street   63
  7 years   31st March, 1924   1916, Feb.   John Street
      Ballinacarrig       Aug, 1864
  Byrne James   60 years   Byrne Mrs.    
  O' Hanrahan Avenue       59 years   Cantwell Bridget
  24th March, 1965   Byrne Margaret   Butchers' Wife   80
  St. Mary's   72 years   Burrin Street   Poor Woman
  88 years   Widow   1900, Dec.   Charlotte Street
      Brown Street       1894, Jan.
  Byrne James   1912, Feb.   Byrne Patrick    
  Castle Hill       Poor Man   Carey Anne
  16th Nov, 1926   Byrne Margaret   58 years   The Quarries
  St. Mary's   21 years   Pollerton Road   22nd Feb, 1929
  40 years   Poor Girl   1868, Sept.   L_____ town
      Staplestown Road       84 years
  Byrne James   1916, June.   Byrne Patrick    
  Closh       Labourer   Carey Anne
  17th September, 1926   Byrne Margaret   73 years   60 years
  Ballinacarrig   1873, March.   Barrack Street   Labourers Wife
  26 years       1870, August.   Paupish
      Byrne Mary       1886, July.
  Byrne James   Potato Market   Byrne Patrick    
  Montgomery Street   9th April, 1973   56 years   Carey Mrs. Annie
  20th April, 1932   St. Mary's   Potato Merchant   Staples town Road
  St. Mary's       1911, Aug.   22nd Jan, 1958
  83 years   Byrne Mary       St. Mary's
      Castle Hill   Byrne Patrick    
  Byrne James   21st Oct, 1932   17 years   Care Mrs. Brigid
  83 years   St. Mary's   Labourers' Son   Pairc Muire
  Old Man   45 years   Athy Road   4th |Jan, 1976
  Dublin Road       1893, Jan.   St. Mary's
  1900, October.   Byrne Mary        
      The Quay   Byrne Patrick J.   Carey Catherine
  Byrne Johanna   21st April, 1937   Dublin Street   56 years
  70 years   Killeshin   28th March, 1929   Laborers Wife
  Poor Woman   72 years   St. Mary's   Pollerton Road
  Hanover       58 years   1884, Feb.
  1890, Nov.   Byrne Mary        
      65 years   Byrne Patrick Joseph   Carey Edward
  Byrne Johanna   Barnets Lane   Staplestown Road   Pairc Mhuire
  50 years   1849   4th July, 1976   10th Feb, 1960
  Poor Woman       St. Mary's   St. Mary's
  Bridewell Lane   Byrne Mary   61 years   74 years
  1886, May.   Infirmary        
      4th May, 1933   Byrne Paul   Carey Edward
  Byrne John   Newtown   Pollerton Road   80 years
  Green Lane   35 years   28th June, 1976   Labourer
  29th October, 1928       St. Mary's   Pollerton Road
  St. Mary's   Byrne Mary       1882, Nov.
  58 years   Pembroke   Byrne Peter    
      30th June, 1966   Labourer   Carey Elizabeth
  Byrne John   St. Mary's   36 years   Green Lane
  Montgomery Street   85 years   Pollerton Road   19th Dec, 1922
  12th Dec, 1936       1971, Nov.   8 months
  St. Mary's   Byrne Mary       Carey Richard /Cosgrove Margaret
  66 years   80 years   Byrne Stephen    
      Poor Woman   30 years   Carey Richard
  Byrne John   Bridewell Lane   Barrack Warden   70 years
  Child   1894, Feb.   Castle Street   Labourer
  13 months       1916, Jan.   Hanover
  Tullow Street   Byrne Mary       1920, June.
  1861, October.   26 years   Byrne Terence    
      Labourers' Wife   About 60 years   Carey Susan
  Byrne John   DublinRoad   House Dealer   80 years
  Bridewell Lane   1893, April.   Tullow Street   Old Woman
  12th July, 1954       1897, Feb.   Charlotte Street
  St. Mary's   Byrne Mary       1877, July.
  76 years   40 years   Byrne Theresa    
      Car Drivers' Wife   Roncalli Place   Carey Thomas
  Byrne John   Staplestown Road   31st Jan, 1970.   J.K.L. Avenue
  Pairc Muire   1913, June.   St. Mary's   31st July, 1976
  7th Jan, 1950           Found drowned in Barrow
  St. Mary's   Byrne Mary   Byrne teresia   St. Mary's
  47 years   Poor Woman   Poor Girl   31 years
      70 years   6 years    
  Byrne John   College Street   Dublin Road   Carey Thomas
  Closh   1863, March.   1861, May.   Brewery Lane
  4th June, 1925           12th May, 1932
  Ballinacarrig   Byrne Mary    Byrne Thomas   St. Mary's
      Poor Woman   Castle Hill|   38 years
  Byrne John   60 years   8th Aug, 1963   Carey Richard / Davis Mary
  Castle Street   Staplestown road   Hacketstown    
  1916, June   1862, Nov.       Carey Tom
          Byrne Thomas   Staplestown Road
  Byrne John   Byrne Mary   Green Lane   5th Sept, 1933
  23 years   Poor Woman   17th Feb, 1930   St. Mary's
  Drapers' Son   74 years   Old St. Mary's   Carey Richard / Davis Mary
  Castle Street   Dublin Road   84 years    
  1880, Feb.   1862, September       Carey William
          Byrne |Thomas   Brownshill Road
  Byrne John   Byrne Mary   Pensioner   2nd Feb, 1944
  Labourer   Poor Woman   33 years   Crockaun
  70 years   67 years   Barrack Street   74 years
  Bridewell Lane   Brown Street   1869, October.    
