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Pat Purcell Papers 1896
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Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

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Pat Purcell Papers 1849.

Surnames mentioned: Brennan, Glover, Kennedy, McCarthy, McMahon, Byrne & McDermot.

The Carlow Sentinel

Alleged False Representation at Ballickmoyler.

10th April, 1896

Bridget Brennan, up to recently a domestic servant to Mr J. O. Glover, Clerk: of the Carlow Union, - was brought up on Thursday at a special court, held in Ballickmoyler, before Messrs R. R. Kennedy, R.M., L. M'Loughlin, and W, Cooperr charged by the Queen, at the prosecution of District Inspector Maxwell, with on the 10th April, 1896, unlawfully, and wilfully giving false Information to the Registrar of Births and; Deaths for the District of Ballickmoyler concerning the death of her father, Michael Brennan, whose name she falsely gave as Patrick Brennan.

Mr G. A. Taylor, Clerk of Petty Sessions, Ballickmoyler, and Registry of Births and Deaths for the district of Ballickmoyler and Newtown, gave evidence in connection with the charge, and desposed that on the 10th April, 1896, the prisoner, Bridget Brennan, of Coolnariska, came to him to register the death of her father. She was accompanied by a man whom he did not know. She stated her father's name was Patrick.

Constable M'Dermot deposed that he knew Patrick Brennan, of Coolnariska, and saw him alive on the 12th April; 1897. He also knew Michael Brennan.

In reply to Mr W. M. Byrne, Solicitor for the defendant witness said he never knew that Michl Brennan was sometimes called Patrick Brennan.

Sergeant John MíCarthy, Ballickmoyler, deposed that he believed that the defendant Bridget Brennan, on the 10th April, 1896, did unlawfully and falsely represent the death of Patrick Brennan, the said Patrick Brennan being still alive.

The defendant was remanded to next Ballickmoyler Petty Sessions, bail ac there was no fraud on the part of the defendant.

Mr. Glover, defendantís employer, protested against the arrest of the girl who, he stated, would have appeared on summons. From evidence in his possession he would be able to prove that

Carlow Sentinel. Saturday July, 24th 1897.

Charge of false registration of death. At last Ballickmoyler Petty Sessions, before Captain Thomas (chairman), R. M. McMahon, R.R. Kennedy, Resident Magistrates and P. Brennan, Esquires, the case of the Crown against Bridget Brennan for having falsely registered the death on John Brennan, was adjourned on behalf of the Crown to next petty sessions for the attendance of witnesses.

John and Bridget Brennan, September 1897.

The Carlow Sentinel. Saturday, September 4th 1897. At last Ballickmoyler Petty Sessions an adjourned case was heard against a girl named Brennan, charged with having made a false registration of death for the purpose of defrauding an insurance company. After a lengthened hearing the magistrates refused to take information in the case.

Transcribed by M. Purcell c2011

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