Cahir - old church

Contributed by Luann Hughes-DeVries  

These are in no specific order, I have started with the listings of my own Ancestors and then continued on from there.

1.  Ann Wall/ Alias Morony/ Aged 56yrs/ Wife of William/ Mother of Nicholas/ b.1712, d.June 1768/

2.  William Morony/ Aged 70yrs/ Husband of Ann Wall/ Father of Nicholas/ b.1700, d.June 1770/

3.  Nicholas Morony SNR/ 71yrs/ Son of Ann & William/ Father of Nicholas/ b.1728, d.May 1799/

4.  Nicholas Morony JNR/ Caher/ Aged 56yrs/ Son of Nicholas SNR/ b.1774, d.April 1830/

5.  Margaret Kearney/ Alias Morony/ Clonmel/ Aged 33yrs/ Wife of James Morony/ b.1736, d.January

6.  Bridget Cahill/ Alias Morony/ Aged 36yrs/ Second Wife of James Morony/ b.1755, d.May 1791/

7.  James Morony/ Caher/ Aged 78yrs/ Father of Francis/ Husband of Margaret & Bridget/ b.1724, d.December 1802/

8.  Francis Morony/ Aged 43yrs/ Son of James Morony/ b.1773, d.March 1816, (son of Bridget Cahill?)/

9.  William Morony/ Caher/ Aged 48/ b.1770/ d.18 September 1818/

10. Ann Morony/ Aged 13yrs/ b.1819/ d.13 April 1832/

11. Walter Stapleton/ Husband of Mary Comeford/ d.1781/

12. Mary Comeford/ Alias Stapleton/ Wife of Walter Stapleton/

13. Edmond Stapleton/ Aged 53yrs/ Son of Walter & Mary/ b.1743, d.29 January 1796/

14. Mary Morony/ Alias Stapleton/ Aged 75yrs/ Sister of George/ b.1754, d.1829/

15. George Stapleton/ Aged 74yrs/ Brother of Mary/ b.1759, d.1833/

16. James Wall/ Caher/ Aged 80yrs/ Husband of Mary/ Father of John & Ellen/ b.1724, d.1804/

17. Mary Condon/ Alias Wall/ Aged 68/ Wife of James Wall/ Mother of John & Ellen/ b.1738, d.2 July

18. John Wall/ Aged 52/ Son of James & Mary/ Brother of Ellen/ b.1756, d.6 November 1808/

19. Ellen Wall/ Daughter of James & Mary/ Sister of John/ b.17(5?)?/

20. John Moloney/ (Ballinahinch?)/ Aged 60yrs/ Husband of Margaret/ Father of Pattrick, Margaret,
Bridget, & Johanna/
d.1 November 1893/

