Tipperary Poll Books

Contributed by Sheryl Zenzerovich

History of Clonmel by Rev. William P. Burke published 1907 Poll Money returns of 1660, which are listed below. Approximately 800 men and women and their occupations in all. The following excerpt will provide some background to effects of the Cromwellian War on the inhabitants.

"Alone perhaps in the case of Clonmel, we are able to judge how far the Cromwellian Settlement was carried out in the towns of Ireland. The Poll Money Returns for 1661, still existing, afford a detailed picture of the place in that year... The Irish were still in an overwhelming majority though reduced to utter impotence, social and municipal. All merchants, shopkeepers and artizans of the birth of Ireland, such as had escaped Connaght or the Barbadoes, were banished outside the walls... Two exceptions Edward Comerford of Bridge St, who imported Spanish wines and Walter Brennock an Apothecary in High St. Servants, domestics and unskilled laboreres were suffered to remain."

I am making no changes to the transcription regards spelling or capitalization. L for pounds s for shillings. Quite a number of "Juan' forenames for women. I'm presuming that the following people would have been outside the city walls and Catholic for the most part.