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Pat Purcell Papers
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church Carlow
(Cathedral of Assumption)
Baptisms extracts

With kind permission of Michael Purcell
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Year Date Month Child Parents Sponsors
1774 22 June William of John Finick and Mary Robinson John Kehoe and Ann Ryan
1774 22 June Margaret of Michael Brennan and Mary Keating Michael Maginnis and Mary Brennan
1774 23 June Ann of Charles and Biddy Rayan James Melody and Anstas  ?
1774 24 June Catherine of Miles Farrell and Nancy Smith John Newton and Mary Kavanagh
1774 25 June Robert of William Bowles and Sara Moore Margary MacDermott
1774 29 June Elenor Patt Keating and Judy Brennan Darby and Catherine Cummins
1774 30 June John of Thomas Conner and Margt. Kehoe Mathew Murphy and Margaret Conner
1774 1 July Catherine of John Ryan and Margaret Kelly Peter Dowling and Ness Brennan
1774 3 July John of Patt Carroll and Margaret Murphy Francis Gorman and Elizabeth Duggan
1774 9 July Betty of Patrick Dempsy and Nancy Farrell Patrick ? and Catherine Neal 
1774 10 July Peter of Stephen Gaffney and Mary Murphy Dann Dunne and Mary Moore
1774 10 July Mary of Patrick Ling and Mary Cowen Richard Rony and Bridget Boyles
1774 11 July Catherine of John Neal and Margt. Foley John Reed and Mary Moffett
1774 13 July James of Darby Lacy and Ann Dow? Arthur Donahoe and Mary McDanniel
1774 15 July John of William Hall And Judy Hutchinson Joseph Farrell and Biddy Hutchinson
1774 15 July James of John Byrn and Ann Bryan Eugene Maher and Judy Smith
1774 20 July James of John Murphy and Mary Ghuy Laurence Ghuy and Mary Brennan
1774 24 July James of Thomas Crosbie and Jane West David Gorman and Elizabeth Burbridge
1774 28 July Nanny of James McDaniel and Judy Maher John Mulldowny and Mary Lay
1774 5 August Mary of ? And Honor Conner Henry Hays and Mary Hearns
1774 7 August Ann of John Mullen and Betty Lawlor Andrew MacDanniels and Rose Whelan
1774 8 August Ann of Edward Brennan and Nancy Byrne John Hughes and Mary Brennan
1774 9 August Catherine of Murta Culleton and Nancy Reily Peter Maher and Mary Boyle
1774 24 August Michael of Leighlin Malone and Cath. Fitzpatrick Patrick Maher and Biddy Malone
1774 26 August Michael of James Lawlor and Biddy Mulldowny Michael Doyle and Biddy Byrne
1774 26 August Elizabeth of Patrick Dugan and Ann Brennan Daniel Rourke and Catherine Delany
1774 29 August Mary of John Kehoe and Mary Purcell Luke Blake and Biddy Nowlan
1774 1 September Michael of Dennis Whelan and Judy Prendergast Michael Prendergast and Margt. Holahan
1774 4 September Elizabeth of James Brennan and Nancy Farrell Michael Hays and Margt. Cahill
1774 4 September Mary of Edward Nowlan and Biddy Neal Edward Maher and Biddy Nowlan
1774 5 September Michael of David Dunn and Mary Lee Jim Donahoe and Elenor Nowlan
1774 8 September Mary of Joseph Bryan and Ally Nowlan Patrick Nowlan and Ann McDonald
1774 9 September Catherine of Patt Murphy and Nelly Mulldowny Daniel Mulldowney and Catherine Deisken
1774 11 September Daniel of James Whelan and Mary McDarby Maurice Tracy and Dorothea Conner
1774 13 September John of John Mahon and Nelly Kehoe Thomas Brophy and Rose Miler
1774 14 September Michael of Tim Connelly and Sara Moore Henery Rogers and Mary Mullhall
1774 18 September Judy of Hugh Nowlan and Biddy Hennigan William Hughes and Nancy Timmens
1774 18 September Patrick of Edward Dowling and Mary Delany Daniel Desmond and Catherine Lowry