21. Pattrick Moloney/ Aged 30yrs/ Son of John & Margaret/ Brother of Margaret, Bridget & Johanna/ d.December 1900/

22. Margaret, Bridget & Johanna/ Daughters of John & Margaret/ Sisters of Pattrick/ (dates ?)/

23. Michael Bourke/ (Clohoncody?)/ Aged 50yrs/ Father of Margaret/ d.12 February 1790/

24. Margaret Bourke/ (Clohoncody?)/ Aged 24yrs/ Daughter of Michael/ d.1 May 1814/

25. Ann Linch/ Aged 7yrs/ Daughter of William Linch & Deborah (Russell?)/ d.29 September 1767/

26. James Farrell/ Lisava/ Aged 63yrs/d.6 May 1822/  Erected By His Son John/

27. James O'Donnell SNR/ Kedra/ Father of James & Thomas/ d.1866/ Erected By Thomas/

28. James O'Donnell JNR/ Kedra/ Son of James Brother of Thomas/ d.1875/

29. Eleanor Keating/ Caher/ Aged 17yrs/ Erected By Father James/ Sister of Catherine, Mary & John/ d.10 February 1829/

30. Catherine Keating/ Caher/ Aged 7yrs/  Daughter of James/ Sister of Eleanor, Catherine & John/ d.15 January 1828/

31. Mary Keating/ Caher/ Aged 2yrs/ Daughter of James/ Sister of Eleanor, Catherine, & John/ d.23
November 1829/

32. John Keating/ Caher/ Aged 17/ Son of James/ Brother of Eleanor, Catherine & Mary/ d.18 February 1833/

33. Patrick Cody/ Aged 52yrs/ d.27 February 1762/

34. James (Mullaney?)/ Aged 72yrs/ d.6 Oct 1815/

35. John Mullaney/ Clonmel/ Aged 69/ d(27?) December 1778/

36. Phillip Mullany/ Aged 69/ d.18 October 1808/

37. Mary Power/ Alias Mullany/ Aged 20yrs/ d.1 October 1809/

38. John Hackett/ Lisava/ Aged 74yrs/ Husband of Mary/ d.19 March 1723/

39. Mary Hackett/ Lisava/ Wife of John/ d.8 April 1746/

40. Catherine Hackett/ Alias Riordian/ Aged 56/ d.25 February 1818/

41. Catherine Scanlan/ Alias English/ Caher/ 47yrs/ Mother of Ellen/ d.29 April 1774/

42. Ellen English Scanlan/ Aged 16/ Daughter of Catherine Scanlan/ Alias English/ d.24 June 1779/

43. Thomas Truomy/ Aged 25/ d.29 February 1768/

44. Thomas Keating/ Aged 35/ d.29 March 1768/

45. Patrick Egan/ Caher/ Aged 31/ d.3 August 1832/

46. William Prendergast/ Lisava/ Aged 56yrs/ 16 May 1739/

47. Catherine Walsh/ Aged 61/ Great Aunt of Mary Ann Clarke/ d.January 1791/

48. Mary Ann Clarke/ Aged 14/ Brother & Sister Who Died Young/ Niece of her Great Aunt Catherine/
d.March 1790/

49. Robert Coady/ Caher/ Aged 70yrs/ Husband of Ellen/ Father of Catherine & Alice/ d.4 October 1819/

50. Ellen Flood/ Alias Coady/ Caher/ Aged 52yrs/ Wife of Robert/ Mother of Catherine & Alice/ d.12 January 1811/

51. Catherine Coady/ Caher/ Aged 21/ Daughter of Robert & Ellen/ Sister of Alice/ d.6 April 1813/

52. Alice Coady/ Caher/ Aged 27/ Daughter of Robert & Ellen/ Sister of Catherine/ d.29 September 1827/

53. Ellen Doyle/ Alias O'Donnell/ Aged 37/ d.5 January 1781/

54. Joana Phelan/ Aged 28/ Wife of John Baldwin/ d.6 April 1747/

55. Thomas Baldwin/ 75yrs/ Husband of Alice/ d.1 June 1734/

56. Alice Henberry/ Alias Baldwin/ Aged 65yrs/ Wife of Thomas/ d.2 June 1730/

57. Philip Hickey/ Aged 67/ d.2 April 1837/

58. Thomas Hickey/ Caher/ Aged  55yrs/ Husband of Bridget/ d.17 September 1772/

59. Bridget Keefe/ Alias Hickey/ Aged 50yrs/ Wife of Thomas/ d.27 February 1776/

60. Garrett Mullany/ Burgess/ Aged 77yrs/ d.11 April 1887/

