Shanranah Graveyard

Contributed by Luann Hughes-DeVries

1.   Ellen Ryan/ d.1850/ aged 73yrs/
2.   Thomas Ryan/ d.1 June 1851/ Aged 20yrs/
3.    Andrew Ryan/ Clogheen/ d.21 July 1812/ Aged 64yrs/ Husband of Mary Ryan/
4.    Mary Ryan/ Clogheen/ d.20 January 1851/ Aged 70yrs/ Wife of Andrew Ryan/
5.    Catherine Collins/ Alias Ryan/ Clogheen/ d.26 January 1860/ Aged 54yrs/
6.    John Ryan/ d.1834/ Erected by William Ryan his Son/
7.    Johanna Ryan/ d.1847/ Sister of William Ryan/
8.    Revd. Nicholas Sheehy/ Shanrahan/ d.15 March 1766/ Here lie the remains of the Revd. Nicholas Sheehy   Parish Priest of Shanrahan Ballysheehan and Templeing(?) he died March  15th 1766 Aged 32yrs. Erected by His Sister Catherine Burke Alias Sheehy.
9.    John Sheehy/ d.12 February 1736/ Aged 60yrs/
10.   Revd. D.James Glison/ d.20 August 1766/ Here lieth the body of the Revd. D. James Glison who Departed this life 20th
        August 1776. This stone was erected in his memory by his brother William Glison of Scart(?)/
11.   Catherine Barry/ d.26 October 1827/ Aged 4yrs/ Daughter of T.Barry & E.Cain/
12.   Ellen Cain/ d.6 November 1827/ Aged 35yrs/ Wife of Thomas Barry/
13.   John Sheehan/ Cahir/ d.30 October 1825/ Aged 32yrs/ Son of Timothy Sheehan/
14.   Timothy Sheehan/ Garnvilla/ d.6 February 1826/ Aged 80yrs/ Father of John Sheehan/
15.   William Sheehan/ Ranga/ d.3 April 1813/ Aged 60yrs/
16.   Mary White/ Alias Sheehan/ Kiloolan/ d.8 January 1830/ Aged 74yrs/ Mother of John White who erected the gravestone/
17.   David White/ Cahir/ d.11 May 1834/ Aged 42yrs/ Son of Mary White/ brother of John White/
18.   Bridget White/ d.8 February 1835/ Aged 16yrs/
19.   John White/ d.25 March 1741/ Aged 66yrs/
20.   Catherine Kennelly/ Alias Hickey/ Clogheen/  d.22 March 1843/ Aged 62yrs/ Wife of Willam Kennelly/
21.   David Hickey/ Clogheen/ d.13 July 1845/ Aged 49yrs/ Husband of Catherine Hickey/
22.   Catherine Hickey/ Clogheen/ d.16 May 1856/ Aged 48yrs/ Wife of David Hickey/
23.   Andrew Abraham/ d.6 May 1819/ Aged 33yrs/
24.   Hester Beasely/ Shanbally Castle/ d.15 January 1841/  Aged 42yrs/ Wife of Joseph Beasely/
25.   Marina Cleary(?)/ d.15 May 1826/ Aged 29yrs/
26.   John Cleary/ Clogheen/ d.15(?) May 1799/ Aged 38yrs/ Father of William Cleary who erected the gravestone/
27.   Ellenor Cleary/ Alias O'Keefe(?)/ Clogheen/ d.19 October 1840/ Aged 76yrs/ Wife of John Cleary/
28.   ? Cleary/ Clogheen/ d.6 June 1842/ Aged 30yrs/ Brother to William Cleary/ Son of John & Ellenor Cleary/
29.   Mary Cleary/ Clogheen/ d.11 April 1848/ Daughter of William Cleary/ Grandchild of John & Ellenor Cleary/
30.   Johanna Cleary/ d.6 January 1848/ Aged 72yrs/ Erected by her son John Cleary/
31.   James Sullivan/ Heattfield/ d.10 June 1834/ Aged 52yrs/ Erected by his Son John Sullivan/
32.   John Sullivan/ Shanrahan/ d.2 November 1776/ Aged 72yrs/
33.   Timothy Sullivan/ Shanrahan/ d.April 1796/ Aged 71yrs/
34.   Thomas Sullivan/ Shanrahan/ d.1798/ Son of John Sullivan/
35.   James Conway/ Cloughbreedy/ d.10 January 1864/ Aged 90yrs/
36.   Timothy Conway/ Keadlagh/ d.12 November 1826/ Aged 71yrs/
37.   James Murphy/ d.27 April 1858/ Aged 51yrs/ Husband of Ellen Murphy/
38.   Ellen Murphy/ d.24 November 1864/ Aged 60yrs/ Wife of James Murphy/
39.   Patrick Murphy/ d.18 December 1848/ Aged 21yrs/ Son of Ellen & James Murphy/
40.   Michael Murphy/ d.August 1816/ Aged 14yrs/ Erected by his Father Martin Murphy/
41.   Elizabeth Tuokey/ Cranaghin/ d.2 November 1825/ Aged 74yrs/ Daughter of John Lloyd Esq; Wife of Charles Tuokey Vicar of the Parish/