1774 21 September Elizabeth of James Roney and Margt. Bryan David Carty and Mary Ling 
1774 21 September Judy of James Roney and Margt. Bryan James Keating and Judy Ling
1774 25 September Ann of James Fitzgerald and Judy Steward Patrick Brennan and Catherine Fortune
1774 25 September Michael of James Flood and Mary Fannan Edward Byrne and Mary Corrigan 
1774 25 September Judy of James Flood and Mary Fannan John Fannan and Margaret Hays
1774 25 September Tim of Patrick Brennan and Nanny Carew Benjamin Ward and Biddy Ford
1774 27 September Mary Ann of James Curren and Nancy Molly Bryan Fitzpatrick and Mary Cahill
1774 28 September Daniel of William Finn  and Ann ? John Waters and Rebecca Burbridge
1774 30 September Michael of Ned Brennan and Betty Moore Darby Hughes and Mary Moore
1774 5 October James of Thomas Carroll and Mary Farrell William Keating and Mary Bergan
1774 10 October Michael of Ned Nowlan and Mary Rourke Maurice Tracy and Biddy Moore
1774 10 October Catherine of Terry Fitzpatrick and Sara Byrne Michael Nowlan and Biddy Ga?
1774 11 October Winny of Patt Whelan and Mary Haughney John Murphy and Mary Lawlor 
1774 30 October Ann of James White and Margt. McGrath Darby Kelly and Sara O'Hara
1774 2 November Martin of James Cooper and Dolly Hughes Ned Brennan and Mary Hughes
1774 4 November Catherine of Terry Brennan and Mary Timmen Daniel and Mary Kinsela 
1774 6 November Andrew of James Daly and Susanna Young Barnaby Rossiter and Catherine Dunn
1774 10 November William of Richard Brassil and Margt. Byrn John Duggan and Honora Byrn
1774 14 November James of Francis Bogard and Mary Murphy Rev. James Doran and Elenor White
1774 14 November Timothy of William Carew and Judy Power Tim Magarry and Anstas Carew
1774 15 November John of James Whelan and Nelly Murphy Thomas Pullen and Elenor Byrn
1774 18 November Andrew of John Nowlan and Elizabeth Delany James Behan and Anstas Crosbie
1774 20 November Thomas of Michael Nowlan and Nanny Deegan John MacDonald and Sara Rooney
1774 27 November Thomas of John Dillon and Catherine Smith Patrick Kelly and Mary Ann Goggin
1774 27 November William of Laurence Lawlor and Catherine Wright John Largan and Margaret King
1774 2 December Andrew of Patrick Delany and Biddy Kealy John Fogerty and Mary Kelly
1774 2 December Susanna of Benjamin Coleman and Eliza Jessop Thomas Walsh (a Quaker)
1774 4 December Thomas of Patt Kelly and Mary Kelly Martin Prendergast and Catherine Prendergast
1774 4 December Margaret of William Lynch and Mable Lea John Largan and Biddy Nowlan
1774 4 December Catherine of William Lamb and Elizabeth Carew James Lamb and Eliner Foley
1774 5 December Ann of Patrick McDerby and Mary Fennell Patrick Bergan and Mary Lawlor
1774 7 December Thomas of James Muldowny and Mary McDonald ? Dunn and Biddy Mulldowny
1774 11 December James of Patrick C? and Mary Darby James Tinan and Elinor Brophy
1774 13 December Mary of John Maguire and Judy Brennan Henry Bigly and Biddy Loughman
1774 13 December Thomas of James Flemmin and Nancy Conner James Fitzgerald and Anstas Carew
1774 13 December Thomas of John Conner and Biddy (Norton or Nowlan - James Byrn and Margaret Ling 
         both names entered and crossed out)  
1774 20 December Mary of James Moran and Catherine Dunn John Fitzgerald and Mary Kavanagh
1774 22 December Thomas of John Farrell and Mary Smith John Macdonald and Anstas Carew
1774 26 December Mary of Patrick Mullowny and Catherine Ruth Mathew Cooke and Mary Conner

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Transcribed by Alan McGrath 2010

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