61. Thomas Burleli/ Aged 56/ d.22 September 1760/

62. Michael Scanlon/ Donegall/ Aged 84/ Husband of Johanna/ 16 March 1839/

63. Johanna Scanlon/ Aged 72yrs/ Wife of Michael/ d.31 Augsut 1842/

64. Michael Scanlan/ Aged 70/ Father of John/ d.1 July 1802/

65. John Scanlan/ Aged 17/ Son of Michael/ d.10 December 1792/

66. Thomas Scanlon/ Aged 70/ Husband of Elizabeth Galligan/ d.12 February 1776/

67. Elizabeth Galligan/ Aged 62/ Wife of Thomas Scanlon/ d.12 November 1775/

68. John Hickey/ Aged 60yrs/ d.1 February 1740/

69. William Hickey/ (Gourrhrowe?)/ Aged 76/ Father of Philip/ d.30 November 1836/

70. Phillip Hickey/ Aged 30/ Son of William/ d.October 1836/

71. Phillip Lonergan/ (Roesgreen?)/ AGed 75yrs/ Father of Margaret/ d.12 December 1779/

72. Margaret Lonergan/ Daughter of Phillip/(dates?)/

73. Richard Lonergan/ d.4 June 1825/

74. Edmond Loughnane/ 71yrs/ Husband of Catherine/ d.24 November 1759/

75. Catherine Loughnane/ Alias Connell/ Aged 86yrs/ Wife of Edmond/ d.7 January 1781/

76. Thomas Dwyer/ Coo?l/ Aged 44yrs/ Husband of Catherine/ d.July 1791/

77. Catherine Dwyer/ Coo?l/ Aged 59? yrs/ Wife of Thomas/ d.May 1810/

78. Thomas Dwyer/ Caher/ Aged 22yrs/ d.7 June 1837/ Erected By Father James/

79. Cornelius Woodlock/ Shanbally Duff/ Aged 29yrs/ d.19 September 1828/ Erected By Father John/

80. Catherine Carew/ Knockgraffin - Caher/ Mother of William & Eliza/

81. William Carew/ Son of Catherine/ Brother of Eliza/ d.25 March 1934/

82. Eliza Dalton/ ?ankerstown - Bansha/ Duaghter of Catherine/ Sister of William/ d.16 November

83. Mary Cooney/ Clonmel/ 26yrs/ d.26 August 1835/ Erected by Husband William/     

84. David Lonergan/ Caher/ Aged 45yrs/ Husband of Ellen/ Father of Mary/ d.10 May 1754/

85.  Ellen Lonergan/ Alias Ellis/ Caher/ Aged 39yrs/ Wife of David/ Mother of Mary/ d.20 April 1763/

86.  Mary Lonergan/ Caher/ Aged 35yrs/ Daughter of David & Ellen/ d.13 June 1780/

87.  Ally Ryan/ Caher/ Aged 61/ Wife of William O'Connor/ d.30 August 1801/

88.  William O'Connor/ Caher/ Aged 67/ Husband of Ally Ryan/ d.8 October 1799/

89.  John Dawson/ Aged 47/ d.25 September 1760/

90.  Denis O'Connor/ Caher/ Aged 63yrs/ Father of James, Alice & Catherine/ Husband of Bridget/
d.26 June 1846/ Erected By

91.  Bridget O'Connor/ Caher/ Aged 60yrs/ Wife of Denis/ Mother of James, Alice & Catherine/ d.20
January 1853/

92.  Alice O'Connor/ Caher/ Aged 28yrs/ Daughter of Denis & Bridget/ Sister of Catherine & James/
d.21 February 1855/

93.  Catherine O'Connor/ Caher/ Aged 26yrs/ Daughter of Denis & Bridget/ Sister of Alice & James/ d.January 1856/

94.  W. O'Connor/ d.September 1865/

95. Denis Henry O'Connor/ Aged 5yrs/ d.10 November 1863/

96.  Michael Meara/ Caher/ 24yrs/ d.29 January 1774/

97.  Thomas Dolan/ Mortlestown/ Aged 60yrs/ Uncle of Michael Barret/ d.1806/

98.  Michael Barret/ Mortlestown/ Aged 28yrs/ Nephew of Thomas Dolan/ d.16 December 1836/

99.  James Morrissy/ Ardfenan/ Aged 21yrs/ Son of James Morrissy/ d.April 1821/

100. John Maher/ Aged 75yrs/ Husband of Mary/ Father of John/ Father in Law of Ellen/ d.22 September 1821/ Erected by
Son Con Maher/

