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The Times
Contributed by Mary Heaphy


March 17th.

Another Policeman has been murdered in Tipperary, A comrade was wounded at
the same time.The shooting took place at 7'30 yesterday evening in the
village square of Toomevara, which is stated to have been filled with
people. They were returning from a service in the Roman Catholic Church.
Constables Rock and Healy, of the local police force, were amongst the
worshippers, and were on their way to their barracks when they were shot.
They were unarmed. Just as they reached the square, some persons who were
behind them opened fire with revolvers. Constable Rock fell on the pathway
fatally wounded, and Constable Healy staggered away with a bullet wound in
his body. Rock appealed to his assailants to show him mercy and they replied
by firing three more shots at him, all of which took effect. The murderers
then dissapeared into the crowd. Dr. Powell of Nenagh was summoned to the
wounded constables. Rock had been shot in four places and died a few hours
after. Healy's wound is not believed to be serious. A civilian named Treacy
who was passing when the shooting started was wounded in the leg by a
Today soldiers and policemen from Nenagh searched the district, but have
made no arrests.

April 8

Last night between 10 and 11 O'Clock, a number of men attacked the Roskeen
Police Barrack in the Thurles district of County Tipperary. It was very dark
at the time, and they were able to approach the Barrack, which is built on
an eminence, unobserved. There are 14 men in the station, and the majority
of them were in bed when shots were fired at the window. The Police returned
the fire and send up rockets, which were seen in Thurles, and a large party
of policemen was dispatched in motor-lorries. They arrived while the attack
was in progress, but , owing to the darkness, were unable to see the
raiders. Just as the lorries pulled up a volley was fired at them, and one
of the drivers was wounded in the hand. The Policemen jumped from the
lorries and fired in the direction from which the shots had come, and the
raiders fled. No one in the barrack was injured. A little later a party of
soldiers arived from Thurles, and with the policemen patrolled the district
for some hours.

April 9th

Ambushed by 20 masked men.

A telegram from Nenagh to-night states that while Constables, Finn,
Mccarthy, and Byrne were cycling from their barrack at Rearcross to Newport
Petty Sessions this morning they were fired at when they reached a place
called Lackamore, a wild, bleak part of County Tipperary. Constable Byrne,
who was leading, received a charge of large slugs in the shoulders and back,
and fell into a ditch. His two comrades were shot in the head and killed
Constable Byrne climbed over a ditch and fired his revolver in the direction
of his assailants, who appear to have fled immediately. A little later the
Constable saw nearly 20 men running through the wood. He was able to ride
his cycle back to Newport Station, where he reported the matter and then
collapsed. It is believed that 30 shots were fired at the three men. There
have been no arrests.

Nov. 1st 1920

Startling news of a widespread series of outrages, resulting in the deaths
of seven servants of the crown and the wounding of 12 others reached Dublin
this morning. they seem to suggest a pre-arrainged attack on members of the
RIC throughout the Country. Official Reports received up to this afternoon
show that between last night and 12 O'Clock today attempts were made on the
lives of 52 policemen. The following are the particulars of the Outrages
Donegal; At Killybegs, a police patrol consisting of a sergeant and three
men were ambushed by a large party of armed men. One constable was wounded.
The Police returned fire and the attackers fled.

Longford; District Inspector Killegher was shot dead in Tiernan's hotel in

King's County;Sergeant Henry Cronin, RIC Tullamore was fired on when
proceeding from his home to the Barrack and died in King's County Infirmary.

Co. Tyrone. At Dungannon a police patrol was fired at by a party of men in
ambush and a constable was wounded.

Co. Tipperary. At the village of Ballyduff a police patrol was fired on, one
constable was killed and another wounded.
At Killenaule an attempt was made to shoot an army officer, who escaped
injury. He returned the fire, and one of his assailants is believed to be
killed. A Military Sergeant was wounded.

County Kerry.
At Killorgan, Constables Caseley and Evans were shot dead.

County Kilkenny; Two constables were fired on but escaped.