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Richard Roney "Hurling match Incident!" 1785  

By kind permission of Michael Purcell

Presentation before Benjamin Bunbury, one of his Majestys Magistrates.

Evidence of Richard Roney of Carlow, Labourer,

Swears that on Saturday 26th November 1785 he went to a field near Graigue in the Queen's County to see a Hurling match when he saw Patrick McDarby who was a Judge appointed that day stoop down and take up a ball they were hurling with.

Immediately after he saw Michael Brennan of Monenure, Farmer, of the Queen's County come to Back of McDarby and without any other provocation there and then with both his hands gave McDarby a most Desperate Stroke of the hurl on the Right Temple by which McDarby fell on his face on the Ground Motionless,

Extended for death upon which Examinant ran up and Turned McDarby upon his back and then helped to strip his Arm in order to have him Blooded which was Accordingly done but did not in the least seem to recover him upon which Examinant turned about and saw Michael Brennan in the Custody and keeping of Captain Waters of Carlow and saw Patrick Brennan one of Michael Brennan's Brothers come up to Mr. Waters with a hurl in his hand and Swore Bitterly if said Mr. Waters did not let his brother go he would Cleave him with the hurl and Branished the hurl over Mr. Waters head upon which Mr. Waters being in Danger and Peril of his Life Singled himself from the Crowd that Assembled and by that means let Michael Brennan Escape.

Examinant Told Michael Brennan that he had Murdered the man upon which Michael Clapped his hand and said "Oh, did I?" .

Examinant then returned to McDarby and found him in a Dying way upon which they removed him to a Little hill for the Benefit of the Air and there left him with a number of persons who seemed to be Careful of him.

Then Examinant returned to Carlow the place of his abode and there heard that they were bringing McDarby in a Car and heard what house he was put into and went to see him about the hour of nine or Ten O'Clock and Remained in the house Sometime until McDarby was there Blooded which did not seem to recover him in the Least. About the hour of Seven O'Clock on the morning of Sunday he came to the said house and saw Patrick McDarby Lying dead which he believes that it was from a Stroke of said hurl so Given by Michael Brennan that said McDarby came by his death.

(signed) Richard Roney,
(signed) Mathew Humpfrey,

Note by Mr. Purcell:
A Judge was the term used for "referee".
The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

: Michael Purcell  c2008

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