101. Mary Morrissey/ Alias Maher/ Aged 75/ Wife of John/ Mother of Con & John/ Mother in law of Ellen/ d.2 January 1833/

102. Ellen Maher/ Alias (Stagh?)/ Aged 7?/ Wife of Con Maher/ Daughter in law of John & Mary/ Sister in Law of John/
d.10 October 1868/

103. John Maher JNR/ Aged 71/ Died in America/ Son of John & Mary/ Brother of Con/ Brother in Law of Ellen/ d.6 January 1862/

104. Edmond Ryan/ Caher/ Aged 72yrs/ d.1802/

105. Conner Ryan/ Ballygarald/ Aged 72yrs/ Father of John & William/ d.4 Nov 1793/

106. John Ryan/ Aged 40yrs/ Son of Conner/ Brother of William/ d.5 October  1819/

107. William Ryan/ Aged 75yrs/ Son of Conner/ Brother of John/ d. 10 May 1826/

108. Miss Ellen Ryan/ Cahir/ Aged 69yrs/ Sister of Jane/ d.9 January 1827/

109. Jane Ryan/ Cahir/ Aged 60yrs/ Sister of Ellen/ d.29 April 1828/

110. Denis Donovan/ Caher/ Brother of Alice/ Erected By Father John/

111. Alice Donovan/ Daughter of John/ Sister of Denis/

112. Mary Walsh/ Alias McEnroe/ Aged 74yrs/ Erected By Her Son/ Archdeacon Of Sydney/ d.June

113. Michael Touhy/ Father in Law of John Donovan/ d.1 June 1819/

114. Johanna Moran/ Aged 60yrs/ d.11 March 1869/ Erected By Husband David Moran/

115. Thomas Griffith/ Caher/ Aged 79yrs/ Husband of Alice/ d.1 March 1741/

116. Allice Griffith/ Caher/ Aged 84yrs/ Wife of Thomas/ d.17 March 1770/

117. Patrick Healy/ Caher/ Aged 50yrs/ d.1 March 1829/ Erected By Wife Catherine/

118. Pierre Veal/ Native of France/ d.1844/ Erected By Earl Of Glengall/ To Memory of His Faithful
Valet/ (Christ Almighty)/

119. John B. Roche/ Died At The Garden, Cahir/ Aged 77yrs/ d.April 1877/ Fathful Land Steward of
Glengall/ Family for 40
Years/ Erected By Lady Margaret Chartiris/

120. Mary Tobin/ Alias Rouke?/ Caher/ Aged 39yrs/ Wife of Patrick/ d.6 August 1829/

121. Patrick Tobin/ Caher/ Aged 49yrs/ Husband of Mary/ d.19 April 1830/

122. Bessie Georgina/ De Renzy/ d.9 April 1854/

123. Thomas Carey/ Asrewesa?/ Lieutenant Of The Royal Scots Grey/ Aged 27yrs/ d.9 June 1826/

124. Barbara Mandy/ Aged 65yrs/ d.17 November 1823/ Erected By Countess Of Glengal In Memory
Of Faithful Servant/

125. John Wightman/ d.1837/ Veternary Surgeon of 3rd Light Dragoon/

126. Lieut. and Adjt. Floyd/ Aged 46yrs/ d.11 November 1845/ After 27yrs Service In The 13th

127. Richard Pennefather/ d.1850/ Late One of the Barons of Her Majesty's Court of Exchequer in
Ireland/ b.25 August 1773/

128. Richard Pennefather Esq. D.L./ d.July 1849/ Lieutenant Colonel of The Tipperary Regiment of
Militia/ Eldest Son of
Honorable Baron Pennefather/