42.   Revd. Charles Tuokey/ Cranaghin/ d.5 July 1834/ Aged 81yrs/ Treasurer of Lismore/ Husband of Elizabeth Tuokey/
43.   Denis McGrath/ d.May 1791/ Husband of Ellen McGrath/
44.   Ellen McGrath/ d.September 1803/ Wife of Denis McGrath/
45.   James McGrath/ d.April 1810/ Aged 18yrs/ Son of Ellen & Denis McGrath/
46.   Mary Crosby/ Alias McGrath/ Late of Dublin/ d.30 June 1815/ Daughter of Ellen & Denis McGrath/
47.   Catherine O'Brien/ d.1770/ Wife of Thomas O'Brien/
48.   Thomas O'Brien/ Ballyporeen/ d.7May 1722/ Aged 68yrs/
49.   Mathias O'Brien/ Killbenny/ d.6 November 1794/ Aged 63yrs/
50.   Catherine O'Brien/ d.16 January 1815/ Aged 16yrs/ Daughter of Myles O'Brien/
51.   Myles O'Brien/ d.10 January 1816/ Aged 46yrs/ Father of Catherine O'Brien/
52.   Margret Meagher/ Alias O'Brien/ d.11 April 1789/ Aged 53yrs/ Wife of John Meagher/
53.   John Meagher/ d.14 June 1787/ Aged 55yrs/ Erected by his Son James Meagher/
54.   James Meagher/ d.9 July 1822/ Aged 4yrs/
55.   Catherine Meagher/ d.1 August 1822/ Aged 7yrs/
56.   Elizabeth Meagher/ d.4 July 1830/ Aged 27yrs/
57.   Cathleen Breen/ d.1818/ Aged 60yrs/
58.   Jane Augusta Somers York/ d.23 November 1841/ Aged 1yr/ Daughter of James Charles York of the 3rd. Dragoon Guards/
59.   William Wade/ Clogheen/ d.11 December 1816/ Aged 60yrs/
60.   Selina Caswell/ d.August 1877/ Erected to the Memory of Selina Caswell for twenty-five years a faithfull friend in the household of George Vicount Lismore/
61.   Sara Douis/ d.6 March 1762/ Aged 73yrs/
62.   William Hackett/ Clogheen/ d.17 February 1840/ Aged 40yrs/ Husband of Catherine Hackett/
63.   May Sweeny/ Alias McCarthy/ d.1772/ Aged 45yrs/
64.   James Brenock/ d.12 November 1793/ Aged 63yrs/
65.   Elizabeth Quin/ d.14 July 1747/ Aged 63yrs/ Wife of Timothy Quin/
66.   Edward Myles/ d.17 April 1805/ Aged 61yrs/ Erected by his Son Edward Myles/
67.   Mrs. O'Connell/ d.16 July 1814/ Aged 22yrs/
68.   Maurice O'Donoughue/ d.8 September 1860/ Erected by John O'Donoughue/
69.   James O'Donoughue/ d.9 November 1839/ Erected by John O'Donoughue/
70.   Patrick Casey/ d.3 March 1792/ Aged 73yrs/ Father of Mary Casey/
71.   Mary Caswy/ d.20 May 1776/ Aged 29yrs/ Daughter of Patrick Casey/
72.   Margret Finn/ d.23 September 1829/ Aged 24yrs/ Erected by her Mother Catherine Meagher/
73.   James Finn/ Aged 6days/
74.   William Clancy/ Bohernagore(?)/ d.10 March 1803/ Aged 47yrs/
75.   James Rofs/ Garrymore/ d.October 1767/ Aged 66yrs/
76.   Mary Ahern/ Corrghkeel/ d.11 April 1822/ Aged 71yrs/ Wife of David Condon/
77.   David Cloughlan/ d.28 October 1721/ Aged 60yrs/
78.   Revd. John Condon/ Parsage East/ d.1 May 1854/ Aged 24yrs/ Erected by his Father Patrick Condon of Rusco(?)/
79.   ? Keefe/ d.16 September 1827/
80.   Catherine ?/ d.6 February 1825/ Aged 15yrs/ Niece to Catherine ?/
81.   Richard Williams/ d.7 January 1823/ Aged 62yrs/ Erected by His Son John Williams/
82.   Annet June Williams/ Died Young/ Died Young/ Sister of John Williams/
83.   Catherine Breedy/ d.10 April 1809/ Aged 26yrs/ Erected by her Husband Thomas Breedy/
84.   Michael Mathewys/ d.2 May 1797/ AGed 70yrs/ Husband of ? Mathewys/
85.   ? Mathewys/ d.1 January 1814/ Aged 62yrs/ Mother of Catherine Mathewys/
86.   Catherine Mathewys/ d.15 August 1817/ Aged 38yrs/ Daughter of J & ? Mathewys/
87.   William Reynolds/ d.2 June 1805/ Aged 60yrs/
88.   Hugh Walsh/ d.29 March 1762/ Aged 26yrs/
89.   Patrick Hogan/ d.? September 1781/ Aged 72yrs/ Erected by his son Johanis/
90.   John Clancy/ d.12 May 1779/ Aged 39yrs/
91.   Ally Power/ d.26 February 1797/ Aged 35yrs/

***End of Shanrahan Graveyard***