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Murder of Patrick Brennan 1811

Source: Carlow Sentinel. February 26 1847.  

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Arrest of man for a murder committed thirty six years ago

A man name James MALONE, was fully committed on Monday last, from Ballickmoyler, by Wm. C. COOPER, and Wm. R. FITZMAURICE, Esqrs., charge with the wilful murder of Patrick BRENNAN, better known as Patrick NELLY, at the fair of Mayo, Queen's County, in the year 1811. The particulars of the case are as follows:
MALONE was at that period, at the head of a faction who want to pull down BRENNAN's tent on the fair green. On the apearance of BRENNAN he was stabbed in the abdomen with a large knife, and killed on the spot. MALONE, after the committal of the murder, as alleged, fled to America, but returned to Ireland and settled in he county Meath, about eighteen year since, where he resided until (on private information) he was arrested and brought back to Queen's County. On Monday last he was fully identified, after an absence of thirty-six years, by persons who know the prisoner and were present at the murder. The prisoner, who is about seventy years of age, was dressed in the ordinary garb of a county Meath labourer, and on being removed from the court-house to the police-barrack, after being identified, he fainted in the street. After some time he recovered his self-possession, and was escorted on a car to the gaol of Maryborough.--
Carlow Sentinel. February 26 1847.  

Source: Tom LaPort

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