Drumcree Civil Parish
County Armagh, Northern Ireland

Barony Oneilland West
Poor Law Union Lurgan
Catholic Diocese Armagh
Catholic Parish Portadown
Presbyterian Congregations 1st Portadown, 2nd Portadown

DRUMCREE, a parish, in the barony of O'Neilland West, county of Armagh, and province of Ulster; containing, with the post-town and district parish of Portadown, 12,355 inhabitants.  According to the Ordnance survey, it comprises 13,385 statute acres; there is a very large tract of bog, most of which is valuable.  The weaving of linen and cotton is carried on to a great extent.  The living is a rectory, in the diocese of Armagh, and in the patronage of the Lord-Primate; the tithes amount to 650.  A large and handsome glebe-house was erected by the Rev. C. Alexander, in 1828, aided by a gift of 100 from the late Board of First Fruits; the glebe comprises 567 acres, of which 93 are bog.  The parish church is a large ancient building with a tower and spire; and a chapel of ease was built at Portadown, in 1826.  The R.C. parish is co-extensive with that of the Established Church, and has a small chapel at Drumcree.  There are places of worship for Wesleyan Methodists at Portadown and Scotch-street, and for Primitive Methodists at Derryanville, Scotch-street, and Drumnakelly.  Two large and handsome schools have been erected and endowed by the Rev. C. Alexander, who also principally supports three others.  The school at Mullantine was built and is supported by Lady Mandeville; and at Ballyworken, Sir F. W. Macnaghten, Bart., has endowed one with a house and four acres of land for the master.  In these schools about 370 children are educated, and about 60 are educated in two private schools.  Roger Marley, Esq., bequeathed 30 per annum to the poor, payable out of a farm at Drumanally; and Mrs. Johnston, in 1809, left for their use the interest of 100.  At Battentaggart are considerable remains of an extensive mansion, erected by the Bolton family, in the reign of James I.  A very ancient bell was found some years since in the churchyard of Drumcree.
Topographical Dictionary of Ireland by Samuel Lewis, 1837


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Aghanergill Corcullentragh More Drummenagh
Aghavellan Corglass Drumnakelly
Annagh Cornalack Drumnasoo
Annagora Cornamucklagh Drumnevan
Annakeera Cushenny Farra
Artabrackagh Derryall Foy Beg
Ballyfodrin Derryanvil Foy More
Ballymakeown Derrybrughas Garvaghy
Ballynagowan Derrycaw Kilmagamish
Ballyoran Derrycory Kilmoriarty
Ballyworkan Derrykerran Kingarve
Baltylum Derrylettiff Leganny
Breagh Derrymacfall Maghon
Cannagola Beg Derrymattry Muckery
Cannagola More Derryneskan Mullantine
Canoneill Derryvane Portadown Town
Clonamola Diviny Richmount
Clonmartin Drumalis Roughan
Clownagh Drumcree Selshion
Coharra Drumgoose Tavanagh
Corbracky Drumharriff Timakeel
Corcrain Druminallyduff Timulkenny
Corcullentragh Beg Drumlellum Unshinagh


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Hart Memorial School,  Register of females, 1935-1940 Register of males, 1935-1939 #1551099

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Hamill James E Hamill
Hamill John D Hamill
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