129. Edmond Day SNR/ Coolbawn/ d.6 January 1800/ Aged 72yrs/ Husband of Ally/ Father of Ed/ Erected By Son Thomas/

130. Ally Day/ Alias Casey/ Coolbawn/ d.March 1828/ Aged 68yrs/ Wife of Ed/ Mother of Ed &

131. Edmond Day JNR/ Coolbawn/ d.February 1842/ Aged 49yrs/ Son of Ed & Ally/ Brother of Thomas/

132. Judith Morrissey/ Alias Hennessy/ Glounafinoga/ d.10 February 1844/ Aged 76yrs/ Mother of
Patrick & Judith/ Erected by
Husband John Morrissey/

133. Patrick Morrissey/ Glounafinoga/ d.2 November 1842/ Aged 43yrs/ Son of John & Judith/ Brother of Judith/

134. Judith Morrissey/ Glounafinoga/ d.2 September 1819/ Aged 17yrs/ Daughter of John & Judith/ Sister of Patrick/

135. Darby Dey/ Graigenamanagh?/ d.7 April 1793/ Aged 27yrs/ Son of John Dey SNR/ Brother of John/
136. Johana Dey/ Graigenamanagh?/ d.26 December 1797/ Aged 22yrs/
137. John Dey JNR/ Graigenamanagh?/ 26 June 1798/ Aged 17yrs/ Brother of Darby/ Son of John Dey SNR/

138. Timothy Marshall/ Husband Of Anne/

139. Anne Marshall/ Wife Of Timothy/

140. Elizabeth Gidin/ d.7 February 1747/ Aged 60yrs/

141. James Fogarty/ Caher/ d.2 August 1818/

142. Ellener Brenoch/ d.January 1757/ Mother of Paul/ Wife of John/

143. Paul Brenoch/ d.January 1757/ Son of Ellener & John/

144. John Brenoch/ d.27 August 1785/ Father of Paul/ Husband of Ellener/

145. James Murphy/ d.1771/ Husband of Mary/

146. Mary Murphy/ d.19 May 1751/ Wife of James/

147. Thomas Griffith SNR/ d.11 March 1811/ Husband of Ellen/ Father of John, Thomas, & William/

148. Thomas Griffith JNR/ d.6 November 1817/ Son of Ellen & Thomas/ Brother of John & William/

149. Ellen Griffith/ d.8 March 1829/ Wife of Thomas/ Mother of John, William, & Thomas/

150. William Griffith/ d.6 July 1835/ Son of Ellen & Thomas/ Brother of John & Thomas/

151. Mary Quinn/ Alias Doyle/ Cahir Mason/ d.1814/ Aged 46yrs/ Erected By Thomas Quinn Her Son/ Aged 46yrs/
Grandmother of Bath/