  1869, Feb.   1865, Aug.       Carney Mary
          Byrne Thomas   Servant
  Byrne John   Byrne Mary   32 years   60 years
  48 years   11 years   Grocers' Son   Green Lane
  Waiter   Labourers' Daughter   Kearnstown   June, 1872.
  Bridewell Lane   Tullow Street   1912, August.    
  1915, June.   1882, March.       Carpenter Nicholas
          Byrne William M.   Barrack Street
  Byrne John   Byrne Mary   50 years   20th Feb, 1968
  70 years   Child   Solictor   St. Mary's
  Poor Man   6 years   Dublin Street   1968
  Staplestown Road   Bridewell lane   1913, Aug.    
  1896, October.   1863, Sept.       Carpenter Patrick
          Byrne William   Barrack street
  Byrne John   Byrne Mary   73 years   2nd November, 1961
  80 years   Brown's hill   Lodge Keeper   St. Mary's
  Labourer   1902   College Street   72 years
  Montgomery Street       1915, Nov.    
  1893, May.   Byrne Matthew       Carpenter Peter
      Young Gentleman   Ca   Ann Elizabeth   Labourer
  Byrne John   18 years   20 years   50 years
  Dog trainer   Cloth hall / Castle Street   1847   Poor House
  74 years   1868, Jan.       Aug, 1862
  Poor House       Cahill Anne    
  1864, Sept.   Byrne Mathew   56 years   Carr Elizabeth
      82 years   Housekeeper   St. Killians Crescent
  Byrne Julia   Shopkeeper   Browne street   24th Sept, 1932
  Pensioners' Wife       1881   St. Mary's
  50 years   Castle Street        
  Castle street   1889, Sept.   Cahill Bridget   Carr Michael
  1866, Aug.       Poor Woman   Rathnapish
      Byrne Matthews   65 years   23rd July,1981
  Byrne Julia   Halter   Ballymanus Terrace   St. Mary's
  Tenant   Barrack Street   1870, March.    
  34 years   55 years       Carr Michael
  Quarrie   July, 1861   Cahill Catherine   Rathnapish
  1861, Nov.       57 years   28th July, 1932
      Byrne Maura   Housekeeper   St. Mary's
  Byrne Julia   Burrin Street   Staplestown Road   10 years
  Poor Woman   30th Jan, 1981   1880, Dec.   James Carr/ Elizabeth Moran
  55 years   St. Mary's        
  Accommodation Road       Cahill Ellen   Carr Patrick
  1861, Nov.   Byrne Michael   60   St.Killians Crescent
      Soldier   Poor woman   19th June, 1934
  Byrne Kate   Montgomery Street   Brown Street   St. Mary's
  18 years   1904, Nov.   1890, March.   80 years
  Young Girl            
  Staplestown Road   Byrne Michael   Cahill Henry   Carroll Anne
  1906, Dec.   St. Killians   45   Closh
      2nd October, 1948   Bank Manager   14th Nov, 1934. 37 years
  Byrne Kate   St. Mary's   Dublin Street   St. Mary's
  Dublin Road   83 years   1878, April.    
  22nd Dec, 1934           Carroll John
  Killeshin   Byrne Michael   Cahill John   Oak Park
      J.K.L. Avenue   60   30th Dec, 1970
  Byrne Kate   25th May, 1958   Labourer   St. Mary's
  Pollerton Road   St.Mary's   Mill lane    
  22nd may, 1929   51 years   1873, Feb.   Carroll John
  St. Mary's           79
  47 years   Byrne Michael   Cahill Mrs Margaret   Carpenter
      Staplestown Road   Montgomery Street   Pollerton Road
  Byrne Kate   16th April, 1950.   Jan 10th , 1966   1892
  Tullow Street   St. Mary's. 20 years   St. Mary's    
  10th Sept, 1938           Carroll John
  St. |Mary's   Byrne Michael   Callery Mrs.   Staplestown Road
  72 years   68 years   Oak Park Road   22nd July, 1945
      Labourer   29th Aug, 1961   46 years
  Byrne Kate   Pollerton Road   St. Mary's    
  20 years, 1905, Sept.   1883, March.       Carroll John
  Young Girl       Callory Owen B.   Child
  Green Lane   Byrne Mrs.   Emily Cottage   6 years
      60 years   28th March, 1931   Staplestown Road
  Byrne Margaret   Charlotte Street   Old St. Mary's   Jan, 1864
  Pollerton Road   1916   3 years    
  14th Aug, 1946           Carroll John
  St. Mary's   Byrne Mrs.   Campion James   Staplestown Road
      Widow   Pollerton Road   10th Aug, 1941
  Byrne Margaret   Bridewell Lane   4th May, 1981   St. Mary's
62 years 1910, may. St. Mary's 18 years
  Poor Woman           Carroll John / Kehoe Ellen
  Pollerton Road   Byrne Mrs.   Canavan John    
  1901, Feb.   Widow   St. Joseph Road   Carroll Michael
      Burrin Street   23rd March, 1961   22nd Jan, 1941
      1915, May.   St. Mary's   Hanover
          60 years   Bennekerry
              78 years
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