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Extracts Baptisms from Registers

With kind permission of Michael Purcell

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Note from Michael Purcell

We have found a photocopy in the PPP of Carlow Cathedral Registers for 1774 to 1794 and 1787 -1811.

I can confirm that the only Baptisms or Marriages recorded during 1777 to 1791 were for those who paid.
2 shillings and 2 pence for a Baptism.
1 shilling and 1 penny for "an Unction". (the sacrament of Extreme Unction).
5 shillings and 5 pence for a marriage.
We will be looking for a "willing victim" to type up the photocopies for the Carlow List any takers?
Considering postage costs it is better if the volunteer is resident in Ireland.
In the meantime if someone has a particular enquiry for this period , now is the time to ask, the Registers are not indexed so approx. date of inquiry would assist.
This offer is open for a week as we have to continue cataloguing the PPP and will be moving on to other items.

Mick Purcell

I am at present working on the archive collection known as the PPP (Pat Purcell Papers).

In this undertaking I am assisted by two part-time volunteers.
I am very grateful to Michael Purcell for this opportunity to work on such an important resource.
I wish to add the following comment to Carlow / Graigue / Killeshin Baptism and Marriage registers, 1769 to 1811, photocopied and found in the PPP last week.
The photocopies appear to have been done in 1969 by Pat Purcell.
The Baptisms / Marriages in the Cathedral Register for Carlow / Graigue / Killeshin were entered by a clerk, who seems more interested in keeping the accounts for 1777 to 1784.
The Parish Priest of Carlow - Graigue, Mr Gernon, is paid a fee at the end of each month.

Many entries state:
"Baptism at (name of street)", two shillings = two pence. (no name recorded).
"for an Unction" one shilling = one penny (no name recorded).
"for a Baptism and Unction" = three shillings and three pence (combination of both charges).
"Married at Mr. Gernons House" five shillings and five pence.
There are a few entries recorded as "unpaid".
All the writing is very clear and readable.
Most entries are named with no record of Sponsors for Baptisms but Witnesses are recorded for Marriages.
What is really frustrating is when he gives the address, there is no name attached and when he records the names, no address in given.

Best Wishes, Jean Casey.

Some of the entries that have been extracted as a result of enquiries to the team:

Baptised, 4th November, 1777. Tady, son of John and Jone Brennan, Sponsors; Michael Aughney and Ann Doran.

Baptised, 21st November 1777; William of Patt and Catherine Brennan, Sponsors; Michael Neale and Margaret Cumins.

Thomas, 23rd November 1777, son of Patt and Ann Brennan, Sponsors William Murphy and Mary Welsh.

30th August, 1788. Bapt. Mary of James Lawler and Catherine Seymour, Sponsors ; Michael Quinn and Catherine Connelly. no address.

25th June, 1773, Baptised, Robert son of William Bowles and Sara Moore. Sponsors ; Marjary Macdermott.

It would appear that several of those recorded are "Protestant”, there are no comments in the register to indicate this but I know some of the families.

30th August, 1788. Bapt; Mary of James Lawler and Catherine Seymour, Sponsors ; Michael Quinn and Catherine Connelly, no address.

26th September 1778. Churched Mr. Gurley's Milk Woman, 2 shillings and 2pence -offering 4 shillings and 8 pence =Total 6 shillings and 10 pence.

(Note added in 2010. "Churched" was a form of purification ceremony that mothers were to have offered shortly after birth of a baby. This was a practice continued in the R.C. church up to 1970s or 80s.
There are many entries in this register for "a Purification" the charge was one shilling and one penny -one entry reads; 21st November 1778," for an Unction and Purification" two shillings and two pence"  = (combined charge for both services, obviously the mother was in danger of death, no mention of a baptism which may indicate that the baby had died!).
5th September, 1780., for a Baptism in Leigh and Unctions, 4 shillings and 4 pence, (may be a case of both mother and baby are in danger of death, the priest first baptises the baby and then administers Extreme Unction to both of them)

Total figures for October 1778.

Baptisms and Unctions  = 2 pounds / 2 shilling.
Marriages; = 5 shillings and 5 pence.
Total; 2 pounds 7 shillings. 5 pence.
For my payment; 11 shillings and 9 pence.

For Mr. Gernon; 1 pound, 15 shillings and 4 pence. (Mr. Gernon was the Parish Priest for Carlow, Graigue, and Killeshin, not sure if the Baptisms / Marriages records were entered by a housekeeper or a clerk, but it appears the Mr Gernon did not enter any of them from 1777 to 1782.)

Mick Purcell


Thomas from Hollymount, Queen's County, married Mary Coleman from Oak Park, 1919.

Mary Ann from Granby Row, Carlow, died 1972.


John Baptism, 1886, father, Barth, mother, Thersa Warren, Dublin Road, Carlow.

John married Ann Doyle, 1777.

Transcribed by Jean Casey


Carlow Cathedral Register.

Cunningham, George, died aged 37, 26th July 1949. Browne Street.

Joseph died 25th Oct. 1931, Browne Street, buried in Ballybricken, Waterford.

Patrick died 26th May, 1940, Brown Street.

Sarah, Baptised, 1833, Brown Street, father, Mick, mother, Lucy Kelly.

Carlow Cathedral Register, Snippets.

Transcribed by Pat Purcell in June, 1956. Snippets from Baptism Register,

Carlow Cathedral Parish. December 19th 1831.
Christopher Riggs, Private Soldier in the 65th Reg. of Foot was this day absolved by me from excommunication which he incurred from living as a Protestant and was by me restored to the unity of the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church (signed) William Hackett, C.C. in the presence of Gerald McDonald.
John Seaconemow ? ,`1866,  A strolling black from Calcutta here on this day baptised having been under instruction for a month or more. Pat Murphy answered for him at the font. He thinks he is about 35 years of age.
John Sunderland, 29th Oct. 1866, was this day received by me into the church and conditionally baptised, he having made a profession of faith in the presence of Thomas McDarby and Betty Clowry. (signed) Fr. O'Neill.
Andre Reyngout, 21st June 1926, killed at the Beet Factory, from Belgium, aged 24, buried at St Mary's Cemetery.
John and Ann and Sera Snoddy, (formerly Sera Barbour), 1st September, 1849,  Presbyterians, Mother and two children of Pollerton Road conformed to the Catholic Church in their last illness and received the rights of the church. Sponsors: John Ryan, Margaret Curran, Robert Reddy, Sera Kennedy.

[note added by Michael Purcell,  June 2012 - Cholera victims, Sera and her two children were buried shortly after "conforming "]

 Mary Tyrell, 13th Oct. 1828, a poor neglected child.

With kind permission of Michael Purcell

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