152. Bath Quinn/ Cahir Mason/ Aged 5yrs/ Son of Thomas Quinn/ Grandson of Mary/

153. Catherine Slingsby/ Caher/ Aged 45yrs/

154. Anthony Lonergan/ d.15 March 1818/ Aged 28yrs/ Erected By Mary Lonergan Alias Quirk His Wife/

155. John Lonergan/ Glinegad/ d.10 February 1808/ Aged 36yrs/ Husband of Bridget/ Father of Mary/

156. Bridget Lonergan/ Glinegad/ d.18 February 1808/ Aged 34yrs/ Wife of John/ Mother of Mary/

157. Mary Lonergan/ Glinegad/ d.6 December 1807/ Aged 24yrs/ Daughter of John & Bridget/

158. Prendergast/ Woodenstown/

159. John Ready/ Whitechurch/ 24 December 1808/ Aged 62yrs/ Father of Michael/

160. Michael Ready/ Battytore, County Kildare/ d.18 October 1807/ Aged 22yrs/ Son of John/

161. John Keating/ Clonmel/ d.August 1803/ Aged 53yrs/ Son of William & Margaret/

162. William Keating/ d.1750/ Aged 40yrs/ Husband of Margaret/ Father of John/

163. Margaret Keating/ Other Wife of John/ d.1791/ Aged 73yrs/ Mother of John/ Wife of William/

164. John Kelly/ d.20 November 1858?/ Aged 30yrs/ Son of Daniel/ Brother of Edmond & Margaret/ Erected By Daniel Kelly/

165. Edmond Kelly/ d.8 August 1841/ Aged 28yrs/ Son of Daniel/ Brother of John & Margaret/

166. Margaret Kelly/ d.26 May 1841/ Aged 36yrs/ Daughter of Daniel/ Sister of Edmond & John/

167. Patrick Doody/ Caher Apothecary/ d.May 1822/ Aged 22yrs/ Erected By Father John Doody/

168. Edmond Doody/ Ballinleega/ d.20 July 1779/

169. Patrick Kelly/ Lisava/ d.30 November 1817/ Aged 56yrs/ Husband of Mary/ Son of Thomas/
Erected by Son Thomas/

170. Mary Kelly/ Alias Hickey/ d.27 March 1834/ Mother of Thomas/ Wife of Patrick/

171. Elen Sullivan/ d.16 April 1797/

172. Johanna Sullivan/ Alias Nowlan/ Lowergrague/ d.8 February 1840/ Aged 68/ Erected by Husband

173. James Marshall SNR/ Lisava/ d.25 March 1840/ Aged 75yrs/ Father of James/ Uncle of Judith/

174. Judith Marlin/ Alias Rierdon/ d.1 May 1824/ Aged 34yrs/ Niece of James SNR/

175. James Marshall JNR/ d.2 February 1834?/ Aged 27yrs/ Son of James/

176. James Tankard/ d.1802/ Aged 60yrs/ Father of Thomas/

177. Thomas Tankard/ d.September 1806/ AGed 23yrs/ Son of James/

178. William Baly/ d.27 December 1818/ Aged 57yrs/

179. Michael Barron SNR/ Cahir/ d.14 May 1824/ Aged 72yrs/ Husband of Johanna/ Father of Mary/
Grandfather of Richard/
Erected By Son Michael JNR/

180. Mary Barron/ Cahir/ d.11 February 1830/ Aged 36yrs/ Sister of Michael JNR/ Aunt of Richard/
Daughter of Johanna
& Michael/

181. Richard Barron/ Cahir/ d.28 March 1835/ Aged 28yrs/ Son of Michael/ Nephew of Mary/ Grandson of Michael
& Johanna/

182. Johanna Barron/ Alias Hickey/ Cahir/ d.9 June 1844/ Aged 70yrs/ Wife of Micael/ Mother of Michae & Mary/
Grandmother of Richard/

183. Ann Drake/ d.23 February 1824/ Capt.T.C.Watson/ Aged 26yrs/ Erected by Father/

184. Frances Drake/ d.8 March 1824/ Aged 23days/ Daughter of Ann Drake/ Granddaughter of

185. Mrs. Nolan/ d.6 November 1847/ Aged 46yrs/ Mother of John Nolan/

186. John Nolan/ d.12 April 1887/ Aged 59yrs/ Husband of Johanna/

187. Johanna Nolan/ d.7 October 1900/ Aged 57yrs/ Wife of John/

188. George Bourke/ Cahir/ d.2 August 1827/ Aged 63yrs/ Grandfather of Edward/ Erected By Son

189. Edward Bourke/ Cahir/ d.3 May 1836/ Aged 3months/ Son of Patrick/ Grandson of George/

190. Justin McCarthy/ d.26 November 1873/ Aged 60yrs/

191. Dorothy Jackson/  d.1 June 1819/ Wife of "Regimental Serg. Major/ Thomas Jackson of the/
Queesn Bays/

192. Alexander Augustus Rayne/  d.January 1824/ Aged 2yrs/ Son of/ "Regimental Serg. Major/
Edward Rayne of the
Ninth Regiment Lancers,"/

193. Janes Hines/ d.March 1848/ Daughter of/ "Trumpeter Hines/ Of the Royal Hussars"/

194. Ralph Reylance/ d.October 1846/ Husband of Sarah Reylance/

195. Corporal John Jennians/ d.June 1860/ 12th Royal Lancers/

196. Mary Reeves/ Cahir/  d.1 May 1851/ Aged 70yrs/ Wife of Francis Reeves/

197. Louise Jane Rodgers/ d.December 1867/ 9th Lancers/

198. William Gregory/ Cahir/ d.July 1849/ Troop Sergeant Major/

199. Sacred To The Memory Of Jeremiah Cooke, Mary Cooke and William Cooke Also Their Infant
Children, This
Monument Is Errected By Their Son Richard Cooke Now In Australia Is The Last Tribute Of His _ _ _ ?

