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Miscellaneous Records
Births, Deaths & Marriages Extracts

Extracts from Carlow Cathedral Registers

(These records may not be complete)

Transcribed by Pat Purcell in 1957.

Catherine Clow,  Bapt.  1823,  Mother Ellen Tynan.    
Anne Clowry,  Bapt.  1854,  Father, Michael,  Mother Anne Haydon.  Green Lane.
Anne Clowry  Died  1882 aged 70,  Bricklayers wife, Green Lane.
Barth Clowry,  Bapt.  1845,  Father Michael,  Mother, Anne Headon. Green Lane.
Catherine Clowry,  Bapt 1835,.      
Catherine,  Died  aged 71, Labourers' wife,    Green Lane.
Darby Clowry  Died,  1869 aged 69,    Staplestown Road.
Elija Clowry  Married  Mary Neill,  1846    
Eliza, Bapt.  1837,  Father , Michael,  Mother, Anne Headon.  Burrin Street.
Elizabeth,  Bapt.  1849,  Father, Michael,  Mother, Anne Heydon.  
Ellen,  Bapt.  1865,  Father, Michael,  Mother, Ellen  Tynan. Barrack St.
Francis,  Bapt, 1869,  Mother, Mary Anne Clowry.    
John,  Bapt.  1862 Father, Thomas,  Mother Margaret Edgeworth,  Bridewell Lane.
Michael,  Bapt.  1849,  Father, Michael,  Mother Ellen Tynan,  Green Lane.
John  Married  Mary Kennedy,.  1885 Sponsors. Martin and Julia Clowry.  
John,  Died,  1904,  shopkeeper,    Tullow St.
Julia,  Twin, Bapt.  1863,  Fr. Michael, Mother, Ellen Tynan,  
Margaret,  Bapt.  1857,  Mother, Anna Heydon.    Green Lane.
Margaret,  Bapt.  1849,  Fr. Martin,  Mother Julia Byrne.  
Martin Clowry  Married  Julia Byrne  1845   Burrin Street.
Martin  Bapt.  1845,  Fr. Martin.  Mother, Julia Byrne,  Market Cross.
Mary Clowry  Died 1871,  aged 62.  Poor Woman,  Staplestown Road.
Michael  Married  Mary Hennesy,. 1824    
Michael,  Bapt.  1880,  Father, Thomas,  Mother, Margaret Edgeworth.  
Michael,  Died ,  1865,  aged 60,   Pensioner, Barrack St.
Michael  Married  Anne Haydon,  1845,    Green Lane.
Michael  Married  Ellen Tynan,  1849,    Green Lane.
Michael  Died  1877,  aged 70,   Masoner, Green Lane.
Mrs. Clowry  Died  1862,  aged 42,   Shopkeeper, Tullow Street.
Theresa,  Bapt,  1822,  Father, Michael,  Mother, Mary.  
Thomas,  Bapt.  1857 Mother, Ellonora Tinan,    Barrack St.
Thomas  Married  Margaret Edgeworth  1879,  Sponsors, Michael and Ellen Clowry.  
William,  Twin, Bapt.  1863,  Father, Michael,  Mother, Ellen Tynan,  Barrack St.
William,  Died,  1865,  aged 2,    Barrack St.
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