Contributed by Luann Hughes-DeVries  

1) DAVID BOURK and his/ Wife also 5 of his Children/

2) JOHN CAHILL Garryclogher/ Died Jan 9 1835 Also/ His Wife MARGARET/ Died 1844 Aged 62/ Daughter MARGARET/ Jan 1844 Aged 31 yrs./


4) JOHN BOURKE of/ Garryclogher Died 1782/


6) PATRICK TOBIN Erected by/ ELLEN TOBIN Masterstown/

7) JAMES BURKE Garryclogher/ Died 1767 Aged 44yrs His Wife/ ELLEN MALLANY Died Apr/ 12th 1796 Aged 62 Their/ Daughter Died 1786/

8) Erected by JOHN TIERNEY/ of Ballylooby to his Father/ THOMAS TIERNEY/ Died 1846 Aged 73/

9) Erected By PATRICK O'BRIEN/ of Caher to His Father/ JOHN O'BRIEN Died 1820/ Aged 60yrs Also/ His Brother EDMOND Died 1825 Aged 32yrs/ His Daughter MARY/ Died 1835 Aged 9yrs/

10) Erected By MARTIN DONOHOE/ of Cahir To His Father/ EDM DONOHOE Died 1839/

11) WILLIAMS/ (wooden cross)

12) MRS MARY LEONARD/ of Garryclogher/ Died 1908/ Aged 89yrs/

13) MRS MARY CAMPION of Caher/ with Those of Her Infant Daughter/ MARY Died 14 Dec. 1837/ Aged 44yrs./ (long Prayer)

14) Erected By His Daughters/ JAMES O'BRIEN Died Mar/ 6th 1834 Aged 63/ Their Mother MARGT/
O'BRIEN Alias LADERGAN/ Died 1814 Aged 32 Their/ Brother Rody 1850/

15) JOHN LADERGAN Boytonrath/ Died 1816 His Daughter/ MARGT LADERGAN Alias/ Biren Died 1813/

16) The Body of/ MARY HENESSY/ 1734/ (1784?)