200. Margaret Condon/ Barrack Street, Cahir/ d.1 June 1861/ Aged 18yrs/ Sister of Richard/

201. Richard Condon/ Barrack Street, Cahir/ d.February 1865/ Aged 25yrs/ Brother of Margaret/

202. Thomas Cornelius?/ d.November 1879/

203. Margaret Eliza Collister/  b.18 December 1850/ d.April 1869/  

204. Margaret Frenen/ d.January 1869/ Aged 40yrs/

205. Private Robert Kennedy/ Cahir/ d.April 1869/ Aged 39yrs/ of the Royal Scots Greys/

206. Lary Ann Hayden/ d.July 1892/ Wife of John Hayden/

207. Sarah Cough/ Alias Bridges/ d.May 1818/

208. This Head Stone Was Placed Here By Mrs. Ebsworth Of St.Kilda, Australia. In Memory Of Her
Grandfather Mr.
  Michael Purtil Who Is Still living And In The 88th Year Of His Life And At His Demise Will Make This His Last Resting Place. Also His Wife Catherine Purtil Who Died In 1883 Aged 60yrs. And 2 Of Their Children Who Died Young Also His Brother Mr. Edmond Purtil Who Died 1887 Aged 80yrs.

209. Bridget Carty/ d.December 1803/ Husband - Michael/

210. Michael Carty/ d.August 1800/ Wife - Bridget/

211. William Connoly/ Cahir/ d.October 1844/ Wife - Bridget/ Aged 32yrs/

212. Sarah Curly/ Lisava, Cahir/ d.September 1797/ Aged 34yrs/ Husband - William/

213. William Curly/ Lisava, Cahir/ d.22 September 1811/ Aged 31yrs/

214. Mary Casey/ d.March 1770/ Aged 9yrs/

215. William Myres/ d.March 1849/ Errected by Son John Myres/

216. Catherine Myres/ d.December 1837/ Erected by Son John Myres/

217. Mary Sullivan/ Nee Dunn/ d.1811/ Aged 64yrs/ Son Jermia/

218. Jermia Sullivan/ d.13 May 1820/ Aged 34yrs/

219. Anne Bennett/ Cahir/ d.April 1872/

220. Henry Crowe/ d.1830/ Aged 39yrs/ Erected By Comrades Of The York Rifle Unit/

221. Jane Griffiths/ d.January 1863/ Errected By Son Robinson Of The 11th Hussars/

222. James Halfacre?/ Cahir/ d.November 1839/ Served No.4 Battery 9th Brigade/ died At Cahir
Barracks/ Aged 19yrs/

223. Edward Darling/ d.August 1863/ Aged 26yrs/

224. W.H. Holland/ d.16 October 1876/

225. S.Smith/ Cahir/ d.11 August 1811/ 6th Dragoons/

226. Richard Siale?/ d.August 1836/

227. Matilda Weller/ d.12 July 1853/ Daughter of Henry Weller Armourer Sergeant 7th Dragoon

228. W. Mossor/ d.1840/ Errected By Dragoon Guards/

229. Joseph Tigwell/ d.January 1851/ Died aged 3yrs, 6months/ Son Of Farrier Major Tigwell of The

230. Agnis Hanrahan/ d.26 August 1850/ Father - James Hanrahan of The 6th Dragoon Guards or

231. Sarah Reylance/ d.1846?/ Wife of Ralph Reylance/

End of Cahir Cemetery records that I have collected to date.